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Death Certificates Vol 1 Part 2 - 1915

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Document Description 

Transylvania County began keeping Death Certificates in the latter part of 1913.  Volume one contains death certificates for 1913 through 1915 with a few from 1916. All subsequent years have a specific volume for that year.  In keeping with this later pattern, this index for volume one is divided into 1914 - with the few certificates for 1913 included and 1915, with a few certificates from 1916.  The following part of volume one breaks at a somewhat natural chronological change within the original book.

Adding to the date confusion, the original books of death certificates is no longer available after being water damaged as a result of poor storage methods.  The current set of duplicate certificates have been rearranged to reflect a more chronological order tat no longer matches the page numbers listed in the official index  New page numbers have not been added.  This index continues to use the original page numbers since they are still used in the official index and it is hoped that the original order will be restored.  The digital images will help provide the information of the original documents.  Any users needed the official copy are on their own in finding it.

The order and page numbers in the index list below are from transcription notes of the original book.  These notes were made in 1998 by Linda Hoxit Raxter prior to the damage to the original book and formed the basis for an earlier online-index posted in text file format to the USGenWeb Archives.  This index replaces this 1998 file with the addition of actual document images provided by Linda O Anders.  These images were created by Linda Anders using a digital camera.  Beyond the addition of an identifying caption in blue, no alterations to these images have been made.

However, it is important to bear in mind that it would be several years before all families adopted the practice of registering family deaths.  In addition, many certificates were incompletely or improperly filled out.  Accuracy and legibility vary by township and their local registrars: 

  • Boyd: A. E.. Lyday - fair 
  • Brevard: G. C. Kilpatrick, with many certificates completed by E. H. Gillespie - fair 
  • Cathey’s Creek: C.R. Sharp - fair 
  • Dunn’s Rock: A. C. Landreth - just plain awful - includes errors in dates 
  • Eastatoe: A.M. Paxton - fair 
  • Gloucester: Vance Galloway - good 
  • Hogback: Ward Breedlove -  fair 
  • Little River: W.R. Kilpatrick -  very poor handwriting 

Pisgah Forest records are included in Brevard & Boyd Townships. Rosman records are included in Cathey’s Creek and Eastatoe Townships.

The following index list is not intended to be used as a transcription of the Death Certificates.  Instead it is a finding aid to locate the actual images of each death certificate.  Birth and death years only are given to help in identifying an individual.  Complete dates, when available, will be found on the image.  Frequently an exact birth year is not listed.  In these case an approximate year is listed.  Both parents are also listed when available to aid in identifying an individual. 

Names in the index are frequently standardized to facilitate searching.   This is based largely on the over 30 years of local research experience by Linda O. Anders  These standardizations are provided to facilitate user searches with "Find" command.  The original spelling can then be viewed on the original certificate by following the hyperlink.  To use the find feature with Microsoft Explorer use CTRL+F and enter the surname.

Some certificates do not include names or only have a partial name.  In these cases names may have been added to the Index.  These additions are indicated by parenthesis.  Some characters are difficult if not impossible to read.  These are indicated with underlines.

Images were made from a set of photoduplicated copies at the Transylvania County Registrar of Deeds office.  After these certificates were duplicated, the original was stored in the leaky courthouse basement with other original vital records where they sustained water damage.  These are no longer available to the public.  A Transcription of the original volume by Linda Hoxit Raxter prior to this damage shows that one certificate in volume one was not duplicated.  This was a child of Basking Taylor. Based on the placement of this certificate, the person died between 13DEC1913 and 23JAN1914. The father’s name and burial location of Cooper Cemetery are the only pieces of information included on this certificate.  An image, and the certificate itself, are no longer available.

While this Internet access to the records is convenient, it is also made through a new media and instable national project.  In addition, These images are not archival quality and should not be considered a substitute for the original or for the necessity of microfilming these records with a copy placed in State Archives as a permanent backup to prevent further loss of these documents.

