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Vance County Births Prior to 1920

G Surnames

Note:  We have only started transcribing the Vance Co. Birth Index and only have the surnames for A and G online.  More will be added regularly so do check back.  These are not complete.  They are transcribed from the indices only.  Many instances fail to show if the child was either male or female or whether they were born dead or alive. These are not included in this indices.  If you know someone not shown was born during this time frame, you should contact the

Surname Given Name Birth Date Father Mother
Gales Goldie Maudie 23 Oct 1901 Luther Gales Maudie Rowland
Gales Mary Lou 1 Jan 1906 Charlie Gales Lula Plummer
Gales Survator 22 Jun 1910 Ollie Gales Rachel Cheatham
Gales Helen Olivia 16 May 1912 Charlie Gales Annie Lee Yancey
Gales Lee Roy 15 May 1915 Charlie Gales Annie L. Yancey
Gales Mary Elizabeth 22 Jun 1917 Ollie Gales Rachel Cheatham
Gales Whitford Leon 15 Mar 1917 Charlie Gales Annie Lee Yancey
Gales Joseph Junius 23 May 1918 Joseph Gales Geneva Baskerville
Gales Hunter 1 Aug 1919 Charlie Gales Annie Lee Yancey
Garden William Henry Jr. 26 Jan 1919   Ellen Garden
Garland Bennie 30 Sep 1904 Gidd Garland Lecinda Marshall
Garlick John Christopher 31 May 1890 William L Garlick Fannie B White
Garlick Sallie B. 30 Jun 1893 William L Garlick Fannie B White
Garlick Edna Elizabeth 27 Jul 1900 William L Garlick Fannie B White
Garlick John Robert 23 Apr 1901 John Robert Garlick Lizzie J Harding
Garner Pennie Lee 9 Oct 1914 Stephen Garner Jennie Brandon
Garnes Lizzie Bell 18 Aug 1907 Geo Garnes Jennie Brame
Garnes Bessie Plummer 1 Oct 1909 George Garnes Jennie Brown
Garnes Annie Esther 4 Nov 1913 George Garnes Jennie Brame
Garrett Ora 2 Jul 1889 William H Garrett Margaret F Grissom
Garrett John Lee 26 Sep 1901 Robert Lee Garrett Della Hicks
Garrett Royal Clifton 28 Jul 1902 John W Garrett Nellie Robertson
Garrett Lila Dell 11 Oct 1905 Robert Lee Garrett Mary D Hicks
Garrett Dora Macon 12 Aug 1910 John W Garrett Nellie Robertson
Garrett Virgie Lexie 16 Oct 1910 Eugene Taylor Garrett Glennie Edwards
Garrett Mildred Louise 28 Oct 1914 John W Garrett Millie Robertson
Garrett Evelyn 22 Jan 1916 Thomas J Garrett Allie B Pendley
Garrett Clarice May 20 May 1917 James W Garrett Nellie W Roberson
Garrett Robert Thomas 22 May 1919 Nolan Garrett Mable Morton
Garrett Thomas Jefferson Jr. 6 Oct 1912 Thomas J Garrett Sr. Alice P Garrett
Garris Lawrence Dean 10 Jun 1909 Hilliard Garris Maggie E Crew
Garrison Ross Walter Jr. 13 Jan 1913 Ross W Garrison Lessie S Hamlet
Gary Annie Ruth 4 Sep 1891 Wyngham E Gary Annie K Wells
Gatling James 17 Aug 1896 Noah Gatling Linda Jones
Gatling Byzellas 16 May 1899 Noah Gatling Linda Jones
Gay James Cooledge 13 Nov 1920 Silus Gay Eliza Morris
George Marshall 10 Jun 1914 Joseph George Lizzie Lamb
George Leona Salista 18 Dec 1917 Eddie George Letue Alston
