1860 Federal Census
Beaufort Co., NC

"The Census Taker" (1870) Harper's Weekly

This census was obtained from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. No attempt was made to correct mistakes in the spelling of the names thus you should look for all conceivable variations of the surnames.

The 1860 census was the first to ask those being queried to reveal the value of their personal estates. As enumerations of districts were completed, enumerators were instructed to make two copies: one to be filed with the clerk of the county court, one to be sent to the secretary of the state or territory, and the third to be sent to the Census Office for tabulation.

The birthplaces of individuals were to be specific as to the state or territory in the United States and the country of birth if foreign born. For example, designations of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales and the German states of Prussia, Baden, Bavaria, Württemberg, and Hesse-Darmstadt were preferred to Great Britain and Germany.

Research strategies remain the same as those for the 1850 census because information included in the 1850 and 1860 schedules is essentially the same, except for the addition of the question concerning personal estates. While the added column may be a general indicator of a personís assets, it is doubtful that individuals were likely to disclose true figures for fear of being taxed accordingly.

Thirteen columns were used in the original census but the columns used for our purposes are:

1) House - numbered in the order of visitation.
2) Family - numbered in the order of visitation. Note:  The numbering of dwelling houses & families usually ran concurrently, but sometimes a family might occupy two houses or two families might be living under one roof so often times the numbers in these 2 columns will differ.
3) Names - of all persons whose place of abode on June 1, 1850 was in this family.
4) Age - at last birthday; if under 1 year then months were given in fractions; i.e. 3/12.
5) Sex - Male was indicated with an "M"; female with an "F".
6) Race - White was indicated with a "W", Black with a "B", Mulatto with an "M", Colored with a "C".
7) Occupation - the trade of each person, male or female
8) Value of Real Estate
9) Value of Personal Estate
10) Birth Place of Person - naming the state or territory of the U.S. or the country
11) Remarks - This column will be used to indicate whether a person attended school during the year, was married during the year, could not read or write and whether the person was insane, idiotic, blind, deaf & dumb, crippled, etc.

There were 14 Districts (Townships) in the 1860 Beaufort County census:

Goose Creek District 403A--407B
South Creek District 408A--417A
Durham's Creek District 417B--425B
Blount's Creek District 426A--430B
Chocowinity District 431A--440B
Head of Pungo District 441A--444B
Leechville District 445A--450B
Pantigo District 451A--452B
North Creek District 453A--462B
Bath District 463A--467A
Broad Creek District 467B--470B
Long Acre District 471A--480B
Tranters Creek District 481A--492B
Washington District 493A--514A

Below is a table with links to each page in the 1860 census. I have also developed a small index so it will be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index, find the surname you're interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.

Links to Page Numbers

Goose Creek District

403A 403B 404A 404B 405A 405B 406A 406B 407A 407B

South Creek District

408A 408B 409A 409B 410A 410B 411A 411B 412A 412B
413A 413B 414A 414B 4154A 415B 416A 416B 417A

Durham's Creek District

417B 418A 418B 419A 419B 420A 420B 421A 421B
422A 422B 423A 423B 424A 424B 425A 425B

Blount's Creek District

426A 426B 427A 427B 428A 428B 429A 429B 430A 430B

Chocowinity Dist.

431A 431B 432A 432B 433A 433B 434A 434B 435A 435B
436A 436B 437A 437B 438A 438B 439A 439B 440A 440B

Head of Pungo District

441A 441B 442A 442B 443A 443B 444A 444B

Leechville District

445A 445B 446A 446B 447A 447B 448A 448B 449A 449B 450A 450B

Pantigo District

451A 451B 452A 452B

North Creek District

453A 453B 454A 454B 455A 455B 456A 456B 457A 457B
458A 458B 459A 459B 460A 460B 461A 461B 462A 462B

Bath District

463A 463B 464A 464B 465A 465B 466A 466B 467A

Broad Creek District

467B 468A 468B 469A 469B 470A 470B

Long Acre District

471A 471B 472A 472B 473A 473B 474A 474B 475A 475B
476A 476B 477A 477B 478A 478B 479A 479B 480A 480B

Tranters Creek District

481A 481B 482A 482B 483A 483B 484A 484B 485A 485B 486A 486B
487A 487B 488A 488B 489A 489B 490A 490B 491A 491B 492A 492B

Washington District

493A 493B 494A 494B 495A 495B 496A 496B 497A 497B 498A 498B 499A 499B
500A 500B 501A 501B 502A 502B 503A 503B 504A 504B 505A 505B 506A 506B
507A 507B 508A 508B 509A 509B 510A 510B 511A 511B 512A 512B 513A 513B 514A

.1860 Beaufort Co., NC Slave Schedule

Surname Index

Surnames appearing with multiple spellings, such as Dowty / Doutey, Garret / Garrot, Hauks / Hawks, Harrington / Herrington, Latham / Lathum, Leggett / Liggitt, Lenaior / Lenoir, Mallison / Mallerson, Searles / Sirls / Surles and Waters / Warters, Wilkerson / Wilkinson, etc., have been combined here under the most common spelling.


