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1870 Federal Census
Beaufort Co., NC

"The Census Taker" (1870) Harper's Weekly

"I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me those who are to come, I looked back and saw my father, and his father, and all our fathers, and in front to see my son, and his son, and the sons upon sons beyond ...... And their eyes were my eyes." from "How Green Was My Valley" by Richard Llewellyn.

This census was abstracted from microfilm Series: M593, Roll: 1123 obtained from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. No attempt was made to correct mistakes in the spelling of the names thus you should look for all conceivable variations of the surnames.

Several new elements appeared in the 1870 census from previous census records. Slavery had been abolished and all African-Americans were named for the first time; also included were Chinese and Native Americans. Reconstruction queries regarding citizenship and voting were added. Greater precision in stating age was provided for and two queries called for specification of months. Note that the months January-May were in 1870. June-December were 1869. Foreign birth of parents was noted. However, relationships to the head of family were not used in this census.

Twenty columns were used in the original census but I chose to leave some of them out in order to get everything on one page. The columns we used are:

  1) Dwelling-Houses - numbered in the order of visitation
  2) The name of every person whose place of abode on 1 June 1870 was in this family
  3) Age at last birthday - If under 1 year then the months were given in fractions, i.e., 3/12
  4) Sex - Male was indicated with an "m"; female with an "f"
  5) Color - White was indicated with a "w", Black with a "b", Mulatto with an "m", Chinese with a "c" and Indian with an "i"
  6) Occupation - the trade of each person, male or female
  7) Value of Real Estate
  8) Value of Personal Estate
  9) Birth Place - naming the state or territory of the U.S.; or the country, if of foreign birth
10) If born within the year - the month was stated
11) If married within the year - the month was stated
12) Attended school within the year
13) Cannot Read
14) Cannot Write

Below is a table with links to each page in the 1870 census. We have created a small "Surname" index (not full name) so it will be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index, find the surname you are interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. Remember - there may be more than one instance of the same surname on a page.



001a 001b 002a 002b 003a 003b 004a 004b 005a 005b 006a 006b 007a 007b 008a 008b 009a 009b 010a 010b
011a 011b 012a 012b 013a 013b 014a 014b 015a 015b 016a 016b 017a 017b 018a 018b 019a 019b 020a 020b
021a 021b 022a 022b 023a 023b 024a 024b 025a 025b


026a 026b 027a 027b 028a 028b 029a 029b 030a 030b 031a 031b 032a 032b 033a 033b 034a 034b 035a 035b
036a 036b 037a 037b 038a 038b 039a 039b 040a 040b 041a 041b
042a 042b 043a 043b 044a 044b 045a 045b 046a 046b


047a 047b 048a 048b 049a 049b 050a 050b 051a 051b 052a 052b 053a 053b 054a 054b 055a 055b 056a 056b
057a 057b 058a 058b 059a 059b 060a 060b 061a 061b 062a 062b 063a 063b 064a 064b 065a 065b 066a 066b 066c 066d


067a 067b 068a 068b 069a 069b 070a 070b 071a 071b 072a 072b 073a 073b 074a


75a 75b 76a 76b 77a 77b 78a 78b 79a 79b 80a 80b 81a 81b 82a 82b 83a 83b 84a 84b 85a 85b 86a 86b 87a 87b 88a 88b
89a 89b 90a 90b 91a 91b 92a 92b 93a 93b 94a 94b 95a 95b 96a 96b 97a


98a 98b 99a 99b 99c 99d 100a 100b 100c 100d 101a 101b 102a 102b 103a 103b 104a 104b 105a 105b 106a 106b
107a 107b 108a 108b 109a 109b 110a 110b 111a 111b 112a 112b 113a 113b 114a 114b 115a 115b 116a 116b
117a 117b 118a 118b 119a 119b 120a 120b 121a 121b 122a


123a 123b 124a 124b 125a 125b 126a 126b 127a 127b 128a 128b 129a 129b 130a 130b 131a 131b 132a 132b
133a 133b 134a 134b 135a 135b 136a 136b 137a 137b 138a 138b 139a 139b 140a 140b 141a 141b 142a 142b 143a 143b
144a 144b 145a 145b 146a 146b 147a 147b 148a 148b 149a 149b 150a 150b 151a 151b 152a 152b 153a 153b 154a 154b
155a 155b 156a 156b 157a 157b 158a 158b 159a 159b 160a 160b 161a 161b 162a 162b 163a 163b 164a

Surname Index


Aberaham - 2a
Abrams - 120a
Adams - 14b, 18b, 22b, 24b,
28b, 30b, 38b, 40b, 41a, 76a, 76b, 77b, 81a, 83a, 85a, 86a, 97a, 115b, 126a, 126b, 128a, 129a, 135b,138b, 144a, 155b Adkinson - 130b
Aingill - 34a, 37a
Albert - 100d, 129a, 146b
Allcock - 69b, 71a, 73b, 98a
Allen - 2a, 19a, 19b, 28a, 28b, 38a, 46a, 58b, 75a, 75b, 76a, 76b, 82a, 85b, 89a, 98b, 128b, 131a, 138a, 140a
Alligood - 23b, 51a, 52a, 52b,
54a, 54b, 57a, 57b, 60a, 62b,
63b, 64b, 65b, 66a, 66b, 66c,
82a, 82b, 125a, 150b, 158a
Ambros - 116a
Anderson - 98b, 112b
Archibald - 38b, 43a, 148a
Archbell - 5a, 19a , 23a, 24a, 63b
Armstrong - 148a
Arnold - 28b, 37b
Arthur - 91b, 99a, 123b
Asbury - 64a, 64b, 65a
Askins - 9b, 13b, 15b
Austin - 67a
Avent - 135a
Avery - 27b, 43b, 44a
Avis - 146a
Ayers - 6b, 8a
Avis - 146a, 162a


