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'Oh! Those Transylvania Hills'


    "A song written in the late 1880s has recently surfaced. Donald Lee Moore, writing the words and music from memory, gave a copy of the song to the Transylvania County Library, which in turn supplied a copy to the Times.

    Authorship of the song, "Those Transylvania Hills," was evidently claimed by two people, Jasper Orr and Judson Corn. Orr played flute with the Robert E. Lee Band and Corn, a fundamentalist preacher, had a corn mill on Lake Sega Road. It is speculated that the song may have been taken from another song, "Those West Virginia Hills."

    In addition to the verse shown here with the music, there is a second verse for the song: "O those Transylvania Hills, where our childhood hours now pass, where we often wander lonely, and our future try to cast. Many are the visions bright which our future ne'er fulfills, but how sunny are the day dreams on those Transylvania Hills!"

- Transylvania Times

Image below provided by: Rowell Bosse North Carolina Room, Transylvania County Library 


Oh! Those Transylvania Hills