Hyde County Messenger
Fairfield Monthly
Fairfield, North Carolina
Published monthly by Rev. Elliot Rufus STEWART
Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard


[Filmed from microfilm loaned by Miss Rebecca SWINDELL, Swan Quarter, except for October, which was loaned by the Baptist Collection, Wake Forest University. The March issue is missing.]

(IMO=Reference book used by the abstracter: In Memory Of—An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries by Martha Rebecca SWINDELL & R.S. SPENCER, JR.)

January, 1936
Vol. 13, #1

Hyde County roads are again impassable. The dirt roads all gave way after the freeze, big snow and several days of rain. Schools have been shut down, but it is hoped they will soon be open again.

Early in October Mr. M.R. COWPER & Mr. C.L. WHITE toured Hyde Co. making tests of the various bodies of water in search of malaria larva and that type of mosquito. On search at the border of Lake Mattamuskeet they discovered malaria mosquito larvae for 300 feet on shore, more than any body of water in North Carolina. Specimens were chloroformed and carried back for further tests. Malaria has become serious in and around Fairfield. Two have been carried to the hospital recently, seriously affected from this disease. The federal government has purchased Lake Mattamuskeet and have let it fill up. The malaria condition is so much worse since this has happened. The citizens of Hyde County should cooperate to get the federal government to do something about this matter.

Belhaven Bakery has gone into the hands of new management. Mr. T.D. SWINDELL, shoeman, has turned his cobbler work over to Mr. H.G. SHANENDER and he is making baked goods to supply Hyde County and part of Beaufort County.

We, the members of Bay View Lodge #233, Swan Quarter, keenly feel the loss of Brother Guy GUTHRIE, whose death occurred Wednesday, November 20, 1935. [signed: W.W. WATSON, Chairman, C.L. BONNER, Fred HARRIS and W.G. LOWE.]

We, the members of the Board of Stewards of Providence Church in Swan Quarter, keenly feel the loss of our Brother and friend, Guy M. GUTHRIE, who died Wednesday, November 20, 1935. [signed: D.L. BERRY, Secretary, J.C. WILLIAMS, J.L. TUNNELL, W.G. CREDLE. J.E. SPENCER.]


Card of Thanks:

February, 1936
Vol. 13, #2

The winter of 1935-36 will go down in history as the coldest for many years. Snow has covered America except for south Georgia and Florida. At many places the drifts have made traffic impassable. Schools have been closed. Also the rain fall has been great. The snow that fell January 30 was around 6-7 inches deep in Hyde County and was a dry snow and surely the prettiest, whitest, we’ve ever seen.

Our Sick:

Marriage Licenses:

Mrs. Fannie BAUM announces the marriage of her daughter, Florence GODWIN, to Capt. John Curtis GASKILL, Wednesday, January 22, 1936, at 8:00 p.m. at Hatteras, N.C.


The WPA (Works Progress Administration) was authorized by Congress to supplant direct relief by providing work projects so that all employables who were on the relief rolls at the close of the ERA program could be given employment. In Hyde County there are 5 active WPA projects as follows:

A.L. MIDYETTE is the Hyde County supervisor for these projects. Mrs. Ella S. MURRAY is county supervisor of all women’s projects and Miss Camille CLARK is her assistant. Tom E. SAUNDERSON is assistant supervisor of the men’s projects. Miss Gretchen CREDLE is stenographer and office assistant.


March, 1936
Vol. 13, #3
[This volume missing]

April, 1936
Vol. 13, #4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.D. SPENCER of Sladesville, a girl named Shirley Dell. She was born on January 25, 1936

On March 31, Mr. D.E. JONES spoke to a group of interested citizens of Hyde County at the courthouse about rural electrification. The discussion centered mostly around the extension of the line operated at Engelhard on to Swan Quarter. Mr. JONES said that 25 miles was the minimum mileage required if the government loaned money to help. The approximate cost was estimated at $1000 per mile or $25,000. Engelhard line is to be extended to Lake Landing in the near future. They are ready to extend it to New Holland if the government wants it and then on the Swan Quarter if the folks there want it bad enough. The company will pay back ½ the returns each year until the debt is paid. It was reported that houses could be wired at the rate of $2.50 per outlet. Electricity could be the medium through which several new businesses could be established, for instance, a creamery, pickling plant and up-to-date machine shops. Among those taking part in the discussions were C.Y. TILSON, D.E. JONES, P.D. MIDGETTE, Professor P.G. GALLOP, and others.