Badger -111b
Bailey - 5a, 12b, 13b, 14b, 15a, 22a
Baker - 24b, 31b, 53b, 100c, 161b
Ball - 148b, 149a, 154a, 157a , 160b
Ballance - 134b
Ballard - 93a
Banks - 104b
Barber - 26a
Barnes - 6a, 112b, 113b
Barnhill - 132a
Barnett - 16a , 60b, 64b, 71a, 106a
Barr - 26b, 27b, 28a, 32a, 43b, 101b
Barrick(?) - 140b
Barrington - 30b, 79a, 84b
Barrow - 3a, 13a, 14a, 95b, 107b, 139b
Bartlet - 131b
Bateman - 24a, 158b
Bates - 159a
Baynor - 16a, 52b, 54b, 61a, 72a, 72b, 93a, 133b, 153a, 163a
Beacham - 101a, 149b, 160a, 161a
Beasley - 23a
Beebe  - 138a
Belcher - 15b, 137a
Belga - 10a
Bell - 78b, 81a, 141b, 142a, 157a
Bembry - 59a, 125a
Bennett - 13a, 53a, 105a, 108b, 115b, 117a, 117b, 145b
Benton - 87b, 147a
Bergeron - 108b
Best - 91a, 99b
Biggs - 93a, 142a
Bilbro - 142a
Bird - 46a, 93a
Bishop - 78a, 89b, 93a, 97a, 143b, 145b
Black - 65a, 65b
Blacklege - 38b
Blake - 19a
Bland - 105b
Blango - 112a, 115a, 118b, 119a, 119b, 144a
Blount - 53b, 59b, 77a, 77b, 84a, 91b, 92a, 102a, 111a, 111b, 123a, 125a, 128a, 130a, 132a, 138a, 139b, 141b, 144b
Bogart - 124a
Bonds - 18a
Bonner - 2a, 5b, 11a, 13a, 19b, 21a, 25a, 89a, 99c, 99d, 102a, 103a, 107b, 108a, 114b, 115b, 125a, 128b, 129a, 131a, 140b, 147a, 147b, 156a
Boone - 93a
Bowen - 47b, 48a, 48b, 66c, 94a, 134a, 141b, 143b
Boyd - 1a, 2b, 3a, 15a, 16b, 20a, 20b, 22a, 22b, 25a, 32b, 34b, 39a, 47a, 47b, 48b, 49a, 50a, 50b, 55b, 57a, 57b, 61a, 61a, 99a, 111b, 121a, 121b, 131b
Braddick - 139a
Braddy - 15b, 21a, 22a, 62a, 62b, 64a, 134b, 142b, 144b, 153b
Bragg - 18b, 46b
Branch - 38a, 39a, 40b, 92a
Brant - 132b
Branton - 147a
Brantlett - 98a, 106b, 107a
Brantley - 115b
Braunels - 110b
Braswell - 21a
Bratt -159b
Brickhouse - 108a
Brickle - 24b, 34b
Bridgeman - 107a, 107b, 127b
Bright - 26a, 34a, 36a, 37b, 100c
Brimage - 5b, 31b, 111a
Brinkley - 103b
Brinn - 96a, 113b, 116a
Brinson - 140b
Britton - 162a
Brock - 152b
Broddy -125a
Broer -101b
Brooks - 77b, 81b, 82a, 139a Brothers - 78a
Brown - 31b, 42b, 43a, 59b, 66b, 93a, 100b, 100c, 107a, 111b, 112a, 123a, 126b, 127a, 128b, 136b, 141b, 143a, 153a, 157a, 160a
Brothers - 105a, 105b
Broome - 105b
Bruer - 135b
Bruffit - 106b
Bryan - 79a, 79b, 83a, 103a, 111a, 125a, 135b, 137b, 138a, 140b, 143b, 144a, 155b
Bryant - 17a, 93a
Buchanun - 133b
Buckman - 124a, 124b
Buck - 26b, 27a, 26b, 27a, 29a, 29a, 30a, 30b, 31a, 34a, 34b, 35a, 37a, 37b, 67a
Bull - 16a
Bullock - 97a, 112b
Burbage - 13a, 13b, 14b, 88a Burbank - 10a, 128b
Burgess - 19b
Burney - 26a, 113a
Burrus - 19a, 89a, 140b
Butt - 117a
Buttery - 6a
Bynum - 99b


