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Transylvania County and the Late Unpleasantness

Compiled by Philip Underwood-Sheppard



Please note - this list is incomplete.  Many more individuals from Transylvania County served both sides during the American Civil War.  Since there are so many names on this page, use your browser's "Find" command to locate a particular surname.

Confederate Flag  Company C, Sixty Second Regiment   Confederate Flag
North Carolina Volunteers, Confederate States Army


Lambert C. Neill, Captain, Silas C. Beck, 1st Lieutenant, V. C. V. Hamilton, 2nd Lieutenant

Non-commissioned Officers

John A. Gadsden, 1st Sargeant,  William B. Allison, 2nd Sargeant, William L. Kitchen, 3rd Sargeant, 
Joseph J. Osteen, 4th Sargeant,  Frank L. D. Thomas, 5th Sargeant, Isaac W. Erwin, 1st Corporal, 
Adolphus Garren, 2nd Corporal, John H. Phillips, 3rd Corporal, Joseph Wilson, Musician, Washington S. Hamilton, Musician, Volney C. V. Hamilton, Musician


Albert Allison, John B. Allison, James C. Allison, G. W. Allison, Pinkney Andrews, William Allen,
Street Burns, James Burns, John L. Blythe, James D. Bane, Nathan Bane, Henry H. Ball, Francis M. Barton, Milton Barton, Madison S. Bingham,  William L. Case, Andrew J. Case, Meredith D. Cooper, James J. Camp, Samuel Clark, Henry Dunn, Joseph Dunn, John H. Drake, Richard F. Drake, Elisha P. Dyse, Edward F. Evans, Marcus Evans, James L. Evans, Robert J. Ewbank, John F. Galloway, T. C. Galloway, Jeremiah George, Soloman W. Grant, Soloman W. Heatherly, Flemming F. Harris, Robert F. Hamilton, William Hamilton, Andrew R. Hamilton, William W. Hamlin, Joseph Henry, Lankford Huggins, Adam C. Hayes, Thomas Hayes, Hezekiah Heath, A. S. Henley, William M. Henderson, R. Pinckney Johnstone, N. D. Johnstone, William C. Johnstone, Isaac Jones, John Kelly, H. P. Kennema, John H. Lance, William H. Lyday, J. C. Landreth, Athan M. Lanning, William C. Lanning, John C. Mackey, William P. Manley, Benjamin McCall,  J. C. McCall, John J. McCall, John W. McCall, P. P. McCall, Adolphus McCrary, James C. McGaha,  Martin A. McGaha, Thomas J. McGaha, William S. McGaha, Perry Merrill, Hezekiah P. Moore, James L. Moore, Henry L. Morgan, John P. Murray, Warren W. Murray, Matthew Neely, Andrew S. Owen, John R. Owen, George Orr, John L. Orr, M. Jasper Orr, Ocran Orr, Thomas Orr, Elijah Osteen, John C. Osteen, Thomas C. Osteen, John H. Pain Alfred K. Patterson, Amos Patterson, John A. Patterson, Robert W. Patton, William Patton, Harris B. Petit, James Pritchard, Felix Rabb, Noah Rabb, Basdel Raines, C. C. Raines, James M. Raines, Joseph H. Raines, Philip P. Raines, Robert Raines, Samuel Raines, William A. Raines, William C. Raines, William Ray, Charles C. Raxter, William A. Reaves, Alston E. Reece, Jesse W. Reeves, Richard Reeves, William R. Rickman, George M. Rogers, John C. Rogers, Isaac Rollins, Joseph M. Rollins, Thomas J. Rollins, William P. Rollins, Thomas Sanders, Benjamin Scruggs, Nathaniel D. Scruggs, Jesse M. Sheppard, Guilford Sentel, Andrew Shipman, Caleb Shipman, Edward Shipman, John C. Shipman, John J. Shipman, Leander Shipman, William Shipman, H. D. Simmons, James B. Simpson, M. B. Simpson, Simpson Sims, John Sizemore, Francis Smith, James D. Smith, John Spence, Robert P. Staggs, Lewis P. Summey, Henry F. Surrett, James Thomas, Robert W. C. Thomas, James R. Trammel, M. P. Trammel, Samuel Tucker, Jeremiah Wallace, Joe W. Whittenburg, Benjamin Y. Wilson, James F. Wilson, John C. Wilson, John McDowell Wilson, Matthew W. Wilson, Robert Wilson, James M. Whitmire, J. W. Wittenburg

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Confederate Flag6th North Carolina Cavalry, Confederate States Army Confederate Flag

While this roster includes enlistees from several mountain counties, Company C has many Transylvania County names.

