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1890 Vance County Veterans Schedule


List of Vance County Residents who were Civil War Veterans

Dabney Village:  
Robert T. ATWOOD 4 Years Service
Henderson Township:  
Benjamin BROWN 11 Months Service
Hulbert H. WALDEN  
William H. REAVIS 1 Month Service  
James CAUDLE 3 Years Service
Augustus A. WATKINS 3 Years,  9 Months, 8 Days Service
Richard WILSON 3 Years, 29 Days Service
Williamsboro Township:  
Fannie F. DYER Widow
John W. DAVIS 4 Years Service
William A. DAVIS 1 Year Service
William D. DUKE 4 Years,  2 Months Service  
John B. EAVENS 1 Year Service
Richard A. EAVENS 5 Months Service
Granvill GRESHAM 4 Years Service
Thomas W. HENDRICKS 3 Years Service
John W. HICKS 3 Years Service
Robert W. KNOTT 1 Year, 6 Months Service
Stephen G. KNOTT 3 Years Service
George M. LANDIS 4 Years, 2 Months Service
Mary C. NORWOOD Widow
Robert G. NORWOOD 4 Years Service
John M. PARKER 4 Years Service
John W. RICE 3 Years Service
Mary J. SHOTWELL Widow
Major SMITH 3 Years Service
Peter B. SNEED 4 Years Service
Julious T. THOMPSON  
Joe W. VEAL 4 Years Service
F. M. WOODY 1 Year, 3 Months Service

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