Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles
for Hyde Co., NC
(Jan. 1955 - June 1955)


One of these ships, the "Southern Districts", sailing from Port Sulphur, La. for Maine with a cargo of sulphur, has been given up for lost and with her was a young Hyde County man, her Chief Engineer, Walter JENNETTE, 29 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. B. JENNETTE of Sladesville. In 1951, another of these ships, the "Southern Isles", went to pieces off Hatteras. The captain of this ship also was a Hyde County man, Captain George F. SADLER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 7, 1955; pg. 1)


Mrs. Mattie DAVIS is visiting in Asheville with her son, Claude DAVIS and his family.

Mrs. Lillie COX left Monday for North Wilksboro to visit her daughter, Mrs. Maxwell COX.

Mr. & Mrs. W.W. PAYNE, Mr. & Mrs. Derwood PAYNE and LuAnn, visited at Cranston, R.I. with Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. PULLIAM. Mrs. PULLIAM was the former Delia Mae PAYNE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 7, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. James WILLIAMS announce the marriage of their daughter, Della Louise to Benjamin Owen GASKILL at Conway, S.C. on Friday, December 31st. He is the son of Mrs. Benjamin GASKILL and the late Benjamin GASKILL. The couple will reside with his mother here in Ocracoke.

Mr. & Mrs. T.W. HOWARD left last week for a 3-month visit with their daughter, Mrs. Thomas NELSON and family, at Tilson, Arizona.

Mrs. Lorena WILLIAMS of Norfolk, visited her mother, Mrs. Tressie HOWARD, during the holidays.

Mrs. Salina WILLIAMS and daughter Patsy of Martinsville, visited her mother, Mrs. Elnora BALLANCE.

Friends will regret to hear that Mrs. H.J. WILLIAMS suffered a broken leg during the holidays and was taken to Sea Level Hospital and later to her sister's, Mrs. W.H. WARREN in Norfolk.

Mrs. Elisha GARRISH visited her son, Norman, in Wilmington, Delaware, and her son, Robert Lee, in Portsmouth, Va.

Mrs. Aldine RUSH and daughter Bobbie Jean of Beaufort, visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Preston GARRISH.

Mr. & Mrs. C.T. BOYETTE are spending most of the month of January away from the Island; part of that time with their daughter, Mrs. Allen SCARBOROUGH, at Cape May, New Jersey.

Mrs. John LYNN was taken by helicopter to Elizabeth City Hospital on Sunday. Her mother, Mrs. George O'NEAL, left also for Elizabeth City.

Word has been received here today, Monday, of the death of Mr. Henry GARRISH in Raleigh. Final plans for funeral services are not complete at the time of this writing. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 7, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Dallas MOONEY of Fairfield announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Miss Joyce MOONEY, to Allen BALLANCE of Fairfield, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. BALLANCE of Fairfield. The wedding will take place in the Fairfield Christian Church on Sunday, January 23rd at 5 p.m. No invitations have been mailed. The public is invited to attend. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 7, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Guy GIBBS of Engelhard, Misses Henrietta and Zula GIBBS of New Bern, and Miss Elwanda GIBBS of Edenton, visited their uncle, T.B. GIBBS and Mrs. GIBBS. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 7, 1955; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. Billie MANN and family of Grifton and Thurston MANN of Raleigh, visited Mr. & Mrs. T.A. JENNETTE's family Sunday and attended the wedding of T.J. MANN, III and Miss Sallie EASTERLING at Soule Methodist Church. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 7, 1955; pg. 7)


Pvt. Al K. GIBBS (photo), formerly of Middletown, was a graduate of the U.S. Army's Mechanic School at Fort Jackson, S.C. Pvt. GIBBS, now stationed in Broughton, Pennsylvania, is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Huron GIBBS of Middletown. His wife, the former Minnie BISHOP of Leechville, now lives at Engelhard. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 17, 1955; pg. 3)


Pvt. Thomas S. HARRIS, 19, son of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey E. HARRIS of Swan Quarter, recently arrived in Germany for duty with the 9th Infantry Division. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 21, 1955; pg. 2)


