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Research compiled by John F. Duckworth

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John Duckworth, Emigrant 

William Duckworth and wife Grace  

John Duckworth and wife Sarah Hankins  

William Duckworth and Jane (unknown)

Jonathan Duckworth and Kezziah England  

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Duckworth Family Chart South USA
    Lastest Research of John F. Duckworth

John Duckworth, Emigrant

One of the earliest record of a Duckworth in America was John Duckworth, under a four-year indenture, was one of 23 persons "imported into this province .... Registered in the Secretary's books of Records," 1 December 1684, upon the account of Wm Dockwra" (Archives of ... New Jersey, first series, v.21, p. 61). William Dockwra (Dockray, Docwrae) was a London merchant and one of the proprietors of East Jersey. 

Descendants of John Duckworth, the emigrant: 

  1. Joseph Duckworth  
  2. Anna Duckworth      
  3. Mary Duckworth      
  4. John M. Duckworth - 1732  married Ann Hopewell      - 1735/36 
  5. William Duckworth 1665 - 1725/26   married Grace 1683 - 1728   

No effort has been made to trace the descendants of Joseph, Anna, Mary, or John M.  

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William Duckworth and wife Grace

A WILLIAM DUCKWORTH was named on a muster roll of 1715 for the 5th Company (Capt. George Res Carrick) of Col. Thomas Farmar's N.J. Regiment ("Annual Report of the State Historian [of New York]." v. 1, p. 533, 1895).  

 The personal estate of WILLIAM DUCKWORTH, yeoman, of New Hanover Township, Burlington Co., Nwe Jersey, was appraised at £88 - 9 - 6 on 7 March 1727/8, by Asher Cleayton, John Wright, and Jonathan Fowler. On 15 March 1727/28 William Cook gave bond as administrator of the estate. His accounting of 22 March 1730/1 included charges for "...sundrys furnished to the widow in her last sickness...," two coffins and digging two graves (Archives of ... New Jersey, first series, v., 23, p. 144). In the May Term 1728 the County Court confirmed William Bowgar and William Dean, who were appointed by GRACE DUCKWORTH, widow, during her last illness, as guardians for Joseph, Anna, and Mary Duckworth (Burlington Co., N.J., Minutes of Common Pleas, 1717-1733, p 330). These three seem under 14; usually, orphans under age, but 14 or over, chose their own guardians.  

Index to Marriage Bonds and Marriage Records in the Office of Secretary of State at Trenton, 1665-1800 , William Nelson, ed. N.J. Archives, v. 22: 

  1. William Duckworth & Hannah Clevenger (both of Burlington) 21 Aug 1731 

  2. William Duckworth & Mary Wright (both of Burlington) 6 Dec 1731  

    John Duckworth & Sarah Hankins  (both of Burlington) 20 March 1734/5 
  3. Joseph Duckworth & Esther Ong (both of Burlington) 1 June 1737  

  4. George & Jamima Williamson (both of New Jersey) 26 June 1739  

  5. Samuel Rose & Anna Duckworth (both of Burlington) 26 Feb. 1739/40  

  6. Hugh Hartly & Mary Duckworth (both of Burlington) 29 Dec. 1740  

JOSEPH AND ESTER ONG DUCKWORTH were the parents of: Joseph, Jacob, and Jeremiah. Joseph and Ester moved from Fredrick County, Virginia to Cumberland County, North Carolina. Their son, Joseph, died in Moore County, North Carolina without issue; Jacob, Rev. War Militia Capt married Charity ?, died in Anson County, North Carolina leaving sons Benjamin, etc. Jeremiah died in Warren County, GA and was the great, great, great, great grandfather of President Jimmie Carter.    

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John Duckworth and wife Sarah Hankins 

JOHN DUCKWORTH was a farmer in Fredrick County, Virginia and died there in 1755-57. His widow, SARAH HANKINS DUCKWORTH, and children removed to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina shortly before 1768. It is believed she was the Sarah Duckworth who married John Hern in Lincoln County, North Carolina, 9 October 1769. SARAH DUCKWORTH, 1702-1804, died in Lincoln County, North Carolina and is buried in Olney Presbyterian Cemetery, Gastonia, North Carolina. Beside her is buried Rebecca Duckworth Mendenhall, 1748 - 23 March 1836, wife of Nathan Mendenhall. 

1. Sally Duckworth  married John Neill and resided on Silver Creek in Burke County, North Carolina. Duckworth Family Tradition is that John Duckworth (1759-1843) was related to John Neal (b. ca. 1740) and came to what is now Burke County when he was 12 or 13 years old with John Neal.  