Abrokus - 422b
Abbott - 511a 
Ackenford - 404a
Acklin - 426a, 433b, 
437b, 438b
Adams - 418a, 427b, 
428a, 441a, 442b, 
448b, 454a, 464b, 
476a, 484b, 496b, 
497a, 507a 
Albert - 409b, 411b
Aliem - 466a
Allcok - 405b, 407b, 
Allen - 441a, 441b, 
442a, 442b, 453a, 
462b, 490a, 495b, 
499a, 508b 
Alligood - 468b, 469a,
471a, 471b, 472b, 
477b, 479b, 487a, 
490b, 491b, 492a
Angel - 436b
Anthony - 430a
Archibald - 422a, 422b, 
432a, 432b 
Archibell - 445b, 462a, 
467a, 478b
Armstrong - 508b 
Arnold - 432b, 438a, 
Arthur - 511a 
Asbury - 413a, 427a, 
428a, 480a
Ashens - 453a
Ashley - 410b
Aspey - 418b
Atchison - 434b
Austin - 408a
Avas - 499a 
Avent - 467a, 509b 
Avery - 435b 


Bailey - 445a, 453b, 
462b, 463a, 476a
Baker - 405a, 405b, 
411a, 485b, 511b 
Balfour - 443a
Ball - 488a, 488b, 
Barber - 504b 
Barnett - 405b, 406a, 
406b, 410a
Barr - 432a, 434a, 
Barrett - 455a 
Barrington - 438a 
Barrow - 413a, 418b, 
423a, 440a, 453b, 
454a, 455a, 458b, 
462a, 500b 
Bartlett - 505b 
Bateman - 407b, 
464b, 465a, 505b 
Bates - 431a, 509b 
Baum - 442a
Bayner - 408a, 455b, 
456b, 472a, 477a, 
477b, 482b, 483a, 
487a, 500b
Beachum - 416a, 417a, 
456a, 485b, 489a, 500a 
Bearman - 499a 
Beasley - 467a
Beath - 510a
Beckley - 416a
Belfour - 462b
Bell - 443a, 493a 
Benbay - 489b 
Bennett - 412a, 414b, 
416b, 419a, 419b, 
429b, 477b, 478a
Berbag - 455a
Bergan - 425b
Berman - 499a
Bishop - 450b, 511b 
Bland - 410b
Blango - 417b, 422a, 
422b, 423a, 423b, 
Bleesden - 495a 
Blount - 439a, 439b, 
449a, 493b, 494b, 
495a, 504a, 511a
Bogart - 497b 
Boland - 503a 
Bolt - 499b 
Bond - 499a 
Bonner - 421a, 422b, 
425b, 465b, 496b, 511b 
Boomer - 503b
Boston - 470b, 482a 
Bowen - 445b, 446a, 
486a, 503b, 504b, 507a
Boyd - 420a, 425a, 
434a, 436a, 446b, 455a, 
463b, 464b, 466a, 466b, 
467b, 474b, 475a, 476a, 
476b, 478a, 480b
Brady - 419b, 463b, 
464a, 467b, 468a, 
473a, 473b, 501a
Bragan - 493b 
Bragg - 506a
Branch - 427b, 442a
Brantley - 415a
Branton - 506b
Brickhouse - 492a 
Brickle - 445b
Bridgeman - 411a, 
Bright - 431a, 432b, 
440a, 485a 
Briley - 453a 
Briton - 482a
Britteny - 478a
Brock - 472a, 503a 
Brooks - 447b, 476a, 
497b, 509a, 511a, 
Brothers - 408a, 410b
Brown - 415a, 440a, 
485b, 489a, 485a, 495a, 
495b, 496a, 496b, 497a, 
502a, 503a, 506b, 507b   
Bruffett - 496a 
Bryan - 404a, 438b, 
444b, 496a, 507a, 511a, 
Buchanan - 510a 
Buck - 410b, 420b, 
431b, 433a, 433b, 
434a, 434b, 435b, 
436a, 437b, 438a, 
438b, 439a, 514a 
Buckman - 493b, 
Bucksbaum - 503b 
Burbage - 453b
Burbank - 510a 
Butts - 425a


