Franklin County Wills:


Will of Elijah Denby -  July 9, 1812 - Franklin Co., NC

To wife Martha Denby-l bed & furniture, 2 cows & calves, l sow & pigs, l chest of
     drawers, a corner cupboard, 2 trunks, Lend to her l room of my house during her
     lifetime, lent to her my plantation "where I now live" until son Thomas Denby comes
     of age or until she remarries. Wife to have l/3 of the benefits of land and plantation
     after son Thomas Denby comes of age during her life or widowhood. Lent to her l
     negro girl Hanner, until "my said wife should be entitled to receive her part of the
     negroes of her father's estate."

 To daughter Mary McMullin, 2 negroes Elvira and Sam.
     To son Harry Denby, 2 negroes, Cary and George.
     To son John Denby, l negro man Sam.
     To Daughter Elizabeth Denby l negro woman Agg, l bed and futniture. To daughter
     Sarah Denby, 2 negroes, Simon and Hanner, my bed and Furniture.
     To son Thomas Denby, l negro boy Jesse, the land and plantation after he comes of
     age, except my sister Priscilla Thornton to have the house" and enclosed land where
     she now lives," except the orchard. To son, Thomas Denby, I small bed and furniture.
     To my two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Denby the east room of my house "should
     they see cuase to stay in it until my son Thomas comes of age".

 Property not otherwise disposed of to be sold at public auction and after debts paid
     the residue to be divided equally between James Denby and Bathsheba Stallings.

Executors: Wilson Milner, John Denby, John Foster
     Witnesses: John Thornton, J. Foster

December Court 1812



Will of James Denby - written April 24, 1795 - Franklin Co., NC


In the name of God Amen, I, James Denby of Franklin and State of North Carolina being in Health
of Body and of Sound Mind and Memory (thanks to Almighty God) but calling to mind the
mortality of the Body and the uncertainity of this present life do make and ordain this my last Will &
Testament in manner & form as followeth (Viz)

Imprimis, I give & Recommend my Soul into the Hands of my Gracious Lord who gave it me and
my Body to the Earth to be Buried in a plain Christian like manner at the discretion of my
Executors, hereafter named Nothing Doubting at the General Resurrection. I shall Receive the
Same again by the mighty power of God. And as touching my wordly Estate wherewith it hath
pleased God to bless me with in this life I give Demise and dispose of in the following matter (Viz)
first my will & desire is that those debts I in law of conscience owe be paid.

I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Priscilla Denby one negro man named Sonnons (?),
one negro boy named Bartley & one negro girl named Amey. I also give to my aforesaid daugther
one Horse bridle and saddle, three cows and calves, one feather Bed and furniture, and thre Ewes
and lambs and two Sows & pigs. My Desire also is that my aforesaid daughter may have, occupy
and enjoy the best Room of my Mansion House, for and during the time of Celibicy, or Single Life,
but in case of aforesaid should die without lawful issue my will is that the above negroes Lammon
(?) and Bartley Shall Return to my family and to such of them as my Said Daughter may choose to
give them.

I give & bequeath to my Beloved Daughter Keziah Byrd one negro woman Sarah to her and her
heirs forever.

I give & bequeath to my granddaughter Nancy Nazette Byrd one negro girl named Penny to her
and her heirs forever.

I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Barsheba Denby one negro girl named Diasey to her and
her heirs forever.

I lend to my beloved Son Elijah Denby (after the Death of my Wife Patience) during his natural life
my land & plantation whereon I now live & after his decease I give and bequeath my plantation
and all my land lying West of the Buffaloe old (?) field (to be divided by a North and South line) to
his Son James Denby, & the Residue of my land East of the Aforesaid land I give and bequeath to
his Son John Denby, to them their Heirs forever.

I lend to my beloved wife Patience Denby during her natural life my land and plantation wheron I
now live as also all the negroes that I have not already given away. Also the Stock of all kinds,
Household furniture & plantation utensils, nothing of which is excepted but that which I have
already given away, and after my wife's death my will and desire is that all the negroes which I have
lent her, be equally divided (by my Executors) between my son Elijah Denby, Josiah Eley, Council
Jones & James Walker & the stock of all kinds, household furniture & plantation utensils that may
be found at the death of my wife, I desire may be equally divided (by my extras) between
Christiana Walker, Keziah Byrd, Charity Eley, Susanna Jones & Elijah Denby.

Lastly I nominate and ordain Josiah Eley, Elijah Denby and Council Jones my whole and sole
Executors of this my last Will and Testament utterly revolking & disannuling all other wills by me
heretofore made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my Seal this twenty fourth day of April
A.D. one thousand Seven Hundred & ninety five.

Signed Sealed & Acknowledged in presence of us: Wm. Lancaster Jean Lancaster James Denby
(Seal) Wm. Andrews



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