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Vance County Marriage Register 1881-1898

Surnames: N

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Transcribed from microfilm C.098.63001 of the Vance Co. Marriage Register from the NC State Archives

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NASH, James M.Vance Co.Nov. 17, 188522 BJORDAN, Mary Ann 23B J. J. Pegram, JPNov. 18, 1885Mollie Alexander'sSam'l W. Harris, Alfred Landis
NASH, W. T. Granville Co.Oct. 07, 188933 WBREEDLOVE, N. T.Vance Co.23 WJohn H. Hall, MGOct. 09, 1889N. F. Breedlove's J. C. Wilson, S. S. Woodlief, C. J. Bobbitt
NEAL, W. A.Vance Co.Dec. 28, 189531 WDUKE, EffieVance Co.21 WSolon Southerland, JPDec. 29, 1895Sandy Creek Twp. T. L. Gooch, W. B. Daniel, R. F. Greene
NEATHERLY, RichMecklenburg, VADec. 07, 189421 WROBERSON, AnnieVance Co.20 WJ. M. B. Hunt, JPDec. 17, 1894Townesville Twp. James Roberson, H. C. Compton, J. E. Hunt
NELSON, MattTownesvilleJan. 20, 188236 BTHOMAS, Sallie 18B Thomas Bullock, MGJan. 25, 1882Residence Bride's father J. R. Short, P. H. Davis, E. L. Alston
NEWCOMB, A. P.Vance Co.Jan. 18, 189734 WSTALLINGS, Mattie B.Vance Co.25 WAlpheus McCullen, MGJan. 20, 1897Henderson, NC N. B. Thomas, Thos. G. Harris, Lelia Macomb
NEWELL, George M.Vance Co.Dec. 17, 188522 WCOGHILL, Lizzie L. 17W A. C. Harris, MGDec. 22, 1885M. O. ChurchF. S. Harris, F. T. Ward, A. L. Bennett
NEWELL, Hugh L.Vance Co.Jan. 05, 189135 WDURHAM, MinnieVance Co.18 WA. G. Daniel, JPJan. 05, 1891A. G. Daniel's H. H. Kittrell, Minnie C. Daniel, Lucy Reavis
NEWTON, JamesVance Co.Dec. 20, 189026 BWARREN, EllenVance Co.18 BJ. J. Pegram, JPDec. 21, 1890Francis Evans' Jno. W. Pegram, Frank Sommerville, D. Bullock
NEWTON, Lewis G.Vance Co.Dec. 18, 188323 WROBERSON, Dora G. 18W J. J. Pegram, JPDec. 19, 1883Aley RobersonIda Roberson, O.P. Wortham, H. J. Reavis
NEWTON, Thomas H.Vance Co.Feb. 11, 189657 WSTEGALL, ElizaVance Co.37 WM. B. Harris, JPFeb. 16, 1896E. S. Boyd's residence C. Gordan, E. S. Boyd, J. T. Short
NEWTON, WillieGranville Co.Dec. 11, 188623 WFRANKLIN, L. A.Vance Co.18 WS. S. Cooper, JPDec. 22, 1886A. Wilkerson's C. H. Brame, J. F. Hicks, J. T. Hicks
NICHOLSON, JoeWake Co.May 09, 188822 BHESTER, SallieVance Co.21 BRes. Paul YanceyMay 09, 1888Middleburg R. L. Bennett, T. H. Crocker, D. P. Alexander
NORWARD, Daniel H.Granville Co.Dec. 29, 1887 24WCOTTRELL, JennieVance Co. 21WDaniel H. NorwardJan. 18, 1888 David CottrellH. T. Norward, James R. Turner, J. R. Snow
NORWOOD, J. W.Vance Co.Dec. 01, 188920 WKNOTT, N. G.Vance Co.21 WJ. A. Stradley, MGDec. 18, 1889S. G. Knott's M. H. Davis, W. D. Hicks, R. G. Norwood
NORWOOD, RobertVance Co.Jul. 03, 189319 WKNOTT, Sarah M.Vance Co.17 WJ. A. Stradley, MGJul. 14, 1893Williamsboro, NC S. D. Knott, D. W. Knott, M. E. Norwood
NUCKLES, Jas. T.Sandy CreekDec. 13, 188121 WEDWARDS, SusieVance Co.21 WJ. L. Hulden, MGDec. 14, 1881Res. Joe Orrells S.P. Phipps, W. P. Nuckles, Joe Orrell
NUCKLES, RobertVance Co.Dec. 22, 189418 WEVANS, LinnVance Co.24 WW. W. Rose, MGDec. 23, 1894Sandy Creek Twp. L. A. Langford, J. J. Laughlin, J. J. N. Tunstall
NUTALL, Edward W.Vance Co.Jul. 24, 189424 WBUNN, C. MaudVance Co.20 WM. D. Hix, MGJul. 25, 1894W. A. Butt's residence W. A. Butt, Maggie Shaw, Lelia Nash

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