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Vance County Bible Transcriptions


Transcribed from Bibles in the NC Digital Collection.  Click onto the Name of the Bible to view the original


Burris Family Bible

William the son of Mary Barber was bornd September the 3rd 1850


W. W. Norman born March 26 1826
(Polly) Mary Burris Norman born Nov. 3d 1829
Malissa Norman Daughter of W.W. & Mary Norman his wife born Sept. 2, 1851
The second child of W.W. Norman and Mary his wife was born August the 14th 1853 and departed the 24th Sept. without being named
Harriet Wynne Norman was born Jany 18 1855
J.T.B. Hoover son of E.D. & Mary E. Hoover was born in Washington, NC March 6th 1845
Mary Alice first child of J.T.B. & Melissa C. Hoover his wife was born February 27th 1871
Gertrude Norman Second child of J.T.B. Hoover & Melissa his wife was born September 15th 1872
Harlan, son of J.T.B. Hoover & Melissa his wife was born Saturday April 10th 1875.
Annie Wilson Hoover, daughter of Melissa Norman and J.T.B. Hoover was born on July 3rd 1886, Saturday Elm City, Wilson, NC
Tho's R. Burrus son of John and Polly Burrus was born Feby 27th 1803
Achsah Burrus daughter of John and Polly Clark was born Nov'r 2nd day 1804
Polly Burrus daughter of Tho's an Achsah Burrus was born Nov'r 3rd day 1829
John Burrus son of Tho's R. and Achsah Burrus was born August 21st day 1836

Tho's R. and Achsah Burrus was married February 28th 1828
Wilson W. Norman and Mary Burrus were married June 13th 1849.
Mary Norman widow of Wilson W. Norman married Jremiah R. R. Selby May 1862
J.T.B. Hoover, son of E.D.& Mary E. Hoover was married to Melissa Norman daughter of W.W. Norman & Mary his wife on the 10th day of Nov. A.D. 1869.

(Following line was crossed off)
Mary Alice daughter of J.T.B. & Melissa C. Hoover, his Wife, was born on the evening of the 27th of February Anno Domini 1871.

John Burrus son of Tho's R. an Achsah Burrus died Sept'r 11th day 1836
Thomas R. Burrus departed this life 23d April 1851. Age 48 years, 1 Mo. 27 Days
Achsah Burrus wife of Thos. R. Burrus departed this life December 13th 1872. Aged 68 years 1 month and 11 days
Jeremiah R. Selby died
Hattie W. Rivers daughter of W.W. Norman and Mary his wife died Oct. 7th 1901 in Raleigh, N.C.
Mary Selby died April 26th 1903 in Henderson, N.C.

(There is one more page which is extremely difficult to read)
?______? born Feb[?] 24th 1852 Susan child Susan born 8th ??? ?6 years old 1854?
[phrase illegible] for 9 years old 1851



Crawford C. Currin Family Bible

The family Bible of Crawford C. Currin 1912

Roger LeeRoye Currin
to Cora Sue Nelson
Place and date: John Watkins July 26, 1919

Lonnie Urvan Currin
to Louisa Allie Leavister
Place and date: Mrs. D.A. Moore's Feb. 13, 1921

Williamson Crawford Currin
to Nina Estelle McCall
Place and date: Chase City VA Dec. 27, 1930

George Tunstall Currin
to Madge Inez Lockey
Place and date: Henderson, NC, Aug. 30, 1941

NAMES OF CHILDREN - Dates of Births
Roger Leeroye Currin - Sept. 8, 1899
Lonnie Urvan Currin - July 4, 1901
John Beverly Currin - July 12, 1906
Carrie Evannah Currin - Nov. 22, 1907
Williamson Crawford Currin - Nov. 26, 1909
George Tunstall Currin - July 16, 1911
Lambert Currin - Feb. 21, 1913
Embro Currin - June 16, 1915
Oscar Harvy Currin - Nov. 17, 1917
Minnie Sue Currin - Apr 7, 1919
Paul Taylor Currin - Dec. 14, 1921

Minnie Belle Currin Aug. 28, 1959
Crawford C. Currin April 21, 1962
Beverly Thomas Williamson Jan. 17, 1905
Evannah Ida Frazier Williams Jan. 25, 1933
Carrie Evannah Currin Dec. 27, 1907
John Beverly Currin April 7, 1921
Oscar Harvey Currin Sept. 20, 1948
Williamson Crawford Currin May 19, 1967