 - Linda Hoxit Raxter and Linda O. Anders, 28 FEB 2003

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Brevard Township
Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
John Cicero Loftis 1850 1913 Andrew J. Loftis Margaret Ann Harris 1
James Gash abt. 1853 1913 Ben Gash 2
Douglas Bradley 1913 1913 Douglas Bradley Della Watson 3
Henry Jones 1865 1913 4
Amanda Rowe 1887 1913 John W. Rowe S. Josephine Anderson 5
Julia Hefner 1891 1913 Champ Beasley Peggy Mearis 6
Basking Taylor Lost
Mary Jane Jenkins 1834 1913 Joseph Roberts Mary Jane Roberts 7
(Infant Anderson) 1913 1914 Lizzie Anderson 8
Mary Ann Orr 1837 1914 Robert Knox 9
Mary Bishop 1848 1914 William Hawkins Martha Rise 10
Mrs. Ella _ Fuller 1864 1914 Clark Cook Annie McLaughlin 11
(Infant Tinsley) 1914 1914 Oliver Tinsley Lora Galloway 12
Sarah Jane Bagwell 1863 1914 A. J. Galloway Alpha M. Aiken 13
Allie Maude Cantrell 1914 1914 Claud Cantrell Annie Garren 14
(Infant Kimsey) 1914 1914 Tom Kimsey Dodson 15
Joel Elliot Mackey 1827 1914 Joel Mackey Patty Orr 16
(Infant Morgan) 1914 1914 Meredith C. Morgan Rachel Maggie Thomas 17
John Merrion Morgan 1914 1914 Meredith C. Morgan Rachel Maggie Thomas 18
Frank Clayton 1913 1914 J. E. Clayton Bell Wood 19
Mary Ann Hemphill 1839 1914 James Kilgore Mary McCall 20
Maud Brooks abt 1880 1914 F. C. Chappell 21
Dovie L. Lanning 1871 1914 J. M. Morgan Sallie Siniard 22
Bertie Clarence Mackey 1906 1914 William P. Mackey Rhoda Hamilton 23
Willie May Mills 1913 1914 William Mills Hattie Allen 24
Samuel Harry Mooney 1914 1914 Robert Mooney Lizza Camp 25
Mary D. Boyden 1874 1914 Hayne Davis Mary Williams Pearson 26
George Washington Henderson 1835 1914 Canada Henderson Polley Tillery 27
Lila Allison 1912 1914 Elisha A. Allison Mary Alice Neill 28
Benjamin Franklin S. McTindal abt 1888 1914 James H. McTindal Elizabeth Reeks 29
Morgan Smith Gilmer 1846 1914 Geo. N. Gilmer Caroline Smith 30
Arthur Whitesides 1914 1914 Andrew Whitesides Cary Cunningham 31
John Thompson Fulbright 1845 1914 Eli Fulbright Miss Ashby 32
(Infant Orr) 1914 1915 Owen Orr Etta May Galloway 33
Dorothy Neely 1915 1915 Robert D. Neely Sue May Southern 34
Mrs. Sue May Neely 1874 1915 Lewis Southern Jennie Crowder 35

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Boyd Township
Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
Alson Reece 1827 1913 36
Jane M. Middleton 1859 1914 Jeremiah Orr Rena Cantrell 37
Joseph Holden 1844 1914 Matthew Holden Rosanna Babbs 38
J. H. Gash 1913 1914 James Gash Hettie Deaver 39
Mary Kate Talley 1913 1914 C. H. Talley Bonnie Aiken 40
Louise Moffet 1914 1914 Isaac Moffet Julia Weese 41
Bessie Olee Smith 1914 1914 Charles P. Smith Mary Clanton 42
Evylin Fayetta Allison 1914 1914 Robert J. Allison Zoni J. Ledbetter 43
Mary Martha Brown 1912 1914 S. V. Brown Sallie Alexander 44
Joyce Talley 1900 1914 H. L. Talley Louetta Morgan 45
King James Justus 1853 1914 Jessee R. Justus Mary Ann Jones 46
Ethel Leola Alexander 1879 1914 Joseph M. Blythe Alice Louise Lyday 47
Mary Hutchison 1890 1914 George Hutchison Emma Hunt 48
Caladona Ella Ownby 1854 1914 Dr. A. J. Lyday Elizabeth Clayton 49
Annie Sophia Erikson abt. 1879 1914 50
John Franklin Woodfin 1830 1914 George Woodfin Jane Cook 51
Nancy Townsend abt. 1834 1914 James Sitton Nancy Sitton 52
Leaon Blythe 1911 1914 Josie Blythe Mattie Rhodes 53