Gholson Alfred Waddell Jr. 14 Feb 1907 Alfred W Gholson Etta Ingram
Gibson Annie Jane 20 Sep 1907 John W Gibson Margaret J Roberson
Gigetts Cora 13 Jul 1920 Robert Gigetts Julia B Peace
Gill Elizabeth Malone 9 Dec 1883 George W Gill Nancy Ann Parks
Gill Clarence Lee 10 Aug 1885 James A Gill Evelyn Allen
Gill William Ernest 11 Mar 1891 Leondias E Gill Polly Best
Gill Sylvester 7 Jan 1892 William H Gill Sarah Kelly
Gill Edith Champion 31 Jan 1897 James B Gill Nilia A Gill
Gill Edith Chaplin 31 Jan 1897 James Gill Nila Hawkins
Gill Julia Brooks 9 Oct 1898 Peter H Gill Pattie B Baker
Gill Bessie Emma 29 Jun 1900 Leonidas E Gill Geneva J Wortham
Gill John Davis 27 Sep 1901 Peter H Gill Pattie B Baker
Gill Tieser Bass 6 Sep 1901 Charles W Gill Zoma G Spruill
Gill Irene 30 Sep 1902 Thomas Gill Lucy Hunter
Gill Sadie Fannie 20 Jun 1902 John Alexander Gill Chimera Griffin
Gill James Edward 8 Jun 1902 Leonidas E Gill Geneva J Wortham
Gill Helen 11 Oct 1909 Robert Gill Etura H Gill
Gill Annie Loraine 25 Mar 1910 Joe Beckwith Gill Blanch Wortham
Gill Richard Thomas 28 Apr 1911 Nollie Gill Linnie Bell Hawkins
Gill Early Taylor 27 Sep 1912 John Earl Gill Mattie Taylor
Gill Annie May 21 Apr 1916 Benjamin C Gill Annie B West
Gill Elsie Lourene 14 Jul 1916 John H Gill Blonnie Young
Gill Hartwell Allen 21 Mar 1917 Peter H Gill Willie A Buchan
Gill John P 15 Feb 1917 Nollie Gill Linnie Hawkins
Gill Sarah Mary Anne 25 Jun 1917 Sylvester Gill Rolie Jeffries
Gill Alma Virginia 5 Jun 1918 Clarence Gill Mary C Edwards
Gill Laura Green 22 Aug 1918 Lenn Gill Ruth V Green
Gill Ruth Elin 13 Nov 1918 Thomas C Gill Charlotte Cline
Gill Virgie Cline 16 Jun 1918 Claude V Gill Annie B West
Gill Lillian 24 Jun 1919 Nollie E Gill Lina Hawkins
Gill Perry Wester 14 Apr 1919 Sylvester Gill Boxie Jeffries
Gill Robert Jones 30 Apr 1919 Tom Gill Lucy Hunter
Gill Benjamin Claud 24 Apr 1920 Benjamin C Gill Annie B West
Gill Bettie 12 Sep 1920   Rosa Gill
Gill Elizabeth Manley 25 Jul 1920 Peter H Gill Willie A Montgomery
Gill George Kenneth 9 Apr 1920 George Gill Martha Cheek
Gill James Cox 2 Nov 1920 Leon Gill Ruth Green
Gill Ora Lee 11 Feb 1920 Clarence L Gill Mamie Edwards
Gillis Eulalia 6 Sep 1900 Joseph J Gillis Sallie B Riggan
Gillis Marander 4 Jul 1920 Luther Gillis Mattie Williams
Glasscock Samuel M 29 Jun 1918 Marcellus Glasscock Allene Daniels
Glenn Floyd Carr 15 Oct 1894 Eugene G Glenn Visola B Falkner
Glenn David C 4 May 1915   Mozelle Glenn
Glover Rosa Ella 23 Sep 1881 James B Glover Ella L Barker
Glover Leon Daniel 12 Aug 1892 Elijah S Glover Pattie Ball
Glover Amanda 1 May 1902 Absloum Glover Mittie Eaton
Glover Ila Ruth 2 Oct 1904 Ambrose D Glover Mollie Bobbitt
Glover Viola 20 Jun 1906 Ambrose D Glover Mollie Bobbitt
Glover Charles Daniel 22 Apr 1907 David King Glover Mae Donna Davis
Glover Lou Helen 16 Jul 1911 Absolum Glover Rose M Glover
