Franklin County Wills:

HENRY J. G. RUFFIN WILL OF Franklin Co Will Book N, pages 545-549.


In the name of God, Amen. I, Henry J. G. Ruffin, of the County of Franklin, in the State of North Carolina, being rather old and infirm of body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, calling to mind the uncertainly of life and the certainty of death sooner or later, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, herby revoking all former last wills and testments by me here-to-fore made; and my will is that my funeral expenses and just debts shall be paid out of my estate by my executors, here in after named, and as for my wordly estate, I do at my decease give and dispose thereof in manner and form following to wit:

To my wife, Mary Ruffin, all land where I now live, that is to say all that I purchased from Green HILL and Alexander McKNIGHT and also a part of the FENNER or KILPATRICK tract.   Also 30 negro slaves to be selected by her except my two Negro girls PEGG and SERENA,  to have my old manservant BRYANT now living at my TOSSNOT plantation in Edgecombe, also $300 in cash, also all personal property in the county of Franklin, except my bonds, notes, accounts, securities for money and cash on hand, and my stock of 5 shares in the Raleigh & Gaston R.R.

To my son, Samuel Ruffin, the sum of $1.00 plus what has been given heretofore.

To my son, Dr. William H. Ruffin, the sum of $1000, plus what has been given heretofore.

To Mary H. Williams, a certain bond executed to me by my son, Samuel Ruffin, plus the sum of $10,000.

To my granddaughter, Mary Louisa Williams,  5 shares of stock in the Raleigh & Gaston R.R.

To my son, Thomas Ruffin,*  1/2 part of all my lands lying in the counties of Greene and Wayne, and that Thomas pay $1000 to his brother Lamon Ruffin.*

To my son, Dr. G. W. Ruffin, 1/2 part of land in Edgecombe known as Tossnot, and $1000 to be paid by my son Etheldred Ruffin.*  12 Negro slaves which will make his shares of Negroes equal to the value of my sons, Etheldred and Lamon and daughter, Sarah B. Ruffin

To my daughter Sarah B. Ruffin, all my land in Franklin Co., not devised tomy wife, including land purchased from Willie Jones & sister.  My Negro girl, SERENA and 19 other Negro slaves.

To my son, Ethledred,* the other 1/2 part of lands in Greene and Wayne Counties and Etheldred is to pay $1000 to Dr. George W. Ruffin;  also 20 Negro slaves.

To my son, Lamon* Ruffin, 1/2 the plantation in Edgecombe known as Tossnot and $1000 to be paid by Thomas Ruffin; 20 Negro slaves.

To my daughter, Pennina W. Ruffin, my Negro girl, PEGGY, the daughter of
GATSEY, and 14 other Negro slaves.

All the rest and residue of my estate to be divided between my sons, Thomas, Geo. W., Etheldred and Lamon, equally.

Wife, Mary Ruffin, Executrix and son, Thomas, executor.
Dated:  NOV 16, 1853
Probated: March, 1854
Witnessed by Willie PERRY and John G. KING
G.Patterson, County Clerk.

*All these sons died in the CSA


(contributed by Virginia Crilley )