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Board of Health Report- June 1896

Summary of Illnesses reported from North Carolina Counties


Did your ancestor disappear from the census just before or after 1900? There were a number of illnesses going around at that time and the following is a listing from the Board of Health as reported from  the existing Counties.

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Alamance  R. A. Freeman, Burlington Typhoid Fever; Catarrhal troubles from wet weather One physician died from Typhoid Fever
Alexander T. F. Stevenson, Taylorsville Measles; Whooping Cough 3 cases Typhoid Fever
Allegheny Robert  Thompson,  Sparta Measles 1 case Typhoid Fever
Anson E. S. Ashe,    Anson   No Report
Ashe L. C. Gentry,    Crumpler Typhoid Fever; Influenza Summer complaints among children
Beaufort Joshua Tayloe,   Washington Typhoid Fever 1 case hemorrhagic malarial fever
Bertie H. V. Dunstan,       Windsor Mild bowel affectations  
Bladen Newton Robinson, Elizabethtown Malarial fever; bowel troubles  
Brunswick D. I. Watson,   Southport 1 case Whooping Cough Home badly in need o repairs
Buncumbe E. C. Starnes,   Asheville Measles; Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever 1 case Diphtheria
Burke J. L. Laxton,     Morganton Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever; Diarrhea & Dysentery; 3 cases Hydrophobia in dogs

Hydrophobic dogs all killed; town being inspected for sanitary purposes and cleaned up.

Cabarrus Robert S. Young,    Concord Typhoid Fever; Malarial fever Bowel troubles in all parts of County
Caldwell A. A.  Kent,    Lenoir Measles; Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever

Gastro-intestinal diseases throughout the County

Camden     No Board of Health
Carteret George N. Ennett,    Beaufort Bowel troubles

Recommend separate quarters fitted up in the jail for white & colored prisoners

Caswell W. O. Spencer,  Yanceyville   Very little sickness
Catawba D. McD. Yount,      Newton Measles

Public buildings well-kept, strict attention given to cleanliness

Chatham     No Report
Cherokee J. F. Abernathy,    Murphy Diphtheria; Mumps; Whooping Cough Diphtheria has abated
Chowan R. H. Winborne,  Rockyhock Typhoid Fever; Diarrhea, Dysentery; Cholera morbus Cholera in hogs & chickens
Clay W. E. Sanderson,  Hayesville Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever Some diarrhea & dysentery among children
Cleveland O. P. Gardner,    Shelby Typhoid Fever Careful attention is paid to cleansing in the towns
Columbus I.  Jackson,   Whiteville Typhoid Fever; Diarrhea; mild Malarial Fever

Epidemic disease among chickens & some hog cholera, not so much as formerly

Craven J. W. Duguid,   Newbern   No Report
Cumberland J. Vance McGougan, Fayetteville Measles; Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever  
Currituck     No Board of Health
Dare W. B. Fearing,       Manteo Malarial Fever; Dysentery  
Davidson John Thames,  Lexington Measles; Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever; hemorrhagic Malarial Fever

Malarial & bowel troubles in many parts of County

Davie James McGuire, Mocksville Malarial Fever a few cases
Duplin J. C. Grady,    Magnolia Typhoid & malarial fevers Heavy rains have left great deal of stagnating water
Durham John M. Manning, Durham Measles; Whooping Cough; entero-colitis 2 cases Typhoid Fever
Edgecombe Donald Williams,   Tarboro   No diseases reported
Forsythe E. F. Strickland,    Bethania Dysentery; Typhoid Fever reported in most parts of County
Franklin E. S. Foster,    Louisburg Whooping Cough; Dysentery; Typhoid Fever; Malarial Fever  
Gates     No Board of Health
Gaston J. H. Jenkins,    Dallas Typhoid Fever; Malarial Fever

M. fever common along Big Long creek, will continue until better drainage secured

Graham     No Board of Health
Granville Wm. O. Baskerville, Oxford Typhoid Fever; Dysentery & Malarial Fever  
Greene Joseph E. Grimsley,  Snow Hill Scarlatina; Typhoid Fever; hemorrhagic Malarial Fever. Malarial fever in all parts of County
Guilford W. J. Richardson, Greensboro   No Report
Halifax I. E. Green,     Weldon Bowel troubles; Malarial Fever  
Harnett     No Report
Haywood J. Howell Way, Waynesville Whooping Cough; Diarrhea; Typhoid Fever Mild diarrhea very prevalent
Henderson     No Board of Health
Hertford John W. Tayloe,     Union Typhoid Fever some hog cholera
Hyde     No Board of Health
Iredell W. J. Hill,     Statesville Typhoid Fever; Mumps Bowel troubles
Jackson W. F. Tompkins,    Webster Measles; Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever Diarrhea & dysentery in nearly all parts of the County
Johnston R. J. Noble,     Selma   No Diseases reported
Jones     No Report
Lenoir James M. Parrott,   Kinston Measles; Malarial fever The jail needs sewerage & ventilation
Lincoln Thos. F. Costner,  Lincolnton Typhoid Fever; Dysentery  
McDowell George I. White,  Marion Measles; Dysentery in the central part of the County
Macon S. H. Lyle,       Franklin Measles; Whooping Cough; Diphtheria; Typhoid Fever; Diarrhea & Dysentery

Distemper in horses; County is building a good modern style jail.