Glover Ella Gooch 14 Sep 1913 Melville Dorsey Glover Jeanette Greenway
Glover David 18 Mar 1914 Absalom Glover Rosa L Magbee
Glover Mattie Anna 13 Jan 1914 Henry Glover Cora Tarry
Glover Ila Mae 11 Aug 1915 Melville Dorsey Glover Jeanette Greenway
Glover Julia Eliza 16 Feb 1916 David K Glover Mary Davis
Glover Ambros Dorsey 20 May 1917 Melville D Glover Genetta Greenway
Glover Mary Louise 13 Apr 1917 Hayden W Glover Willine Womble
Glover Benny 25 Apr 1918 Henry Glover Cora Tarry
Glover Cynthia Eunice 19 Mar 1919 Dorsey Glover Jeanette Greenway
Glover Rosa 6 Nov 1919 Henry Glover Rosa Tarry
Glover Jas E 3 Oct 1920 Jas Glover Mary Fuller
Glover Joseph Ulysses 4 Oct 1920 Jas Glover Mary Fuller
Glover John Jr. 3 Nov 1915 John Glover Sr. Lucy Glasco
Glover Hayden William Jr. 18 Jan 1920 Hayden W Glover Willine Womble
Goins Susie 7 Nov 1917 George Goins Estella Gregory
Goins Tevanna 3 Nov 1919 George Goins Estelle Hunt
Gold Hattie B. 15 Oct 1887 Frank P Gold Mary A Neathery
Gooch Martha Willis 29 Aug 1909 Lueco R Gooch Jessie W Page
Gooch Fay Burroughs 31 Aug 1914 Terry Gooch Florence Clark
Gooch Lula Page 28 Aug 1914 L R Gooch Jessica Page
Gooch Thelma 5 Dec 1914   Mary Gooch
Gooch Jerome Hardy 8 Nov 1920 Rome Gooch Mary Holloway
Gooch Jerome Jr. 29 Oct 1919 Jerome Gooch Mary Holloway
Goode Arthur 23 Nov 1903 William Goode Lucy Falcon
Goode Johnny Lee 23 Dec 1910 Willie Goode Lucy Falcon
Goode Fred 15 Nov 1914 Edward Goode Sarah Holloway
Goodrich Benjamin Hiram 22 Feb 1889 James H Goodrich Sarah E Cheatham
Goodrich William Hilton 17 Feb 1890 E S Goodrich Alice G Wynn
Goodrich Mary Clegg 19 Mar 1900 James H Goodrich Sallie C Whitfield
Goodrich Willie Green 1 May 1901 Thomas W Goodrich Eva Greene
Goodrich Clinton D 10 Dec 1903 Emmett O Goodrich Emma Watkins
Goodrich Alice Edna 5 Jul 1913 William H Goodrich Eula Hamm
Goodrich Virginia Wynn 20 Nov 1914 William H Goodrich Eula H Goodrich
Goodrich Emmett Hilton 24 Aug 1916 William H Goodrich Eula Hamm
Goodrich Elizabeth Cheatham 8 Apr 1917 Benjamin Goodrich Sue Steed
Gordon Freddie Lee 9 Jan 1896 Chalmers Gordon Carrie B Harris
Gordon Russell Crymes 6 Aug 1904 John R Gordon Velona Farris
Gordon William Henry 5 Mar 1905 Emmit Gordon Amanda Jones
Gordon Connie May 13 Apr 1915 Frank H Gordon Julia Hoil
Gordon Allen Jackson 23 May 1918 Frank H Gordon Julia Hoyle
Grant Minnie Bell 11 Aug 1917 John P Grant Mary F Maulant
Graves Frank 6 Oct 1920 Russell Graves Lucy Glascoe
Green John William 5 Oct 1883 Robert Green Margaret
Green Edward 5 Dec 1885 Robert Green Margaret Green
Green Lenora 26 Sep 1886 Robert Green Many Thomas
Green Joseph Council 4 Nov 1888 Ephram Green Mariah Ward
Green Alice Frances 11 Jun 1890 Robert Louis Green Alice F Johnston
Green Gray Venable 13 Nov 1891 Robert L Green Alice Johnston
Green Major 20 Mar 1892 Robert Green Louise Bull
Green Betty Lewis 14 Jul 1893 Robert L Green Alice F Johnston
