Franklin County Wills:

The Original Will of Isaac Winston, Senior 1843- Franklin County, North


Contributed by Anne Baker


This will as copied and recorded in Will Book N in Franklin Co., - corrects all spelling and phrases and enters Benjamin as "my brother Benjamin" and that is so not right! - The original will is clear that it is my sone Benjamin. The original will was written without paragraphs. Since Isaac Winston senior signed with an "X" it appears Isaac Winston, Junior actually wrote this will. I am not absolutely sure this is a perfect transcripted copy - it was very tedious to figure out the spelling with some guessing on my part.

In the name of god Amen. I Isaac Winston Sen being of sound & perfect mind & memory blessed begod & on this 27 of Febuary 1843 Make & publish this my last will & testiment in manner following that is to say first I commit my sole to god that gave it & my boddy to the dust from whence it came

Next after my death I want all of my negros and all the rest of my propity sold with the exseption of my land and that I lend to my beloved wife Mary during her natural life or the widow hood half of it in parte for her maintainance and at her deathe to be sold and disposed of as the above named Negroes and the other propity that is I give to my wife Mary a childs parte of the money that that Arises from the proseads of All of my propity with the exseptsion of my land to do what she plesis with.

Next I gave unto my daughter Patty Williams or the lawful heires of her body one chiles parte of everything.

Next I gave unto the lawful heires of My sone Bengamin deceasist one chiles part of everything that is to say his children

Next I gave unto my daughter Sara Mayfield or her lawful heires of her boddy one chiles part of everything.

Next I gave unto My Daughter Anna Pearce or the lawful heires of her boddy one childes part of everything

Next I gave unto my 2 grand children Edmond Thomas & Joseph Thomas the 2 sones of My daughter Ader Thomas one chiles parte that is to be devided between the 2 children

Next I lend unto My daughter Elizabeth Crocker during her life time one childes parte with the exception of one Negro girle that she has had over And above the rest of my children before She went to the West which is to be as ________ _ and __________ in her parte and of her debt is to be equailley devided Among the lawful heires of her boddy the the propity that I lend to my daughter Elizabeth Crocker She is to Make some person her lawful Atorne to draw it out of the hands of my executer and for them to lone it out for perchis land or negroes to the best advantage that she may think proper during her natural life and then to be disposd of as above naimed

Next I lend unto my grand sone Samuel Thomas & his wife one chiles parte during ther Natural life and at thar deaths to be given to the lawful heires of thaire body if they shall ever have one if not for it to come back to the rest of my children to be disposd of as the fore going propity is above naimed the said propity that I lend to Samuel Thomas & Elizabeth his wife thare is to be some sentilbe person to take it in hand and lone it out to the best advantage or perchis land or Negroes for thar bennifet during thar life time and then to be disposd of as aboved naimd

After the death or widowhood of my wife all of my land is to be sold and the proseaid is to go the way that I have left all the rest of my propity that is to say all of my children & grandchildren Above naimed

All of the propity that I have given to all of my children hear to fore thare to keep without any further valuation with the exception of the girle that Benjamin crocker carried away which will be and of set for her and I do hearby Appoint my worthey friend Isaac Winston jr my exutor to this my last will and testiment after my deth in witness hearunto I do set my my hand and affix my seal the 27 of Febuary 1843

Isaac "X" Winston {seal}

Isaac Winston Jr
Richard Winston
Bridges T. Winston


On the back:
P.S. My wife Mary is to have one yeares provisions as her widows share.

Isaac Winston Will
February 27" 1843

Recorded Book N, page 362 & 363


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