Cahoon - 405a, 423a, 
467a, 502a 
Calloway - 414b, 415b, 
Campain - 405a, 409b, 
Campbell - 438a, 
439a, 445a, 463a, 501b
Capps - 455a, 458b
Carawan - 403a, 403b, 
413a, 413b, 425b, 447b
Carmoner - 487b 
Carmer - 512a, 512b
Caroman - 447a
Carr - 511a 
Carrow - 416b, 431b, 
444b, 498a 
Carraway - 428b, 509b
Carney - 426a, 433a, 
433b, 489a
Carroll - 503a 
Carrow - 510b 
Carter - 419a, 419b, 
439a, 441b, 442a, 442b, 
467b, 508a, 511a 
Carthy - 499a 
Cason - 474b, 484b 
Caton - 418b
Cayton - 420a, 420b, 
427b, 429b, 430a
Casey - 406b 
Chance - 417a
Charles - 510a 
Charlington - 460b
Chauncey - 472a, 482a, 
Cherry - 432b, 469b, 
470b, 481a, 487a, 489a, 
490a, 490b, 492b, 495b, 
496b, 502a, 508a, 511b  
Churchwill - 505b 
Clarke - 405a, 405b, 
410a, 410b, 435a, 440b, 
443a, 443b, 444a, 448b, 
449b, 450b, 460b, 486b, 
490a, 492b, 500a    
Clayton - 411a, 413a, 
Clutch - 496a
Collins - 451a, 505a
Condry - 455b, 464a, 
Congleton - 470a, 472a, 
472b, 473b, 482b, 491b, 
492a, 501b, 502b, 510b
Conklin - 404a
Cooper - 441b, 493b 
Corben - 431a, 497a 
Cordon - 412b, 463a, 
492a, 497b, 498b, 499a
Cook - 417a
Cooper - 501b 
Copeland - 508a 
Copes - 508a 
Cordon - 508b 
Cornell - 511b 
Corpher - 443a
Corson - 507a 
Cosway - 509a 
Cotsan - 505b 
Cousins - 434a, 455a, 
455b, 506b 
Coval - 471b
Coward - 498a
Cowell - 499b, 512b 
Cowper - 490a
Cox - 422a, 422b, 425b, 
426a, 428b, 430b, 465a, 
468a, 468b
Crabtree - 497b 
Craig - 458b 
Crandell - 485a, 503b
Crane - 479b
Cratch - 426b
Crause - 506a
Crawford - 432b, 489a
Crawley - 458a
Creamer - 433a
Credle - 476a, 497a 
Creekman - 425b 
Crisip - 482a 
Cross - 498a 
Crowell - 456a 
Cruthers - 500a 
Curtis - 429b, 487b
Cutler - 418a, 432a, 
464a, 464b, 465b, 467a, 
467b, 468b, 469a, 469b,
480b, 507a
Cuteral - 465a


Daniels - 403b, 404a, 
404b, 405b, 406a, 406b, 
408b, 431b, 441a, 449a, 
473a, 473b, 495b, 501a
Darden - 499b
David - 415b
Davis - 409b, 410b, 
414b, 425b, 433b, 434a, 
441a, 441b, 442a, 442b, 
443b, 444a, 447a, 447b, 
452b, 460b, 461a, 463a, 
466a, 499b, 501b, 509a, 
Daw - 423a, 427b, 451a, 
Day - 403a, 454b
Deckell - 498b 
DeLong - 512b 
Demill - 493a, 493b 
Denam - 501b 
Denby - 439b, 440a
Dill - 495b 
Dimock - 495b 
Dixon - 415b, 416a, 
417a, 417b, 418a, 419a, 
440a, 470b, 500a, 512a
Dona - 404a
Donnell - 512a 
Doughty - 406a, 411a, 
421a, 422a, 422b, 429a, 
443b, 447b, 492a, 498b, 
503a, 508b, 510a
Downs - 432a, 432b, 
433a, 433b, 437a
Driggers - 414a, 415a
Dudley - 426b, 434b, 
482b, 508b
Duffy - 508b
Duke - 449a
Dunn - 415a, 417a, 419a, 
Dupres - 425b 
Durand - 493b, 494a


Eason - 490b 
Easters - 502b, 506b 
Eberstein - 439a 
Eborn - 445a, 447a, 
449a, 452a, 452b, 
457b, 458a, 458b, 
461b, 468b, 477a, 
510a, 513b
Edwards - 410a, 
420b, 421a, 426b, 
427a, 429b, 431b, 
433a, 433b, 434a, 
434b, 435b, 437b, 
438a, 438b, 439b, 
440b, 498a
Eley - 449a
Elks - 436b, 438a 
Elliott - 490a 
Ellis - 417b, 435b, 
437b, 499b, 500a
Ellison - 490a, 
490b, 501b, 504a, 
Emory - 406b, 407a
Englons - 474b 
Etherige - 505b 
Evans - 510b
Everett - 417a, 
446a, 464a, 474b
Everton - 436a
Evett - 413a, 415a, 
416a, 418a, 425a, 
426a, 426b, 427b, 
428a, 430b


