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John W. Moore (1833-1865)

Died Kittrell Springs Hospital

(Submitted by Patricia Lowe)


I found this information in the NC State Archives, digital collection of Family bibles


Moore Family Bible 1833-1867


John W Moore, son of John K and Nancy Moore , born10 July 1833.  John W Moore departed this life on the 16th day of March 1865 in his 32nd year at Kittrell Springs Hospital in the hope of a blissful immortality as a Christian and patriot who died in defence of his country and civil liberty.

Sarah, daughter of  Wilson and Eleanor Atwater , b 2 Mar 1841,
William L Moore son of  John W & Sarah A Moore  b 28 Aug 1864. 
Margie (or Maggie?)  Moore dau of  DK & Sarah A Moore b 19 Aug 1867

He is not related to me as far as I can tell now, but I do have a lot of Moore family NC. I was searching for them when I ran across this bible. 


Moore is not among the names included in the cemetery listings, so thanks to Pat for this info on an additional soldier who died at Kittrell Springs.


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