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Confederate FlagConfederate Veterans in Transylvania County, 1911 Confederate Flag
List made by Thos. L. Gash

Name, Post Office

Alexander, Jon., Brevard, N. C.; Allison, E. M., Hendersonville, N. C.; Allison, J. B., Penrose, N. C.; Allison J. L., Brevard, N. C.  (Route 2); Allison, W. R., Brevard, N. C.; Bishop, D. P., Brevard, N. C.; Breese, W. E., Sr., Brevard, N. C.; Brooks, L. W., Cherryfield, N. C.; Brooks, Whitt., Lake Toxaway, N. C.; Carson, John McDonald, State Hospital, Morganton, N. C.; Chapman, C., Rosman, N. C.; Clayton, E. B., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); Clayton, Thomas D., Old Soldiers Home, Raleigh, N. C.; Davis, W. H., Rev., Pisgah Forest, N. C.; Deaver, W. E., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); England, D. H., Brevard, N. C.; England, S. A., Brevard, N. C.; Fisher, H. C.,Brevard, N. C. (Route 1); Galloway, J. E., Rev., Rosman, N. C.; Galloway, J. M., Brevard, N. C.; Galloway, T. B., East Fork, N. C.; Galloway, T. C., Brevard, N. C.; Gash, Thomas L., Pisgah Forest, N. C.; Glazener, J. M., Brevard, N. C.; Grant, J. M., Brevard, N. C.; Hamilton, W. C., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); Holden, J. P., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); Jacobs, A. B., Lake Toxaway, N. C.; Kern, J. M., Brevard, N. C.; Kilpatrick, R. B.,Grange, N. C.; Lance, S. M., Cedar Mountain, N. C.; Mackey, J. E., Pisgah Forest, N. C.; Miller, J. A., Brevard, N. C.; Morgan, H. P., Blantyre, N. C.; Morris, J. W., Brevard, N. C.; Mull, J. H., Brevard, N. C.; Orr, J. M., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); Orr, L. C., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); Osborne, Charles L., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); Osborne, Wm. K., Brevard, N. C. (Route 2); Patton, T. T., Pisgah Forest, N. C.; Rabb, Felix, Brevard, N. C.; Raines, Henry, Brevard, N. C. (Route 1); Ross, Thomas, Selica, N. C.; Shipman, M. L., Etowah, N. C.; Southeen, J. M., Cherryfield, N. C.; Summey, Lewis P., Brevard, N. C.; Thomas, F. L. D., Pisgah Forest, N. C.; Thrash, J. M., Davidson River, N. C.; Wilson, B. J., Selica, N. C.; Wilson, G. W., Brevard, N. C.

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Confederate FlagConfederate Pension List for December 15th, 1929 Confederate Flag

Roll No. Pensioner Notes
761 Rebecca Chandler Widow of Moses Chandler, Co. G., Whitts
762 Elizabeth Galloway Widow of J.E. Galloway. Co. K., 62nd Regt., NC State Troops
763 S.L. Norton (dead) Widow of H. Clay Raines, Co. E., 62nd Regt., NC State Troops
764 Lydia E. Raines Widow of H. Clay Raines
2121 W.H. Aiken Veteran, Co. A, 60th Regt., NC State Troops
2122 J.W. Alexander Veteran, Co. E, 64th Regt., NC State Troops
2123 J.M. Blythe Veteran, Co. E, 64th Regt., NC State Troops
2124 L.W. Brooks Veteran, Co. A, 64th Regt., NC State Troops
2125 M.M. Bryant Veteran, Co. K, 62nd Regt., NC State Troops
2126 W.J. Nicholson Veteran, Thomas Legion
2127 M.J. Orr Veteran, Co. E, 25th Regt., NC State Troops
2128 Felix Rabb Veteran, Co. E, 62nd Regt, NC State Troops.  Dead - widow entitled to draw for one year
4091 Mrs. Pinkney Anders Widow of Pinkney Anders, Co. E, 62nd Regt., NC State Troops
4092 Elizabeth Burrell Widow of James Burrell, Co. H, 1st Bat., SC
4093 Frances Casey Widow of Aaron Casey, Gaston Guards
4094 Harriet N. Davis Widow of W.H. David, Co.---, 10th Artillery
4095 Susan W. Deaver Widow of W.E. Deaver, Co. E, 79th Regt., NC State Troops
4096 Ella F. Duckworth Widow of Wm. B. Duckworth, Co. A, 14th Bat., NC State Troops
4097 Mollie Duckworth Widow of Jos. E. Duckworth, Co. A, 14th Bat., NC State Troops
4098 Anne Galloway Widow of Jno. B. Galloway, Co. C, 63rd Regt., NC State Troops
4099 Caroline Holcombe Widow of Capt. C.P. Holcombe, Co. A, 17th SC
4100 Alice Jones WIdow of Isaac Crokett Jones, Co. I, 25th Regt., NC State Troops
4101 Mrs. T.A. Kindsey Widow of T.A. Kindsey, Co. C., GA State Troops
4102 M.E. Lewis Widow of F.A. Lewis, Co.--, 17th SC Cavalry
4103 Malinda Jane Neely Widow of M.J. Neely, Co. E, 65th Regt., NC State Troops
4104 Mattie Owen Widow of James M. Owen, Co. K, 62nd Regt., NC State Troops
4105 Nellie ANn Owen Spec. Act S S 1924
4106 Sarah Jane Shuford Widow of D.M. Shuford, Co. E, 6th Cavalry, NC State Troops
4107 Laura J. Wilson Widow of Geo W. Wilson, Co. E, 25th Regt., NC State Troops