Fagan - 511b 
Fairbree - 462b
Faithfull - 461b 
Farriss - 511b 
Farrow - 489b, 493a, 
495b, 496a, 498b  
Fisher - 460b
Flowers - 405b, 416a
Flynn - 429a, 443b, 
444a, 450b, 512a 
Ford - 421a
Foreman - 446b, 455b, 
456b, 460a, 494a, 501b, 
Fortiscue - 458b, 460a, 
465a, 502b, 508a
Forester - 503a, 503b, 
Forbes - 512a 
Foster - 419a, 452a, 
Fountain - 458b
Fowle - 494b 
Fowler - 497a 
Franklin - 442a
Frazier - 501a 
Freeman - 438b, 439b, 
496a, 506a 
French - 413b
Frizzle - 506b, 507a 
Fugett - 503a 
Fulcher - 500a 
Fullerton - 504a 
Fulford - 473b, 493a


Gaffin - 503a 
Gallagher - 496b, 509b 
Galloway - 427a, 440b
Gardner - 506b 
Garrett - 456a, 456b, 
463b, 501b
Gaskill - 405b, 410b, 
426b, 428a, 497b, 499a, 
Gaskins - 451b
Gaylard - 442a, 444a, 
444b, 451a, 454a, 456a, 
458b, 458b, 462b
Gayner - 482a
Geer - 504a 
Gerard - 425b, 428b
Gerkin - 446a, 446b
Gibbs - 407a, 414a, 
414b, 466a, 489b, 506a, 
Gibons - 507a 
Gibson - 413a
Glenville - 501a 
Godett - 416b, 445a
Godley - 431a, 435a, 
435b, 437a, 437b, 439a, 
440a, 462a
Goodman - 501a 
Goodwin - 406a 
Gordon - 466b 
Gorham - 486a 
Gradless - 446b, 450a, 
Granger - 510a 
Gray - 411b, 433a
Greene - 507b, 509b
Gregger - 471b, 474a 
Gregory - 497a 
Grist - 431a, 509b, 
511b, 514a
Guilford - 415a, 419b, 
Gulick - 514a 
Gurganus - 408a, 414a, 
432a, 450a, 463b, 464a, 
464b, 466a, 468b, 469a, 
476a, 476b, 477b, 482b,
498b, 506a 


Haddock - 437a
Hagans - 413a, 416a, 
Hall - 411b, 417b, 
437a, 494a, 510b
Hamilton - 475a 
Hammond - 445a, 458b, 
462b, 464b
Hancock - 495b, 496a 
Hand - 454b
Harborn - 446b, 476b, 
491a, 503a
Harden - 497b 
Harding - 432b, 438b, 
439a, 439b, 440a, 497b, 
498b, 510b 
Hardison - 453a, 458b, 
469a, 481a, 482a, 482b, 
485a, 505b, 506b
Harewell - 484a 
Harmond - 512a 
Harrell - 431b, 436b, 
437a, 438a, 438b, 513b 
Harris - 411a, 412b, 
413a, 444a, 445b, 451a, 
451b, 460b, 463b, 473a, 
475a, 476b, 481a, 484b, 
491a, 496b, 498a, 501b, 
502a, 503b, 508b
Harrison - 463b, 509b
Hartley - 434b
Hartsfield - 413a
Harvey - 469b, 490a, 
Haser - 449a
Hassell - 487b, 512b 
Hathaway - 436b 
Hatton - 512a 
Hart - 503b 
Havens - 493a 
Hawkins - 457b, 461b, 
Hawks - 506a, 506b, 
Hayward - 498b 
Heath - 504b 
Henderson - 507b 
Hendricks - 437a, 503b 
Henry - 404a, 405b, 
406a, 453a
Herrington - 453b, 
454b, 456b
Heritage - 498b 
Hill - 431a, 432a, 
434a, 437a, 438b, 439b, 
494a, 513a 
Hilton - 466b
Hindenbugh - 504b
Hinton - 499b 
Hobbs - 417b, 422b, 
425a, 453a, 498b
Hodges - 407a, 412b, 
413b, 431a, 431b, 435b, 
436b, 447b, 448b, 465b, 
467a, 484b, 485b, 487a, 
488a, 489a, 489b, 485a, 
502b, 510a
Hoge - 416b
Holdiner - 493a 
Holland - 477b, 478b, 
489a, 490a
Hollida - 482b
Hollowell - 447a, 454a, 
Holmes - 433b, 434b, 
435b, 439a 
Hooten - 456a, 459b, 
460a, 500a
Hoover - 494b, 495a 
Hopkins - 403a, 406b, 
407b, 511a 
Horton - 510a
Howard - 443a, 448a, 
451b, 481a, 506a, 514a 
Howell - 500a 
Hoyt - 494a, 501b
Hull - 507a 
Huly - 504a 
Hudnell - 408b, 409b, 
410a, 412a, 412b, 413a, 
415b, 416a, 416b, 417a, 
Hursa - 447a
Hutson - 444a, 507b
Hyatt - 512b 
Hyman - 463a

