Franklin County Wills

Will of Robert Payton-1785

Franklin County, North Carolina, Wills, Inventories, 1785-1797, Vol. A, Pg. 2
Will of ROBERT PAYTON, 1785
Nuncupative Will

The last Will of ROBERT PAYTON Deceast in his last Sickness VZ that it is my wish & desire that what part of my Estate is left after paying all my Just debtsd my wife ANNE PAYTON should have, so as to enable Her to Raise my small children in presence of GEORGE ROWLAND & Wife this 30th day Nov. 1785.

ALICE ROLAND ("x" her mark)

GEORGE ROLAND and Wife and the rest of my children I give you this publick notice that on the second day of next court to be held for this County at Lewisburg I intend to offer the above Nuncupative Will of ROBERT PAYTON dec'd. for probate & that you and each of you take notice thereof 30th Novr. 1785.


& Wife

Estate of Robert Payton Deceased in Amt. with Anne Payton, Admin. -Dr.
To Cash paid Robert Turnbull as pr Bond wt. Int. - 126.19.9
To ditto pd Solomon Williams -66.16.8
To ditto pd Joel Terrell as pr receipt -45.6.4
To ditto pd Enoch Stringfellow - 89.1.4
To ditto pd Jenkins Devany as per bond -21.3.9
To ditto pd Robert Hightower for on H. Mason - 16.0.0
To ditto pd Benjamin Rush - 7.1.2
To ditto pd Benjamin Williams - 5.5.6
To ditto pd Thomas Stokes - 3.6.11
To ditto pd Abraham Bledsoe as per bond -3.18.--
To ditto pd George Wooten as per receipt - -.18.4
To ditto pd Samuel Jones as per ditto - -.16.6
To ditto pd Mary Foster - -.10.--
To ditto pd Thomas Sherrod - 5.--.--
To ditto (Estate) Cr. - -392.4.3

By Sale of Negro Frank - 144.8.4
By Ditto Nutter - 89.1.4
By Ditto Hannah & James-85.--.--
By Ditto 1 Horse - 21.3.9
By Ditto 1 Gun & C Chairs- 2.5.--
Ball. due Anne Payton adm. 50.5.10 --341.18.5