Hyde County Messenger
Fairfield Monthly
Fairfield, North Carolina
Published monthly by Rev. Elliot Rufus STEWART
Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard


January 1929
Vol. 6; #1

Just a few days before Christmas a surprise birthday party was given to Mrs. George SWINDELL at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P.E. SWINDELL. This was celebrating Mrs. SWINDELL’s 70th birthday.

There has been quite a bit of moving in and out of Hyde County for the past 6 years. Early in the fall Mr. R.O. GIBLES (GIBBS?) moved to Portsmouth, Virginia. Recently two other families have moved out of Fairfield Township, Mr. Bob CUTELL (CUTRELL?), who moved to Terra Ceia and Mr. Bennie CUTELL (CUTRELL?) who has lived on the CARTWRIGHT farm for 21 years has moved to Pantego to work at a filling station.

Benjamin Newton DUKE died at his New York mansion January 8. He leaves behind a fortune estimated at upwards of $60 million. Mr. DUKE gave away a million dollars to Duke University and other schools in North and South Carolina.

Discussion among friends of Rev. Josiah ELLIOTT about erecting a monument in his honor. For several years Rev. ELLIOTT labored in Hyde County and mortgaged his home in order to build Rose Bay Baptist Church.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben HARRIS at Morehead City on December 22, 1928, a son named Alva Howard.

Chapter of Sorrows:

In Memory of my Dad—Mr. Samuel J. SELBY of Middletown, departed this life April 7, 1927. He leaves a wife, Mrs. Laura A. SELBY; one son, Dennis SELBY; two daughters, Mrs. Ottis COX and Mrs. Clifton ROPER; two nieces and two nephews. (A poem follows this memorial written by his daughter, Mrs. Clifton ROPER.)

Card of Thanks:

February 1929
Vol. 6; #2


On the afternoon of January 25th Mrs. B.S. CARTWRIGHT and Mrs. F.M. YOUNG entertained at a miscellaneous shower in honor of Mrs. Franklin MIDYETTE, a recent bride. Mrs. S.E. BAUM, mother of the bride, was present.

Chapter of Sorrow:

March 1929
Vol. 6; #3


Guy R. CUTRELL is to be postmaster at Fairfield. Guy has had the flu and pneumonia but we hope he will be able to resume his new office.

Chapter of Sorrow:

April 1929
Vol. 6; #4

Willie MCVAUGHN was drowned March 14, 1929. He and Captain Johnnie HODGES left Swan Quarter to take the boat they had oystered in around to Scranton. Jack SADDLER joined them on the trip. Willie had been helping Mr. HODGES oyster during the season. A stormy sea caught the boat and tipped her over. The three men clung to the side of the capsized boat within one mile of land. Willie decided to swim for shore to get help. He drowned trying to save himself and the other two men. Finally Captain SPARROW, who was laying to shore at Germantown, heard their cries and rescued the two who remained with the capsized boat. They had been in the water for about four hours.

Card of thanks from Mr. and Mrs. William MCVAUGHN for all the kindness shown them in searching for their drowned son, Willie.

Washington County is to have a large cannery. Many of her citizens have contracted to grow from one to five acres of beans, tomatoes and other truck.

Mr. David BURRUS lost his barn, a horse, 1,000 bushels of corn and a quantity of beans, when his barn burned Friday night, April 5. The corn belonged to Mr. Dick GIBBS. It is probable that someone set fire to it. Mr. BURRUS said he had not carried any matches in 30 years.

May 1929
Vol. 6; #5

Seven years ago on May 28, Rev. E.R. STEWART, editor of this monthly, came to Hyde county.

On May 2nd the graduation exercises were held. Rev. E.R. STEWART delivered the commencement address. Professors G.M. GUTHRIE and CAPPS also made talks. The following received diplomas: Jeff JENETTE, Cletus CARAWAN, Marie MASON, Reuby BRIDGMAN, Hilda HODGES and Margaret MASON.

Miss Marguerite HARRISON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. HARRISON of Wake Forest, married Mr. P.E. BERRY, JR. of Drexel.


June 1929
Vol. 6; #6

Mrs. Allen Ann Harris FARSON (A correction of her name was made in the July issue. It should be Mrs. Ann Harris FARROW) was born September 24, 1857; married to Mr. W.M. FARSON [sic] February 14, 1877. She joined the Primitive Baptist church in Hyde county, of which faith she lived until her death on April 17, 1929. She leaves behind an aged husband and two daughters, Mrs. B.W. WILLIAMS and Mrs. E.A. WILLIAMS; three grandchildren, Curtis, Ivery and Billie; two brothers, Robert and Daniel HARRIS. Services were conducted by Rev. L.W. WHEDBEE.

Seldon Douglas GUTHRIE was born May 11, 1929. Seldon has the following ancestors:


Walter Carl COX of Engelhard, Jack COX of Middletown, and Reginald GODWIN of Fairfield were attending the camps at Fort Bragg near Fayetteville, N.C.

July 1929
Vol. 6; #7

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank BLAKE of Fairfeld, N.C. July 9, a son.

