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Transylvania County "Look up" Services

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Transylvania County Library:

As the library profession continues to grow and adapt to new technologies and media, assisting with reference questions continues as one of the primary functions of our library.  As time allows, the Transylvania County Library is happy to provide this service to family researchers. 

A few guidelines:

  • The Library has to own the book. You can search the catalogue on-line on the library web page. Please include the book name, author and call number with your question.

  • Reference questions are good for looking up one or two people.  If your research would benefit from access to the entire book, many books are available through inter-library loan.  Check with your local library for specific guidelines and to request a book.  Again, providing the title, author, call number, and the library where the book is located will help.  Please understand that some reference materials are not available through inter-library loan.

  • If you request a document such as an obituary, provide as much information as possible, especially the name and date of death.  Requesting an obituary for John Doe who died in Rosman March 13, 1925 is an excellent reference question – especially since many individuals did not have an official obituary, but were mentioned in their specific community column.  Asking for an obituary for John Doe without any additional information is a research question that would require hours of searching un-indexed newspaper microfilm.  Limited library staff simply cannot fill research requests.

  • For newspaper reference questions, please keep in mind that there are many gaps in the Transylvania County newspaper collection.  Also, many copies of newspapers that do remain have sections damaged or cut out. 

  • The Library will provide photocopies of information at cost.  But if you find this service helpful, please remember that library finding is particularly limited these days and add a little extra.

The Library maintains a collection of genealogical reference materials and family histories as well as newspapers, census records, and additional primary documents available.  This includes either microfilm or paper copies of the Transylvania Times from 1986 to present. The local paper microfilm covers various papers and from as early as 1893, but continuous coverage (mostly - there are just a few gaps) from 1908 through March of 1960. Then it picks up again in March of 1968 to present. Census microfilm is 1800 to 1920 for this area. A printed copy of the 1790 census is in reference. There are some microfilm of court records, land records, elections, churches, and deeds and marriages relating to the area.

To visit the Transylvania County Library, go to


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Professional Researchers:

Some research tasks are more than a volunteer should be expected to tackle.  Family members who live far away often find it difficult if not impossible to visit local and state record repositories.  The following professional researchers are provided as a courtesy for these situations.  The Transylvania County, North Carolina History and Genealogy Project does not endorse or warranty these organizations. 

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