Madison James K. Hardwick, Marshall Whooping Cough Jail roof needs repairing badly
Martin W. H. Harrell,   Williamston Typhoid Fever Intestinal diseases in all parts of County
Mecklenburg H. M. Wilder,     Charlotte Scralatina; Typhoid Fever; Billious Fever in Charlotte

Sanitary condition of city  never better, crematory contributing much to that end

Mitchell C. E. Smith,  Bakersville Measles epidemic (200); Whooping Cough; Typhoid Dysentery, diarrhea & cholera morbus
Montgomery W. A. Simmons,     Troy Measles; Typhoid Fever Some dysentery; gastric catarrh that some doctors may call typhoid fever if they have not much practice at the time
Moore Gilbert McLeod,   Carthage   No Report
Nash J. J. Mann,      Nashville Malarial & Typhoid Fevers  
New Hanover J. C. Shepard,  Wilmington Scarlatina; Typhoid Fever

Malarial & diarrheal diseases in all parts; few cases of mumps

Northampton H. W. Lewis,   Jackson Typhoid Fever; Hemorrhagic Malarial Fever; Chicken Pox epidemic.

Malarial diseases in all parts of County. Unprecedented rainfall has filled ditches & poor drainage everywhere

Onslow E. L. Cox,   Jacksonville Whooping Cough; Malarial troubles widespread

Sanitary conditions of court house is not good

Orange D C. Parris,     Hillsboro Measles; Whooping Cough; Bowel diseases; Chicken cholera

Condition of the jail as good as can be made under present arrangement of the building

Pamlico     No Board of Health
Pasquotank J. E. Wood,  Elizabeth City Typhoid Fever; Malarial fevers  
Pender George F. Lucas,    Currie Malarial Fevers Drainage badly needed in many sections
Perquimans J. W. Speight, Hertford Typhoid Fever Remittent fever
Person J. A. Wise,     Roxboro Measles; Dysentery  
Pitt Frank W. Brown,  Greenville Scarlatina; Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever Diarrhea & dysentery
Polk C. J. Kenworth,    Tryon   No Diseases Reported
Randolph T T. Ferree,   Ashboro Typhoid Fever Some Bronchitis
Richmond W. H. Steele,    Rockingham Mumps; Malarial & Typhoid Fevers  
Robeson T. A. Norment, Jr., Lumberton   No Diseases Reported
Rockingham D. W. Courts, Reidsville   No Diseases Reported
Rowan John Whitehead,  Salisbury Measles, Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever; Malarial Fever  
Rutherford E. B. Harris,   Rutherfordton Whooping Cough Some Diarrhea
Sampson John A. Stevens,   Clinton Measles; Whooping Cough; Chicken Pox; Typhoid Fever; Malarial Fever Bowel diseases; more sickness than usual
Stanley D. P. Whitley,   Millingport Diarrhea & Dysentery Some pneumonia & malarial fever
Stokes W. L. McCanless, Danbury Typhoid Fever; Dysentery  
Surry John R. Woltz,     Dobson Typhoid Fever (widespread)

Efforts being made to improve sanitary conditions in sections where fever prevails

Swain A. M. Bennett,   Bryson City Typhoid Fever; Whooping Cough Epidemic of distemper in horses
Transylvania M. M. King,   Brevard Typhoid Fever

Conditions in jail & county home as good as can be expected

Tyrrell B. W. Cohn,    Columbia   No Report
Union J. E. Ashcraft,    Monroe Whooping Cough; Typhoid Fever; Malarial Fever  
Vance J. H. Tucker,    Henderson Measles; Whooping Cough; Hemorrhagic Malarial Fever; Typhoid Fever; Diarrhea; Dysentery; remittent fever

22 cases Typhoid Fever are from Townsville Township; The reporter says: "All of my cases of typhoid fever present malarial complications as shown by the good effects of and the absolute necessity for quinine in good doses."

Wake P. E. Hines,    Raleigh Measles; Whooping Cough; Diphtheria; Typhoid Fever

Diarrhea, dysentery & malarial fevers in all parts. Epidemic of hog cholera about Holly Springs.

Warren George A. Foote, Warrenton Typhoid Fever; Billious Fever Diarrhea & desentery in many parts of the County
Washington     No Board of Health
Watauga W. B. Councill,     Boone Measles Now subsiding
Wayne W. J. Jones, Jr., Goldsboro Typhoid Fever Malarial fever in all parts of County
Wilkes J. M. Turner,  Wilkesboro Measles; Typhoid Fever; Diarrhea; Dysentery

Need a well at the county home, other improvements badly needed

Wilson N. Anderson,    Wilson slight Malarial Fevers

County Commissioners have made a contract for water & a thorough system of sewerage for the jail.

Yadkin T. R. Harding,  Yadkinville Typhoid Fever (widespread)  
Yancey J. L. Ray,    Burnsville Typhoid Fever

Jail is tolerably well kept; have been using efforts to stop the typhoid fever around the jail.


(Transcribed from "Bulletin of the North Carolina Board of Health" June 1896, Pgs. 47-51)



*Note: Wikipedia
Before the 20th century, the term "gastroenteritis" was not commonly used. What would now be diagnosed as gastroenteritis may have instead been diagnosed more specifically as
typhoid fever or "cholera morbus", among others, or less specifically as "griping of the guts", "surfeit", "flux", "colic", "bowel complaint", or any one of a number of other archaic names for acute diarrhea. Historians, genealogists, and other researchers should keep in mind that gastroenteritis was not considered a discrete diagnosis until fairly recently.
U.S. President
Zachary Taylor died of gastroenteritis on July 9, 1850 


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