2. William Duckworth

3. John Duckworth

4. Simon Duckworth On 12th Oct. 1787 he bought 320 acres on N. side of Catawba River, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, from Charles Moore of Spartanburg Co., South Carolina and here he died. 

5. Rebecca Duckworth

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William Duckworth and Jane  (Unknown) of McDowell's Creek, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

William Duckworth was the eldest son of John and Sarah Hankins Duckworth of Burlington Co., New Jersey and Frederick County, Virginia where John died in 1757. William was probably born in the late 1730's. William Duckworth moved to McDowell's Creek, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina in the late 1760's. John bought 110 acres on the head branches of McDowell's Creek from Henry McCulloch in 1767 (Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Deed Book 15, p. 83). No record of this William Duckworth buying or being granted land has been found.  

In late 1770 or early 1771 William Duckworth died. Land records in Burke and Mecklenburg Counties, North Carolina indicate that the eldest son was John and his pension application papers state that he was born 1759 in Virginia.

The children of WILLIAM and JANE (UNKNOWN) DUCKWORTH were: 

1. John Duckworth , Revolutionary Soldier, Burke County, North Carolina. According to family tradition (letter 28 September 1955 from Miss Gertrude Neill, Morganton North Carolina, a descendant of both John Duckworth and John Neill, in "The Duckworth Collection"): John Duckworth's father, I think his name was William, and John Neill came together from Virginia to North Carolina in the mid 1760's and were in all probability brothers-in-law as her aunt said the sons of John Neill were first cousins of John Duckworth. He was born 1759 in Virginia and died November 6, 1843 in Burke County, NC. He married Mary Robinson and they were the parents of Mary married Abraham Keller, Althea married Dimon Dorsey, Sarah married Thomas Morrison, William G. married (1) Catherine Keller (2) Rachel Hibbs, John R. married Sarah (Mary?) Sellers, Jonathan married Lucinda Fox, Alexander married Nancy Van Horn, and Thomas N. married (1) Jane F. Unknown (2) Mary Simmons. John Duckworth was wounded in the Battle at Ramsour's Mill and was at the Battle of King's Mountain. 

LAND GRANT- To "John Duckwith (Heir at Law to William Duckwith) 200 acres. On the waters of McDowell's Creek joining McCulloh's & McGee's Land..30th January 1773 (File 1898) "for John Duckwith as heir at Law to William Duckwith Dec'd...Joseph Hobbs Jr. & Simon Duckworth, (chain bearers). John Duckworth of Burke Co., North Carolina sold this 200 acres to John McKnitt Alexander 7th September 1795 (Mecklenburg Co. Deed Book 15, p. 161)  .

2. Althea Duckworth. It is thought she married Sam Sherril Jr. and died in Blount County, Alabama. 

3. William Duckworth  was born 1765 and died 1848 in Burke County, North Carolina. The name of his wife has been lost. William lived un Hunting Creek, neighbor to Daniel England. He was a miller and served as a Burke County Commissioner. His children were: Jonathan married Martha "Patsy" Kincaid, Altha married David Porter, Jane married Martin Kibler, Sarah married Jesse P. Summers, Collins married Margaret Bell, Samuel married Mary Erwin, and David married (1) Salley Sides (2) Elizabeth Powell. 

4. Sarah "Sallie" Duckworth  was born 1765 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and died 7 February 1840 in Buncombe County North Carolina, She is buried at Big Sandy Methodist Cemetery, Buncombe County, North Carolina. She married David Robeson and they were the parents of: John married Anna Palmer, Alexander married Mary Palmer, Mary married Thomas Foster, George D. married Elizabeth Palmer, Violet married Nathan Jones, Rebecca married David Mullins, Jane married Francis S. Gillispie, Elizabeth "Betsy" married David Duckett, and Isabella married William Peoples. 

5. Jonathan Duckworth  was born about 1767 and died November 1807 in Burke County, North Carolina. He married Kezziah England, born 1775 in Surry County, North Carolina and died 16 January 1820 in Buncombe County, North Carolina (The part that is now Transylvania County). Kezziah was the daughter of JOHN and JANE ANN GRANT ENGLAND. 

6. George Duckworth  was born about 1771. He served in the War of 1812 and resided in Burke County, North Carolina. The names of his wife and one daughter have been lost. His daughter Agnes married Solomon Good in Burke County, North Carolina. He withdrew from Burke County to McMinn County, Tennessee where he died. His other children were: John born 1796 and died 1841 in McMinn County, Tennessee; Thomas married Martha Sue Neill and withdrew to Stone County, Missouri; L. J. married Nancy Bracket; and Hoppy married William A. Triplet.