I - J

Indwell - 512a 
Ingold - 503b 
Inland - 511b 
Ireland - 406a
Ives - 404b
Jackson - 486b, 488a, 
488b, 491a, 492b
Jamersen - 414b
James - 424b, 436b, 
443a, 478b, 497b, 
Jarrell - 439b
Jarvis - 411b, 444b, 
447a, 449a, 496a, 496b,
Jefferson - 466b, 467a, 
468a, 468b, 474a
Jenkins - 474b, 484a, 
492b, 499a
Jewell - 409a, 410b, 
411a, 452a, 468b
Johnson - 411b, 449b, 
452b, 486a, 505a, 505b, 
Jones - 405b, 409a, 
411b, 421a, 422b, 424a, 
426a, 426b, 427a, 428a, 
429b, 430b, 447a, 450b, 
454a, 454b, 455a, 457a, 
458a, 458a, 472a, 482a, 
483b, 487b, 488a, 497a, 
498a, 497b, 513a
Johnsing - 455a
Jordan - 461a, 463a, 
474b, 490b, 496a
Joshel - 512a 
Judkins - 490a, 503a


Keech - 453a, 457b, 
458a, 512a
Kelly - 453b, 474a, 
475b, 491a
Kenerly - 432b 
Kennedy - 420b, 471a, 
Kenyon - 433a
Kerman - 426a 
Ketchum - 454b
Kewell - 499b 
Keys - 411b, 414a, 
423b, 424a, 430a, 
431a, 470a, 470b, 
471b, 472a, 473b, 
494a, 505a, 505b, 
507b, 508b, 509a, 
Kilby - 487b
Killingsworth - 463a
King - 509a 
Kirk - 410a
Knox - 428a 
Krissel - 503b


Labarbe - 504a 
Landing - 410b
Lane - 411a, 413a, 
418b, 420a, 425a, 
Langley - 426b, 432a, 
Lanier - 441b, 443a, 
Lasiter - 483b, 486a 
Latham - 414a, 415a, 
427a, 428b, 442a, 
446a, 448a, 449a, 
457b, 467a, 468a, 
473a, 476a, 476b, 
481a, 482a, 482b, 
484b, 485a, 489b, 
491a, 493a, 499b, 
500a, 501b, 504a, 
507a, 507b, 510
Lavender - 512b 
Lawrence - 506a 
Leary - 406b, 406b, 
407a, 407b, 408a
Leath - 497a 
Lee - 417b, 478a, 
483b, 506a 
Leggett - 469a, 481a, 
474b, 482b, 483a, 
483b, 485b, 486a, 
490b, 491a, 492a, 
508a, 509b, 512a
Lensey - 486a
Lente - 511a 
Lewis - 403b, 408b, 
411a, 417b, 418b, 
420a, 422a, 422b, 
424b, 430a, 433a, 
433b, 434b, 435a, 
436a, 440b, 452b, 
474b, 513a
Liddon - 499a 
Lillie - 466a, 466b, 
470b, 481a, 488b, 489a
Lincoln - 424b
Lindley - 447a
Linsey - 417a
Linton - 404b, 405a, 
410a, 427a, 452a, 
458a, 458b
Litchfield - 413b
Litchworth - 414b, 415a
Little - 477a, 477b, 
481a, 474b, 490a
Littleton - 408b, 410b
Liverman - 456a
Livles - 485a
Llewelyn - 465b
Lockyear - 501a 
Long - 427a, 429a, 
495a, 503a, 510a
Longman - 493b 
Lowry - 512b 
Lucas - 442a, 462b, 
Lupton - 406a, 406b, 
407b, 408a
Lyman - 454b 
Lynch - 500b, 501b, 