Miss Marie SEARS of Henderson visited her parents last week to attend the funeral of her grandfather, T.B. GIBBS. Among those who attended the funeral on Friday afternoon were Mr. & Mrs. P.E. SWINDELL, Mr. & Mrs. Carl CUTRELL, P.C. SIMMONS, H.L. BALLANCE, J.C. SADLER, Miss Mary CARTER, J.C. WATSON, Langston SMITH, Mr. & Mrs. Frank YOUNG and A.L. CUTRELL. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 21, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Bob O'NEAL and Mrs. Herbert CREEF of Manteo attended rites for Claude BONNER at Soule Church on Saturday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 21, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. James E. GIBBS, Mr. & Mrs. M.H. SWINDELL and Mr. & Mrs. P.M. JONES attended the SMITH-BOWEN wedding at the Long Acre Christian Church in Plymouth on Wednesday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 21, 1955; pg. 4)


Pvt. Nathaniel R. WILLIAMS, whose wife, Hilda, lives in Swan Quarter, recently was assigned to the Transportation Research and Development Command at Ft. Eustis, Virginia. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 21, 1955; pg. 4)


Attending Claude L. BONNER's funeral at Soule Methodist Church Saturday afternoon from Sladesville were Mr. & Mrs. Sam SPENCER, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar O'NEAL, Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey SWINDELL, and Jeff and Sally Blane CREDLE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 21, 1955; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Jabin BERRY, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. GIBBS and daughter Sandra, spent the week-end in Raleigh with Mr. & Mrs. Richard GIBBS and Miss Dorinda BERRY.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred BERRY spent the week-end in Portsmouth, Va. with their daughter, Mrs. Sonny PERRY and husband.

Mr. & Mrs. Glen JARVIS spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Whitfield WILLIAMS in Swan Quarter.

Mr. & Mrs. Beamon BERRY and children, visited Mr. & Mrs. Charles CAHOON in Columbia and enjoyed the celebration of Mrs. CAHOON's birthday.

Mrs. Harry JARVIS visited in Belhaven with her parents, the H.S. TOLAN's

Mr. & Mrs. James Emory MIDYETTE, who have been living in Durham for the past several months since he returned from Japan serving in the U.S. Navy, have moved back to the home place near here. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 28, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Edward MASON have moved to his home in Engelhard. Mrs. MASON is the former Alta FARROW, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Conn FARROW. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 28, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. James M. LONG and Mr. & Mrs. Mack SAWYER attended the funeral of Mrs. Louise SMITH, sister of Mr. SAWYER, in Norfolk. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 28, 1955; pg. 4)


The marriage of Miss Mary Lou RABURN, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. RABURN of Swan Quarter, to Gordan CLAUSING of Wausaukee, Wisconsin, was solemnized at the RABURN home last Saturday afternoon with Elder Linwood McKINNEY, Primitive Baptist Church pastor. Attendants were Miss Josephine RABURN, sister of the bride, and Lenford PEIGHT, brother-in-law of the bride. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 28, 1955; pg. 5)


Miss Elizabeth SPARROW (photo), whose engagement to A/1C Charlie KEECH, JR., is announced by her parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.E. SPARROW of Sladesville. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. C.J. KEECH of Free Union. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 28, 1955; pg. 5)


Within the past two weeks, Mrs. Laura BRAGG has had a visit from her son, Eric Gregory BRAGG of Norfolk, and her son, Stacy BRAGG of Wilmington, N.C. Both came to spend week-ends here as "birthday" visits.

Mrs. Benjamin GASKILL and Mrs. James WILLIAMS entertained on Tuesday night at a miscellaneous shower honoring Della Williams GASKILL, a recent bride. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 28, 1955; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. M.C. HOLLAND and children have returned from Dunn where they attended Mr. HOLLAND's grandmother's funeral.

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred SELBY of Norfolk visited her mother, Mrs. Martha SWINDELL, and brother, Carroll SWINDELL.

Gene MIDGETT of Sladesville visited his sister, Mrs. Earl BERRY.

Mr. & Mrs. E.L. GIBBS and children of Swan Quarter, spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Janie SPENCER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 4, 1955; pg. 2)


Attending the Clyde COX funeral at Washington Tuesday were Miss Julia COX, Mr. & Mrs. James F. COX, Mr. & Mrs. Joe COX and Richard and Redin , Mrs. Thad SELBY and Mrs. Lida MILLER.

Those from here attending the LUPTON funeral at Sladesville Sunday were Mr. & Mrs. W.W. PAYNE, Mrs. Lucy MIDGETTE and Miss Julia COX. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 4, 1955; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. James GARRISH announce the birth of a daughter, Sheila Dale, on Wednesday, January 26th in Morehead City. Dora Jane and little Sheila Dale will continue to reside with Mrs. Ruby GARRISH while James serves in the Army in Korea. Mrs. Ethel GASKINS went to Sea Level and will return with the mother and baby.