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Jonathan Duckworth and Kezziah England

Kezziah Duckworth, the widow of Jonathan Duckworth who died 10 November 1807 in Burke County, North Carolina of a disease that reached epidemic proportions, came to the Brevard, N.C. area sometime before 1810 with seven children, four boys and three girls, "The Brevard Seven Duckworths."  

Her husband, Jonathan, was the son of William and Jane Duckworth   of McDowell's Creek in Mecklenburg County, N.C. and brother to John, William and George of Burke County and sisters Altha and Sarah. He was appointed by the October 1787 Term of the Burke Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to serve on the road jury to lay off a road from Burke County and Morganton to Widow Hagan's. He was on the 1793 Tax List of Burke County, one poll, no land, and neighbor to William Duckworth, John and Daniel England (Hunting Creek). When Jonathan Duckworth died he was living on the north side of the Catawba River and neighbor to Silas Murphy, John Bryant, and Mrs. Mary Bradley, all dying of the same disease in the course of four days.  

There is no record of Jonathan or Kezziah owning land in Burke or Buncombe County North Carolina. At the time of the 1810 U.S. Census of Buncombe County, Kezziah was living near Ben Davidson, William Wilson Sr., Mary Shurk, Samuel King Jr., and George Osborn. It is believed Jonathan was living with his brother, William, in 1790. 

The first organization of Baptist in what is now Transylvania County, N.C., was an arm of the French Broad Baptist Church, started 17 April 1813 and organized 22 July 1822 as Cathey's Creek Baptist Church. Kezziah Duckworth joined the Mission prior to the permanent organization. She died 16 January 1820 and was the first recorded death of the membership and the first buried in the cemetery.  

She was the first Baptist of record in the Duckworth Family and her influence must have been great as all four of her sons were active in the Church and she had two grandsons who became Baptist Preachers of some note.  

Jonathan and Kezziah Duckworth were the parents of "The Brevard Seven Duckworths":

1. John McCamie Duckworth  was born 7 June 1797, died 2 March 1887, married Sarah Hamlin, daughter of Elikiam and Ann Reagan Hamlin, and lived at Cathey's Creek; Their children were:

  1. James Hamblin Duckworth  born 13 October 1819 died 27 April 1891. Married 1. Nancy Garren 2. Mary Lucy Hightower. He was a Baptist Preacher, Postmaster, and elected to County Office.  

  2. "General" John Calloway Duckworth  born 28 December 1829 and died 25 February 1872. He married Louisa A. Duckworth, his cousin. He led the Transylvania County Home Guard during the Civil War and was later elected as a representative to the North Carolina General Assembly and died during this political service.  

  3. Charlotte Duckworth  married John Johnson.  

  4. Elizabeth Duckworth  married Unknown Johnson. 

2. Jane Duckworth  was born ca. l799, died about 1869, married William Harrison Nicholson, son of John Nicholson, and they lived at Cherryfield and Dunn's Rock; Their children were: Martha, Louise, Alfred, Mileas, Sarah, Matilda C., Evan P., Elsie, John Meyers, William Harrison Jr., Elizabeth, Henry, and Margaret.  

3. David Duckworth  was born in 1801, died in February 1891, married MARY WILLIAMSON, daughter of CHARLES WILLIAMSON, and moved from the North Fork of the French Broad River to Union County, Georgia between 1834 and 1836. Their children were:

  1. John Williamson Duckworth  born 1821 died 5 July 1913, a Confederate Soldier. Married Susanah Jackson  

  2. Nancy Duckworth  born 1826 married William Bryant. Their children were: David, Louise, Mary, Louisa E., and Susan J.  

  3. Mary Elizabeth Duckworth  was born 1827 and married James Nix.  

  4. Rebecca Evaline Duckworth  was born 14 May 1828 and married James Nix.  

  5. Jonathan Marion Duckworth , a Confederate Soldier, was born 9 May 1831 and died 15 July 1908 in Rye, Colorado. Married Mary Ellen Hunter.  

  6. Mary Ann Duckworth  was born 1835. Married James N. Collins.  

  7. Charlotte Duckworth  was born 1837. Married James Andrew Hunter.  

  8. Louisa Matilday Duckworth  was born 1839. Married James Andrew Hunter.  

  9. Washington Duckworth  was born 1841. Married Louise Curtis.  

  10. Harritte Caroline Duckworth  was born 28 December 1842 and died 27 April 1911 in Cherokee County, North Carolina. Married Jasper Nix.  