McCabe - 424a
McClaud - 503b 
McCuller - 512b 
McCullough - 487b, 
McDevitt - 509b, 510a 
McDonald - 411b, 510b 
McGowan - 407a, 448a, 
McIntosh - 419a, 425b
McKeel - 468a, 470a, 
479b, 480a, 488b, 492a, 
McKey - 416b, 453b, 
465a, 471b, 502a, 502b, 
McLocka - 495a 
McMahon - 472a
McRoy - 438a, 438b
McWilliams - 495a 
Mallett - 510b 
Mallison - 502a, 503a, 
502b, 503b, 505b, 511b 
Manning - 441b, 442a, 
469b, 506b 
Mansfield - 436b 
Marsh - 411a, 464b
Martin - 448a, 454a, 
463b, 465b, 485b, 486a, 
Mason - 408a, 406b, 
411a, 411b, 416a, 504b 
Mastin - 497b 
Mathus - 444b
Matson - 503b, 506a 
Maurice - 429a, 429b, 
May - 484b, 510a  
Mayo - 408a, 409a, 
409b, 410a, 412a, 415b, 
419a, 436b, 496b 
Meachy - 457b
Meekins - 458b, 458a, 
Mercer - 404a
Merrill - 495a 
Meyers - 409b, 495b, 
Mezin - 511a 
Midyett - 462b, 511a 
Miller - 412a
Miser - 409a
Mitchell - 421b, 422a, 
422b, 430b, 500a, 503b, 
510b, 511a 
Mittlock - 425a
Mixon - 403a, 408b, 
409a, 436a, 458b, 499a
Mobley - 431b, 474b, 
Molan - 442a
Monden   - 500b 
Monroe - 499a 
Moon - 512b 
Moore - 410a, 410b, 
411b, 412a, 412b, 413a, 
415b, 416a, 417a, 420b, 
421b, 423a, 423b, 424a, 
424b, 425a, 426b, 428b, 
429a, 430a, 430b, 434a, 
458a, 458b, 461a, 461b, 
470b, 471b, 481a, 474b, 
483b, 484a, 499a, 500a, 
500b, 501b, 502b, 505a, 
507b, 508b, 512a
Mooring - 494b, 512b 
Moorning - 416b, 
Moreslender - 427a, 
Morgan - 450b
Morris - 434b, 439b, 
Morton - 495a, 495b, 
Mound - 428a
Murry - 448b
Muse - 442b, 448a 
Myers - 474b, 501a


Navall - 512b 
Neal - 449b, 461a, 
Nelson - 433a, 435a
Newman - 429a, 431b, 
432a, 510a
Newsum - 500b 
Nickles - 482b, 502a
Nobles - 434a, 436a 
Norfleet - 444b
Norman - 413b, 418a, 
418b, 419a, 419b, 
421a, 427a, 499b, 508a
Norris - 414a
North - 455a, 469b


O'Donnel - 499b 
O'Merry - 487b 
O'Neal - 416a, 499b
Oden - 445a, 445b, 
464a, 464b, 416a
Oll - 503a 
Ormond - 414a, 416a, 
Orrell - 427b, 428a, 
430b, 512a 
Orkney - 508b
Osborne - 446b, 463b, 
475a, 497a, 503b
Ouden - 503b, 505b 
Ougsly - 423a
Overiteen - 500b 
Owens - 495b, 508b 

P - Q

Pagett - 484b 
Pairtree - 453a, 458a, 
Paramour - 436b
Parmelee - 493a
Parker - 431a, 438a  
Pate - 410b, 415a, 
415b, 477b
Patrick - 410b, 424b, 
437a, 440a, 460a, 465b
Patten - 489b 
Patterson - 502a 
Paul - 419b, 441a, 441b, 
442a, 457b, 458a, 466b, 
470b, 507b, 508a
Peal - 489a 
Pearce - 409a
Peed - 412a, 413a, 
413b, 418a, 420a, 431b, 
Pell - 504b 
Penington - 411b, 412a
Perkins - 416b, 421b, 
Perry - 431a, 431b, 
481a, 486a, 486b, 487a, 
488a, 489a  
Peterson - 440a 
Philips - 414a, 449a, 
Philpot - 427a
Picar - 502b 
Pickering - 413b, 465b
Piland - 412a
Pillgreene - 485b
Pilley - 467b, 501a 
Pinkam - 471a, 471b, 
472b, 473a, 491b 
Pitt - 432b, 442a 
Porter - 449a, 449b
Potter - 404b, 405a, 
405b, 511b 
Potts - 494a, 504b 
Powell - 484a
Powers - 502a, 505b, 
508a, 508b 
Prescott - 420a
Price - 458a
Prier - 437a
Prime - 498a 
Pringle - 422b, 502a 
Pritchett - 429b, 430a, 
Pugh - 510a 
Purser - 412a, 427a, 
Pusser - 412a, 413b
Putman - 502a 
Quidley - 418a
Quinn - 512b