Cadett - 101b, 145a, 147a
Caffee - 66c
Cain - 144b
Calass - 23b
Caldwell - 112a
Call - 123b
Calloway - 101a
Calvin - 112b
Camery - 27b
Campbell - 3a, 4a, 4b, 11a,
13a, 19b, 21a, 23b, 48a, 57b, 95b, 127a
Campbleton - 144b
Campen - 73a, 73b, 74a, 100c, 106a
Candy - 52a, 66a
Cane - 42b
Cannon - 27b, 101b
Capps - 11a, 12b
Carbell - 44b
Carmer - 124b, 127b, 135b,
159b, 163b
Carney - 28a
Carr - 103b, 112b
Carraway - 59a
Carrow  - 8b, 19a, 20a, 37a,
43b, 45a, 46b
Carrowan - 67b, 68a, 71b,
123b, 135b
Carry - 43b
Carter  - 4a, 5a, 12a. 42b,
46b, 67a, 75b, 76b, 77a, 77b,
112a, 125a, 129a, 133b, 136b, 156a, 156b
Caton - 26a, 32b, 108a, 108b,
Cayton - 117b
Celey - 136b
Chancy - 87a, 94a, 133b,
154b, 158a, 158b , 159b,
Chaney - 43a
Chambers - 7b
Chatman  - 23a, 39b
Cherry  - 2b, 26b, 32a. 54b,
97a, 126b, 128a, 137a, 138b,
140b, 148b, 149a, 149b, 150a, 151a, 151b, 153a, 157b, 158b, 159a, 159b, 160b, 164a
Chestnut - 93b
Clark - 4a, 5b, 6a, 10b, 15a,
15b, 17b, 20b, 27b, 28a, 30a,
30b, 34b, 43b, 46a, 71a, 73b,
77a, 77b, 78b, 79a, 80b, 81a,
83a, 83b, 84a, 85a, 86a, 86b,
89a, 93b, 94a, 105a, 105b,
106a, 120a, 136a, 137b, 143a, 149a, 149b, 155b, 156a
Clayton - 104a
Clemmons - 131b, 138a
Clorey(?) - 139a
Clutch - 116a
Cobern - 18b
Colbert - 145a
Coldman - 2b
Cole - 84a, 157a, 157b
Coleman - 125a
Collins - 21a, 46a, 153b
Commas(?) - 2b
Condry/Condra - 14a, 152b
Congleton - 51b, 52a, 53a,
54a, 54b, 55a, 65b, 125b,
127a, 146a
Connery - 38a
Conner - 37b
Cook - 117b, 135b, 138b,
150b, 154a
Cooper - 75b, 76a, 76b,
113a, 125a, 145a, 147b
Corbin - 22b, 29b, 80b, 96b
Cordon - 13b, 44b, 100a,
113b, 128a, 131a, 148b
Cornell - 145b
Corsy(?) - 29b, 47b, 61a
Cousins - 9a, 13b
Covey - 11a, 79a, 84b
Cowan - 162b
Cowell - 114a, 132a
Cox - 26b, 33a, 33b, 38a, 40b, 45b, 63a, 63b, 64a, 116a, 116b, 117b, 139b,
Coyden - 38a
Crabtree - 123a, 135a
Cradle - 7a, 110a, 132a,
Cramer - 27b, 43b, 138b
Crandell - 39b, 132b, 147b,
151a, 156a
Cratch - 45b, 46a, 101a, 110a, 110b, 120a
Cratt(?) - 162a
Crawford - 39a, 109a, 116b,
118a, 118b, 119a, 136b
Crawley - 9a
Croswell - 107a
Crumly - 17a
Cuff - 152b
Cuffy - 153b
Curry - 76b
Curtis - 17a
Cuthrell - 99c, 109a, 109b
Cutler - 10a, 16b, 20b, 22b,
23a, 23b, 24b, 45a, 58a, 60b,
61a, 62a, 62b, 62b, 63a, 63b,
64a, 64b, 65b, 66d, 102b,
121a, 126b, 137a


Daily - 134b, 139a
Dalton - 127a
Daniel(s) - 2b, 20a, 50a, 62a, 64b, 66c, 66d, 68a, 71b, 72a,
72b, 73b, 74a, 74a, 85b, 86b,
88b, 100b, 103a, 106b, 147b
Davis - 4a, 10b, 13a, 16b, 17b, 21a, 75a, 75b, 76a, 77b, 78a, 79a, 79b, 81b, 82b, 88a, 90b, 91a, 92a, 97a, 98a, 98b,
107b, 111b, 116b, 118a,
125b, 131b, 136b, 158a
Daw -12b, 82a, 90b
Dawson - 93b, 136a
Day - 72a, 72b, 73b, 96a, 131b
Deadmon - 77b, 85a
Deama - 33b
Deal - 104a, 104b
Dean - 114b
Delone  - 17a
Demill - 126a
Denby - 28b, 29a, 30b, 35a, 151a
Dickenson - 128b
Dimmuck - 58b
Dixon - 7a, 26a, 42b, 52b, 67a, 72a, 83b, 102a, 102b, 105a, 107a, 114a, 114b, 133b, 145a, 152b
Doughtry - 16b, 19a
Douty/Dowty - 65b, 66a, 82a, 107b, 116b, 117a, 120a, 120b
Downs - 27b, 30a, 43b, 45a
Draper - 19a
Drew - 155a
Driggers - 100a
Dudley - 3a, 83a, 150a, 163a
Duffy - 144a, 153a
Duget - 135a
Dukes - 78a, 89b, 90a
Dunham - 105a
Dunkin - 114b
Dunn - 28a, 34a, 36b, 43b, 109a, 120a
Dupree - 107b, 121a, 136a
Durden/Darden - 36b, 38a, 75a, 112a
Durand - 127a, 146b
1- 117a


Ealey/Ely - 55b, 56a, 96b
Eason - 136a, 146a
Easters - 26b, 136a
Eberstein  - 44b
Eborn - 2a, 5a, 11b 13b, 14a, 15a, 15b, 20b, 22a, 42b, 63b, 64b, 67a, 81a, 81b, 84a, 84b, 85a, 87b, 92a, 92b, 94a, 94b, 111b, 112a, 130a, 141a, 156a, 156a
Eckenford - 129a
Emondson - 78b
Edwards - 26b, 27b, 28b, 30a, 34a, 34b, 35a, 36b, 38b, 39a, 40a, 40b, 41a, 42b, 43b, 44a, 99c, 105b, 109a, 120a, 121a, 121b
Elkin - 29b, 45a
Elliott - 24b, 28a
Ellis - 29b, 37a, 40a, 46b, 132a
Ellison - 51a, 66b, 103a, 128b, 133a, 137b, 146a, 152b, 156b, 158a
Emory - 70a, 71a
English - 92a
Etherage - 152b
Evans - 154a, 159b
Everington - 37a, 113a
Everitt - 15b, 22b, 23a, 25a, 53b
Evett - 24b, 26a, 35a, 41a, 61a


Farris - 130b
Farrow - 8b, 124a, 145b, 146b, 152b
Fenderson - 83a
Fields - 157a
Fisher - 6a, 10a, 11b
Fitchet - 103a
Fleetwood - 147b
Flowers - 6b, 71a, 73a
Flynn - 57a, 66a, 86a, 87a, 88b, 89a, 92b, 93a, 94b
Forbes - 112b, 132a, 134a
Ford - 107b
Foreman - 6a, 7a, 8a, 8b, 14a, 16b, 17a, 21a, 38a, 38b, 40a, 59a, 80b, 127a, 128b, 136a, 138a, 140b
Fornes - 121a
Fortiscue - 7a, 7b, 8a, 18a, 70b, 84b, 87b, 94b, 100c, 106b
Foster - 8a, 100d
Fowle - 17b, 21a, 123b, 142a
Fowler - 127b
Foy - 100b, 106b, 137b
Freeman - 35a, 59a, 59b, 94a, 135b, 141b
Frizzle - 134a
Fulcher - 72b, 80a
Fulford - 7a, 112b, 123b, 135b
Fuller - 92b