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Co. K, 62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
Confederate States Army

The 62nd Infantry Regiment was recruited from several counties around (and including) Transylvania County. Company K was predominantly Transylvanians. Between ( )s are extensions or corrections of names; between [ ]s are other information. 

History of the 62nd Regiment, written in 1901 by B.G. McDowell; Records of Events for the 62nd Regiment, July 1862-December 1863. (Scroll on that page to the 62nd (two links).

A special thanks goes to Timothy Alan Sheppard of Belmont, North Carolina, and a member of the Charles Q. Petty Camp #872, Sons of Confederate Veterans, for his assistance in proofing and adding to this listing.

Adams, William
Aiken, Archibald  [wife: Martha Byers]
Akin, Thomas
Bagwell, J(ames) A(dolphus)  [1826-1864; wife: Martha Caroline "Patsy" Whitmire]
Bagwell, J. W.
Banther, M(ichael) M(arion)  [1835-1919; wife: Rachel Permilla McCall]
Boren, W. S., Sgt.
Bracken, James M. [1837-1925]
Bracken, John [abt. 1836-1896]
Bracken, William
Breedlove, Benjamin W.  [1826-1906; wife: Cynthia Fisher]
Bryant, A(lfred) W(ebster), Sgt.   [1830-1918; wife: Mary Jane Galloway]
Bryant, John C.
Bryant, Miles M.  [b. abt 1837; wife: Ellen C. Bryson]
Butler, Levi, Sgt.  [1823-1893; wife: Laurette Eleanor Fisher]
Butler, Moses  [b. 1834; wife: Nancy C. Bowling]
Butler, Peter  [b. 1827; wife: Elizabeth Hinkle]
Butler, Samuel L., Sgt.  [b. 1843; wife: Martha Rykard]
Cash, Drury
Cassell, B. A.
Cassell, N. A.
Chap(p)ell, A. J.
Chap(p)ell, A .W.
Chap(p)ell, Elias E.
Chapman, George
Chastain, A. M.
Chastain, Edward
Cooper, Meredith D.
Coward, William H., Sgt.  [wife: Emily Jane Bryant]
Crompton, Thomas
Dogen, Adam
Dodgen, Elijah
Do(d)gen, Elisha
Do(d)gen, John
Do(d)gen, Joseph
Duncan, John A.
Dunn, J. E.
Dunn, John W.
Dunn, W(illiam) C. [1821-1902; wife: Anna Jane Nicholson]
Eavans (Evans), E. P.
Eavans (Evans), E. T.
Fisher, John (Thomas)  [b. abt. 1823; wife: Orpha Carruth]
Fisher, (Benjamin) Perry  [1830-1906; wife: Nancy Ann Patterson]
Galloway, A(ndrew) J(ackson) [1833-1913; wife: Alpha Melinda Aiken]
Galloway E. W(ilts) [b. abt 1832; wife: Sarah Caroline Hines]
Galloway, G(eorge) C(aylor), Sgt. [1833-1914; wife: Julia Ann Bryant]
Galloway, H(enry) B. [b. 1843; wife: Amarilis M. McCall]
Galloway, J(ames) A. [b. abt. 1838]
Galloway, James E(arle), 3rd Lt. [1839-1920; wife: Elizabeth Olivia Galloway]
Galloway J(ames) M(adison)  [also: Co. D, 7th NC Calvary Battalion; 1824-1905; wife: Margaret Trammel]
Galloway, L(ouis) P. [1826-1910; wife: Margaret Adaline Hines]
Galloway, L(yman) T. [1843-1917; wife: Selena Patterson]
Galloway, R(obert) M(onroe) [1841-1864; wife: Sarah Jane McCall]
Galloway, W(illis) P(erry) [1836-aft. 1900; wife: Sarah Louise "Tempa" Kitchen]
Gilispia (Gillespie), S(urry) D(avis) [b. 1826; wife: Climila Eveline Siniard]
Gillespie, H. N.
Glazener, W. J.
Hancock, James
Henson, T. G., Capt.
Hines, John
Hines, William J.
