Franklin County Wills:


Will of James Jones - 1822


James Jones-Dated 15 Jan 1822 Will


Will Book G. Franklin Co., N . C. 1812-1824 845 (173)


If debts cannot be satisfied, they to be made up from the following legacies.
To my son DAVID JONES $ 2.00 with all that He has already received.
To my daughter SALLEY TIMBERLAKE, wife of JAMES TIMBERLAKE $2.00 with all that she has already received.
To my son ALLEN JONES $2.00 with all that he has already received.
To my daughter MARY SELF wife of JOB SELF $2.00 with all that she has already received.
To my daughter  BARSHEBA KING wife of BENNET KING $2.00 with all that she has already received.
To my son JOHN K. JONES $2.00 with all that he has already received .
To my daughter NANCY JONES $2.00  with all that she has already received.  To my wife TAMOR JONES the land and plantation where I now live, which is the residue not deeded to my sons DAVID & ALLEN JONES; also to her 1 still during her life, and all the rest of the estate not devised away.  After my wife's death, I give to my son DAVID JONES the residue of my land.  After her death, I give to my grandson JAMES JONES, son of DAVID JONES, 1 still.  Executors: Friend JONES COOK , my wife TAMOR JONES, my son DAVID JONES.  15 Jan 1822. Wit. THOMAS YOUNG (x), OSCAR GREEN

10 Dec 1823 James Timberlake, with Jones Cook and Epph Timberlake securities, appointed admr of James Jones, dec'd.


12 Dec 1823  Inventory taken by James Timberlake admr.  Included were accounts on:

Willis Butler
Jones Cook
William Dent
David Jones
James Jones

Moses Neal

Hilliry Philford
Joseph Pleasant
Francis Timberlake
Levy Watley
John Williams

27 Dec 1823 Sale Buyers:


Anderson Allen
John Bowers
Jordan Bridgers
Edmon G. Brodie
Stephen Davis
Elias Dent
David Jones
Drury Jones
James Jones
John K. Jones
Nancy Jones
Tamer Jones
George Levister
James Moore
Jeremiah Perry(fork)

Joseph Pleasant
Stephen Sparks
Epp Timberlake
Francis Timberlake
James Timberlake
Jehue Timberlake
Julius Timberlake
Richard Timberlake
Anderson Williams
John Williams
Thomas A. Williams
Benjamin Winston
Thomas Yarbrogh
Bridgers Young
Robert Young
Samuel Young


29 Jul 1824 Judgement for debt against David Jones in favor of J. Timberlake. 1824. Summonses to Jorden Denson, James Jones, John K. Jones, Levi Watley to appear in said case.

Fall Ct. 1824 Complaint of Tamer Jones widow against James Timberlick and
Nancy Jones.  James Timberlick a son-in-law of the testator had a conversation with Nancy Jones a daughter of the sd. testator and sister to Mrs. Timberlick; that he also talked privately with sd Mrs. Jones to set aside the will which sd James had wanted to alter at the time of his death;  that there were a great many children by a former wife; that if sd Timberlick and sd Nancy Jones got a part of the estate the sd widow would also have more;  that a paper was drawn, but she is illiterate; that they took advantage of her.






(submitted by: Becky Jones Pacey)