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Vance County Marriage Register 1881-1898

Surnames: L

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Transcribed from microfilm C.098.63001 of the Vance Co. Marriage Register from the NC State Archives

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LAMM, ZebVance Co. Feb. 08, 189821 WWATKINS, DoraVance Co. 18WS. H. Allen, JP Feb. 08, 1898Henderson Twp. S. G. Kelly, Charlotte Kelly
LANCASTER, JamesVance Co. Mar. 09, 189550W CLAFTON, LucyVance Co. 30WW. E. Gray, JP Mar. 09, 1895Henderson Twp. S. H. Allen, A. G. Daniel, J. E. Young
LANCASTER, L. E. Franklin Co. Jan. 22, 189842W CUNNINGHAM, DellaVance Co. 27WJ. H. Hufham, JP Jan. 26, 1898William Cunningham's E. TE. T. Currin, M. J. Newton, H. P. Newton
LANDIS, T. L.Vance Co. Feb. 20, 188524B ALLEN, HarrietVance Co. 20BJohn J. Pegram, JP Mar. 04, 1885T. L. Landis Wm. Y. Duke, Simon ????
LANE, WileyFranklin Co. Dec. 25, 189422B BURWELL, SallieVance Co. 18BJ. A. Hawkins, MG Dec. 26, 1894Sandy Creek Twp. J. H. Blacknall, Wm. Taylor, ???????
LANGFORD, LewisVance Co. Dec. 11, 188529W ROSE, Emma L.Vance Co. 18WL. J. Holden, MG Jan. 23, 1885John Rose Jno. Cole, Mary Jordan, John Rose
LANGLEY, HawkinsVance Co. Nov. 23, 188925B HARGROVE, LucyVance Co. 19BC. J. Burton, JP Nov. 23, 1889Hay'd Harris' J. W. Plummer, J. J. Edwards, M.A. Plummer
LANGSTON, John Jr. Nov. 25, 1882 22WHARRIS, Mary D. Middleburg T.21 WJno. W. Primrose, MG Nov. 29, 1882S.P. Harris ?????
LANIER, JohnVance Co. Nov. 04, 189140B KNOTT, AmandaVance Co. 28BRobt. VanDeventer, MG Nov. 04, 1891Henderson R. Henderson, C.J. Henderson, H. C. Knott
LASSITER, B. F.Vance Co. Dec. 22, 188629B PASCHALL, AnnieVance Co. 18BAlexander Sprunt, MG Dec. 22, 1886the Col. Baptist Church A.L. Satterwhite, O.G. Gregory, R. Reavis
LASSITER, James H. Jr.Vance Co. Aug. 11, 189620W FAUCETT, Ellen DanielVance Co. 18WJunious M. Horner, MG Aug. 11, 1896Henderson, NC J. H. Tucker, Thos. G. Horner, G. C. Lamb
LASSITER, Jas. G.Franklin Co. Jan. 20, 189421W BROWN, MargieVance Co. 19WS. W. Duke, JP Jan. 25, 1894Epsom, NC Effie Duke, W. T. Garret, J. P. Stainback
LASSITER, SpencerFranklin Co. Oct. 10, 189320W LASSITER, SusieVance Co. 19WS. W. Duke, JP Oct. 11, 1893Epsom, NC W. O. Cunningham, D. H. Dickin, A. W. Dickin
LEE, Robt. E.Craven Co. Mar. 11, 189131B HAYES, Sarah E.Vance Co. 20BS. H. Allen, JP Mar. 12, 1891Henderson E. G. Finch, J. Steele, Parry Finch
LEE, WilliamVance Co. Oct. 25, 189036B CARROLL, EllaVance Co. 23BRev. James G. Gardner Oct. 25, 1890Henderson Warren Caliss, C. Richardson, Amey Williams
