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A Listing of Wills for Franklin County that are included in the Devisors List from the North Carolina State Archives


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Joseph John Alston, 1834   Deloris Williams
Andrews, William 1818   Deloris Williams

Strephon Johnson

Strephon Johnson

Arendell, Thomas 1819   Deloris Williams


Bell, Benjamin 1789   Deloris Williams

Baker, John 1853  (abstract)

Michelle Richardson

Baker, William 1855  (abstract)

Michelle Richardson

Blacknall, Thomas 1860
Blacknall, Thomas (transcribed)
S. Hanna
Deloris Williams
Deloris Williams
Bledsoe, James Allen 1889

S. Hanna

Bledsoe, Kinchen 1863

S. Hanna

Blount, James 1685 (Albemarle Province)  
S. Hanna
Boone, Spencer M., 1912   Deloris Williams
Brickell, Benjamin 1841   Deloris Williams
Bridges, Benjamin Sr.1821
S. Hanna
Brown, Collins 1777   Deloris Williams

Danny C. Bunn


Carlile :
Carlile, Edward 1794 S. Hanna
Carlile, Lizzie 1913
S. Hanna
Carlile, Nath 1807 (Halifax)
S. Hanna
Carlile, Penelipy 1872 (Halifax)
S. Hanna
Carlile, Robert 1786 (Edgecombe Co.) S. Hanna
Carlile, Robert 1815 (Edgecombe Co.)  S. Hanna
Carlile, Sarah 1772 (Edgecombe)
S. Hanna
Carlile, Thomas M.  1883.
S. Hanna
Carlile, William 1769 (Edgecombe Co.)
S. Hanna
Carlisle, Ann M.1908 (Edgecombe Co.)
S. Hanna
Carlisle, Cary 1831 (Edgecombe) S. Hanna
Carlisle, Cloia 1883 (Halifax) S. Hanna
Carlisle, Dora H. 1929 (Nash Co.)  S. Hanna
Carlisle, Eliza L. (Halifax)
S. Hanna
Carlisle, Hardy 1871 (Halifax Co.)   S. Hanna
Carlisle, John M. 1928 (Edgecombe Co.)   
S. Hanna
Carlisle, Penny F. 1879 (Edgecombe Co.)  
S. Hanna
Carr, Moses 1841   Deloris Williams
Cheek, R.T. 1841 (Warren)
S. Hanna

Suzy Machamer

Conyers, Ephraim, 1844   D. Williams


Kerrie Smith Cornett

Coppedge, William D. 1876
S. Hanna
Crowder, Batt 1788   Deloris Williams


Dales, Mariah 1889 (Nash Co.)   Deloris Williams
Dales, Sally, 1859   Deloris Williams
Davis, Archibald 1821   Deloris Williams

Sarah Sharpless

Davis, Archibald H. 1854
S. Hanna
Davis Archibald H. 1854-Estate   Deloris Williams
S. Hanna
Davis, Martha, 1844   D. Williams
Dean, Cooper 1841   Kay Bradley



Denson, William, 1786   Deloris Williams

Denton, Cyntha 1890   (abstract)

Michelle Richardson

Denton, Drewry 1857  (abstract)

Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson

Don Dyer

Dunn, Ann, 1843   Deloris Williams
Dunn, John, 1791   Deloris Williams
Dunn, Milbry 1861   Deloris Williams


Finch, Caswell 1849   Deloris Williams
S. Hanna
Foster, James Iredell, 1861   Deloris Williams
Foster, Jennie 1906     S. Hanna
Foster, William, (slave list) 1844   Deloris Williams


Gant, James 1797
S. Hanna

Michelle Richardson

Gay, James 1852   Deloris Williams

Gay, John 1794  (abstract)

Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson

S. Hanna
Green, John 1791   Deloris Williams

Green, John 1792  (abstract)

Michelle Richardson

Margaret Leggett

Margaret Leggett

Gupton, John, 1844    


Harris, Harbert H., 1855   Aline McGivern
Harris, Howell, 1861   Deloris Williams
Harris, Moses 1786   Deloris Williams
Harvey, Allen 1816   Deloris Williams
Hawkins, Philemon (Colonel)
Probated  Feb.1832
S. Hanna
S. Hanna
Hawkins, Philemon Sr.
S. Hanna
Hedgepeth, Taylor 1856   Deloris Williams
Hight, John, 1795
S. Hanna
Hill, Benjamin, 1790
S. Hanna
Hill, Bennett 1791
S. Hanna
Hill, Rebecca 1820   Deloris Williams
Hill, William 1784   Deloris Williams
Hogwood, Turner, 1893   D. Williams
Horton, Willis, 1844   D. Williams
House, Isaac 1775
S. Hanna
S. Hanna
S. Hanna
Hunt, Thomas 1791   Deloris Williams



