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Vance County Marriage Register 1881-1898

Surnames: K

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Transcribed from microfilm C.098.63001 of the Vance Co. Marriage Register from the NC State Archives

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KEARNEY, JohnVance Co.Dec. 19, 1894 24BFERRY, MaryVance Co.19BC. J. Henderson, MGDec. 19, 1894 Henderson Twp. W.H. Burwell, Allen Davis, Owen Davis
KEARNEY, JohnVance Co.Sep. 03, 1898 21B JACKSON, NannieVance Co.19BJames R. Heck, MGSep. 07, 1898Billie Roberson's Henry Allen, Fanny Taylor, B. Mayfield
KEARNEY, MackVance Co.Jan. 03, 1891 23B HARRIS, HannaVance Co.18BC. J. Henderson, MGJan. 07, 1891W. Bevlin's R. P. Jones, W. H. E. Jones, S.A. Henderson
KEARNEY, PhillipVance Co.Oct. 29, 1892 57B HAWKINS, AnnieVance Co.37BJames L. Gardner, MGOct. 30, 1892Henderson, NC Tom Parrish, Lewis H. Hick, R. B. Myrick
KEARNEY, R. N.Vance Co.Oct. 17, 1893 21W HOLDEN, DoraVance Co.19WB. B. Culbreth, MGOct. 18, 1893Kittrells W. E. Hight, M.G. Hunt, W. N. Smith
KEARNEY, ReubenVance Co.Nov. 12, 1888 21B HAWKINS, MarthaVance Co.19BD. H. Gill, JPNov. 15, 1888 Allen Hawkins' Mico M. Green, Jas. Thomas, Jno. Balthrop
KEARNEY, RufusVance Co.Dec. 07, 1896 55B BULLOCK, Mrs. DollieVance Co.39BJames L. Gardner, MGDec. 09, 1896 Middleburg Twp. T.S. Henderson, Lenard Jordan, Moses Bullock
KEARNEY, StephenVance Co.May 28, 1884 20B HAWKINS, BettieVance Co.18BR. W. Kearney, JPMay 28, 1884R. W. Kearney's Nat Twitty, W. D. Jordan, Kit Basket
KEARNEY, ThomasVance Co.Apr. 07, 1886 25B JAMES, BettieVance Co.18BG. H. Rowland, JPApr. 12, 1886Henderson G. H. Rowland
KEARNEY, Wesley W.Vance Co.Dec. 30, 1896 24W HOLDEN, AnnieVance Co.22WH. M. Hight, JPDec. 30, 1896J. S. Hunt's, Kittrell M.G. Hunt, S. G. Stanark, Jos. S. Hunt
KEARNEY, WilliamVance Co.Dec. 15, 1892 30B WOODARD, MarthaVance Co.23BI. R. Fuller, JPDec. 21, 1892I. R. Fuller's house P.E. Rowland, Frank L. Fuller, L.B. Overby
KEARSEY, CharlesVance Co.Feb. 23, 1893 20B STAMPER, AnnieVance Co.23BC. J. Henderson, MGFeb. 23, 1893Moses Stamper Moses Stamper, C. Stamper, F. Brame
KEARSON, William B.Vance Co.Nov. --, 1896 23W HENDERSON, DeliaVance Co.22WWilliam T. Walker, MGNov. 25, 1896Bride's house/Townsvl. J. H. Wimbish, C. Gordon, J. E. Boyd
KELLER, L. A.Vance Co.Jan. 09, 1889 30W STONE, Willow T.Vance Co.19WRobert Van Deventer, MGJan. 10, 1889At her home H. B. Persse, Lottie L. Stone, L.T. Duke
KELLY, AndrewHenderson Twp.Dec. 03, 1881 63B BULLOCK, HarrietHenderson Twp.50BRev. Henry WestDec. 03, 1881R. W. Burton Willis Jenkins, R. W. Burton, Jim Wimbush
KELLY, GeorgeVance Co.Apr. 16, 1892 27B CHEATHAM, Susan 20BJames L. Gardner, MGApr. 19, 1892Henderson W.R. Harris, H. Hicks, S. L. Durham