Green Ethel Gill 8 May 1893 Irvin M Green Eleanor D Bragg
Green Lillian Blanch 27 Sep 1894 William A Green Nora Finch
Green Mary Ray 28 May 1895 Robert L Green Alice F Johnston
Green Effie 27 Oct 1898 William H Green Nora Finch
Green Alma 1 May 1900 Sylvester A Green Mollie Woody
Green Preston William 5 Oct 1901 William S Green Kate E Howell
Green Yay Neter 24 Dec 1902 Richard Green Nettie Cook
Green Katherine 5 Feb 1903 Ed J Green Iola Gooch
Green Lucy Underwood 4 Mar 1904 Samuel T Green Leahnora R Woodard
Green John Thomas 24 Oct 1904 William S Green Sarah E Howell
Green James Ira 4 Feb 1905 James Green Sallie Baptist
Green Lucy 25 Mar 1907 Edward Jones Green Iola Bledsoe Gooch
Green Tessie Beth 17 Feb 1908 Robert Green Bessie Dunston
Green George Mark 1 Jul 1908 Wm A Green Nona Finch
Green Willile 17 Jun 1909 Moses Young Effie Green
Green Esther 3 Jan 1912 Edward Jones Green Iola Bledsoe Gooch
Green Augustus Bryan 14 Aug 1914 E Jones Green Iola G Green
Green Jesse 20 Jul 1914    
Green Joe 16 Jun 1914 Joe Green Cora Rainey
Green William Henry 20 Feb 1914 William Green Kate Alston
Green Alice Beatrice 9 Aug 1914 William Green Annie Henderson
Green Mary Virginia 22 Nov 1914 Thomas Green Georgiana Brandon
Green Vernell 29 Dec 1914 Joe Green Eliza Bullock
Green Joel 26 Jun 1915 James Green Sallie Baptist
Green Mary Virginia 22 Nov 1915 Tommie L Green Georgianna Brandom
Green Joe Early Baxter 19 Feb 1916 Joe Green Shoro Green
Green Martha 27 Dec 1916 Mike Green Kate Green
Green Florence 8 Feb 1917 Zack Green Annie Green
Green Hubit 7 Mar 1917 Sam Green Bell Bullock
Green Jennie V. 15 Jun 1917 W M Green Annie Henderson
Green Juiniti L. 3 Mar 1917 William Green Tasie R Green
Green Carry Lee 11 May 1918 William Green Kate G Alston
Green George Edward 17 Apr 1918 James Green Sallie Baptist
Green Bessie Rosa 30 Nov 1919 Robert Green Annie B Dunston
Green Mamie Manson 4 Sep 1919 Robert Green Lucy Manson
Green Mary Emma 27 Sep 1919   Lizzie Green
Green Reanner B. 17 May 1919 Willie Green Tazzie Fields
Green Stephen Thomas 19 May 1919 Joseph Green Cora Raney
Green Katie Evangeline 3 May 1919 William Green Annie Henderson
Green Henry Lee 26 Apr 1919 Mike Green Kattie B Harris
Green Cora Renn 29 Aug 1920 Joe Green Cora Rainy
Green Helen 7 Aug 1920 Otis Green Betty Coley
Green John Watson 26 Feb 1920 Major Green Ruth Harris
Green Margerette Annie 18 May 1920 Sam Green Belle Green
Green Robert Junius 18 Aug 1920 William H Green Kate Alston
Green William Sidney Jr. 27 Mar 1913 William S Green Emily C Howell
Green William Henry Jr. 10 Apr 1916 William H Green Kate Alston
Green William W. Jr. 16 Aug 1919 William W Green Marion Milne
Greene Reuben Taylor 11 Sep 1902 S A Greene Mollie Woody
Greenlee Harry 10 Feb 1915 W H Greenlee Mollie Larimore
Greenway Norfleet Crews 3 Apr 1889 Samuel A Greenway Louisa Matthews
Greenway Hallie Belle 23 Sep 1897 William H Greenway Laura Renn
