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Historical Family Collections and Bible Collections


A listing of Historical Family Collections found in local libraries


Family documents contributed to various institutions, libraries, and universities can be a valuable asset in researching one's ancestors. They can contain many things, including family histories, bibles, plantation records, deeds,  slave records of all kinds, personal letters and other correspondence. North Carolina is fortunate to have many such collections, some of which I am listing below along with the time period covered  and linked to the institution where it is housed with a more complete description by clicking onto the name. As I locate other collections with genealogical material, it will be added to this page.

  Arithmetic Books: 1794-1831  
  The collection includes mathematics exercise books from Orange County, N.C., 1794-1831; Lawrenceville, Va., undated; Wythe County, Va., 1829-1831; Moore County, N.C., 1841-1843; Lincoln County, N.C., 1842-1843, with two poems by Peter Stewart Ney (1787-1846); Person County, N.C., 1829-1838; Guilford County, N.C., 1817-1840; Nansemond County, Va., 1807-1809, with birth dates listed for members of the Scott family; and Vance County, N.C., 1812-1815, with remarks from later dates on purchasing slaves.  
  Bullock and Hamilton Family Papers: 1757-1971  
  Bullock, Hamilton, Coleman, Tarry, and Watkins families of Granville (now Vance) County, N.C., Mecklenburg County, Va., and Lowndes County, Miss. Bullock family material consists of correspondence regarding finances, household expenses, and plantation management, with some letters on family matters and social events; financial and legal papers, including the 1854 will of Sally Fain, a "woman of colour," who owned slaves. Genealogical information; and printed material; as well as five manuscript volumes of general store and blacksmithing accounts and some diary entries for Bullocks of Williamsboro, Granville (now Vance) County, N.C., especially William Bullock (1776-1829) and his son John Bullock (1799-1866). Materials of members of the Hamilton and related families relate chiefly to Charles Eaton Hamilton (1816-1855), planter of Granville County, N.C., and Lowndes County, Miss. And the families of his wives, Jane Coleman (died 1850) and Sally Tarry, both of Mecklenburg County, Va.  
  Burgwyn Family Papers: 1787-1987  
  The Burgwyn family of Northampton County, N.C. included such prominent family members as Henry King Burgwyn (1813-1877), planter, and his sons Henry King Burgwyn, Jr. (1841-1863), a graduate of the University of North Carolina and a colonel in the 26th North Carolina Regiment, C.S.A.; William Hyslop Sumner Burgwyn (1845-1913), who served in the 35th North Carolina Regiment, was a graduate of the University of North Carolina and Harvard Law School, and a lawyer in Baltimore, Md., and Henderson, N.C., where he also    ran a bank; and John Alveston Burgwyn (1850-1898), planter, merchant, and government official of Northampton County; and Thomas Williams Mason Long, husband of Maria Greenough Burgwyn Long and North Carolina state senator and physician who was active in the field of public health. Various family members founded  banks in Henderson, Weldon, Roanoke Rapids, Rich Square, Ayden, Rocky Mount, and Jackson, all in North Carolina; owned lands in Warren County, and were proprietors of Ball Hill Mills, Odom, North Carolina, and Gee Farms, Jackson, North Carolina.  
  Robert Burton Papers: 1775-1866  

Robert Burton (1747-1825), Revolutionary War officer, delegate to the Continental Congress, lawyer, and politician, owned a large plantation near Williamsboro in Granville County (now Vance County), N.C., as well as much land in what eventually became Tennessee. The collection includes correspondence; deeds, receipts, ledgers, and other financial and legal materials; and miscellaneous items of Robert Burton and his son, Horace A. Burton. Letters to Robert Burton include a letter, 1775, from Benjamin Hawkins (1754-1816), letters from his father-in-law, John Williams (1731-1799), from Richard Henderson (1735-1785) in Holston, Tenn., and Boonesborough, Ky., about the Transylvania Colony and other matters. Letters to Horace A. Burton include one from Elisha Mitchell (1793-1857) concerning Mitchell's testing of mineral water that Burton had sent him. Many of the legal papers are late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century items relating to land in Kentucky and the Powell River valley in Tennessee. Two ledgers of Robert Burton consist of general accounts, 1777-1785, including a record, 1780, of a sale of a horse to Daniel Boone and tables of depreciation and coinage for North Carolina and Virginia; and accounts of whiskey distilled, 1784-1789.

