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The first issue of the Hyde County Messenger was published in May 1925 as a monthly by the Hyde County Baptist Churches to promote the interest of God and advance His kingdom's work, and to deepen the spiritual life of the church, home and entire community.  It was published by Rev. Elliot Rufus Stewart from 1925 to 1941.  Many of these issues are missing and are so noted.  This newspaper carried items of interest such as births, deaths, & marriages of local folks in Hyde County.  The Dare County Times began in 1935 in Manteo, NC and continued after 1947 as The Coastland Times which is still currently published.  It carries news from surrounding counties such as Hyde, Tyrrell and Currituck.

Some of these abstracts will be contradictory from one newspaper to another. Each individual researcher will have to be the one who decides what is correct or incorrect.   REMEMBER folks, everything you read in print is NOT the unadulterated truth!!  If you can add comments to one of these articles please let me know and Iíll include it and the source at the end of the articles.  Each entry will have (most of the time) the date of the newspaper in parenthesis following the article. The criteria for these postings are: the person had to be born, died, held office, buried, married, worked, lived, or otherwise affiliated with Hyde County.  I urge each of you to dig through your old shoe boxes or scrapbooks for any news articles or obituaries pertaining to Hyde County and e-mail them to Kay Midgett Sheppard.


Mixed Newspapers 1820 - 1940
Hyde County Messenger 1926-27
Hyde County Messenger 1928
Hyde County Messenger 1929
Hyde County Messenger 1930
Hyde County Messenger 1931
Hyde County Messenger 1932
Hyde County Messenger 1933
Hyde County Messenger 1934
Hyde County Messenger 1935
Hyde County Messenger 1936
Hyde County Messenger 1937
Hyde County Messenger 1938
Hyde County Messenger 1939
Hyde County Messenger 1940
Hyde County Messenger 1941
Mixed Newspapers 1941 - 1942
Dare County Times 1943
Dare County Times 1944
Dare County Times 1945
Mixed Newspapers 1946 - 1950

The Coastland Times 1951

The Coastland Times 1952

The Coastland Times Jan. 1953 - June 1953

The Coastland Times July 1953 - Dec. 1953

The Coastland Times Jan. 1954 - June 1954
The Coastland Times July 1954 - Dec. 1954
The Coastland Times Jan. 1955 - June 1955
The Coastland Times July 1955 - Dec. 1955
Mixed Newspapers 1956 - 1992
Mixed Newspapers 1993 - 1998
Mixed Newspapers 1999 - 2010
Mixed Newspapers 2011 - 2017


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