  11. Sophronia Jane Duckworth  was born 1845. Married John Pruitt Collins.  

  12. William G. Duckworth  born 1849. Married Celia Nix.  

See Williamson Family Research Notes  for more information about Mary Williamson and her family

4. Jonathan "Daunt" or "Daunty" Duckworth , twin to David, died ca. 1870, married Rebecca (maiden name unknown), and moved from Cherryfield to Union County, Georgia after 1843. Their children were:

  1. Jane G. Duckworth , was born 29 October 1823 and died 11 January 1896. Married Johile Jackson.    

  2. Sarah Duckworth  was born 12 August 1826 and died 6 May 1894. She married Enoch Hood.  

  3. Charlotte Duckworth  was born 10 June 1832 and died unknown. Married Jesse Humphries.  

  4. Calton J. Duckworth , a Confederate Soldier, was born 12 December 1834 and died 26 June 1921. Married Sarah J. Lance 

  5. John Duckworth.   No information and he must have died young. 

5. William Duckworth was born 26 April 1805, died 2 July 1884, married Sarah A. Jordan, daughter of Joseph and Hannah Davis Jordan, lived and died a Cherryfield; Their children were: 

  1. Joseph Edward Duckworth born 11 January 1828 and died 8 January 1922. 

    Married 1. Mary "Mollie" Jean Fuller. Their children were: Alfred Fuller born 31 August 1851 and died March 1876, a Deputy U.S. Marshall and killed by an outlaw. Isabelle Jeffries was born 9 April 1853 and died 1915.Sarah Elizabeth was born 21 March 1855 and died 30 June 1946. Married Samuel Pierce McCarroll. Lou Eller was born 13 March 1857 and died 3 January 1923. Married Thomas Hilliard Hampton. William Henry was born 26 April 1859 an died 25 October 1949. 

    Married 2. Adriana Sophronia Fuller. Their children were: Joseph Wesley Paten was born 12 March 1861 and died 24 February 1944 in Walsh, CO. Married Gussie Evans. Mollie Sophronia was born 16 April 1863 and married Jefferson Davis Aiken. Adriana Levonia was born 26 February 1865 and married Frank P. McCarrell. John Wesley was born 13 May 1866 and died 3 May 1954. Married Emma Wadsworth Brown. Alice Julia was born 11 September 1867 and married James Robert Stevens. Calloway Coleman was born 8 April 1874 and died 1919. Married Lottie Weilt. Thomas Oliver was born 19 March 1869 and married Helen Mull. Anna Tallula was born 8 January 1871. Span Lamar was born 15 May 1876 and died 21 May 1954 at Kernsville, North Carolina. Married Agnes Estelle Watson. Eugene Hillard was born 2 September 1878 and died 8 August 1957. Ernest was born 2 September 1878 and died 26 July 1879. Florence Adams was born 6 February 1881. Married Lenore Hawkins. Flora Lownds was born 6 February 1881 and died 17 March 1883. Georgia May was born 21 May 1883 and married R.E. Galloway.

  2. Louisa H. Duckworth  born 1831 died 1910 and married John Calloway Duckworth, her cousin.  

  3. Lucy Duckworth was born 1836 and married Robert Whitmire.  

  4. Jane C. Duckworth  was born 1838 and died October 1868. Married James M. Justice.  

  5. William Blythe Duckworth was born 20 November 1845 and died 10 November 1910. Married Ella Florence Adams.  

  6. Van Duckworth was born 10 March 1848 and died 4 August 1876 in a card game.  

  7. Anna Hazeltine Duckworth  was born 9 April 1849 and died 23 January 1933 at Lumberton, N, North Carolina. Married William Lucas Norwood. 

6. Elizabeth Duckworth was born 5 August 1807, died 1 February 1854, married John Hamlin, son of Elikiam and Ann Reagan Hamlin, and they lived at Cherryfield and Brevard, North Carolina. Their children were: Elizabeth, Matilda, Myra, James Regan was born 9 July 1828 and died 22 December 1922 in Springfield, Missouri. He was a Baptist Preacher. More will be given on him below. John M. "Doog" was born 25 May 1839 and died 28 May 1925. He was an outstanding school teacher and newspaper writer. 

Goodspeed's History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford, & Gasconade Counties Missouri, Crawford County p. 1040.

