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New Data Sources for Vance Co. Researchers

Date              Description Contributor
04/25/17 Vance Co. Wills (9 new wills) or see all Transcribed Wills  
05/10/16 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898: T thru V  
09/12/15 Vance County Bible Transcriptions  
10/26/14 Vance Co. Wills (10 new wills) or see all Transcribed Wills  
03/03/14 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898: Q thru S  
09/08/13 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898: L thru P  
05/15/13 Vance Co. Wills (6 new wills) Deloris Williams
02/13/13 Vance Co. Wills  (10 transcribed wills) Deloris Williams
10/07/12 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898: I-J, K  
07/11/12 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898: H added  
04/21/12 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898: G added Deloris Williams
03/01/12 Will of Mary Bullock-1899 Deloris Williams
03/01/12 Will of Lucy Sneed-Burwell-1899 Deloris Williams
02/08/12 John W. Moore Death -Kittrell Springs Patricia Lowe
12/16/11 Will & Estate of Susan M. Fain-1881 Deloris Williams
11/27/11 NCReports 1898: Stein vs Cozart Deloris Williams

11/27/11 Court Humor

10/04/11 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898: E & F added  
08/15/11 Updated Marriage Register 1881-1898- D added  
06/18/11 Vance County Marriage Register 1881-1898: A-C Deloris Williams
03/18/11 Added Family Bibles to Historical Family Collections page  
03/18/11 Added many new Links  
03/18/11 Updated Research Info & Lookup Page  
01/27/11 Updated Links page with additional County contact info  
01/27/11 Added a Queries Page with list of instructions  
01/25/11 Updated Birth Index-Surname G  

11/05/10 NC Reports: Cases Argued Before State Supreme Court

Deloris Williams
09/09/10 Updated Birth Index-Surname F  
08/28/10 Historical Family Collections- Updated  
07/22/10 Updated Links added to page  
07/21/10 Updated Surnames List  
07/21/10 Added Links to data on USGW Archives Page  
06/20/10 Board of Health Report-1896 Deloris Williams
05/15/10 Additions to "Links", updated Resources, Maps, FamilySearch  

04/30/10 1890 Vance County Veterans Schedule

Deloris Williams
04/03/10 Historical Family Collections  
03/13/10 Kittrell Confederate Cemetery & Photos Jacqueline Martin
03/03/10 Marriages for "H" - "K" Surnames 1900 -1929 Jacqueline Martin
02/28/10 Research and Look-up Volunteers Page added  
02/28/10 Vance County Features: Kittrell Springs Deloris Williams
02/28/10 Vance County Features: Glass House Deloris Williams
02/23/10 Patents filed by Vance Co. Residents Deloris Williams
02/20/10 Vance County Townships Deloris Williams
02/08/10 Vance County News Articles Deloris Williams
02/08/10 Senator Vance and the Circus Deloris Williams
02/08/10 Death of Senator Vance Deloris Williams
02/08/10 Crime Doesn't Pay Deloris Williams
02/05/10 Surnames List  
02/03/10 Vance County and the Elections Deloris Williams
02/02/10 Marriage of Clarence Newman to Annie H. Pardue Bill Umphlett
02/01/10 Henry Plummer Cheatham Deloris Williams
02/01/10  The Builders of North Carolina Deloris Williams
01/08/10  Additions to "Links" page
10/01/09  Marriages for "F" - "G" Surnames 1900-1929                               Jacqueline Martin       
09/26/09   Added "Links" page
09/14/09   Marriages for "A" - "E" Surnames 1900-1929                              Jacqueline Martin 


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