Hall Family Bible

Mary F. Hall, 1 Nov 1811, about 2 o'clock in the morn.
Hannah Jane Hall 1816 Nov 22 Friday morning 5 o'clock -Mrs. Augustus Steele
Samuel Cannady Hall, 12 minutes after 8 A.M. Oct 29, 1901 - Parents J.G. Hall & Helen
Henry Leslie Perry, 1887, Parents A.S. Hall & Pansy
John Greene Hall, May 9th 1898, Henderson, N.C.
Augustus Steele Hall, Jan. 20th 1901, Parents Betsy Cheek & A.S. Hall
Fritz Cheek Hall, Oct. 9th 1903
Alice Mutter Hall, Dec. 11th 1905
John Perry Hall, 7 P.M. Aug 23d 1903, Parents John & Helen Hall
William Watters Hall, Sept. 1 1907, Parents John & Helen Hall
Sarah Hall, Oct 1 1909, Parents John & Helen Hall
Augustus Steele Hall, March 10, 1914, Tuesday night 7:30 o'clock, Parents John & Helen C. Hall

Sarah Russ Hall died Jan 24th 1908, Wife of John Green Hall
Henry Leslie Perry, son of Janie Hall & Henry Perry, died June 4, 1923, Henderson, NC
Augustus Steele Hall, Oct 16th 1902
Fritz Cheek Hall, Dec. 3rd 1955, Raleigh, NC
Alice Mutter Hall, Mar. 14, 1949; Parents A.S. & Betsy Cheek Hall
Helen C. Hall, Wednesday, No. 28, 1925
William Watters Hall, Sept 4, 1908, Parents Helen Cannady & John G.Hall
Augustus Steele Hall, Feb. 13, 1937 at 3:15 A.M. at Asheville, N.C., Parents J.G. & Helen C. Hall

Susan Wright Hall, November 13th 1849 at 12 o'clock in the day, Tuesday
Julia Watters Hall, January 3rd 1852 1/4 before 12 o'clock at night, Saturday
Mary Watters Hall, March 15th Wednesday night about 12 o'clock 1854
John Green Hall, Wednesday night 12 o'clock January 16th 1856; parents J.G. & Sarah Russ Hall
Augustus Steel Hall, Tuesday night 11 A.M. 55 minutes, December 28th 1858; Parents J.G. & Sarah Russ Hall
Jane Hall, Good Friday, 1/2 after 9 in the morning, April 18th 1863

Susan Wright Hall, April 15th 1919 at 25 minutes to one o'clock A.M. Tuesday
Julia Watters Hall, October 31st,1853, 3 o'clock in the morning, Monday
Mary Watters Hall, June 5th, 1879, Thursday night about ten minutes after 11 o'clock
John Green Hall died at Oxford, N.C. Friday A.M. 5:30 May 20, 1932, age 76 yrs.
Augustus Steel Hall, Thursday afternoon 6 o'clock, Oct. 20, 1938, Oxford, N.C.
Betsy Cheek Hall wife of Augustus Steel Hall, January 23, 1858, 3 A.m., Oxford, N.C.
Jane Hall Perry, March 3rd 1945, Henderson, N.C.

Julia Hall, Nov 13th 1796, or Mrs. Watters
John Green Hall, Thursday morning 10 o'clock, the 18th of March 1802
Wm Peter Hall, Thursday night, 10 o'clock the 13th of December 1804
Stephen Hall, 1808, Tuesday 7th of June about 3 o'clock in the afternoon

William Hall Senr, May 1st 3 o'clock in the evening 1826
John Green Hall, Monday evening, at day dawn Sep 23d 1867
Lydia Daniel Hall, Wednesday Nov 11th 1/4 after six in the evening 1835

John G Hall and Sarah Russ Nov 9th 1848
Jane (or Janie) Hall and Henry Perry Nov. 28 [no year listed]
Augustus Steele Hall & Bettie Ridley Cheek Apr 28th 1897
John Greene Hall & Helen Elizabeth Cannady Dec. 19th 1900, Oxford, NC
Samuel Cannady Hall & Mary Elizabeth Powell Jan 17, 1930 Oxford, NC
John Perry Hall & Daisy Strong Cooper May 6, 1930
John Greene Hall and Mary Green, February 28, 1930, Iowa

Note at top of page:
April - 1941 - Date these next 20 pages put in, By SAM C. HALL.

Samuel Cannady Hall Jr. about 1:30 P.M. October 30, 1930 son of Mary E. Powell and Sam C. Hall - Oxford, NC

Samuel Cannady Hall Jr. about 9:30 P.M. December 5th 1933 at Mt Pleasan Hospital- Durham, NC - Buried at Oxford, NC

Parents A.S. Hall and Pansy R. Cheek
Henry Leslie Perry Hall May 21, 1908 - Oxford, NC

Merrill Wesley Hall, Aug. 13, 1927 -Mendota, Missouri
MARRIED - Rosalie Yowauman, July 7, 1951

Dr. William Wake Shelton Jr.
Born November 15, 1927
Died Oct 21, 1960- Buried Clarksville, VA

Note: This bible contains several pages with Births after 1930 which I have not transcribed. See original Bible for that information




