Franklin County Wills:


Vincent Cook  Will  June 23, 1874

I, Vincent Cook of the County of Franklin and State of North Carolina, being of sound
mind and memory but considering the uncertainty of any earthly existence do make and
declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say I give
to my grand daughter Betty Alford, daughter of my daughter Martha Cook who married
Gabriel Alford, one feather bed, bed stead, and full suit of furniture. 

 I give to my
grandson James A. Stallings, son of my daughter Julia A. Cook who married Wilie
Stallings, one feather bed, bed stead and a full suit of furniture, one iron gray mare, which
was six years old this spring, and if there be any old note judgments on any claims found
in my possession after my death that I hold against Wilie Stallings, my will is that they be
discharged, as James A. Stallings has richly earned them.

  My will is that Martha
Alford's children, wife of Gabriel Alford, James M. Cook's children, Rebecca Bell wife
of William H. Bell, Joshua P. Cook, Arrabella Hale wife of Henderson Hale, Julia A.
Stallings' son, James A. Stallings, Delila A. S. Cheves wife of John H. Cheves and
Winnie V. Cheves wife of James L. Cheves, shall all share equal in the remainder of my
estate, my will is that Isadore and Arch Cook shall take care of their mother, and that if
Joshua P. Cook, pays my estate for the tract of land which I Bought which formerly
belonged to him, that he shall have a title to said land, after paying the amount, which I
paid for the land and interest on the same and lastly I do hereby constitute, and appoint
my trusty friend W. P. Bridges and Joshua P. Cook my lawful executors to all intents and
purposes to execute this my last will and testament this 23rd day of June 1874.

Signed, Sealed and acknowledged before us A.J.P.Harris and Jno T.Clifton

Vincent Cook