Valerie J. Tice

Ingram, Lettice 1820   Deloris Williams



Faye J. Parker

Jeffreys, Mary 1827 (abstract)

Michelle Richardson

Jeffreys, Mary 1827   Deloris Williams
Jeffreys, William 1864   Deloris Williams
Jeffreys, Margaret, w/o Leonard Jeffreys 1857   Deloris Williams
Jeffreys, Osborn 1793   Deloris Williams

Mark Murphy

Jones, Amos 1848   Deloris Williams
Jones, Drewry 1847   Deloris Williams
Jones, Jacob, 1851   Deloris Williams
Jones, Richard 1856   Deloris Williams


Kearney, Crawford, 1843   Deloris Williams
King, Joel 1853   Deloris Williams



Debbie Henderson


Mabry, Jesse 1791   Deloris Williams
Macon, Gideon H. 1847   Deloris Williams
Macon, Margaretta 1847   Deloris Williams
Macon, Nathaniel 1843   Deloris Williams
Massenburg, A. C. 1861   Deloris Williams
Massey, Hezekiah 1791   Deloris Williams
S. Hanna
May, Julius, 1863  (div. of slaves)   Deloris Williams
Mayho, James, 1785   Deloris Williams
McMillin, Nathan 1819   Deloris Williams
Milner, Patewell, 1788   Deloris Williams
S. Hanna
Mitchell, John Sr. 1849   Deloris Williams
Moore, Amy, 1838   D. Williams

Eunice Boucher

Moses, Abraham 1846   Deloris Williams

Mark Murphy

Murphy, James 1853 (Pension, Court)

Mark Murphy

Murry, William H. 1861   Deloris Williams


Neal, Chloe C. 1852   Deloris Williams
Neal, Jere 1795    S. Hanna
Nichols, Julius 1766 (Sheriff's Bond-Bute Co.)
S. Hanna
Nichols, Passum, 1863   Deloris Williams
Nichols, William 1772 (Bute)
S. Hanna
Norwood, John 1802
S. Hanna


Outterbridge, Stephen 1824
S. Hanna


Pace, William 1789   Deloris Williams
Parks, Moses 1797   Deloris Williams
Patterson, Nathan 1847   Deloris Williams
Payton, Robert, 1785   Deloris Williams
Perrey, William 1861   Deloris Williams
Perry, Bennett 1840   Deloris Williams
Perry, Bennett 1847   Deloris Williams
Perry, Burwell, 1864 (div./slaves)   Deloris Williams
Perry, Elijah B. 1843   Deloris Williams
Perry, Green, 1848   Deloris Williams
Perry, James, 1845 (div./slaves)   D. Williams
Perry, Jere, 1893   D. Williams
Perry, Jeremiah, 1838 (will & slave inventory)   D. Williams
Perry, Jeremiah, 1846   Deloris Williams
Perry, John (flat), 1829   Deloris Williams
Perry, John (thicket), 1830   Deloris Williams
Perry, Joshua, 1807 & Estate   Deloris Williams
Perry, Joshua 1819   Deloris Williams
Perry, Nathaniel 1790   Deloris Williams
Perry, Redding, 1850   D. Williams
Perry, Temperance 1850   Deloris Williams
Perry, Wilie 1859   Deloris Williams
Person, Francis ,1815   Deloris Williams
Person, John 1841   Deloris Williams
Person, Presley C., 1832   Deloris Williams
S. Hanna
Pleasants, Robert 1845   Deloris Williams


Richards :
Richards, George 1818

S. Hanna

Richards, John 1796

S. Hanna

Richards, John 1874

S. Hanna

Richards, Mary 1854

S. Hanna

Richards, Richard 1795

S. Hanna

Richards, Thomas Y. 1830

S. Hanna

Richards, William  1795

S. Hanna

Richards, Williamson 1820 

S. Hanna

Michelle Richardson

Michelle Richardson

S. Hanna
Rush, Sarah 1790   Deloris Williams


Sanders, Winafred 1846   Deloris Williams
Sherrod, Elizabeth 1819    S. Hanna
Sherrod, James 1819   Deloris Williams
Sills, David, 1845   (slave inv.)   D. Williams

