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Vance County Marriage Register 1881-1898

Surnames: O

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Transcribed from microfilm C.098.63001 of the Vance Co. Marriage Register from the NC State Archives

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OBEY, WillieVance Co.Dec. 30, 188521 BBOSWELL, MollieVance Co.19 BJ. A. Sumlar, MGDec. 30, 1885My Resident J. Taylor, E. Cheatham, P. Blackwell
O'BRYANT, ThomasVance Co.Jan. 28, 189856 BGOOCH, MariahVance Co.30 BH. M. Hight, JPFeb. 28, 1898St. Mary's Church R. K. Young, S. G. Stainback, J. T. Moss
O'NIEL, S. W.Vance Co.Dec. 01, 188721 WSHORT, MarthaVance Co.20 WSolon Southerland, JPDec. 01, 1887Amis Mills S. H. Bledsoe, Jas. L. Aycock
OSBORNE, Ed H.Vance Co.Aug. 13, 189422 WKNOTT, Lizzie A.Vance Co.19 WJ. F. Dosier, MGAug. 13, 1894Dabney Twp L. W. Burroughs, W. B. Burroughs
OUTLAW, D. O. Vance Co.Mar. 189324 BSCOTT, LoucretiaVance Co.18 BH. B. Plummer, MGMar. 16, 1893Henderson, NC T. S. Eaton, J. M. Mayfield, Boyd Paschall
OVERBY, AmosVance Co.Dec. 24, 189035 BKNOTT, AnnieVance Co.33 BJames L. Gardner, MGDec. 24, 1890George Knott's Morsel Knott, David Bullock, H. H. Knott
OVERBY, J. W. Jan. 15, 188527W REED, Sarah G. 26WJohn T. Gibbs, MG Jan. 18, 1885J. C. Reed'sChas. Macon, J. H. Fuller, W. R. Kittrell
OVERBY, JohnWake Co.Jun. 01, 189227 BROGERS, JennieVance Co.23 BT. H. Burwell, MGJun. 01, 1892Kittrell Baptist Church Jno R. Hawkins, C. G. Kelly, G. H. Hall
OVERBY, John R.Vance Co.Oct. 26, 189830 WEDWARDS, AddieVance Co.36 WW. W. Ellis, JPOct. 26, 1898Kittrell Twp. T. T. Ellis, J. A. Pardue, W. A. Pardue
OVERBY, John T.Vance Co.Jan. 31, 188921 WCAUDLE, Alice R.Vance Co.19 WT. J. Taylor, MGFeb. 06, 1889J. M. Caudle's W. H. Burwell, M.P. Burroughs
OVERBY, Lewis Feb. 11, 188520B TOWNS, Matilda 15BJ. M. B. Hunt, JP Feb. 17, 1885Isaac TownsJ. E. Alston, Isaac Towns, James Taylor
OVERBY, W. J.Vance Co.Feb. 29, 188436 WMATTHEWS, H. L.Vance Co.29 WJ. M. B. Hunt, JPMar. 06, 1884Bride's mother W. R. Wilson, L. E. Tippett, C. H. Tippett
OVERTON, JosephGranville Co.Dec. 31, 188125 WDICKERSON, MarthaVance Co.24 WW. A. BennettJan. 10, 1882Wm Dickerson Benj. Smith, R. Hight, W. H. Lattimore

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