Mr. & Mrs. John Thomas O'NEAL announce the birth of a son, John Thomas O'NEAL, JR., at Sea level Hospital on Saturday, January 29th.

Friends of Mr. Dan GARRISH will regret to learn that he fell on Monday and broke a hip and was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Norfolk. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 4, 1955; pg. 8)


P.D. MIDGETT, III of Engelhard, was presented with the Boy Scouts of America's Green Bar Award at the Beaufort-Hyde District's annual Father and Son Banquet held Wednesday night at Chocowinity. Mr. MIDGETT was presented the award in recognition of his outstanding service as a leader in the Engelhard Scout unit. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 11, 1955; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. Leewood LUPTON have moved in with his mother, Mrs. Lydia LUPTON.

Jeff and Harry CREDLE, George LUPTON and Ethel GIBBS attended the funeral rites of J. Leslie SIMMONS at Fairfield. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 11, 1955; pg. 7)


Reuben W. BERRY, JR. of New Bern visited his parents during the week-end. His wife and daughter who were here, joined him for the trip to Chicago on Tuesday, where Mr. BERRY will be an auditor for Montgomery Ward and Company. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 11, 1955; pg. 7)


"Ladies Night" was a complete success at Nags head Monday as the Manteo Rotary Club heard P.D. MIDGETT of Engelhard at the Carolinian Hotel in the closing feature of the evening deliver an interesting exposition of Rotary and its ideals. Mr. MIDGETT, an immediate past District President, is a native of Wanchese and a former Dare County teacher. Mr. MIDGETT recounted numerous instances of community service rendered by Rotary Clubs in North Carolina, and he told of the four principal ideas of Rotary. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 25, 1955; pg. 1)


The J.M. WORRELL's spent last week-end in Gates County. Mrs. WORRELL's mother celebrated her 81st birthday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 25, 1955; pg. 4)


Mrs. Henry HARDING and daughter Emily of Pilot Mountain, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. ROPER.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert BURRUS and little son Robert of Richmond, Va., spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.P. BURRUS and grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. R.E. CARTER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 25, 1955; pg. 6)


Pvt. Edward W. CAHOON (photo), son of Mr. & Mrs. L.M. CAHOON of Swan Quarter, left Camp Kilmer, New Jersey last week-end for an 19 month tour of duty in Austria, after having completed Military Police training at Camp Gordon, Georgia. Private CAHOON entered the Army on September 15, 1954. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 25, 1955; pg. 6)


Mr. N.T. SCARBOROUGH of Chester, Pa., had purchased the former Matthew GUTHRIE home located on the north shore of Silver Lake. He plans to bring his family here after his retirement. He is the son of the late Thad SCARBOROUGH.

Mrs. R.S. WAHAB left on Monday for Wakefield, Va., having received word that her uncle, Mr. POND, had died.

Johnnie MIDGETTE arrived home on Saturday after 2 years with the Army in Korea. Needless to say, his family was glad to see him and he was glad to be home.

Ocracoke Coast Guard and 83-footer report several transfers: Benjamin O'NEAL is serving on the 83-footer.; Archie WAHAB is serving at the Life Boat Station.; Bill SAWYER is back from an extended leave, bringing with him Mrs. SAWYER and infant son, Bill III. They are living in one of the WAHAB Apartments.; Edison MIDGETT of Manteo has been transferred to duty on the 83-footer and plans to bring his family here to live.; Elton FARROW has also been transferred from Cape Hatteras to the station here. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 25, 1955; pg. 6)


The little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.B. LINDVILLE of Charlotte, who, with her mother, was visiting Mr. & Mrs. John PATRICK, was taken to the hospital in Wilson. Mr. LINDVILLE came for the week-end. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 4, 1955; pg. 3)


Clarence SCARBOROUGH was in Sea Level Hospital for about a week. George W. JACKSON suffered several heart attacks and was taken to Sea Level by helicopter on Monday. Mrs. Taft HOWARD is in Morehead City Hospital. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 4, 1955; pg. 7)