Greenway Garland Daniel 23 Jul 1905 Samuel A Greenway Ada F Boyd
Greenway Walter Elam 6 Jul 1911 Walter T Greenway Mary Sue Clark
Greenway Clara Mae 29 Dec 1912 Maurice T Greenway Sudie Adcock
Greenway William Durward 9 Sep 1913 Samuel C Greenway Rena P Wilbourne
Greenway Kenneth Ray 2 Dec 1914 Samuel C Greenway Runa P Wilbourne
Greenway Julian Thomas 14 Jan 1916 Walter Greenway Mary S Clark
Greenway Alice Ellington 11 Nov 1917 Melville D Greenway Martha J Barnes
Greenway Hurawell Theodore 21 Nov 1917 Morris T Greenway Sudie L Adcock
Greenway John Cleveland 25 Jan 1917 Charlie C Greenway Ruth Boyd
Greenway Shurley May 8 May 1918 Samuel C Greenway Rena Wilbourne
Greenway Melvin Hardy 31 Dec 1919 Melvin D Greenway Martha J Barnes
Greenway Samuel Leo 30 Mar 1920 Samuel Greenway Rena Wilbourne
Greenway Solomon Wilson Jr. 24 May 1899 Solomon W Greenway Alice B Gooch
Gregg Lula Bell 18 Jul 1900 Cicero Gregg Josey Gibson
Gregory Laura Blanche 3 Mar 1893 John W Gregory Cora Hite
Gregory Amos 18 Dec 1902 Ephum Gregory Rosa Daniel
Gregory Millie 11 May 1906   Mary Gregory
Gregory Arcie Bettie 19 Jun 1907 Ephram P Gregory Lucy Taylor
Gregory Elise Baxter 8 Apr 1908 Alex Gregory Susie Jones
Gregory Gertrude 3 Jul 1910 Ephram Gregory Lucy Taylor
Gregory Lucy 22 May 1910 William Gregory Lucy Johnson
Gregory Mary Althea 14 Mar 1911 Ehhram Gregory Lucy Taylor
Gregory John 5 Apr 1916 Nixson Gregory Alice Williams
Gregory Martha 26 Feb 1917 Nixon Gregory Alice Lewis
Gregory Mary 26 Feb 1917 Nixon Gregory Alice Lewis
Gregory Mary Liza 31 Mar 1918 Nixton Gregory Alice Branch
Gresham Samuel Theophilus 18 Mar 1891 John C Gresham Louetta King
Gresham Samuel T. Jr. 16 Sep 1918 Samuel T Gresham Luna Ethel Green
Griffin Helen Hold 21 Mar 1912 Walter Griffin Nancy A Currin
Griffin Nola 15 Apr 1915 Walter Ernest Griffin Nancy Currin
Griffin Ernest William 20 Aug 1918 Walter C Griffin Nancy Currin
Griffin Joseph 15 Feb 1918 Joseph Griffin Mary Gooch
Griffin Josephine 15 Feb 1918 Josephine Griffin Mary Gooch
Griffin Joseph R. 27 Dec 1919 Rufus D Griffin Lela Z Mosir
Griffin Madge Eliz 5 Oct 1920 George Griffin Rose Jurrell
Griffis Lettie May 27 Jul 1915 Frank Griffis Muriel L Woodlief
Griffis Hazel Catherine 7 Oct 1918 Frank H Griffis Winnie L Woodlief
Grissom Lena Grace 27 Oct 1882 Rufus H Grissom Mary C Brummitt
Grissom Cleora Capitola 3 Oct 1884 Thomas L Grissom Mary A Stone
Grissom Ed 17 Nov 1885 John Grissom Annie Grissom
Grissom Jessie Ola 13 Feb 1890 Rufus H Grissom Mary A Brummitt
Grissom Edward Cleveland 1 Oct 1892 James H Grissom Rebecca Y Finch
Grissom Grover Eppy 12 Feb 1892 Rufus Grissom Mary Brummitt
Grissom Willie Walter 9 Jun 1892 Willis Grissom Willie Allen
Grissom David Britt 1 Sep 1895 Rufus Grissom Mary Brummitt
Grissom Brady Cleymon 7 Oct 1898 Thomas L Grissom Mary A Stone
Grissom Titus Watson 9 Jan 1902 Willie W Grissom Florence Cawthorn