LEMAY, AllenVance Co. Dec. 24, 189720B LEWIS, LucyVance Co. 18BW. R. Fuller, JP Dec. 29, 1897My house W. H. Wade, L. A. Wiggins, B. F. Rowland
LEVEY, James W.Vance Co. Nov. 22, 188725B FREEBORN, Martha B.Vance Co. 21BC. H. Smith, MG Nov. 22, 1887Kittrell W. B. Chavis, Thomas O'Bryant, Taylor
LEWIS(?), Narh?Vance Co. Apr. 30, 188424B JEFFRESS, NannieVance Co. ?B????? Apr. 30, 1884Henderson H. Cousins, A. Parham
LEWIS, AronVance Co. Jul. 13, 188325B BROWN, Polly AnnVance Co. 30BR. A. Jenkins, JP Jul. 14, 1883Williamsboro W. Bullock, Robt Field, Simon Harrison
LEWIS, Chas. A.Vance Co. Oct. 24, 188827W SMOOT, CarrieVance Co. 19WAlexander Sprunt, MG Oct. 24, 1888Henderson, Presb.Chch. P. T. Jones, Zola C. Green, W. E. Gray
LEWIS, Geo. W.Vance Co. Jan. 26, 189538B MALONE, MaryVance Co. 20BEdmund Bullock, MG Jan. 27, 1895Williamsboro James Young, James Aren, ?? Marrow
LEWIS, GlosterVance Co. Dec. 18, 188660B CROSS, RebeccaVance Co. 35BW. P. Hayes, MG Dec. 30, 1886Sasfras Fork William Harris, Charles Pettford
LEWIS, JamesVance Co. Dec. 18, 188621B JEFFERSON, MaryVance Co. 19BJ. M. B. Hunt, JP Dec. 20, 1886Townsville Jessie Alston, Sam Walker, A. Hamilton
LEWIS, JamesVance Co. Mar. 14, 189628B HENDERSON, MargaretteVance Co. 20BEdmund Bullock, MG Mar. 15, 1896Cooper Henderson's E.L. Henderson, Willie Bullock, J. H. Paschall
LEWIS, JamesVance Co. Dec. 16, 189621B HARRIS, Mary Vance Co. 19BI. R. Fuller, JP Dec. 16, 1896William Booth's res. P.E. Rowland, O. H. Parham, W. T. Parham
LEWIS, JamesVance Co. Dec. 23, 188921B JORDAN, ClaraVance Co. 21BRev. Paul Yancey Dec. 24, 1889Jno. Jordan's G. J. Vanlandingham, H. Davis. Jos. H. Green
LEWIS, JamesVance Co. May 17, 189328B PETTIFORD, NannieVance Co. 22BJ. M. B. Hunt, JP May 20, 1893Townsville Nat Newton, Tom Strum, Wm. Overby
LEWIS, JoeTownsville Twp. Apr. 11, 188225B HARGROVE, HesterTownsville 19BJ. M. B. Hunt, JP Apr. 12, 1882Col. Jno. Hargrove C.W. Hargrove, R. Newby, Henderson Alston
LEWIS, John Jr.Vance Co. Nov. 24, 188521B BOYD, JuliaVance Co. 18BB. Young, MG Nov. 25, 1885Buck Boyd's Charlie Harris, Kelly Harris
LEWIS, P. L. May 27, 1887 22BMAYO, Maggie Vance Co.20 BJ. H. Edwards, JP May 27, 1887Henderson Berry Williams, Emma Mayo
LEWIS, RobtVance Co. Jul. 04, 189450B THOMAS, CoraVance Co. 39BJohn J. Pegram, JP Jul. 05, 1894Middleburg G. L. W. Pegram, C. A. Pegra, R. F. Green
LEWIS, SamVance Co. Feb. 14, 188326B GILL, MarthaVance Co.  BJ. A. Ashe, MG Mar. 28, 1883Albert Chambers res. W. H. Perry, W.B. Hans???, W. H. Grandy
LEWIS, Samuel A.Vance Co. Dec. 21, 189522B JEFFRIES, Sallie B.Vance Co. 19BM. B. Harris, JP Dec. 21, 1895M. B. Harris residence Phillip H. Lewis, L. Anderson, J.M. Harris