Another Dare County boy moved up in a position of responsibility last week when A. Parker MIDGETT, a native of Wanchese, was made manager of the Woodley Wholesale Grocery Company, large wholesale firm of Elizabeth City. He is the son of the late Dameron and Mattie Tillett MIDGETT of Wanchese. He has three sisters at Wanchese: Mrs. Jimmy DAVIS, Mrs. Pete DANIELS and Mrs. Willis DANIELS; and a brother, P.D. MIDGETT, JR. of Engelhard. The appointment was announced by one of the owners and a daughter of the founder of the firm, Mrs. Malon Woodley BENNETT, chairman of the board of the corporation. The post was filled by W.J. WOODLEY, JR., until his recent death. Mr. MIDGETT has been with the grocery company for 18 years. At the time of his promotion to manager, he was serving in the capacity of assistant manager. He lives on Cedar Street and joined the firm as bookkeeper in 1937. He had previously worked at a local bank for 8 years and the Albemarle Building Association for 8 years. He was treasurer of the City Road Methodist Church for 24 years and is chief of records for Pasquotank Tribe #8 of Red Men. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 4, 1955; pg. 8)


Nevin WESCOTT of Manteo, Chief Boatswain's Mate, USCG, took command of Ocracoke Lifeboat Station after 7 years as officer in charge of Nags Head Station. Chief WESCOTT is the son of Capt. John WESCOTT, late retired CG officer of Manteo, and a grandson of the late Capt. Joe WESCOTT. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 18, 1955; pg. 1)


T.W. HOWARD arrived home recently having made the trip from Tucson, Arizona by plane to Philadelphia. According to a letter from Mrs. HOWARD, "Mr. Tommie" began to think about gardening at home about a month ago when the weather in Arizona got good and hot. Enroute he visited his son, Lafayette and family at Haddon Heights, New Jersey. He and Mrs. HOWARD spent the winter months with their daughter, Mrs. Tom NELSON and family.

Mr. & Mrs. R.S. WAHAB are back home from a trip to Raleigh and Belhaven. They have purchased a new Mercury Station Wagon so they are ready to travel the recent Ocracoke to Hatteras Highway when it materializes.

Mr. & Mrs. J.C. ROSEMERGY and son James, who have been visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. George O'NEAL, are leaving for Sault St. Marie, Michigan this week. Mr. ROSEMERGY has been transferred from Cape May to USCG duty there. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 18, 1955; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. John ROGERS announce the birth of a daughter, Olivia Jane, on March 7th at Greensboro. Chief ROGERS returned to Ocracoke on Sunday. Mrs. ROGERS and baby plan to be here about a month.

Mr. & Mrs. Calvin O'NEAL were in Beaufort recently. Word has been received that Calvin O'NEAL, JR. has been transferred to an Army Base in Alaska.

Mrs. Fowler O'NEAL was entertained on March 15th at a miscellaneous shower.

Mrs. Sybil SIMPSON was married on Friday, March 18th to Henry WILDER at Portsmouth, Va. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 25, 1955; pg. 3)


Capt. Ike O'NEAL and Capt. Walter O'NEAL, twin brothers, celebrated their 70th birthday recently and were delightfully entertained by a dinner party at the home of Mrs. Maude FULCHER. Fourteen friends enjoyed the occasion with the honorees. Two tables were attractively decorated, the family sitting at one and the friends at the other. A chicken and ham dinner was served. Guests included their sisters: Mrs. Tressie HOWARD and Mrs. Elnora BALLANCE and a brother, John O'NEAL, who came here recently from Philadelphia; Mrs. Walter O'NEAL, Mrs. Marvin HOWARD, Mr. & Mrs. Murry TOLSON, Mr. & Mrs. Kelly O'NEAL, Mrs. Etta SCARBOROUGH, Miss Marie HODGES, and Charles AGMON. Capt. Ike operated the freight boat betwen Ocracoke and Washington, N.C., skipper of the "Relief", the "Russell L." and the "Dryden". He was also in the grocery store business for many years and continues as a partner in GARRISH and O'NEAL's Community Store, which has recently moved into a fine new building. In addition to this her has done considerable commercial fishing. Capt. Walter O'NEAL is a well-known sports fishing and hunting guide. He has worked with sportsmen from new England, new York, all the way down the Eastern Seaboard and even as far away as Texas. At one time he operated a small store on the island. He is now half-owner of the freight boat "Bessie Virginia" with his son, Capt. Van Henry O'NEAL who operates between Ocracoke and Washington. Capt. Walter is not only a guide but an ardent fisherman. Both are members of the Ocracoke Methodist Church and active in church and community affairs. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 1, 1955; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. Theodore MUTRO announce the birth of a daughter, Evalina, March 27th at Tayloe Hospital in Washington, N.C.

