Franklin County Wills:

James Murphy's Pension, Power of Attorney, Franklin Co. NC, 30 Jan 1853
[transcribed by Mark A. Murphy, 6 Dec 2001]
[provided by Debbie Coggins Gammon through Bill Longmire]

Known all men by these presents, That we James Murphy and Lavina Coggin of the County of Franklin in the state of North Carolina, the surviving children and heirs at law of James Murphy and Rebecca Murphy who are deceased who was a soldier of the Revolutionary war, do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Wm. W. Daniel Sen. of the county of Halifax state of aforesaid, and Thomas Lumpkin of the City of Washington D.C. our true and lawful Agents & Attornies for us, and in our names steads (hereby revoking all other powers of Attorney heretofore executed by us, and by these presents, do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs Excrs &c not to revoke this power of Attorney without the consent of our said attornies, Daniel & Lumpkin) to examine all papers and testimony on file in the pension office in Washington City D.C. in refference to our claims against the Government of the united states, for the amount of pension mony owe us, or the Estate of our deceased father for services of our said father (James Murphy) in the War aforesaid. And our said attorney Daniel Lumpkin hereby and by these presents, specially, and full authorized and empowered by us, to procure all the testimony they[?] can, to establish our claim to said pension and prosecute the same to its final termination.  And our said attornies are also fully authorized and empowered by us, to receive from the Commissioner of Pensions our pension certificate for the Amt. of pension mony due us, and also, to receive and receipt for the County Land and commutation pay, if there be any due us for the services of our dec. father (James Murphy) in the War aforesaid, and generally to do per[?] forms all such acts, matters and things as our said Attonies[sic] shall deem necessary or expedient for the compleet and effectual execution of the
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authority hereinto before granted, as fully as we might or could do if
we were personally present, we hereby ratifying and confirming all the acts of our said attornies done by virtue and in pursuance of these presents.

In testimony whereof, we have hereunto set our hands & seals. This 30th day of January A.D. 1853 Signed, Sealed and delivered in the presents of two Witnesses.
WitneSs                James Murphy {seal}
John S[G.?] Leonard        Luvina (her X mark) Coggin {seal]
Eaton Leonard
witneSs acts L. Coggin
W.M[?] Broddie[or Boddie]
William W. Coggin

State of North Carolina
Franklin County}    S.S. Be it known That before me an acting Justice of the Peace, John S[G.?] Leonard, within and for the county of Franklin and State aforesaid, personally appeared James Murphy's age 58 years [scratched- Lavina Coggin age 55? years,] and acknowledge the foregoing power of Attorny to be his act and deed.  Given under my hand and seal.
This January 26th 1853.        John S[G.?] Leonard JP {seal}


Submitted by Mark Murphy