 "James R. Hamlin, a farmer and minister of the gospel of the Baptist Church, in Crawford County, was born in Buncombe Co., NC in 1828. Of the eight children born to John and Elizabeth (Duckworth) Hamlin, natives respectively of Tennessee and North Carolina. James R. was the eldest. John Hamlin was a saddler by trade in early life, but in later years engaged in farming, to which occupation James R. was reared, receiving in the meantime a good common-school education. He began doing for himself in 1849, in which year he was married to Mary A. King, daughter of Rev. Jonathan and Mary King, of North Carolina. After his marriage, however, Mr. Hamlin graduated in vocal music at the Normal Musical School, at Lima, S.C. In April 1861, he was enrolled as sergeant of Co. F, first South Carolina Cavalry under Gen. Hampton, and was promoted to chaplain of Black's Battalion, serving until the close of the war. He then returned to his family, and in 1869 immigrated and settled in Crawford Co., MO where he has since principally followed agriculture. In 1870 he entered eighty acres of land, and now owns 240 acres, as well as a house and two lots in Bourbon, Mo. Mr. Hamlin entered the ministry in 1861, and is the present pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Sullivan, and also of the 1st Baptist Church of Cuba, Mo. ..... Of the nine children born to Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin, four died in infancy. Those living are Dalie E., Lennia A., Montreville M., Courtney W., and Oscar T. Mrs. Hamlin is a consistent adherent of the Baptist faith. Mr. Hamlin is a Freemason and a stanch Democrat, though not a political aspirant. The family are highly respected by all who know them." 

7. Charlotte Duckworth , born 5 August 1807 and death unknown, married Thomas Aiken, son of Ezekiel and Sarah McCravey Aiken, and they lived at Cherryfield. Their children were:

  1. William Aiken  was born 8 August 1823 and died 14 February 1911. He married Elizabeth Gillespie.  

  2. John C. Aiken  was born 1828 and died 4 September 1851 and married Emily Phillips.  

  3. Archibald Aiken  was born 29 July 1929 and died 21 April 1898 and married Eliza Orr.  

  4. Littleton Aiken was born 1832 and married Nancy Burton.  

  5. Elizabeth Aiken was born 1834 and married Unknown Greene.  

  6. Louis Leander "Buck" Aiken  born 09 February 1837.

  7. Charlotte Louise Aiken was born 1839. 

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Additional Sources Used:

"The Name and Family of Duckworth" compiled by The Media Research Bureau, Washington, D.C. about 1940's.

"History of Cathey's Creek Baptist Church" by Mrs. Belle Blake Rogers. Published in the Transylvania County Paper 1950-1960.

"Transylvania County was Home of Three 'Cronies' Who Lived Nearly 100 Years," written about 1923. (This article was given to me by Clyde Duckworth, grandson of William and Sarah Duckworth. The article was probably written by Doug Hamlin and published in the local paper. Rev. James R. Hamlin and Doug Hamlin were sons of John R. and Elizabeth Duckworth Hamlin. They and Joseph Duckworth were first cousins - John F. Duckworth.)

"The Death of Uncle Joe Duckworth," J.M. Hamlin, 1922.

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Contributor Comments:

The Duckworth Family was members of the Presbyterian Church before the marriage of Jonathan to Kizziah England. 

Why did Kizziah remove from Burke to Buncombe County after the death of Jonathan? It must have been to keep her family together. Had she remained in Burke County the County Court would have put her children out for adoption. The part of Buncombe County to which she moved was a wild and recently settled area. The possibility of family interference here was small and they felt safe here.    


  1. Roberta Wakefield, Washington, DC 

  2. W.B. Duckworth, Tulsa, OK 

  3. Malcomb E. Gardner, Arlington, VA 

  4. Frank C. Duckworth, Hiawassee, GA 

  5. Ruth Paden Duckworth, Atlanta, GA 

  6. Mary Ellen Bryson, Brevard, NC 

  7. Frank Duckworth, Brevard, NC 

  8. Adrian Hampton Dodsworth, Brevard, NC  

  9. Clyde A. Duckworth, Charlotte, NC 

  10. Ada Duckworth Abbott, Walhalla, SC 

  11. Miss Gertrude Neal, Morganton, NC 

Anyone wishing to further study the Duckworth Family are encouraged to look at the Microfilm of the original research notes on which this paper was written. Copies of the Film can be obtained from any Mormon Church Library or one can view the film at the

  • Morganton, North Carolina Library 

  • Transylvania County Library, Brevard, North Carolina  

  • East Tennessee Historical Society Library, Knoxville, TN,  

  • J. Lon Duckworth Library, Young Harris College, Young Harris, GA

- John F. Duckworth  , December 28, 2002

363 Delozier Lane, Rockwood, Tennessee, 37854, 

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