George W. Kittrell Family Bible

George W. Kittrell (father of the foregoing was born in 1790 -died 1869
Elizabeth (his wife) Iverson Boswell was born 1808 - died in 1847 Dec 25th in her 39th year
Ruth Ann Nen Kittrell was born June the fifth eighteen hundred and twenty nine (1829)
George William Kittrell was born June the first eighteen hundred and thirty two (1832)
John Boswell Kittrell was born July the nineteenth (19th) (1834) eighteen hundred and thirty four
Benjamin Kittrell died in Sept 1882
John Boswell Kittrell died in 1873- Christmas Dec 25th
Ann Kittrell Hicks died 6th Sept 1851
Mary Catharine Kittrell was born April the eighth (8th) eighteen hundred and forty two -1842
Adela Christmas Thomas Kittrell was born twenty fifth of November eighteen hundred and forty four (Nov. 25th 1844)
Caroline Elisabeth Kittrell died the seventh of August eighteen hundred and thirty seven - age one year and twenty days
Adela Christmas Thomas Kittrell died June the sixth eighteen hundred and forty five (June 6th 1845) age six (6) months and twelve (12) days
Ruth A.N. Kittrell was born June the (5) fifth eighteen hundred and twenty nine (1829)
Caroline Elizabeth Kittrell Kittrell was born March the twentieth (20th) eighteen hundred and thirty six (1836)
Benjamin Kittrell was born the third January eighteen hundred and thirty eight (1838)
Sarah James Churchill Kittrell was born January the twenty ninth eighteen hundred and forty (1840) Jan 29th)
Mary Catharine Kittrell died in seventeenth year- Sept. 1858

(Note: some entries in Bible are duplicates which I have not copied)



Kittrell- Perry Family Bible Records

Extracted from the Church Register of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Ridgeway, Warren Co,N.C.

October 10, 1885, Saturday forenoon at the residence of the Parents, in Henderson, Vance Co, N.. By the Rev. William S. Pettigrew, Pastor of the Chapel at Ridgeway, Baptised Bennett Hester Perry, son of Redding and Fanny Perry.

Born Nov. 3, 1884, in Granville County, N.C.
Sponsors- Henry Perry, Mr. David Y. Cooper, and Mrs. A.C. Zollicoffer.
Baptized in the Parish of the Holy Innocents, of which the Rev. Julian E. Ingle is the Rector.

Redding Perry and Fannie C. Hester were married Feb 23rd 1881
Robert Gilliam Kittrell & Mary Memucan Perry married Dec. 31, 1919
Bennett Hester Perry & Katharine Driver married April 17, 1923
Redding Francis Peerry & Constance Sattergrave E. Roberts married Nov 23, 1932
Louis Arthur Finney & Frances C. Perry
Robert C. Kittrell Jr & Katherine Tudor Willcox- April 16, 1953

Redding Perry Born Apr 19th 1855
Fannie C. Hester was born July 15th 1861
Leah Hilliard daughter of Redding & Fannie C. Perry was born Feb 11th 1883
Bennett Hester son of Redding and Fannie C. Perry was born Nov 23rd 1884
Mary Memucan Perry daughter of R & F Perry born Apr 22d 1887
Redding Francis Perry son of Redding Fannie Perry was born Dec 4th 1891
Isabella Hester Perry daughter of Redding & Fannie Perry was born Nov. 24th 1892
Robert Gilliam Kittrell Jr. son of Mary and Robert G. Kittrell born Oct. 2, 1921
Infant son of Bennett H. & Katharine D. Perry born March 27 1924
Bennette Hester Perry Jr. son of Bennette H. & K.D. Perry born April 16 1929

Redding Perry died Feb 5 1896
Infant son of B.H. & K.D. Perry died March 27 1924
Frances Cooper Hester wife of Redding Perry died June 28 1941
Katharine Diane Perry wife of B. H. Perry died Dec 18 1945
Bennett H. Perry died June 21 1963
Leah H. Perry died Aug 2, 1964
R. G. Kittrell husband of Mary Perry died April 22, 1957 Born 1877
Mary Perry Kittrell died October 19, 1973; Born April 22, 1887
Isabel Hester Perry, October 1976




Thomas and Tabitha Jordan Family Bible

Thomas Jordan, died Jan. 15, 1840 in his 79th year.
Tabitha Jordan, wife of Thomas Jordan, died May 13, 1855 in the 79th year of her age.
Margaret Jordan departed this life July 18, 1835.
James Jordan died Oct. 1872.
James W. Jordan, was married to Ann M. Steed, April 3, 1857, daughter of Martha C. and Captain Abner Steed, Warren Co.,N.C.
John Wortham - Elisabeth
Mary H.A. Jordan daughter of Ann M. and James W. Jordan was born April 21, 1862, in Warren Co. N.C.