LEWIS, William HenryVance Co. Mar. 02, 188725B DAVIS, SabinaVance Co. 19BLewis Allen, Baptist Prchr. Mar. 03, 1887Middleburg Wilson Hicks, L. Jordan, Henry Hawkins
LEWIS, Wm. L.Vance Co. Jun. 25, 189657B BOYD, NannieVance Co. 45BS. H. Allen, JP Jun. 25, 1896Henderson, NC O. B. Harris, W. H. Alston, Wm. Henderson
LINK, ArchVance Co. Mar. 19, 189219B PEACE, OnyVance Co. 16BJefferson Burnell, MG May 04, 1892Henry Peace's W. L. Peace, C. H. Peace, Nick Browder
LINK, GilbertVance Co. May 10, 189222B PEACE, MaryVance Co. 20BJefferson Burnell, MG May 12, 1892Henry Peace's W. L. Peace, C. H. Peace, Nick Browder
LINK, Henry P.Vance Co. May 26, 189726B PEACE, FannieVance Co. 21BJ. P. Hunt, JP May 26, 1897J. P. Hunt's E. G. Hunt, E. H. Hunt, Anna L. Hunt
LINK, Robert H.Vance Co. Apr. 18, 189625B GARNER, CarrieVance Co. 24BT. H. Burwell, MG Apr. 18, 1896Kittrell Braxton Gill, J. H. Thorp, W. H. Ward
LINTHICUM, Hill C.Henderson T Jul. 30, 188323W FREEBORN, LizzieHenderson 18WJno. W. Primrose, MG Jul. 30, 1883Mrs. M. Freeborn E.L. Smith, Jas. McLemore?, F. E. Young
LLOYD, L. D.Vance Co. Feb. 01, 189737W BOWLING, NannieVance Co. 21WJ. D. Hufham, MG Feb. 02, 1897Monroe Bowling's C. Gordon, J. R. Turner, J. H. Owen
LLOYD, LonyVance Co. Oct. 17, 188821W AYSCUE, AmandaVance Co. 25WG. W. Coppedge, MG Oct. 17, 1888Bethel Church, S. Creek T.S. West, James M. West, M. S. West, B.T. Stainback
LOUGHLIN, J. J.Vance Co. Jan. 12, 188921W TUNSTALL, Sue EVance Co. 18WRobt. VanDeventer, MG Jan. 23, 1889Her Home L. H. Landford, R. P. Reavis, J. H. Perdue
LOVE, JohnVance Co. Feb. 20, 189221B CHEEK, Pattie L.Vance Co. 18BC. J. Henderson, MG Feb. 21, 1892Benjamin Lassiter's W. S. Davis, Emma Hicks, Ludella Richardson
LOWERY, N. P.Franklin Co. Dec. 21, 189121W WOODLIEF, IdaVance Co. 18WRev. M. R. Pernell, Bapt. Dec. 23, 1891Kittrell; Bride's Father's W. E. Hight, J. W. Woodlief, R. T. Johnston
LYD, Jas. T.Vance Co. Feb. 05, 189524W RANES, LulaVance Co. 17WSolon Southerland, JP Feb. 13, 1895Sandy Creek Twp. S. P. Phipps, R. W. Nuckles, J. W. Thurston
LYMAN, HenryWarren Co. Jan. 23, 189422W WIGGINS, MaryVance Co. 21WRobt. VanDeventer, MG Feb. 07, 1894Home of Bride Joe B. Wortham, B. F. Poyner, B. S. Reavis
LYON, IsaacGranville Co. Dec. 23, 188721B MEADOWS, MarthaVance Co. 18BD. McRae, MG Dec. 24, 1887Townsville C. Towns, Jas. MacRae, James N?????
LYONS, HarveyGranville Co. Sep. 16, 189624B HECK, LizzieVance Co. 22BW. H. Shaw, MG Sep. 16, 1896Harvey Lyon's Leonard Jordan, J. W. Purdy, Alfred Jones
LYONS, PeterVance Co. Nov. 25, 189523B BULLOCK, FannieVance Co. 19BEdmund Bullock, MG Nov. 27, 1895Nutbush Twp. J. H. Paschall, E. W. Bullock, Early Young

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