  Burwell Family Papers (#112) 1745-1997  


Burwell family of Warren, Vance, and Granville counties, N.C.,and Mecklenburg County, Va., and the Williams family of Warren County, N.C. Family members included Armistead, Lewis, and Spotswood of Mecklenburg Co.,VA.; personal & business records, slave purchases, runaway slaves, tax records, household & farm records.

  Benjamin Mosely Collins Papers 1857 -1980  

Benjamin Mosely Collins was born 18 August 1840, to Mary Ann Cottrell and Michael Collins, at Pleasant Hill, the family's home plantation near Ridgeway, Warren County, N.C. A planter, slave owner & mill owner, the family had interests in Rockingham, Warren & Vance Counties. The collection includes inventories documenting the sale of slaves, real estate, and perishable property from the estate of Michael Collins and some genealogical material relating to the Collins and Arrington families.

  Elizabeth Henderson Cotton Papers: 1926-1964  

Elizabeth Henderson Cotten (1875-1975) worked in the Southern Historical Collection and was secretary of the Friends of the Library of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Papers include correspondence, reports, and clippings concerning restoration or historical projects in North Carolina.  The collection is divided into six series, including: Old North Carolina houses; Tryon Palace (New Bern, N.C.); Nash-Kollock School (Hillsborough, N.C.); St. John's Episcopal Church (Williamsboro, N.C.); Virginia Dare; and the John Paul Jones-Willie Jones tradition.

  William Hargrove Papers 1773-1930  

Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, UNC Chapel Hill;covers Hargrove's plantation records including family & slaves in Townsville & Williamsboro, Granville Co., now Vance Co.

  Hays Books: 1803-1918  

Business account books and other records of several persons in Granville and Vance counties, N.C., and the surrounding area, consisting of a ciphering book, 1818; ten volumes of general merchandise accounts, 1829-1835, carpenter's accounts, 1803-1810, and blacksmith and miscellaneous accounts, 1848-1865, of Samuel Duty of Vance County; six volumes, 1887-1900, of scrapbooks on famous men and law notes of John W. Hays, lawyer of Oxford, N.C.; ten volumes, 1887-1918, of school notebooks and essays on health and on social questions of Benjamin K. Hays, Oxford physician and public health officer; and eight volumes, scattered 1835-1874, of miscellaneous accounts for general merchandise, a shoe shop, tobacco sales, estate settlements, blacksmith work, an academy, and other business, all of Oxford or Henderson, N.C.

  William F. Henderson Papers, 1828-1859  

Letters to William F. Henderson, physician of Williamsboro, N.C., from friends, a patient, and business associates. Two letters are from physicians asking that Henderson practice medicine with them; two others concern leasing slaves from Henderson.

  Goodrich Wilson Marrow Papers: 1884-1927  

Goodrich Wilson Marrow was a farmer and businessman of Townsville, Vance County, N.C. The collection includes business papers, mainly 1904-1919, relating to the building, operation, and dismantling of the Roanoke River Railroad; a lumber business; the Tobacco Warehouse Company; the Northwestern Telephone and Telegraph company at Townsville; and miscellaneous local enterprises. Manuscript volumes are account books, 1884-1917.

  John Morgan Farm Diary, 1878-1899  

The collection is a volume of very brief entries, mainly November 1878-December 1893, made by John Morgan, a Vance County, N.C., farmer, recording weather, dates, amounts of planting and harvesting, and a few family and neighborhood events.

  Steed and Phipps Family Papers 1845-1902  

Alexander Steed (d. 1891) & Elizabeth Lundie Phipps (d. 1902)  family collection of Vance, Nash & Warren Counties. The collection includes personal and family correspondence and other papers of the Steed and Phipps families. Early items include papers concerning Bettie's attendance at Opheleton Seminary in Easton, Pa.; letters to Bettie while teaching at Castalia, Nash County, N.C., from her cousins, Alexander Steed, who was farming in Warren County, N.C., and Erastus ("Raz") T. Allen in Tennessee. Civil War items include an 1863 tax evaluation for land and slaves in Warren County, N.C.

  William Wallace White Diaries, 1857-1910  

William Wallace White was a planter and storekeeper at Holly Hill plantation in Warren (now Vance) County, N.C. His diaries contain a full daily account of his farming activities, which included the cultivation of tobacco, cotton, grain, corn, vegetables, melons, livestock, etc., and of public life in the area. Topics include Methodist church activities, education, local government and politics, and events of significance.


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