Mr. Walter Lee SPENCER is visiting relatives at Fairfield and Swan Quarter.

Mr. John G. HARRIS of Fairfield, son of Dr. and Mrs. A.G. HARRIS, now holds a position with Lage and Co. in New York.

Mr. J.S. CUTRELL was called to his reward July 12 at 7 o’clock. Previously he had two strokes and the last one took him out in sudden death. He was a member of the Methodist church, at one time being a steward. For a number of years he kept store. He leaves to mourn his going, his mother, three brothers, one sister, a widow and four children. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. MINGA, pastor of the Methodist church, assisted by Rev. E.R. STEWART of the Baptist church and Rev. Roe HARRIS of the Christian church. The Masons held services over his body at the grave. He was born September 13, 1869, being almost 60 years of age.

August 1929
Vol. 6; #8

Mrs. E.R. STEWART was called home to the bedside of her sick mother who lives at Statesville, N.C. We are glad to report her condition is better.

On Saturday night, August 10, Miss Thelma CREDLE was married to Ottis MASON, both of Rose Bay. They had a difficult time getting to their pastor at Engelhard but he appreciates their loyalty. They were married at the home of Mr. R.S. SPENCER.

In sad and loving remembrance of my dear old father, George W. CARAWAN, who will be dead six years August 17, 1929. He was 93 years of age. [signed] Mrs. Charlie R. HARRIS

A year ago on June 26, 1928, the death angel visited my home taking from me my dear grandfather, J.G. NEAL, who was so patient and kind during his suffering. [signed] Isabelle LAWSON

Marriage Licenses and Date Issued:

September 1929
Vol. 6; #9

Walter Earl COX, son of Mrs. Alice COX of Engelhard, finished his High School course at Engelhard and has entered Camphill College at Buie’s Creek.

Mr. C.P. MASON, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. MASON of Rose Bay, writes that he holds a splendid position with the state highway at Knoxville, Tennessee. He was a graduate from the state college last year.

Recently Mr. Hubert SHAW moved his family to Virginia. He has located on the Cumberland farm near Portsmouth, Virginia.

Mr. J.M. HALL began merchandise business at Engelhard in 1875 then moved to Middletown in the fall of 1878. Mr. HALL was 19 years old when he began business. He says that he farmed the year he began business and saved $60.00 which amount he began his business as a groceryman. He has served Hyde county for 54 years and sill has a good business at Middletown.

Marriage Licenses Issued:

Mr. Calvin W. WATSON was wedded to Miss Eula Mae HOOPER of Stumpy Point on September 4, 1929 at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. F.B. BRANDENBURG.

Attorney Carroll B. SPENCER moved to Statesville, N.C. where he will practice law. Mr. Millard D. JEFFERSON is practicing in partnership with Mr. SPENCER.

Rev. and Mrs. E.R. STEWART have returned from their visit to the Piedmont section. Mrs. T. N. BROWN, mother of Mrs. STEWART, is very much better.

October 1929
Vol. 6; #10

Emo Haven SWINDELL was married to Amelia Dell MASON, both of Swan Quarter, on September 26, 1929.



Family Reunion:

Rev. R.H. LUCAS of Belhaven offered his resignation as pastor of the Belhaven Baptist Church to take place January 1, 1930.

November 1929
Vol. 6; #11

As we go to press, Mr. Dan CREDLE, who has been confined to his bed with double pneumonia, is better.

Dr. A.G. HARRIS is sick in bed with malaria fever.

Capt. Bob BARNS of Middleton lost a boat November 8. The boat had left New Bern about an hour up the Neuse River, when it caught fire. The crew escaped.

Card of thanks from Mr. and Mrs. Nat CREDLE for kindness shown them on the death of their daughter.

Mr. Otis WILLIAMS, a young man of 15 or 16 years, accidentally shot his right hand and arm on November 5 while returning from a deer hunt. He is the son of J.W. WILLIAMS of Swan Quarter, now living on Farrow Road. The young man is in critical condition. Plans were to carry him to the hospital at Washington. Likely his arm will have to be amputated. Quite a few of his friends are helping to share the expenses. Otis has provided for his home now for about 2 or 3 years.


December 1929
Vol. 6; #12

On October 14, 1929 Mrs. Charlie HARRIS was given a surprise birthday party by Mrs. Blount CREDLE and Mrs. Leon HARRIS. She was 47 years old.


    Mr. Walter SAWYER of Scranton to Miss Mary LOWE of Ponzer on November 24.
    Mr. Ellis GIBBS of Ponzer to Miss Nannie SANDERSON of Lake Landing on November 23.
    Mr. Truman RAYBURN of Scranton to Docia CARAWAN of Scranton on November 11.
    Mr. Leo Hardy SAWYER of Scranton to Miss Erma Eugene FLOWERS of Swan Quarter on October 26 (It states Emma Eugene FLOWERS in November 1929.)
    Mr. Troy SILVERTHORNE of Scranton to Miss Ann Deloro CAHOON of Swan Quarter on October 25. (It states Ann Debro CAHOON in November 1929.)

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