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Cathey's Creek Township
Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
Pauline Mull 1913 1914 John Mull Mary Mull 54
Esby Steamy 1905 1913 James Calvin Steamy Sallie McCall 55
Kallie Mason Cantrell 1874 1913 Will Mason Sara Mason 56
Lewis Monroe McKinna 1910 1913 Eli McKinna Nancy Barton 57
Eva Vaughn 1914 1914 Wade Thomas Vaughn Sara Aubrey 58
Don Smith 1912 1914 Wiley J. Smith Leitha McCall 59
Geo. Houston Moore 1833 1914 Clinton Moore Sallie Shipman 60
James Montiville Morgan 1850 1914 Squire Morgan Nancy Morgan 61
Laura Savanah Norris 1868 1914 Henry Searcy Ana Moody 62
Mrs. Susane Whitmire Glazener 1838 1914 Richard Whitmire Judie Jordan 63
Jane Edwards 1849 1914 Edwards Edwards 64
Nadine Galloway 1914 1914 Thomas Pleasant Galloway Mary Sue Fisher 65
Clarence Rufus Owen 1914 1914 Rufus W. Owen Florence C. Owen 66
Dorsie Pearl Conley 1906 1914 John Washington Conley Camley Estee Chapman 67
Harree Edwin Bryson 1913 1914 Oatis Bryson Estella Ross 68
Hannah Reid 1912 1914 Verge Reed Jane Davis 69
Harley Orr 1895 1914 Columbus Orr "Not Known" 70

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Dunn's Rock Township
Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
Margreta Lance 1845 1913 A. J. Loftis Margreta Harris 71
Tabitha Raxter 1834 1914 Nelson Tomson Rosa Fletcher 72
Rosa Anne Holden 1834 1914 Joshaway Holden Sarah Ann Holden 73
(Matilda Hogsed Wilson)* 1815 1914 Walter Hogsed Becky Hogsed 74
(Infant McGaha) 1914 1914 George Ellis McGaha Mallia M. Hogsed 75
(No Name Smith) 1850 1914 Ed Smith Carolina Hutchinsen 76
Hallie Raxter  1896 1914 Pollie Raxter 77
Kate Waldrop 1844 1914 Fleming Harris Mary Glazener 78
(Infant Salts) 1914 1914 Robert Manroe Salts Ala May Raxter 79

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Eastatoe Township
Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
Mrs. Alice Isabell Moore 1876 1913 James M. Owen Hattie M. Owen 80
Jocie Aiken 1911 1913 Tira R. Aiken Arsulia Powell 81
(Infant Moore) 1914 1914 Elbert N. Moore Addie Bryson 82
John Thomas Galloway 1863 1914 Jonah Galloway Nancy Galloway 83
Millie Elizabeth Garren 1841 1914 Jos. Glazener Loucinda Gillespie 84
Sarah M. Galloway 1832 1914 William D. Galloway Sarah Morgan 85
Burnus Marion Owen 1910 1913 Burnus Owen Jennie Shehen 86
Exie Estelle Orr 1913 1914 Owen Harrison Orr Galloway 87
Sam Jones 1856 1914 Z. P. Jones Sallie Jones 88
Ida Bryant Lamb 1883 1914 M. T. Bryant Jane Glazener 89
Chas Emmet Lamb 1914 1914 Emaniel Lamb Ida Bryant 90

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Gloucester Township
Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
Lowry Owen 1912 1913 Robbie Owen Sylvithia Galloway 91
Stella McCall 1913 1913 Garlen McCall Roxie Owen 92
Fannie May McCall 1906 1914 Zeb. R. McCall Essie McCall 93
Dora Jane Shepherd 1913 1914 Sam A. Shepherd Josie McCall 94
(Infant McCall) 1914 1914 Ransom McCall Jannetie McCall 95
Jason McCall 1828 1914 Robert McCall Rachel Glazener 96
Herlan B. Wilson 1884 1914 Samuel Wilson Elizabeth Harrison 97
William Grant Boley 1909 1914 Chas Boley Emma Whitson 98
(Infant Shepherd) 1914 1914 Sam A. Shepherd Josie McCall 99

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Hogback Township
Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
Lucinda E. S. Reid 1836 1913 John Owen Fore 100
James Marion Whitmire 1837 1914 Christopher Whitmire Elizabeth Whitmire 101
Whitfield Brooks 1841 1914 G. W. Brooks Martha Gibson 102
Robert Jones 1914 1914 Jas Jones Susie Smith 103
L. F. Norton Jr. 1907 1914 Lee F. Norton Nannie Reid 104

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Little River Township

Name Birth Death Father Mother Page
John W. Alison 1887 1914 S.F. Alison Evaline Anders 105
____ W. Hart 1868 1914 George Hart Jane Green 106
William Wilson abt 1846 1914 107
          E. Anders 1914 1914 James Millard Anders Elouise Kuykendall 108
Andrew Jeffson George 1869 1914 ___________ Carolina McCall 109
(no name Ray) 1908 1914 William J. Ray Samantha Reece 110
Mariah Osborn abt 1831 1914 111
John _ Drake 1832 1914 James Drake C. Champion 112
(No Name Baynard) 1914 1914 Joe Baynard Arness Ball 113
(No Name) 1914 1914 W M George Leota Couch 114

* Name on certificate is blank.  Determined through additional documents.

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