The Bank of Hyde is liquidated and suspended its operations in January 1927 and the Branch Banking & Trust Co. of Wilson was appointed as receiver. (This was a lengthy article but many portions had been cut from it.)

We hope to repair and paint the Swan Quarter Baptist Church real soon. It was a pleasure to receive into our fellowship recently the following new members; Mr. & Mrs. Murray CARAWAN and Mr. & Mrs. R.E. DUNNING.

The home of Mr. Kale JONES was destroyed by fire a few weeks ago. The origin of the fire was not known but thought to be at a flue.

Mr. Southern DILLON of Currituck Township, died near Sandy Point on March 22. He had been in bad health for several years. He was 50 years old and was a member of the Foskey Creek Primitive Baptist Church. He leaves behind a wife and two sons; four brothers: J.H. DILLON and Earnest DILLON of Hyde County, David DILLON of Belhaven and J.D. DILLON of Baltimore, Maryland. Rev. E.R. STEWART conducted the service and interment was at Foskey Creek Church cemetery. [IMO states William Southey DILLON was born January 5, 1886 at Lowlands and died March 22, 1936. He was the son of William Thomas DILLON and Corniannah A. CHADWICK. This states he was buried in the Beulah Primitive Baptist Church cemetery.]

May, 1936
Vol. 13, #5




John Harold SWINDELL, who runs for office of Clerk of Court, was known in 17 debating contests while in high school; graduated from high school in the Spring of 1930; had one year at Duke University, but due to financial conditions, was not able to return and finish his course.

Candidates in the June Primary:

Mr. W.H. BASNIGHT of Ahoskie, N.C. has sold his branch wholesale house at Washington to C.W. HOWARD & Co. of Kinston.

June, 1936
Vol. 13, #6

O.L. WILLIAMS withdraws from his campaign for Representative from Hyde County in the 1937 session of the General Assembly.



Results of County Election:

There will be a 2nd primary for Recorders Judge between George P. CARTER and Jack L. WINDLEY.

July, 1936
Vol. 13, #7

The second primary between George P. CARTER and Jack L. WINDLEY was very close. Mr. WINDLEY won by 2 votes.


At 12:15 in the night, screams were heard a mile away from Mrs. W.M. HOOKER’S home at Engelhard. A Negro under the influence of liquor had broken into her home and assaulted her by striking a blow to her nose. A knife was hurled as he escaped amid cries and screams. Mrs. HOOKER fired a pistol several times. Investigations and searches were made and finally about 4 o’clock, John Ivy GIBBS, 22, was identified as the man. He was taken to jail at Swan Quarter. The sentiment grew high to mob him. Mrs. HOOKER lost her husband in a wreck two years ago and she has been living alone with her mother and the children.


August, 1936
Vol. 13, #8


Marriage Licenses Issued:

September, 1936
Vol. 13, #9

The attendance at all schools opening September 3 & 7 in Hyde County was about the same as last year, totaling for the white high school, 338; white elementary school, 760. Total enrollment for the colored school remained approximately the same as last year at 1125.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lunday SADDLER, a boy, Radford SADDLER, on August 20.

October, 1936
Vol. 13, #10

Swan Quarter News:

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John L. DAVIS of Belhaven, a boy. John, Jr. was born on October 2, 1936.

Sick Folks:



November, 1936
Vol. 13, #11


Chapter of Sorrow:

December, 1936
Vol. 13, #12

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Chapter of Sorrow:

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