Gain - 2b
Gainer/Gaynor - 36a, 36b, 104b, 105a, 114a
Gaines - 113a
Gallagher - 126a
Galloway - 33a, 140b, 157a
Galway - 34b
Gardner - 56b, 103b
Garrett - 2b, 7a, 29b, 80b
Gaskill - 13a, 33b, 35b, 45b, 46a, 46b, 90b, 130b, 131a
Gaskins - 26a, 100c, 111a, 119b, 120a, 134a, 142a
Gaylord - 9b, 12a, 12b, 15a, 17a, 21a, 48a, 82a, 84a, 84b, 88a, 91b, 93a, 95a, 95b, 96a, 97a, 136a
Gerand - 33b, 35b
Gibbs - 17b, 51b, 54a, 72a, 84a, 109b, 124a, 131b, 153b
Gibson - 107b
Gilbert - 107a
Girkins/Gherkins - 22b, 50a, 50b, 152b
Gladwin - 82b
Godley - 3b, 26a, 28a, 28b, 30b, 31a, 32a, 36b, 38a, 83b, 130a, 130b, 155b
Goelett - 117a
Goodman - 164a
Goodwin - 69a
Gordon - 15a, 100c, 131b, 146b, 156a
Gorham - 100c, 154a, 154b, 157a, 161b
Grace - 140a
Gradless - 88b, 89a, 89b, 127b
Grady - 39a, 59a
Granger - 127a
Grant - 138a
Gray - 18b, 101a, 105a, 122a
Grayson - 113a
Green(e) - 66b, 132b, 144b
Greenway - 127b
Gregory - 128b, 130b
Griffin - 72b, 93b, 98a, 99a, 103b, 111a, 127b, 145a
Grimes - 46b, 145a, 143a
Grist - 11b, 18a, 22a, 32a, 38a, 39a, 39b, 40a, 42b, 58b, 132b, 135a, 144b, 146a, 152b, 156b , 164a
Groves - 129a, 140b
Grubs - 20a
Guilford - 107b, 117a
Gurganus - 1b, 2a, 9a, 10b, 13b, 15a, 16b, 36b, 47b, 49a, 53a, 61a, 63a, 77a, 82b, 94a, 94b, 141a, 158a
Guthry  - 6a, 6b


Haborne - 2a, 37a, 50a, 51a, 127b, 134a
Haddock - 152b
Hale - 114b, 122a
Hall - 93a, 96a, 96b, 125b
Hamilton - 21b, 113a
Hammond - 12b, 15b, 17b, 46b, 51b, 58b, 110a, 112b, 118a, 118b, 125b, 133b, 134b, 147a
Hampton - 138b
Hancock - 18b
Hand - 4a, 144b
Harding - 6b, 31b, 34b, 39a, 39b. 42b, 44b, 45a, 58b, 159b
Hardison - 8b, 9b, 57a, 62a, 134a, 148b, 149b, 150a, 150b, 151a
Hardy - 98b, 131a
Harget - 115b
Harn - 99a, 99b
Harper - 103b, 106b, 113b, 130b
Harris - 19b, 20a, 20b, 21b, 47a, 48b, 60b, 61a, 80a, 84b, 95b, 96b, 100c, 103b, 104b, 129b, 134a, 134b, 129a, 139a, 145b, 159a
Harrison - 1b, 39b, 120b
Harry - 25a
Hartison - 1b, 7b
Hart - 110a
Hartsfield - 104b
Harvey - 2b, 10b, 51b, 65a, 66b, 87b, 92a
Hassell - 30a, 137b, 151a
Hatch - 80a, 92a
Hatton - 84a, 84b
Havens -141a, 126b, 141b, 142b
Havers  - 6a
Hawkins - 5a, 6a, 53a, 57a, 61a, 91a, 100c
Hawks - 124a, 152a
Hays - 116a
Haywood - 15b, 40a, 111b
Heath - 143a
Henby - 32b
Henrys - 8a, 14b, 39a, 68b, 69a, Henry 81a
Herrington - 8b, 9a, 12b, 13b, 14b, 16b, 77b, 79b, 85a, 135b, 136b
Hill - 27b, 30b, 36a, 36b, 37b, 38a, 38b, 43b, 43b, 44a, 45a, 45b, 46a, 134b, 143a, 143b, 146a, 159b
Hilton - 19a, 20a
Hines - 111a
Hodges - 34a, 37a, 37b, 70a, 76a, 78b, 79a, 83b, 118a, 135b, 138b, 141a, 143a, 148a, 149b, 151a, 152a, 154a, 154b, 159b, 160a, 161a, 161b
Hoke - 86a
Holland - 135a, 154a, 157b
Holley - 93a
Hollis - 59b
Holloway - 93a, 103b
Hollowell - 16b
Holly - 4a, 23b
Holmes - 44a, 110b
Holt - 163b
Holzshoiter - 123a
Hoof - 79a
Hooker - 32a, 35b, 99a, 103a, 118b
Hoover - 131a, 135a
Hopkins - 70b, 71a, 71b, 72a
Horton - 81b, 129b
Houstion - 4b
Howard - 7b, 88a, 126b, 128b, 137a, 141a, 146a, 152b
Howering - 68a, 69a, 71b, 72a
Howland - 131a
Hoyt - 123a, 124b, 126a, 127b, 142a, 142b
Hudnell - 73b, 98b, 100a, 100b, 104b, 105a, 106a
Hudson/Hutson - 67a, 90a, 96a
Hughes - 45a
Hull - 135b, 159b
Hunter - 51b, 54b, 61b
Hutchings - 134a
Hyatt - 126b
Hyman - 67b, 141a


