Anders Family
David Asbel Anders with
Jim and Tina Smith Anders

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Rufus and Florence Hall Owen Family in 1947
Rufus and Florence Hall Owen and children

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Submission Guidelines

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Why do we have Submission Guidelines?


To help make the Transylvania County GenWeb Project the best GenWeb site! 

This means all of us working together to consistently reach higher research standards.

Protect the rights of contributors 

Researchers put a lot of time into their work and deserve recognition for these efforts and to continue to distribute their research the way they believe is best.

Provide background information about authors and sources 

A picture is worth a thousand words. But we can get a thousand more about the photograph subjects with a few questions. The people and stories behind submissions are important, too.

Reduce fraud and copyright violations 

Unfortunately, the USGenWeb Project has had problems in the past with fraudulent submissions and copyright violations. This has been an issue for archives and libraries since long before computers. Ultimately, there is no way to completely protect the project from these problems. In the past, fraud has included using false identities or submitting copyrighted material under the name of the original author. For this reason a copy of a driver’s license or state ID card is required with all submissions.

Final Note

The USGenWeb Project, The NCGenWeb Project and their volunteers are not responsible for the content of donated files including reliability or authenticity. Transylvania County, North Carolina GenWeb Project coordinators reserve the right to refuse any submitted file.

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