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Laughter, Talley, Rice Pat Nelson
Whitfield, Dawson, Moore, Speights Valerie Wales
Baker, Inscoe, Nelms Anne Scholz
Weldon, Honeycutt, Lassiter, Hamm,Coley, Journigan, Dickerson Annette Goyette
Loyd/Lloyd, Clark, Faulkner, Benton, Robertson, Robinson, Wright Preston Wright
Harris, Merritt, Loyd, Collins, Mabrey, Robertson, Johnson, Lowery, Wright Stacy Wade Harris II
Stainback, Overton, Coghill, Wilkerson, Reid chrath
THOMAS (Phillip, John, Robert, George, William G.,Washington) Barbara Thomas
Bartholomew, Barham, Holmes, Tharrington Paul T. Barham


Deborah Blacknall
MARTIN (Thomas) Scott Martin

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