Ingolds - 163a
Ivent(?) - 127a
Ives  - 6a
Ireland - 69a, 69b, 72b
Jackson  - 18b, 26b, 55a, 55b, 113a, 149a, 149b, 158b, 160a, 160b, 161a
James - 60b, 117b, 134b, 139b
Janall(?) - 30b
Jarvis - 80a, 81a, 82a, 85b, 86a, 86b, 106b, 141a, 145a, 145b
Jasper - 46a
Jefferson  - 21b, 22a, 48b, 58a, 63b, 64b
Jeffry - 111b
Jenkins - 113a, 150b, 161b, 163a
Jennett - 79a, 134b
Jeroleman - 138b
Jessup - 138a
Jewell - 27a, 105b, 106b, 118a
Johnson - 9a, 20a, 72a, 78a, 86a, 87a, 88a, 91a, 91b, 93a, 100a, 111b, 112a, 113b, 128a, 131b, 133a, 135b, 140b
Jolley - 22b, 75b, 150a
Jones - 3a, 3b, 9b, 16b, 19a, 26a, 26b, 27a, 38a, 40a, 40b, 41a, 41b, 42a, 71a, 79a, 81a, 89a, 89b, 90b, 91b, 92b, 98a, 99d, 107b, 108a, 110b, 111a, 114b, 121a, 121b, 130a, 130b, 139b, 155b, 156a
Jordan - 18a, 36a, 53a, 87a, 107b, 135a, 147b
Joyner - 19b, 42b, 110b, 118a, 153b
Judkins - 12a



Keach  - 4b, 8b, 9a, 95a
Kease - 124a, 133b, 136a, 139b, 140a, 145a, 146b, 152b, 153a
Keel - 112a
Kees - 38a, 54b, 66c, 110a, 111a, 111b, 112a, 113b, 114a, 141b
Kelly  - 9a, 42b, 51a, 82b, 88b
Kenly(?) - 151a
Kennan - 98a
Kennedy - 132b
Kilby - 17b
Killingsworth - 3a
King - 79a, 80b, 81b, 85b, 93b, 97a, 131b
Kinnion - 30b, 36b
Kinsard - 103b
Kipps - 12a, 95a
Kirk - 105b



Lamb - 111b
Lane - 4b, 98b, 103a, 103b, 105b, 107a, 108a, 118a
Langley - 45a, 95a, 95b, 147b, 132b, 156a
Langston - 109b
Lanier - 9b, 15b, 19a, 27a, 27b, 75a, 79a, 83a, 130a, 135b, 146a, 156a 162a
Lany - 83b
Latham - 1a, 1b, 6b, 13a, 23a, 23b, 39b, 43a, 47b, 49b, 62b, 78a, 79b, 81b, 85a, 98a, 107b, 111b, 123a, 128b, 135a, 150b, 151b, 152a, 155a, 156b, 157b, 158a
Laughinghouse - 5b
Lawrence - 15a, 19a, 131b
Lazelle - 19b
Leary - 67b, 72a, 72b, 136a
Lee - 1b, 19a, 21b, 26b, 58a, 64b, 89a, 161b
Leggett - 150a, 150b, 154b, 155a, 157a, 158a, 159a, 161b, 162a, 162b, 163b, 150b, 155b, 151b, 152a
Leith - 127a
Lewis - 27b, 28a, 28b, 32b, 34a, 40a, 42a, 43b, 44a, 59b, 68b, 116b, 117b, 120a, 120b, 122a
Liddon - 23b
Lightfoot - 66b, 138a
Lilly - 47b, 49a, 95b, 160b
Lindsey - 114b, 115a
Linning - 87b
Linton - 4b, 12b
Liscomb - 9a
Litchfield - 98b, 99a, 141a
Little - 3b, 10b, 38b, 52b, 55a, 129a, 132b, 134b, 136a, 136b, 140b, 142b, 143a, 144a, 151b, 156a, 163a
Littleton - 91b
Liverman - 7b, 13b, 125b, 133b
Llewellyn - 90a, 152b
Lodge - 18a, 18b, 22b, 65a
Loften - 67b
Long - 19a, 33a, 89a, 107a, 127a, 129a, 140a
Longest - 106b
Longman - 131a, 161b
Looper - 16a
Low - 41b, 42a
Lowes(?) - 162b
Lucas - 7a, 9a, 19b, 130a, 147b, 158a
Lumford - 99c
Lupton - 68b, 69b, 70a, 70b, 71a, 72b, 73b
Lyddon - 134a


