Halifax County Militia Returns, March 1779

A list of Volunteers and Drafted Men

37 Volunteers/ 13 Drafted Men

William Jackson John Caine John Ford William Reed
James Brewer Isaac Aaron John Bishops John Sullivent
William Dicken James Streaker Fredrick Jones James Henley
Volentine Garner Jordan Baker James Alsobrook Joshua Sikes
William Yerbrough John Richardson John Channel Littleberry Overbay
John Powell Joseph Worley Isom Good William Gurley
Rodrick Easley William Purkins Samuell Porter Mark Browning
Henry Harper Junr. Josias Lock Samuell Smith Walton Vaughters
James Baker Jonathan Lock Jones Stevens Jos. Hadley
Rily Walker Joseph Whealor Burrell Long Jessy Heath
John Thompson Josiah Smith William Dunkin Jorden Powell
John Kilpatrick Tobias Ingram Nicholas Prince John Garland
Henry Nunnery Jessey Wyatt

Here returned by me Jas. Allen, Colo. Co.

Several of the above men taken for wagoners by the request of Col. Long; their names to (wit) William Barksdell, Isaac Aaron, John Garland, James Brewer, Vol. Garner, Mark Browning, John Cane, John Martin.

Roll of Officers and private Soldiers detached from the first or Southern Battalion of the Militia of the County of Orange to march against the hostile Indians under the command of Col. Ambrose Ramsey.

Maj. Hugh Tinnian Lt. Joseph Thompson
Capt. William Williams ---- Peter Oneal
---- William Murray Ensn. Edward Gwin
---- Elias Powel
John Murray    } Sgts. of Capt. Murrays Co.
Robert Powel   }
George Holt     } Corporals of Capt. Murrays Co.
John Williams  }
Jacob Albright, Drummer of Capt. Murrays Co.
Rank & File
Hugh Muhulum Robert Paysly James McCall Charles McClury
Joseph Thompson Amariah Reeves Howel Harwood John McAdams
William Carr John Abbot Major May Arch'd Mahon
James Car John Strowd Charles Williams Dan'l Hoffman
Walter Ellis Rich'd Williams Arnold Bruce William Thrift
Morris Richards Robert Mains John Paris Isaac Earthen
John Pogue Andrew Hopkins John Allison Hezekiah Purdum
William Graves William Hawkins Solomon Swift Jesse George
John Pugh Aquilla Darlohside (Dollarhide) Frederick Davis David Horton
Anthony Godfree William Rayny Thomas Flemming Nowel Mercer
John Logue Thomas Minor Stephen Seagraves
Richard Webb Thomas May

Non-commissioned officers and private soldiers of Capt. William Williams' Co., as appear by Roll returned to Brig. Gen. Persons.     Aug. 20th, 1776             - Col. Butler's Detachment



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