Jones, James E.
Justus, G. F.. 2nd Lt.
King, John
Kitchens, J. H.
Lance, Anderson M.
Lance, Charles C.
Lance, J. L. [if the one buried at Cathey's Creek, then: 1845-1916]
Landrith (Landreth), B. A.
Low, Gideon [b. abt. 1831; wife: Naomi Miller]
Masters, Benjamin
Masters, J. F.
Masters, W. A.
McCall, A(ndrew) J(ackson), Drummer [1834-1916; wife: Selena Galloway]
McCall, B. A.
McCall, Hansel [1842-1927; wife: Emaline Galloway]
McCall, J(efferson) B(arton), Fifer [1839-1899; wife: Elizabeth Jane Heath]
McCall, James G(aston) [b. 1844; wife: Sarah E. Garren]
McCall, Jason [1828-1914; wife: Margaret Matilda Dunn]
McCall, Jehu (Chasteen) [1826-1913; wife: Susan Owen]
McCall, John [if the brother of the above Jedu McCall, then: b. abt. 1839; wife: Mary --]
McCall, Robert A. [b. 1841; wife: Sarah E. Harkins]
McCall, Tyre (Tyrah) [abt. 1839; wife: Sarah Galloway]
McCall, William [M.] [1827-1917; wife: Mary Owen]
Morgan, H(umphrey) P. [1832-1919; wife: Margaret Galloway]
Morgan, P. S., 2nd Lt.
Nicholson, H. H.
Nicholson, William
Orr, E. M., 3rd Lt.
Orr, Matthew L. [also: Co. D, 6th Cav. (65th St.Troops); Co. E, D. Cav. 7th Bn.; wife: Sarah C. Whitmire]
Owen, A. D.
Owen, (Andrew) Jackson, Cpl. [1831-1905; wife: Mary Ann McCall]
Owen, (James) Marion [1845-1916; wife: Esther Marelizia "Hettie" McCall]
Owens, W(illiam) J(ackson), Cpl. [1841-1889; wife: Elizabeth Jane Owen]
Patterson, Asa [abt. 1815-1882]
Patterson, Elijah
Patterson, Elisha
Paxton, C. M. D.
Paxton, James O. 1st Sgt.
Powell, A(bram) [b. abt. 1822; wife: Milly Ann --]
Powell, H.
Powell, J. D.
Powell, John [if son of the above Abram Powell, then b. abt. 1842]
Powell, Thomas
Pressley, R.
Queen, John
Queen, Nathaniel
Rabb, A. F.
Raines, Samuel
Reese, Jasper
Reese, Bailey
Reese, Giles
Reese, J(asper) N(ewton) [1832-1904; wife: Mamie Rebecca Galloway]
Reese, John [1825-1869; wife: Clarinda Nix]
Reese, R. R.
Reese, Thomas E(rastus) [1841-1923; wife: Nancy Trotter]
Revis, P. W., Sgt.
Russell, J. H.
Rykard, J. W.
Rykard, James D.
Rykard, Robert H.
Searcy, J. M.
Searcy, W. R.
Shelton, D. L.
Simpson, Merritt R., Cpl.
Simpson, P. M., 1st. Sgt.
Sizemore, William [if the one buried at Little River, then: 1843-1913]
Smith, James E.
Smith, Robert G.
Stansill, E. H.
Stephens, W. A.
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Joseph B.
Tinsley, G. S.
Tinsley, S. J.
Tramell, Craven
Warlick, Philip, Sgt.
Whitmire, (Andrew) Jackson, Cpl. [1844-1863; wife: Jane Susana Galloway]
Whitmire, C. C.
Whitmire, F(leming) J. [also: Whitmire, Flemmon J. NC Cav. 7th Bn. Co. D; 1842-1879]
Whitmire, G(eorge) W(ashington), 2nd Lt. [1830-1877; wife: Elizabeth Galloway]
Whitmire, H(enry) (Decalvie) [1838-1920; Harriett Keller]
Whitmire, John (Christopher), Cpl. [1829-1917; Elizabeth "Betsie" Owen]
Whitmire, Robert [if the brother of John Christopher, then: b. 1820]
Wood, J(ohn) B. [b. abt. 1831; wife: Rachael Bracken]
Woodruff, George W.
Zachary, Woodford

- Philip Underwood Sheppard

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