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Rufus and Florence Hall Owen Family in 1947
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Photograph Guidelines

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See our explanation of submission guidelines

Scan the original photograph whenever possible

Each time an image is copied, the quality decreases. And scan the entire photograph. Information in the background may be important to a future researchers. Sometimes a direct scan is impossible due to the photo size. But if it will fit on a scanner, scan it. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can send a paper copy.


Do not alter image in any way

Electronic Images should be scanned at 600dpi and not altered in any way including changing the size. Leave the snipping to an internet friendly file size to the webmaster. This will create some massive files. .tiff files are best, but cannot be e-mailed due to the massive file size. Please burn them onto a CD and mail with the donation information form. .jpg files also work well. You can make a quality paper copy of a photograph to send if you do not have a scanner. But scanning the original and sending the electronic file will result in a better quality image. For more information about digital archival images visit and follow the “Guidelines” link.


Avoid using the kiosk photo scanners that have popped up everywhere

These scanners have very limited size options and tend to produce lower quality images. Of course they are pretty much everywhere and are easy to use, making it easy to acquire images. A lower quality image is always better than no image. If you do use these, try to use the closest image size to the original.


Only submit photographs if you have the original in your possession

Or if you can get permission from the owner. This involved basic manners and, more importantly, provides and excuse getting more information about the photograph and its subjects.


Careful with copyright

Professional photographers retain the copyright to their work. Also, some archives maintain ownership of their images. Check with the archivist about publication guidelines. Photographs at the Transylvania County historic Preservation Commission Archives can be published at no charge as long as proper credit is given.


Before a file is posted, submitters will need to provide


Get things started

Contact us at with a description of the document.

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