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Kittrell Confederate Cemetery

Hospital to Graveyard

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Fifty-four Confederate soldiers from Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia are buried here.  They died at General Hospital Number One, Kittrell Springs, in the former Kittrell Springs Hotel owned by Maj. Charles C. Blacknall and his brother.  The resort was converted into a hospital in mid-1864 to treat casualties of the fighting around Petersburg, Virginia.  Confederate authorities chose Kittrell for the small, 300-bed hospital because of its location at a railroad junction.  Hundreds of wounded received treatment there between June 1864 and April 1865.  Some were teenaged youths in the North Carolina Junior Reserves; 14 died at a hospital between August 1, 1864, and April 15, 1865, and are buried here.  The site for the cemetery was selected because of its proximity to the hospital.  Saint James Episcopal Church, the only church in Kittrell during the war, was erected just east of the hotel shortly before the war.  The Rev. Matthias M. Marshall ministered to the sick and dying at the hospital and officiated at the soldiers' funerals, which were held at the church.  The men's names, ranks, companies, addresses, types of illness, dates of admission, and times and dates of death are recoreded in the church's official records.  Kittrell Confederate Cemetery is owned and maintained by Vance County Chapter No. 142, United Daughters of the Confederacy.


Roster of Soldiers Buried in Cemetery

Pvt. Walter G. Bagnall, 13th VA, Cav. Pvt. T. Jones, 68th NC Troops 
Pvt. John C. Barnes, 5th SC, Cav. Pvt. William B. Kennedy, 1st NC, Cav.
Pvt. Paul A. Barringer, 1st NC, Cav. Pvt. J. L. Lanair, 7th GA, Cav.
Pvt. W. A. Beaver, 2nd NC, Jr. Res. Pvt. William W. Latham, 6th SC, Cav.
Pvt. Hugh W. Brown, Co. A, 26th SC Inf. Sgt. James T. McDow, 4th SC, Cav.
Pvt. Thomas A. Bryson, 25th NC, Inf. Pvt. Josiah S. Mimms, 11th SC, Inf.
Pvt. J. C. Corzine, 2nd NC, Jr. Res. Pvt. H. P. Privatt, 3rd NC, Jr. Res.
Pvt. W. A. Dixon, 24th NC, Inf. Pvt. William H. Pruitt, 1st NC, Cav.
Sgt. Fendell C. Donella, 11th VA, Inf. Pvt. M. A. Riddick, 5th NC, Cav.
Pvt. J. A. Earnhart, 1st NC, Cav. Pvt. William A. Roach, Hane's Light Dutymen
Pvt. J. T. Edwards, 5th NC, Cav. Pvt. J. A. Robbins, 51st NC, Inf.
Pvt. James Eley, 68th NC Troops Pvt. W. Roberson, Hart's SC Battery
Pvt. E. C. Elliott, 1st NC, Cav. Pvt. R. H. Robinson, 2nd NC, Jr. Res.
Pvt. Marmaduke Gay, Anderson's NC Res. Pvt. S. B. Robinson, 2nd NC, Jr. Res.
Pvt. L. J. Gilstrap, 6th SC, Cav. Pvt. L. E. Saunders, 2nd NC, Jr. Res.
Pvt. J. H. Givins, 2nd NC, Jr. Res. Pvt. E. or J. Stark, 67th NC, Inf.
Pvt. J. M. Gordan, 2nd NC, Jr. Res. Pvt. W. Sutton, 56th NC, Inf.
Pvt. Larken M. Green, 56th NC, Inf. Pvt. R. P. Todd, 68th NC Troops
Pvt. William D. Gregorie, 3rd SC, Cav. Pvt. Thomas J. Tuttero, 10th VA, Cav.
Pvt. Alexis Griffin, 6th NC, Jr. Res. Pvt. J. C. Wagner, 1st NC, Jr. Res.
Pvt. E. M. Hamrick, 2nd NC, Jr. Res. Pvt. C. Watson, 27th SC, Inf.
Pvt. Wesley Hargrove, 5th NC, Jr. Res. Pvt. J. M. West, 10th NC, Heavy Arty.
Pvt. Moses L. Headrick, 1st NC, Jr. Res. Sgt. Henry Williams, 2nd NC, Cav.
Pvt. Lindsay L. Henderson, 3rd NC, Cav. 4 Unknowns
Pvt. J. I. Howell, 2nd NC, Jr. Res.  

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