 Sonia Meyer

S. Hanna
S. Hanna
Smith, John
S. Hanna
Smith, Joseph N. M. 1864- (div./slaves)   Deloris Williams
Solomon, Jeremiah 1852   Deloris Williams
Spivey, William T. 1864 (slaves)   Deloris Williams
Stiles, William 1790   Deloris Williams
Stokes, David 1789   Deloris Williams
Stone, Thomas G. 1847 Estate   Deloris Williams
Strothers, James 1843
S. Hanna


Tant, William 1790   Deloris Williams
Taylor, John 1785   Deloris Williams
Tharranton, Thomas 1799
S. Hanna
Tharrington, Enoch, 1840 (slaves)   D. Williams
Thomas, David, 1855   Deloris Williams
Thornton, John 1787   Deloris Williams
Timberlake, James 1847   Deloris Williams
Tucker, John B. 1864   Deloris Williams


Upchurch, Calvin -Abstract-1842   S. Hanna
Upchurch, Calvin Estate Administration
S. Hanna


Vaughan, Amos 1815   Deloris Williams
Vincent, James 1818 (Estate)   Deloris Williams


Waddail, Frances 1847   Deloris Williams
Ward, Richard 1850   Deloris Williams
West, Haywood, 1922   D. Williams
S. Hanna
S. Hanna
Williams, Benjamin, 1794   Deloris Williams

Michelle Richardson

Williams, John, 1814   Deloris Williams
Williams, John, 1834   Deloris Williams
Williams, Lyddy 1820   Deloris Williams


Williams, Robert W. 1823,Estate   Deloris Williams
S. Hanna
Wilson, Mary 1926
S. Hanna
S. Hanna
Winston, Anthony 1786(transcribed)   Deloris Williams
Winston, Benjamin 1835   Anne Baker
Winston, George 1810   Anne Baker
Winston, Isaac Sr. 1843   Anne Baker
Winston, Isaac 1847 - Estate   Deloris Williams
Winston, John 1768 (Bute)
S. Hanna
Winston, John B.1862   Anne Baker
Wooten, Sarah 1788   Deloris Williams


Yarborough, Arch. 1844- Slaves   Deloris Williams
S. Hanna
Yarborough, John B. 1861
S. Hanna
Yarborough, Richard F. 1850
S. Hanna


Wills & Estates in the Franklin County NCGenWeb Archives:


Richard Arendell, 1758 Strephon Johnson
Abel Bowden Estate, 1871 Sandy Mitchell
John Bowden, 1829 Sandy Mitchell
Mary Bowden, 1854 Sandy Mitchell
James Bunn, 1795 Danny C. Bunn
Harbert H. Harris, 1855 Sandy Mitchell
Jacob Hartsfield, 1814 Eric Hartsfield
Bennett Hill, 1791 Lynda Clarke
John Hopkins, 1839 Ann F. Peyton
William Jackson Sr.,1805 Callie J. Stallings
Duncan Lamon, 1810 Tommy Colbert
Ann Moore, 1842 Sandy Mitchell
Martha A. Moore, 1874 Sandy Mitchell
Murphy Excerpts from Will Book A,1785-1797 Mark Murphy
Murphy Excerpts from Will Book B,1794-1804 Mark Murphy
Murphy Exerpts from Will Book C,1804-1812 Mark Murphy
Murphy Excerpts, Books D,E,F, 1812-1824 Mark Murphy
Murphy Excerpts, Books H,I,J, 1824-1834 Mark Murphy
Burwell Perry Estate, 1860 Don Yarber
John Perry, Sr., 1796 Mary L. Berryman
Martha (Hartsfield) Perry Estate, 1847 Callie J. Stallings
Cornelius Haywood Stallings, 1861 Callie J. Stallings
Elias Stallings, 1795 Pauline M. Pierce
Hilliard Stallings, 1856 Callie J. Stallings
Irving Stallings Estate, 1862 Callie J. Stallings
John Stallings Estate, 1858 Callie J. Stallings
Moses Stallings Estate, 1795 Callie J. Stallings
Reuben Stallings, 1846 Callie J. Stallings
Richard Swanson, 1809 Lydia Sides
Candace Upchurch, Estate, 1901 Susan Davis



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