Grissom David Alton S. 18 Sep 1904 Geo Robert Grissom Annie Bradley
Grissom Louise 31 Dec 1905 George R Grissom Annie E Bradley
Grissom George Melvin 23 Sep 1906 Willie W Grissom Florence Cawthorne
Grissom Vernon Wyche 27 Sep 1906 Early Amos Grissom Katy Clark
Grissom Minnie Velma 8 Feb 1908 Henry Grissom Annie Hayes
Grissom Thomas Willis 19 Dec 1908 Willis Grissom Annie Hodge
Grissom Lawrence Rufus 21 Feb 1909 Walter H Grissom Maude Lee Renn
Grissom Robert Ida 10 Jun 1910 George R Grissom Annie E Bradley
Grissom Walter Madison 20 Jun 1910 Jim H Grissom Margaret Edwards
Grissom Clarice 6 Apr 1911 John M Grissom Lois Fuller
Grissom Mabel Louise 17 Apr 1911 Edward Ernest Grissom Elizabeth Lee Oakley
Grissom Rufus Henry 7 May 1911 Willie W Grissom Florence Cawthorn
Grissom William Richard 16 Jan 1911 Richard O Grissom Nellie Murphy
Grissom Alma 8 Sep 1912 John M Grissom Lois K Fuller
Grissom Ruby Austin 16 Aug 1912 Richard N Grissom Carrie Clopton
Grissom Jack Clemon 15 Nov 1912 Eunie Grissom Mary Clark
Grissom William Alfonso 7 Dec 1912 Martin L Grissom Nora J Ayscue
Grissom Dorothy Henrietta 7 May 1913 Richard Otho Grissom Nellie Gray Murphy
Grissom Lillian Oveta 13 Mar 1913 James E Grissom Cora A Carroll
Grissom Robert Devrow 16 Mar 1913 Walter G Grissom Nancy A Parrish
Grissom Annie Elizabeth 10 May 1914 F W Grissom Lina Oakley
Grissom Ila May 28 Jun 1914 Stephen A Grissom Irene Woodlief
Grissom Margie Lina 27 Jun 1914 Eppie Grissom Effie Pulley
Grissom Tyre Thomas 5 Jul 1914 E V Grissom Mary Clark
Grissom Dorothy Owens 23 Feb 1914 Walter H Grissom Maude Lee Renn
Grissom Myrtle Elizabeth 16 Feb 1914 Richard N Grissom Sr. Carrie Clopton
Grissom John Maurice 1 Jul 1915 John M Grissom Lois K Fuller
Grissom Mary Magdelena 30 May 1915 E E Grissom Lottie C Clark
Grissom Robert 28 Apr 1915 George Grissom Josephine Nelson
Grissom Creighton W. 13 Feb 1916 Richard N Grissom Carrie Clopton
Grissom Eugene Allen 11 Jun 1916 Richard O Grissom Nellie G Murphy
Grissom Fannie Janie 17 Jan 1916 C W Grissom Meta Dickinson
Grissom William 14 Sep 1916 George Grissom Bessie Nelson
Grissom William Frank 8 May 1916 Walter Grissom Nancy Parrish
Grissom Albert Sidney 22 Apr 1917 Walter H Grissom Maude L Renn
Grissom George Ashborn 16 Apr 1917 Stephen Grissom Irma O Woodlief
Grissom James Earl 31 Jan 1917 E Amos Grissom D Odell Crutchfield
Grissom Jessie Bernice 28 Oct 1917 W W Grissom Florence Cawthorne
Grissom William Thomas 18 Oct 1917 Charles C Grissom Ruby C Collier
Grissom Edward Lee 7 Dec 1918 Luther Grissom Ebbie Grissom
Grissom Ethel Lee 2 May 1918 Lee Grissom Martha Mills
Grissom Helen Bettie 12 Jun 1918 F W Grissom Lena Oakley
Grissom Ida Mae 19 Jul 1918 J R Grissom Zelma Grissom
Grissom Ida Mae 10 Jul 1918 J R Grissom Nelma Grissom
Grissom James Woodrow 25 May 1918 Walter G Grissom Nancy Parrish
Grissom Ralph Fuller 8 Jun 1918 John M Grissom Lois K Fuller