Randolph - 493b, 497a 
Raney - 508a 
Rare - 458a
Rason - 417b
Ratliff - 443b, 444a, 
449b, 450a, 458a
Rawls - 483b 
Rayfield - 500a 
Reace - 409a
Reacer - 418b
Redding - 497b, 512b 
Redditt - 424a, 424b, 
428a, 428b, 429a, 449a
Rees - 500a 
Reed - 456a, 458a, 
Reighter - 458b
Rem - 501a 
Respess - 411a, 445b, 
462a, 466a, 473a, 511b
Ress - 480b
Rhodes - 495a 
Ribbitts - 456a
Rice - 403a, 415b, 
435a, 510a 
Richards - 443b, 444a, 
Richardson - 493a, 
513b, 514a 
Ricks - 451a, 451b, 
Riffs - 458b
Riggs - 405b, 417a
Ritch - 498a 
Robason - 417b, 474b, 
486a, 487a, 491b, 
492b, 508b 
Roberts - 437b, 436a
Robbins  - 408b, 411a, 
433b, 452a, 457b, 
497a, 498a, 498b
Robinson - 417b, 462a, 
462b, 464b, 492a 
Rodgers  - 439b, 488b, 
Rodman - 494b 
Rogers - 485a 
Rogerson - 482b
Ross - 419b, 420a, 
420b, 422b, 435b, 
437a, 456b, 458b, 
460a, 466b, 473a, 
480b, 509b 
Rouse - 415a
Row - 410b, 413a, 417a, 
417b, 418a, 418b, 419a, 
420a, 420b, 424a, 428a
Rowes - 499a 
Rowland - 467b, 469b, 
Roy - 431b, 507b 
Ruck - 453a
Rudrow - 447b 
Rue - 448b, 449a
Ruff - 429b, 430a, 430b
Ruffin - 509a 
Rumley - 493a
Runyon - 514a 
Russell - 415a


Sadler - 407a, 407b
Satchwell - 448a, 448b, 
452b, 453b, 457a, 490a, 
Satterthwaite - 443a, 
443b, 447a, 447b, 448a, 
448b, 452b, 461a, 462a, 
494a, 495b
Saunders - 451b
Savage - 449a
Sawyer - 404a, 404b, 
406a, 413a, 441b, 
450a, 451a, 458b
Schaler - 503a 
Scott - 418b
Scoville - 490b 
Sears - 435b, 513a 
Selby - 414b, 451a, 
451b, 494a, 494b, 
Selivan - 461b
Senate - 475b
Sermons - 414b, 423a
Sevicil - 427a
Sevill - 484b 
Shaler - 410b
Shavender - 431b, 451b 
Shaw - 494b, 497b, 
Sheppard - 455a, 456a, 
Shaler - 410b
Shermann - 511b 
Shields - 490a, 490b 
Ship - 409a
Shute - 490a 
Silivan - 473b, 477a 
Silverthorn - 456a, 
474a, 494b 
Simmons - 447b, 
450a, 500b, 502a, 
503b, 508a 
Simpson - 410b, 411b, 
412b, 415a, 417a, 417b
Singleton - 457a, 480a, 
480b, 492a 
Sitsner - 507a 
Skittlethorp - 466b
Small - 495b 
Smallwood - 490b 
Smaw - 477b, 497b, 
507b, 508b 
Smith - 431b, 434b,
449a, 450a, 450b, 458b, 
463a, 485a, 500a, 503b, 
506a, 506b 
Smithwick - 417b
Snell - 413a, 492a, 
Snowden - 497a, 505b 
Spain - 405b, 406b, 
407a, 407b, 
Sparrow - 423a, 480a, 
436a, 501b, 507b, 508a, 
Spelman - 426b, 430a, 
Spencer - 414b, 438a, 
440a, 498b
Springer - 454b
Spruill - 422b, 443a
Spry - 507b
Squires - 439a, 463b, 
464a, 467b, 473a 
Stagor - 503b 
Stallings - 487a, 492b, 
Stanley - 490a, 504b 
Stein - 443a
Stevens - 408b, 411a, 
Stevenson - 494a 
Stewart - 440b, 460b, 
Stilley - 428a, 429a, 
429b, 498a 
Stone - 448b
Stow - 411b
Stricklin - 492b 
Stubbs - 446a, 473a, 
474a, 491a 
Styron - 410a, 465a, 
467b, 488a, 499b
Sugg - 414a, 414b
Sukey - 421b
Surls - 431b, 435a, 
435b, 505a 
Sutton - 437a
Swanner - 485a, 487a, 
487b, 492a, 494a
Swindell - 407a, 407b, 
413b, 432a, 461b, 462b, 
477b, 492a, 496a, 498a, 