KELLY, J. C. Vance Co.Dec. 16, 1889 27B WRIGHT, EllaVance Co.19BI. C. Bobbitt, JPDec. 18, 1889Sam Wright's Sandy Floyd, R. Bert, S. Kittrell
KELLY, James A.Vance Co.Mar. 14, 1891 23B EDWARDS, AngelineVance Co.18BJames L. Gardner, MGMar. 15, 1891Home J. J. Bullock, H. H. Hughes, W. L. Jenkins
KELLY, John C.Vance Co.Feb. 10, 1894 38W O'BRIEN, Loretta V.Vance Co.22WJ. E. Burroughs, JPFeb. 11, 1894John W. Kelly resid. Edward Wilson, Kate Kelly, Sophia O'Brient
KERSEY, D. A.Vance Co.Oct. 30, 1895 39B HARRIS, MarandaVance Co.24BC. J. Henderson, MGOct. 30, 1895Henderson Twp. Mary E. McDonal, Mary E. Hester,Wm. Merriman
KIMBALL, Boyd D.Vance Co.Nov. 09, 1896 31W PLUMMER, Lucy H.Vance Co.24WWilliam S. Pettigrew, MGNov. 11, 1896 Middleburg Twp. Jas. K. Plummer, W.H. Plummer,Alf. Plummer
KIMBALL, James E.Mecklenburg , VA Dec. 17, 189431W BURROUGHS, OctaviaVance Co.30WT. M. Johnson, MGDec. 20, 1894Williamsboro Twp. L.W. Burroughs, P.L. Norman, H. C. Barker
KIMBALL, William J.Vance Co.Apr. 07, 1897 66W NICHOLSON, Mrs. Bettie J.Vance Co.62WM. L. Hensley, MGApr. 12, 1897 Middleburg Twp. . R. Crocker, Ara L. Turner, W. H. Kimball
KING, John Isle of Wight, VAJan. 16, 1889 22W CRUMP, EmmaVance Co.18WJ. D. Arnold, MMJan. 16, 1889O. C. Crump's Mrs. J.A. Sallings, F. S. Harris, J.A. ????
KING, PeterVance Co.Oct. 18, 1893 28B ALSTON, FannieVance Co.24BW. W. Ellis, JPOct. 22, 1893Kittrells T. T. Ellis, Willis Jordan, Mary Jordan
KINGSBURY, CharlieFranklin Co.Feb. 11, 1895 22B HAWKINS, AmyVance Co.19BPeter Fogg, MGFeb. 13, 1895Haysville Twp. Rich'd Kelly, Billy Alsto, Charlie Taylor
KINGSBURY, Jas.Vance Co.Oct. 12, 1889 22B BRANDOM, LillieVance Co.19BJefferson Burwell, MGOct. 12, 1889Thos. Burwell H. Peace, R. Davis, Daniel Burwell
KINION, John R.Vance Co.May 09, 1894 27B BALL, AnnaVance Co.24BW. W. Ellis, JPMay 09, 1894Kittrell, NC Willis Jordan, Mary Jordan, T.T. Ellis
KIRKSEY, J. R. McDowell Co.Apr. 12, 1895 29W PHIPP, Parthenia JacobaVance Co.20WT. J. Taylor, MGMay 01, 1895Sandy Creek Twp. C.W. Finch, J. A. Tunstall, D. Smith
KITTRELL, Geo.Vance Co.Oct. 19, 1897 53B PERSON, CarrieVance Co.21BThos. H. Burwell, MGOct. 22, 1897Kittrell, NC Bill Hight, Redder Taylor, M. T. Crudup
KITTRELL, GilesVance Co.Feb. 23, 1893 47B BLACKNALL, ElizaVance Co.49BJefferson Burwell, MGFeb. 23, 1893Kittrells Nathan Johnson, C. H. Bell, W. T. Ward
KITTRELL, H. H. Vance Co.Dec. 24,1888 33W ACOCK, OraVance Co.21WAlex Sprunt, MGDec. 24, 1888E. Powell's E. Powell Jr., Owen Davis, S. W. Kittrell
KITTRELL, HenryKittrell Twp.Nov. 09, 1881 22B CRUDUP, RebeccaKittrell Twp.22BJefferson Burwell, MGNov. 11, 1881 Bride's Residence J. T. Crudup, G. W. Crudup, Dan'l Burwell
KITTRELL, HenryKittrell Twp.Oct. 19, 1882 39B BURWELL, LucyKittrell Twp.19BMurray H. Burwell, MGOct. 19, 1882Mr. John__, Kittrell T. Henry Peace, Robt. Blacknall, Burt. Hogins.