Grissom Emma Lou 11 May 1919 Martin L Grissom Nora J Ayscue
Grissom Mary Jane 10 Feb 1919 Ernest A Grissom Mamie Grissom
Grissom Stephen Edward 8 Oct 1919 Stephen A Grissom Iren O Woodlief
Grissom William Henry 25 Sep 1919 W H Grissom Maude E Renn
Grissom Katie Blanch 12 Aug 1919 Edward E Grissom Lottie Clark
Grissom George 23 Jul 1920 George Grissom Ida Grissom
Grissom Sadie Green 16 Mar 1920 Eugene Grissom Clara A Pendergrass
Grissom John Lewis 23 Jul 1920 Richard Grissom Carrie Clopton
Grissom E. Jr. 31 Jan 1916 Ernest A Grissom Mamie Ladd
Guerrant Charlie Wesley 14 Dec 1904 Charlie L Guerrant Sarah F Nethery
Guerrant Ada Belle 13 Jun 1910 William F Guerrant Sr. Mary S Newton
Guerrant Alice Gertrude 3 Feb 1910 Charlie L Guerrant Sarah F Neathery
Guerrant Martha Clayton 25 Apr 1914 William F Guerrant Mary Stella Newton
Guerrant Mary Alice 13 Sep 1919 William F Guerrant Robeartz J Owen
Guerrant Mary Stella 30 Sep 1919 M F Guerrant Jennie Mae Guerrant
Guill Virginia Evelyn 19 Jan 1910 Thomas B Guill Laura Williamson
Guill Fanny Lee 4 May 1915 Thomas B Guill Laura Williamson
Gupton Robert Walker 10 Dec 1903 Alfred T Gupton Prudence Edwards
Gupton Olive Elizabeth 27 Feb 1904 Doctor R Gupton Fannie Poythress
Gupton David Bryant 3 Sep 1908 Robert Noel Gupton Pearl Florence Ranes
Gupton Frank Fenner 29 Apr 1910 Louis J Gupton Nannie E Reams
Gupton Isabelle Haywood 8 Nov 1911 James C Gupton Johnsie B Haywood
Gupton Lucy Bell 15 Aug 1911 Robert N Gupton Florence Pearl Ranes
Gupton Irene E. 25 Apr 1912 L J Gupton Nannie Reams
Gupton Percy Lenwood 1 Jan 1912 Percy D Gupton Sarah Bobbitt
Gupton Nettie V. 22 Apr 1914 Louis J Gupton Nannie Reams
Gupton Prude 9 Feb 1914 Alfred Gupton Prude P Edwards
Gupton Crysten 22 Nov 1915 J Patrick Gupton Johnie B Haywood
Gupton Everett Lee 7 Nov 1915 Alfred T Gupton Prude Edwards
Gupton Hartwell Cornelius 1 Mar 1916 Percy Gupton Sarah Bobbitt
Gupton Ora 1 Mar 1916 Robert N Gupton Pearl F Raines
Gupton Catherine Jane 9 Apr 1917 Lewis J Gupton Nannie E Reams
Gupton Emmett Allen 29 Jan 1917 Alfred T Gupton Prude Edwards
Gupton William Patrick 21 Sep 1917 James C Gupton Johnsie Haywood
Gupton Ellen Lucille 20 May 1918 June C Gupton Nellie P Shearin
Gupton Emmitt 1 Feb 1918 Alfred Gupton Prudence Edwards
Gupton Durwood Belmont 5 Jan 1919 John E Gupton Kate L Seates
Gupton Elsie Mayo 5 May 1919 James Gupton Johnsie Haywood
Gupton Margaret 29 May 1919 Alfred T Gupton Prudence Edwards
Gupton Herbert Lee 3 Nov 1920 J H Gupton Lettie Seats
Gupton Margaret Alene 15 Mar 1920 George T Gupton Edna Griffin
Gupton David A. Jr. 6 Sep 1909 David A Gupton Zuma Hamlett
Gupton Bennett Lee Jr. 17 Sep 1919 Bennett L Gupton Nellie White
Gupton Louis Jefferson Jr. 22 Dec 1919 Louis J Gupton Nannie Reams
Gupton Junius P. Jr. 16 Dec 1919 Junious P Gupton Nellie P Shearin
Guye Annie Mildred 6 Feb 1913 Eddie Guye Lotena Austin

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