Franklin County Wills:


Will of Solomon Dossey, 1818

Film #0018906 - Franklin County North Carolina Wills
Book F page # 157-158

In the name of God Amen: I Solomon Dossey of the State of Franklin
Franklin County being of sound mind & memory thanks be to God do
constitute this my last will & testament first I reccommend my soul to
almighty God who gave it to take it to himself into that next and part
of Incomp…> Felecity …? Which he has prepared for all those that love

Blessed be God I recommend my body to the earth from whence it
came in full hopes of a happy reunion at that glorious day through Jesus
Christ. Now for settling of my temporal affairs my will and desire is
that John Dossey’s three children to wit; Julius, Henry and Nancy
Dossey shall draw out of my estate Forty Dollarrs to be equally divided
between them or any of them that should survive. Anf for the balance of my
estate be whatsoever it maay. I wish it equally divided amongst my

To Wit; Betsy, James, Benjamin, Polly, Samuel, Halliard, &
Clem or any of them that should survive. John Dossey’s three children
namely Julius, Henry, & Nancy are to divide equal with my children as if John
was living extra of the forty dollars above given after allowing what
I have heretofore given as some has had more than others..

This my last
will & testament in witness whereof I set my hand & seal 19 Feb 1818.
I nominate and appoint my son Solomon Dossey (seal)
James Dossey & P.C. Person?
My Executors

P.C. Person
Clem Dossey
Rial Pennel