Mr. & Mrs. Nacie SCARBOROUGH of Chester, Pa., have been here for several days occupying their new home on Lake Shore Drive recently purchased from the GUTHRIE family. They plan to retire to Ocracoke.

Sigma WILLIS was welcomed home last week after two years of Army life in Germany. Sigma is now out of the Army. Capt. Will WILLIS came home from Morehead City with Sigma and with Mr. & Mrs. Jack WILLIS and son living at Ocracoke. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 1, 1955; pg. 2)


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Ray MIDYETTE, a son, Earl Ray, Jr., at Columbia Hospital Tuesday, March 29th at 3:30 a.m. This is their second child and first son. Mrs. MIDYETTE is the former Marjorie ARMSTRONG of Fairfield. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 1, 1955; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. B.W. WILLIAMS, Mrs. E.E. CRABTREE, Mrs. W.H. LANGSTON, and George CASON attended the funeral of Mrs. Laura WILLIAMS in Portsmouth Sunday. Mrs. S.O. JONES, who had been with her mother during her illness and death, returned home with them. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 8, 1955; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Troy WILLIAMS of Reidsville, Mrs. Janice TAYLOR and son Bill Wahab TAYLOR of Norfolk, and Larry WILLIAMS of Wilmington, all visited their parents, Mr. & Mrs. Z.S. WILLIAMS.

Bill MIDGETT has spent a week's leave with Mrs. MIDGETT and little Bruce BURRUS at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Herman SPENCER.

Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher HOGGARD announce the birth of a daughter, Malinda Jean, at Sea Level Hospital on April 7th.

Mrs. Nina WILLIAMS and Mrs. Bill SPENCER took little William Jacob SPENCER to the hospital in Chapel Hill for a major operation last week. They returned to Ocracoke, leaving the baby at the hospital for a week.

Friends will regret to learn that Mrs. Dezzie BRAGG has not been so well of late. Mrs. Lavice TOLSON visited her last week and "Miss Dezzie" wants to express her thanks to all those who remembered her birthday and remembered her while she is ill. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 15, 1955; pg. 3)


Mrs. Tressie HOWARD, Mrs. Elnora BALLANCE, Walter, I.F. and John O'NEAL, were called to Fairfield because of the illness of their sister, Mrs. Gabriella ROBERTS, who died early this week.

Mr. & Mrs. Rockwell KEENEY of Springfield, Mass. Stopped off at Ocracoke enroute from Charleston, S.C. to visit his sisters, Mrs. Theodore RONDTHALER and Miss Grace KEENEY.  (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 22, 1955; pg. 7)


Army Pvt. Jospeh B. CAHOON, 20, son of Mr. & Mrs. Closs E. CAHOON of Engelhard, recently arrived in Hawaii and is now a member of the 25th Infantry Division. CAHOON, a rifleman, in the "Tropic Lightening" Division, entered the Army in November 1954 and completed basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 29, 1955; pg. 5)


During recent months, two natives of Manteo, Roanoke Island, have become residents of the community of Ocracoke. Mrs. W.R. HALE, wife of the Methodist minister, who recently came from Rocky Mount, is the former Elsie WESCOTT, the daughter of the late O.J. and Alethia WESCOTT. Mrs. HALE has been visiting her sisters in Manteo, Mrs. Lena PEARSALL, Mrs. Guy LENNON and Miss Ione WESCOTT. Mrs. Hazen BROOKS, wife of the National Seashore Park ranger, is the former Ruth GRAY, the daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. W.P. GRAY of Manteo. She is a sister of former Clerk of Dare County Court, Will R. GRAY, who now lives in Norfolk. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 6, 1955; pg. 2)


A son, William Charles, was born March 19th to Capt. and Mrs. William A. BERRY of Engelhard, at the US Army Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. The couple have two other children, Michail age 2, and Kathy Sue age 1. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 6, 1955; pg. 3)


Pvt. Richard L. GIBBS, JR., 20, whose wife Dawn, lives at Raleigh, recently graduated from the Army's Armored School at Fort Knox. His parents live in Engelhard. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 6, 1955; pg. 8)