KITTRELL, HerndonVance Co.Feb. 14, 1891 36B BRANDON, JennieVance Co.21BJefferson Burwell, MGFeb. 15, 1891Osh Brandon Henry Peace, Chas. Peace, Wm. Peace
KITTRELL, IkeVance Co.Dec. 24, 1884 43B JOHNSON, AmandaVance Co.35BG. W. Kittrell, JPDec. 24, 1884Kittrells P. Crutchfield, B. Bryant, A. Crutchfield
KITTRELL, J. L.Vance Co.Dec. 20, 1887 21B MILLS, Alice 18BIsham Bobbitt, JPDec. 22, 1887Catherine Mills' Rheubin Mills, Thomas Mills, Catherine Mills
KITTRELL, RialVance Co.Jan. 13, 1892 23B CRUDUP, CorneliaVance Co.17BJ. T. Crudup, MGJan. 13, 1892Alfred Crudup Redden Taylor, W. J. C. Smith, M. G. Perry
KITTRELL, Robt. LeeVance Co.Nov. 26, 1894 23W PARHAM, Fannie D.Vance Co.23WT. L. Herndon, MGNov. 28, 1894Dabney Twp. M. A. Parham Jr., C.H. Parham, C.D. Wyche
KITTRELL, W. A.Vance Co.Jan. 12, 1887 23W PERDUE, A. J.Vance Co.20WJ. J. Renn, MGJan. 12, 1887Kittrells R. T. Fine?, S. V. Floyd, L. W. Kittrell
KITTRELL, W. H. Franklin Co.Mar. 25, 1890 29B WYCHE, MollieVance Co.18BT. H. Burwell, MGMar. 26, 1890Kittrell's H. Blacknall, W. H. Ward, P. E. Taylor
KIVITT, Walter R.Vance Co.Dec. 21, 1887 32W FLEMING, D. H.Vance Co.18WJ. D. Arnold, MMDec. 21, 1887Henderson J. E. Young, Sam'l Burwell, T. H. Chavasse
KNOTT, AlexHenderson Twp.Apr. 21, 1882 19B HAMMIE, EvelineHenderson Twp.23BJ. C. Bobbitt, JPApr. 21, 1882Health seat? J. L. Cheatham, N. Hays, Thomas Cheatham
KNOTT, JudgeVance Co.Mar. 06, 1894 22B BURTON, SallieVance Co.21BW. H. Green, JPMar. 07, 1894Eaton Burton Henderson Evans, Arter Burton, S. Evans
KNOTT, Solomon D.Vance Co.Nov. 17, 1893 21W NORWOOD, Mary E.Vance Co.19WJ. A. Stradley, MGNov. 18, 1893Williamsboro H. V. Davis, R. J. Woods, R. M. Sneed
KNOTT, Wm. T.Vance Co.Nov. 18, 1893 18W ROELL, MaryVance Co.19WJ. E. Burroughs, JPNov. 22, 1893Dabney R. A. Norwood, E. M. Wilson, H. G. Hester
KNUCKLES, C. H.Vance Co.Jan. 22, 1892 23B HARGROVE, BettieVance Co.19BOscar Bullock, MGFeb. 13, 1892James Hargrove's Charles Townes, T. J. Walker, James Slaughter
KOYHILL, R. H.Vance Co.Dec. 24, 1889 23W ROBERSON, Ida B.Vance Co.18WI. M. Green, JPDec. 24, 1889Wm. Roberson W. Hoyle, A.T. Davis, W. H. Robinson

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