Tankard - 463b, 469b, 
478a, 478b  
Taunt - 508b 
Tayloe - 510a
Taylor - 434a, 437a, 
438a, 438b, 439b, 440a, 
458a, 483b, 504a, 511a
Teel - 512b 
Telfair - 444a, 493b
Terry - 474b, 482a 
Tetterton - 411b, 412a, 
433b, 458a, 464a, 466b, 
467a, 467b, 470a, 471b, 
487b, 502b
Thomas - 478a, 501a, 
505a, 508b 
Thomason - 422a, 424b, 
Thornton - 407a 
Thorogood - 509a 
Tomlinson - 422b
Tooley - 462a
Topping - 443b, 444b, 
Tredwell - 512a 
Tripp - 418b, 422b, 
423a, 424b, 425a, 431b, 
Tucker - 500a 
Tunnel - 507b 
Turner - 503a, 504b 
Tuten - 408a, 421a, 
427b, 509a
Tyler - 502a, 508a
Tyson - 416a, 443a, 

U - V

Upsher - 449a
Vail - 454a, 454b 
Van Nortreck - 504a 
Veal - 476b 
Venters - 505a 
Vernelson - 450a
Vines - 436a
Voliva - 403a, 403b, 
404a, 443a

W - Y

Walker  - 418a, 418b, 
433a, 449a, 451a, 506a, 
Wall - 431a, 432a
Wallace - 446a, 446b, 
466a, 474a, 475b, 477a, 
479a, 479b, 497a, 497b
Walling - 465b
Walters - 446a, 446b, 
Ward - 411a, 444a, 
461b, 462a, 472a, 474b, 
476a, 478b, 482a
Ware - 494a 
Warner - 409a, 411b, 
422a, 427b, 454b, 489b, 
Warren - 411b, 418b, 
424b, 427a, 428b, 433b, 
449b, 481a, 503b
Waters - 446b, 451a, 
452a, 468a, 469b, 470a, 
472b, 473a, 474a, 474b, 
475a, 475b, 478a, 480a, 
480b, 501b, 508b
Watson - 403a, 414b, 
Watts - 511a 
Webb - 475b, 512b  
Wells - 498b 
Welsh - 456b, 511b
Weston - 414b, 425b, 
Whalin - 511a 
Wharton - 496b 
White - 408b, 420a, 
500a, 508b 
Whiteacre - 472b, 481a, 
483a, 483b, 484a, 484b, 
486a, 489a, 496a, 499a 
Whitehead - 506b
Whitehurst - 415b, 
Whitfield - 404b
Whitley - 433a, 435a, 
444a, 445a, 476a, 478b, 
479a, 480b, 485a
Wiggins - 508a 
Wiley - 509a 
Wilkins - 458a, 463a, 
470a, 507a
Wilkinson - 441b, 442a, 
443a, 443b, 444b, 448a, 
448b, 451a, 453b, 454a, 
455b, 456a, 461b, 465b, 
499a, 503a, 506b 
Willard - 493a, 494b, 
Williams - 433a, 449a, 
461a, 474b, 484a, 489b, 
492a, 496a, 498b, 501b, 
505b, 506b, 508b 
Williamston - 448b, 
Willis - 435a, 491a, 
491b, 498b, 501b 
Wilson - 442b, 466a, 
475b, 482b, 510a
Windfield - 427b, 436b, 
437a, 437b, 440b, 442b, 
448a, 451b, 452a, 454a, 
Windley - 443a, 444b, 
445a, 445b, 446a, 446b, 
449a, 450b, 457a, 457b, 
463a, 464b, 465a, 465b, 
466b, 472a, 494a, 497b, 
502a, 507b  
Winstad - 461a 
Wise - 496a
Wiswall - 509a
Wolfenden - 436a, 436b
Wood - 496a, 504b
Woodard - 504a, 510b 
Woodward - 424b 
Woolard - 446a, 468a, 
469b, 470a, 470b, 472b, 
473b, 474a, 477a, 478a, 
478b, 479a, 479b, 480a, 
480b, 483a, 485b, 486a, 
486b, 488b, 489a, 489b, 
490a, 491b, 492a, 492b, 
501a, 504b, 513b 
Woolfe - 503a, 503b
Wooten - 509a 
Word - 506a 
Worthington - 504a 
Wright - 452a, 457a, 
Yates - 414b, 417b, 
426a, 426b
Young - 494a

Source: Microfilm Series M653, Roll # 887, Pages 403A - 514A (National Archives, Washington, DC)

Transcribed by John McGowan & proofread by Kay M. Sheppard
© 2006

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