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David Asbel Anders with
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Rufus and Florence Hall Owen Family in 1947
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Edmund Burke (1729-1797) said that: "people will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors."


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"A Member of A Forgotten Race"
If this is your first time to our site, we recommend you spend a few minuties reading "A Member of A Forgotten Race"

"Transylvania County Post Offices and Officials"
List of Transylvania County Post Offices and Officials


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Transylvania County was formed in 1861 from Henderson and Jackson Counties, but it had a long history before that date.  It was settled in the late 1700's as part of SC, became Walton County, GA in 1803, and was finally fought over and won by NC in 1811.

Transylvania (which means "across the woods") is known as the "Land of the Waterfalls" because of the 250 waterfalls in the county. Rivers and streams, mountains and woods all played a part in the settlement and development of the county. The people that settled here built homes, farmed the land and raised families and these families have inspired generations here in the beautiful "Land of the Waterfalls". Please take a few minutes and read "A Member of A Forgotten Race" by Jesse R. Owen

For videos about beautiful Transylvania County, click here but we recommend starting with the following 4 videos first: "Industious People", "Our History", "Voices of Toxaway-The McNeely Family" and "Exie Wilde Henson Reflects On Toxaway".

Looking Glass Rock
Photo courtesy of Steve Owen.

For video interviews of Transylvania County residents, click here 
Transylvania County, NC History and Genealogy Project 

Project Mission:

  • Foster an online community of researchers working together to make Transylvania County history available to everyone.

  • Provide online resources and information about additional references that will assist researchers.

  • Promote sound preservation and research methods to make family discovery experiences more successful, meaningful and enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website. I am an experienced genealogist, doing research for over  fifty years. As soon as internet genealogy was available, I was using this new tool to share information. With an Associates degree in Business from Blue Ridge Community College, my career involved various marketing positions. Now retired, I used my marketing experience to promote the Transylvania Heritage Museum. I also enjoy traveling with my husband, spoiling my grandchildren, and continuing my research. My families include: Anders, Bracken, Dunn, Galloway, Garren, Hall, Henderson, McCall, Owen, Wilson, and Wood.
                                                                                                                Linda Owen Anders - County Coordinator