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This is where you will find a listing of genealogy records published on this site, we welcome contributions of records from researchers, so please feel free to contact me to include them on this site. It is important to remember that Vance Co. was only formed in 1881 so you should visit and search both Warren Co. and Granville Co. to find other material online related to your ancestors from this area. In fact, most families did not move, their address just changed when Vance Co. was formed.  We have also indexed the records currently posted in the Vance Co. Archives for your convenience.  And please check out our "Links" Page for additional Resources.


Index to Vance Co. Archives Data

Bible Transcriptions

 Biographical Sketch of Francis Taylor Fuller, M. D.
      The Builders of North Carolina
      Henry Plummer Cheatham

Vance County Birth Index to 1920 (Surnames A - G online) 
      Kittrell Confederate Cemetery

See Vance County Archives

See Cemetery Databases on Links Page
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NC Reports: Cases Argued Before the State Supreme Court

Court Humor

Death Records 1906-1930 with original images on Family Search
  This collection covers 4801 death certificates for the period covered

North Carolina Deaths 1931-1994 - abstracted from death certificates from FamilySearch

John W. Moore, 1865
Family Records and Photos

Historical Family & Bible Collections Page


Vance Co. Links page -  includes info about where to locate documents

Consolidated List of NC Resources (Lots of research resources)

Marriage for A - K  Surnames - 1900-1929
      Marriage Clarence Newman to Annie H. Pardue
      Vance Co. Marriage Register 1881-1898 (A-P, more to come)

1890 Vance County Veterans Schedule

WWII Casualties Vance Co., North Carolina

NC Confederate Soldiers & Widows Pensions,1885-1953 -at FamilySearch
      Crime Doesn't Pay
      Death of Senator Vance
      Senator Vance and the Circus
      Vance County News Articles

Vance Co. Obituaries in Newspapers

Emerson's Town of Henderson Business Directory 1886

Emerson's Alphabetical List of the Names of all Business and Professional Men and Land owners, 1886
      Vance County and the Elections 
      Vance County Townships
      Patents filed by Vance Co. Residents
      Vance Co. Features: Glass House
      Vance Co. Features: Kittrell Springs
      Board of Health Report-1896

Kittrell Confederate Cemetery Photos

Vance Co. Query Page - includes info on where & how to post a good query

Research Information and Look-Up Volunteers page

See List of Surnames and Researchers
Vital Records

A Listing of Available Vital Records Online

History & Explanation of NC Vital Records

Index to Will Book "A" with Notes

Index to Will Book "B" with Notes

Vance Co. Probate Records - FamilySearch images of will collections

NC Estate Files 1663-1964 - from FamilySearch; none for Vance
  Transcribed Wills:

Will of Joseph R. Alston-1902
Will of William Brame-1882
Will of Anna Brant-1897

Will of Emanuel Breedlove-1882

Will of Mary Bullock-1899
Will of Sarah Bullock-1894

Will of Lucy Sneed-Burwell-1899
Will of Mary Ann Cutts-1886 New!
Will of Mary W. Davis-1904
Will of Thomas Eaton-1894

Will of Sally Edwards-1876 New!

Will & Estate of Susan M. Fain-1881
Will of Parthenia Green-1909
Will of William Green-1893
Will of L. T. Grissom-1893
Will of Charles M. Hargrove-1880 New!
Will of William A. Harris-1883
Will of Samuel S. Hicks-1882
Will of Hartwell H. Hight-1879 New!
Will of John C. Jacobs-1886 New!
Will of John W. Kittrell-1907 
Will of William H. Lewis-1894
Will of Thomas Moss-1883
Will of William L. Moss-1908 
Will of Charles A. Nutall-1909 
Will of Stella Perry-1908 
Will of W. A. Phelps-1886 New!
Will of Lewis Reavis-1883
Will of Eugene Scanlan-1881
Will of Catherine Smerdon-1885 New!
Will of Alexander Sneed-1903
Will of W. C. Stewart-1884 New!
Will of Daniel Stone-1883 New!
Will of Joseph E. Sugg-1899
Will of Thomas J. Taylor-1907 
Will of Edmund W. Watkins-1882
Will of Mary E. White-1882
Will of Pollie Woodliff-1881

Vance County Yearbooks  -  Great resource with direct links to Vance Co. residents

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