McCabe - 109b, 110b, 137b
McCluer - 10b, 124b, 141b, 126b, 128a, 133a, 151b
McCoy - 79a
McCullough - 13a, 60b
McDonald - 127a, 162b
McGee - 131b
McGowan - 67a, 146a
McIntosh - 121a
McKeel  - 10b, 60b, 159a
McKelley - 21b
McKey - 14b, 15b, 16a, 16b, 17a, 18a, 125b, 153a, 153b
McNair - 124b
McWilliams - 80a, 107a, 136b
Mackey - 94b
Madry - 32a, 152b
Mallison - 20a, 60b, 124a
Mallory - 74a
Manduel - 132a
Manning - 75b, 77a, 78b, 82b, 147a
Marbly- 154b
March - 115a
Marian - 42a, 42b
Marsh  - 19b, 20a, 82b, 98b
Marshall - 58b
Martin  - 11a, 19a, 22a, 33b, 39b, 77b, 78a, 80a, 125a, 150b
Mason - 70b, 100a, 104b, 111b, 130a, 136b
Masters - 128a
Mastin - 144a, 125b
Matson  - 9a
Mayhew - 98b
Mayo - 99b, 99c, 104b, 106a, 116a, 117b, 124b. 125b, 133b, 134b, 147a
Meekins  - 5a, 7b, 8a, 11a
Mercer - 71b
Merry - 46b
Messick - 105a
Messon(?) - 45a
Midgett/Midyett/Mydgett 17b, 39a, 102b, 144a
Miles  - 19b, 31b, 135a
Miller - 100a, 113b
Mills - 31b, 32a, 137b
Minor  - 20a, 42a, 110a
Mish - 66a
Mitchell - 112a, 131b, 149a
Mixon - 79b, 106a, 106b
Mobley - 34a
Moore - 7b, 30a, 33b, 35b, 38b, 39a, 40a, 46a, 46b, 54b, 55a, 84a, 89a, 98a, 100b, 100c, 101a, 101b, 102a, 106a, 109b, 110b, 111a, 112a, 112b, 114a, 114b, 115a, 118a, 119a, 119b, 126b, 136b, 137b, 139b, 140a, 143a, 147b. 148a, 151b, 157b, 162a, 162b, 163b
Mooreslender - 40b
Morgan - 20b, 115b
Morris  - 20b, 22a, 29b, 34b, 36a, 43a, 57a, 57b, 72b, 79a, 84b, 95b
Morton - 126a
Mouring - 101b
Moy - 130b
Munroe - 82a, 131b
Murphy - 46a
Muse  - 8b, 76a, 79a, 82b, 83a
Myers - 53a, 56b, 128a, 163b, 164a


Nash - 126a
Neal - 3b, 11a, 17b, 26a, 82b, 85b, 86b, 120a, 154b
Nelson - 28a, 29a, 78a, 129b, 142b
Newsome - 33a
Nicols  - 51b
Nixon - 105b, 125b, 131b
Night - 20a
Nobles - 28b, 29a, 30b, 44a
Norcom - 144a
Norfleet - 95b
Norman - 102b, 103b, 104a, 107a, 108a, 125b, 147a
Norris - 100b, 103b
North - 64b
Norton - 138a
Nudman - 135a



Oden - 1b, 4b, 11a, 16a, 19a, 19b, 22a, 24a, 24b, 25a, 48a, 51b, 53a, 96b, 125a, 137a, 138a, 144b
Okney - 124b
Oldridge - 103a
Oliver - 113a
Oneal - 12b, 32b, 67a, 68b, 72b
Ormand  - 18a, 18b, 19b, 20a, 21a, 104a, 114a
Osborn - 47a, 48b, 48b, 147b
Ottenger - 123a
Outler - 130b
Owen - 153b


Padgett  - 2a, 94a
Page - 81a
Pair/Pears - 32a, 43b
Pairtree/Peartree - 9a, 13a
Panner - 12a
Paramore - 37b
Parker - 20b, 34a, 93a, 100a, 125b, 138a, 159b
Parmalee - 82b, 110b, 126a, 127b
Pate - 107a, 116a, 131a
Patrick - 29a, 42b, 68a, 110b, 130a
Patterson - 139a, 130b
Patton - 142a
Paul - 1a, 5a, 13a, 15a, 47b, 48a, 75a, 75b, 77a, 109a, 150b
Payton - 143a
Paxton - 111a
Pearce - 79b
Peaton - 125a, 132a, 133b, 136a, 136b, 137a, 144a, 146b
Pedrick - 66c
Peed - 31b, 32b, 38b, 39a, 53a, 98b, 99a, 99c, 114b, 115a, 131b
Pempteed - 139a
Penny(?) - 42b
Percy - 44b
Perkins - 100d, 111a, 147b
Perry - 20b, 111b, 130a, 132b, 149b, 152b, 155a, 155b. 158a, 158b, 159a, 160am 161a, 161b, 162a
Persall - 84a
Peterson - 57a
Pettiway - 89a
Peyton/Peaton - 22b, 35b, 59a
Phelps - 82b, 144b
Phillips - 86b, 148a
Philpot - 33a, 33b
Pickering - 103a
Pilant - 98a
Pilley - 23a, 23b, 64b, 66c, 133b
Pinkham - 52a, 54b, 56b, 63b, 65b, 66a
Pittman - 121a
Pluto - 32a
Pohlman - 127b
Polson - 90a
Porter - 87a
Potter - 67a, 67b, 68b, 69b, 72a, 72b, 73a, 73b, 105a, 123a, 139b
Potts - 123b
Powell - 70b, 100a, 135a, 162b, 163b
Powers - 106b
Preast - 91b
Prescott - 117b
Price - 101b, 107b, 131a
Prince - 99d
Pringle - 116a, 126b
Pruden - 96b
Pryer - 27b, 30a
Pritchett - 19b, 27a, 113b, 114a, 116b, 119a, 120b
Pugh/Pew - 2b, 32b, 80a
Purdon - 20b
Purser - 99d, 104a, 104b, 105a
Putman - 135a, 157b
Quidley - 91a, 106a, 106b, 107b
Quilling - 98a
Quinn - 124a, 163b
Quatermus - 164a