The above records are taken from Tabitha Jordan's Bible published in 1818.
Thomas Jordan and Tabitha Jordan were the great grandparents of Thomas Wiggins of Henderson, N.C. His paternal grandmother was Mary Jordan and his maternal grandmother was Lucy Jordan.
Mary H.A. Jordan, daughter of Ann Steed and James W. Jordan married Rev. Willie Rose. Their sons are Junius Rose, who married Eleanor Ann, of Franklinton, Junius Rose, Supt. of Schools, Greenville, N.C. His daughter Nancy Rose, married Hall Terrell.
Tabitha Jordan was granddaughter of John Marshall, daughter of Mary Marshall and John Wortham.

These records were sent by Alienne Wiggins, Chairman Genealogical Research, Old Bute Chapter D.A.R. Henderson, N.C.



William Roberson Family Bible

[Note: Includes Slave Births & Marriages]
Negro Elixander was borned September 25 day 1838
Negro James Alston was borned March the 20th day 1839
Negro Tolbert John was born July the 21st 1841
Negro Tolbert was born March 30th 1842
Negro Handy was born on February the first Sunday 1843

Wm. Roberson dyed the 11th of May 1845
Kate by W.W. Roberson his son
Susan Caroline Lucinda Roberson daughter of W.W. Roberson & Lucinda his wife was born the 20th day of April 1855
W.W. Roberson went in to camp on the 8th day of Oct 1863 as a soldier

Sally Outlaw died October the 8th 1872
Sarah Francis Roberson daughter of Wm. W. Roberson and Lucinda his wife died November the 16th 1868
Thomas E. Chaney died November 1869
William W. Roberson died Sept the 1st 1875

Wm. George Daniel Roberson son of W.W. Roberson & Lucinda was born January the 30th 1859
Susan Magnolia Roberson daughter of W.W. Roberson & Lucinda his wife was bornd November the 11th 1861
William Joseph Andrews son of Joseph Andrews and Harriet his wife was born February the 25th 1870

The ages of the sons and daughters of William Roberson and Sally his wife
Harriet Adaline Roberson was born June the 24th in 1815
Sinthey Caroline Roberson daughter of William Roberson was born June the 23th in 1817
William Wynns Roberson of William Roberson was born September the 1 day 1819
George Outlaw Roberson of William Roberson was born December the 1 day 1821
Henry Daniel Roberson son of William Roberson was born October the 10th in 1824
Emeline Elisabeth Roberson daughter of William Roberson was born January the 10th in 1827
Salley Ann Lovena Roberson daughter of William Roberson was April the 10th in 1834

William Roberson and Salley Winns was married May the 18th 1813
Salley Wynns was born 1792 October the last day
Granbary Barnhill as born in the date February the 16th in 1811

Negro Harriet was born April the 5th 1853
Negro Penina was born January the 10th 1854
Negro Liser was born in August in 1835
Negro Artemissa was born in September in 1837
Negro Ardin was born in January the 5th in 1837
Negro Nansey was born April the 7th in 1818
Negro Winsor was born September the 7th 1822
Isaac was born May the 30th 1823

William Henry Daniel son of Lineer Daniel was born February the 9th 1840
George Benjamin Daniel son of Linnear Danniel was born January the 17 in 1842
Sara Emilison daughter of Lanier Daniel was born April the 8th 1844
Thomas Wynns Roberson son of Wm. W. Roberson was bornd November the 25th 1844
William Mack Daniel a son of Kenneth Daniel & Elizabeth his wife was bornd October the 25 1846
Harriet Louesar Roberson a daughter of W.W. Roberson and Lucinda his wife was bornd July the 14th 1847
Samuel Conrite a son of W.W. Roberson & Lucinda his wife was born August the 22nd 1850
Ann Levena Roberson a daughter of W.W. Roberson & Lucinda his wife was bornd the 12th day of April 1853

Father's Grandparents
Grandfather's Mother - Louisa Godard
Grandmother's Mother - Charlotte Isabell Hatton, born 1836

Mother's Grandparents
Grandfather's Mother - Susanna Hatton
Grandmother's Father - Samuel Henry Hatton

Father's Father - Eli H. Robertson
Father's Mother - Fannie Godard
Mother's Father - James Henry Ellison, born 1833
Mother's Mother - Charlotte Isabell Ellison, born 1836

Jos. L. Robertson, born 4/8/1858, Williamston, NC
Susan Emma Ellison, born 6/3/1862, Williamston, NC -died 3/15/48, Williamston

Hayward L.Robertson, born 10/1/16, Ahoskie, NC - Married 5/25/47 to Marion Pottage
Sallie Baker Robertson, born 9/3/25, Ahoskie,NC - Married 6/18/44 to Jack Faucette
Richard Blake Robertson, born 7/28/29, Ahoskie, NC


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