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1947 Genealogical Register  N.C.D.A.R.
Transcribed by Philip Underwood-Sheppard
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Waightstill Avery Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Brevard, North Carolina
Organized March 24, 1921, Miss Annie Gash, Organizing Regent


Member Patriot Ancestor
Allison, Mary Breese, (J. M.) William Washington, Lieut.-Colonel, S. C.
Barclay, Flora Elizabeth Wike, (Thos. III) John Zachary, Corporal, Va.
Bjerg, Dorothy Silversteen, (T. A.) Henry Van Wey, Private, N. J.
Galloway, Stella Young, (T. C.) Adam Cooper, Soldier, S. C.
Gash, Annie Jean, (Miss) Waightstill Avery, Signer Meck. Dec., N. C.
Gash, Margaret Avery, (R. N. III) Waightstill Avery, Signer Meck. Dec., N. C.
Hill, E. Adelaide Silversteen, (R. N. III) Abraham Miller, Captain, Pa.
Kanipe, Mary Locke Sledge, (Roy) Matthew Locke, Brig. General, N. C.
Kyle, Miriam Silversteen, (A. G.) Henry Van Wey, Private, N. J.
Lyday, Elizabeth Mills, (R. J.) John Carruth, Majoy, N. C. and S. C.
Matheson, Claire Faison Davis, (E. B.) James Faison, Private, N. C.
McFarland, Frances Smithwick, (W. G.) Harrison Macon, Captain, N. C.
Moody, Marion Yongue, (T. G.) Lambert Clayton, Sergeant, N. C.
Newland, Nell Aiken, (C. L.) Ezekiel Aiken, Soldier, S. C.
Ramsey, Mary Alford, (R. H.) Robert Lide, Major, S. C.
Rockwood, Jessie King, (Alvin) Benjamin Merrill, Sr., Captain, N. C.
Schmidt, Natalie Vanhorne, (Howard I.) Matthias Van Loon, Private, N. J.
Silversteen, Elizabeth Mount, (J. S.) Henry Van Wey, Private, N. J.
Smedburg, Kate Sivley Kern, (H. V.) Aaron Burleson, Minute Man, N. C.
West, Florence Kern, (J. H.) Aaron Burleson, Private, N. C.


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Received 31 December 2003 - Concerning Nell Aiken Newland

My name is Jennifer Dickson, and my maiden name is father's family is from Transylvania and Henderson counties. I was looking through the site, and I know you'll need backup for this, but my great-great aunt's name is misspelled on the "1947 Genealogical Register N.C.D.A.R." transcribed by Philip Underwood-Sheppard. She was Nell Aiken Newland, not "Mell."  Her daughters are still alive and well, and I could get you in touch with them if needed. Her name can also be found on articles in the Transylvania County Heritage book and others. She is buried in Davidson River Cemetery, not far from her ancestors, Lambert and Sarah Clayton.

Transylvania County, NC Marriage Record Volume 7 includes a license applied for by Dr. Chas L. Newland for himself and Nell Aiken.  Rev. Joseph H. West signed the certificate of marriage for Chas L. Newland and Nell Aiken as well as witnesses Chas F. Aiken, Th. H. Shipman and H. C. Aiken.  I am trusting that Dr. Newland knew the name of his bride.  The error was likely a transcription error (they happen) and has been corrected here January 2, 2004.  Thanks Jennifer for your information!  Linda Hoxit Raxter

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