Rafield - 145b
Randle - 3a, 3b, 118b, 119a, 141a, 145a
Randolph - 93a, 123a
Ratliff  - 1a, 14b, 16b, 26a, 33b, 42a, 86b, 89b
Ray - 143b
Read/Reed - 106a, 113b, 114b
Real - 46b, 155a
Reddick - 10b, 17a, 79b, 85b, 87b, 92b, 93a, 95a, 101a, 110b, 118b
Redding - 93a, 131a
Reddy - 92a
Redmond - 1a, 94a, 94b, 140a
Register - 137b
Respess  - 1a, 2b, 3a, 4a, 9a, 11a, 11b, 16a, 17b, 18a, 19a, 19b, 53b, 85a, 90b, 92a, 100c, 143b, 135a, 142b. 143b. 148a
Rew/Rue - 6a, 9b
Rhodes - 100b, 132a, 149b
Riccord - 80a
Rice - 26b, 42a, 71b, 72b, 73b, 100c, 140b
Richards - 89a, 132a, 144a
Richardson - 88a, 111a, 148a
Ricks - 82b, 89b, 90b, 96a, 150b
Rieves - 99d, 100a, 143b
Riggs - 101b
Right - 39a
Ritch - 127a
Ritt - 31a, 31b
Rittle - 11a
Rivers - 18a
Rivetts  - 7b
Robason - 56a, 102a, 118a
Roberson - 5b, 20b, 32a, 64b, 66b, 66c, 102b, 111b, 147a, 151a, 152a, 159a, 159
Roberts - 20b, 28a, 30b, 38a, 66a, 98a, 103a
Robertson - 78b
Robins - 6b, 13a, 93b, 94b, 99c, 100b, 133b, 145a, 145b, 152b
Robinson  - 18b, 133a
Rodgers/Rogers - 8a, 15b, 20a, 26b, 74a, 111b, 158a, 159b, 161a, 161b
Rodman - 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, 5b, 16b, 128a, 134b, 154b
Roe - 108a, 111b, 117a, 117b, 118a, 120b, 121b, 122a, 148a
Roland - 42b
Roscoe - 66a
Rosenthal - 123a
Ross - 7a, 10a, 10b, 14a, 14b, 16a, 22b, 99a, 109a, 109b, 115b, 117a, 122a, 123b, 142a, 144a, 145b, 153b, 161a
Rountree - 38a, 102a, 145a, 156b
Rouse  - 20b
Rowland  - 22a, 99b
Roy - 36a, 147a
Rue - 81a, 138b
Ruff  - 27a, 43a, 78a, 95a, 97a
Ruffin - 139b
Rumley - 129b, 153a
Russel - 92b


Saddler - 68b, 70a, 70b, 85a, 85b
Sanders - 4a, 5b, 22b, 87b, 88a, 112b
Satchwell - 17b, 79a, 80b, 82a, 87a, 89a, 91a, 91b, 92b, 130a, 135b
Satterthwait - 4a, 5a, 5b, 6a, 11a, 11b, 12a, 37a, 55a, 77b, 78a, 79b, 80b, 81a, 88a, 93b, 103a, 103b, 129b, 130a, 131a
Savage - 83b, 93a
Sawyer - 18b, 22b, 23a, 31a, 68b, 73b, 73b, 81a, 81b, 83b, 96b, 130a
Schirmel - 143b
Scott - 33a, 41b, 99b, 121b, 134a, 143a
Searles - 28b, 34b
Sears - 44a, 44b, 49b
Selby - 80b
Seller - 60b
Sermons(?) - 43a
Shade - 69a
Shannon - 135b
Sharp - 81a
Shavender - 96a, 96b
Shaw - 127b, 129b, 147a, 147b, 163b
Shaylor - 105b
Shepherd - 51b, 53b, 54a. 55a, 64a, 65b, 66b, 80a, 100b, 113a, 141a, 147a
Shields - 152b
Short - 20a, 110b
Siafax - 83a
Silverthorn - 5a, 53a, 130b
Simmons - 5a, 80a, 81b, 82a, 89a, 100b, 113b, 137b, 138a
Simpson - 99d, 100a, 115a, 123a
Sinnet(?) - 55b, 56a
Singletary - 126a, 156b
Singleton - 56a, 56b, 126a, 156b, 159a, 159b, 160a
Skinner - 20b, 38b
Skittlethorp - 20a
Slade - 6b, 66b, 111b, 134b, 155a
Slaughter - 79b
Small - 39a, 111a, 161a
Smallwood - 99d, 120a, 130a, 140a, 146b, 157a
Smaw - 10b, 38b, 54a, 58b, 59a, 114a, 125b, 126a, 127b, 128a, 130b, 133a, 135a, 146a, 155b
Smith - 5a, 6a, 9a, 10b, 13a, 13b, 14b, 20b, 22a, 27a, 32a, 37a, 62a, 77a, 77b, 79b, 80a, 81a, 85a, 87a, 87b, 88a, 88b, 90a, 115a, 116a, 118a, 125a, 127b, 129b, 134a, 155a
Smithwick - 16a, 81a
Snead - 111a, 132b
Snell - 29a, 116b, 146a, 154a
Snelling - 85b
Spain - 67b, 69a, 69b, 70a
Sparrow - 2a, 60a, 99d, 116a, 126b, 127a, 128b, 136a
Spates - 15b
Spears - 29a, 29b, 30a
Spellman - 116a, 141a
Spencer - 44b, 56b
Spikes - 99c
Springer - 122a
Spruell - 18a, 88a, 92b, 120a, 151b, 163b
Squires - 21b, 23b, 24a, 25a
Stallings - 149a, 152b, 158b, 159a
Stanly - 87a, 152b
Stanton - 17a, 67b, 100c
Staton - 146a, 155a, 156b
Starkey - 79b, 94b
Stayton - 133b
Stephens - 130a
Stevens - 100b, 100c, 104a
Stewart - 6b, 8a, 157b
Stickney - 125a
Stilley - 26a, 26a, 27a, 40b, 45b, 46a, 109b, 110a, 131b
Stuart - 145b
Stubbs - 29a, 50a, 50b, 51a, 55b, 62a
Stucke - 32b
Styron - 19b, 70b, 78a, 84a, 85b, 104a, 124b, 131b, 156b
Suggs - 16b, 98a
Sullivan - 61b, 62a, 66c
Surrell - 125b
Sutton - 35a, 95b, 112b
Swain - 50a
Swanner - 133a, 151a, 159b
Swindle/Swindell - 6a, 57a, 70b, 71a, 84b, 89a, 98b, 99b, 126b, 135b


Taft - 124a, 157a
Tankard - 25b, 65a, 124a, 157a
Tarlton - 98a
Tate - 93a
Tatum - 67a, 105b
Taylor - 6b, 25a, 26b, 29b, 30a, 31a, 32b, 35a, 36a, 40a, 43a, 44a, 44, 49a, 83b, 108a, 137a, 140a, 144a, 145b, 162a
Teel - 110a
Telfair - 123b, 124b
Terry - 42b
Tetterton - 21b, 23b, 24a, 25a, 56b, 59b, 105b, 127b, 152b, 157a, 164a
Thomas - 18b, 77a, 83a, 129b, 140a, 148a, 151a
Thompson  - 22a, 27a, 77b, 78a, 99b, 99d, 116b, 120a
Thornton - 69a
Tingle - 103b
Tompkins - 20a
Tooley - 4b
Topping  - 9b, 25b, 81b, 82b, 84a, 92b, 93a,  95a, 95b, 96b
Tripp - 32b, 98b, 103b, 116a, 116b, 118b, 120b, 121a, 141a
Tryale - 84b
Tucker - 80a, 83b, 138a
Tunstall - 32b, 33a, 41b
Turner - 125a, 134b, 142a
Tuton - 32b, 41b, 105a, 108a, 108b, 109b, 110a, 118b, 119a, 121b, 130a, 144a
Tyer - 21a, 146b
Tyson - 80a


VanNostrick - 164a
Venters - 116a
Vines - 2b, 107a
Voliva - 68a, 73a, 78b, 80a
Volloman - 84a
Voshell - 124b




Waddell - 164a, 130b
Wails - 91a
Walker - 2a, 22a, 82a, 87a, 96b, 108a, 120b, 138a, 141b
Wall - 36b
Wallace - 39a, 48a, 50b, 53b, 56a, 57a, 61a, 148b
Walling - 15b
Walton - 98a
Ward - 4b, 12a, 13a, 14a, 22b, 27a, 38b, 78a, 88a, 90a, 113a, 137b, 144a
Warner - 7a, 7b, 12b, 13a, 123b
Warren - 12b, 27b, 28b, 29a, 29b, 33a, 33b, 41b, 43b, 45a, 85b, 89a, 108b, 108b, 100d, 120b, 134b, 148a, 150a, 162b
Washington - 20b, 56b, 95b, 100b
Waters - 2a, 8b, 22b, 23a, 47a, 47b, 49a, 49b, 50a, 50b, 51a, 51b, 52a, 53a, 53b, 55a, 55b, 56a, 56b, 57a, 57b, 58a, 58a, 58a, 60b, 61b, 62b, 63b, 67a, 72a, 87a, 88a, 92a, 96a
Wathers - 157b
Watkins - 86a
Watson - 17b, 72b, 85b, 100d, 101a, 112b
Weathington - 29a, 29b, 45b
Webb - 42b
Webster - 1a
Welch - 8b
Wells  - 8a
Wesley - 56b
West - 137b, 148a, 156a
Weston - 4b, 43a, 123a
Wharton - 151b
Whitaker - 53a
White - 20b, 31b, 79b, 83a, 99b, 109a, 111a, 123b, 135a, 138a, 144b
Whitecar - 135b, 149b, 150a, 152a, 155a, 162a , 162b, 163a , 163b
Whitehead - 18a, 138b
Whitehurst - 107a, 115b, 116a
Whitfield/Witfield - 67a, 69a, 73b, 77b,  85a, 100b
Whitford - 3b
Whitley - 19a, 23b, 24a, 24b, 60b, 84b, 85a, 86a, 86b, 93b, 137a
Whittermore - 129a
Whorton - 11a, 133b
Whoten - 8a, 10b
Wiggins - 28a, 87b, 99b, 142b
Wilkerson - 4a, 5a, 8b, 9a, 10b, 12a, 13b, 14a, 15a, 16b, 37a, 73b, 78a, 78b, 79a, 79b, 80a, 81b, 82b, 88b, 89a, 96a, 133b
Wilkins - 18b, 153a, 153b
Willard - 123a
Williams - 2b, 15a, 15b, 16a, 20b, 25a, 35b, 42b, 78b, 79b, 81b, 89a, 93b, 99b, 100a, 100b, 102b, 111b, 112a, 115a, 123a, 124b, 125a, 125b, 128a, 128b, 129a, 132b, 137b, 140a, 142a, 142b, 143b, 144b, 153a, 153b, 155a, 155b, 156a, 157a, 157b, 163a, 163b
Williamson - 8a, 69a, 79b, 96a
Willis - 66c, 100d, 112b, 114a, 132a, 155a
Wilson - 50b, 136b, 154b, 163b
Windley - 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 10a, 11a, 15a, 19b, 21a, 22a, 47a, 48b, 53b, 77a, 80b, 83a, 83b, 86a, 87a, 88a, 88b, 90a, 90b, 91a, 94a, 104b, 125a
Winfield - 21b, 32a, 40b, 44b, 58b, 59b, 76a, 77b, 78a, 81a, 82a, 86b, 91a, 91b, 92a, 125b, 134b, 147a
Wise - 124a
Wiswall - 124a
Wolfenden - 44b, 45a
Womble - 141b
Wood - 24b, 39a, 67a, 135b, 136a
Woollard  - 1b, 10a, 18a, 20a, 20b, 21b, 22a, 22b, 23a, 23b, 49a, 49b, 52a, 53a, 54b, 55a, 55b, 56b, 57a, 57b, 59b, 60a, 60b, 61b, 63a, 63b, 64a, 64b, 65a, 66b, 66c, 69a, 72a, 93b, 97a, 121a, 138b, 148a, 148b, 149a, 150a, 150b, 152a, 154b, 158b, 161b
Wooten - 59a, 157a
Worthington - 105b, 106a
Wright  - 6b, 7b, 10a, 91a, 98b, 103a, 143a
Wrynhart - 148a
Yates - 100d, 113b

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Source: Microfilm Series M593, Roll #1123, Pages 01a - 164a (National Archives, Washington, DC)
(Transcribed by Sallie Gargis, and Proofed by Kay M. Sheppard and John McGowan.)

© 2007 Gargis/McGowan/Sheppard

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