Mr. & Mrs. William MIDGETT announce the birth of a daughter, Bertha Lynn, on May 9th. Mrs. MIDGETT and baby are home with grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Herman SPENCER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 13, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Theodore RONDTHALER of Ocracoke announces the engagement of their daughter, Alice Katherine, to George Masters WOODWELL, son of Mr. & Mrs. Phillip M. WOODWELL of York, Maine. Miss RONDTHALER is the granddaughter of Bishop Howard E. RONDTHALER of Winston-Salem. She is a graduate of Reel College in Portland, Oregon. Mr. WOODWELL is a graduate of Dartmouth College. The wedding will take place on June 22nd at Ocracoke Methodist Church. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 20, 1955; pg. 2)


Those from here who attended the funeral of John O. GIBBS at Engelhard Sunday were: Mrs. Pearl DANIELS and daughter Linda, C.L. MIDGETT, Mr. & Mrs. Roy MIDGETT, Mrs. Cecil MIDGETT, Miss Inez GIBBS, Rachel & Myra GARD, Mr. & Mrs. Rollins TILLETT, Mrs. Elroy GARD, Ferrell GARD and H.T. GIBBS.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry HUNNINGS and son Darryl, Mr. & Mrs. Bill GIBBS, Mr. & Mrs. Sam GIBBS and son Don Rodney, and Mr. & Mrs. Emmitt GIBBS, all of Norfolk, were here during the week-end and attended the John O. GIBBS funeral in Engelhard. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 20, 1955; pg. 7)


Mrs. Sallie SWINDELL recently celebrated her 85th birthday by having dinner at the Engelhard Hotel. Mrs. Leath WATSON and Mrs. Merle MARSHALL of the hotel, served a delicious birthday dinner including the birthday cake and ice cream. Mrs. SWINDELL is a charter member of the Engelhard Methodist Church and Woman's Society of Christian Service. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 27, 1955; pg. 3)


Rev. and Mrs. Walter WHITAKER announce the birth of a son at Windsor Hospital. [No name mentioned]

Mr. & Mrs. Graydon RING and sons arrived last Sunday for the funeral services of Daniel B. GARRISH, her father. They visited her sister, Mrs. Howard O'NEAL and family. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 27, 1955; pg. 3)


Miss Cora Elizabeth MYERS (photo), whose engagement has been announced to Sheldon Douglas GUTHRIE of Fort Jackson and Engelhard, is the attractive daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Fred MYERS of Pantego. Mr. GUTHRIE is the son of Mrs. Mildred G. GUTHRIE of Smithfield. The wedding is planned for June. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 27, 1955; pg. 4)


H.J. WILLIAMS suffered a shoulder injury Tuesday and was flown by helicopter to the Marine Hospital in Norfolk.

Mr. & Mrs. S.D. LEWIS and family left for Cape Charles Monday, planning to make their home there.

Mrs. W.Y. STEWART visited Ocracoke for a short time, seeing as many friends as time would permit. She was enjoying a few days off from her work at Bowman Gray School of Medicine and made the trip by plane from Beaufort. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 27, 1955; pg. 8)


Editor's Note: The article printed here was carried in the Feb. 9, 1928 issue of "The Belhaven Times") Louis King PAUL is dead. He succumbed to a heart attack at 1 a.m. Monday. The passing of Capt. PAUL wrote "finis" to the eventful career of Belhaven's oldest and most unique citizen. He was a familiar figure about town, his old cap pulled down over raven lock that refused to yield to the ravages of time, his baggy suit and worn overcoat pulled tightly about a withered frame to ward off the cold, his shuffling gait and the rat-a-tat-tat of his sturdy cane, as he wended his way about the streets of the city, will not be forgotten soon. There is no figure in Belhaven any better known than was Capt. PAUL. To the time of his death he enjoyed the lone distinction of being the city's oldest citizen. He possessed many characteristics that made him unique and placed him in a class all to himself. He enjoyed good health to the time of his death, and on Sunday, idled about the downtown section as was his daily custom. Death came to him all unaware, like a hunter who stumbles upon a lost trail, and swept him away into the mysteries of an unknown and unexplored realm while most of the city slept. He spent his latter years near the blue waters of the Pungo he loved so well. During his youth and younger days he manned many fine craft and captained them with a skill such as would create the envy of the old masters who sailed the Spanish Main. He died as he had lived in his latter years, quietly and peacefully. In the distance the wrinkled Pungo hurled restless waves upon the sandy beach, reminders of a by-gone day. Not far distant, trim sloops rode at anchor, vagrant waves lapping at their prows. The breezes, salt-laden, bore the moist breath of the misty Atlantic to waft him into the beyond. Surrounded by gentle reminders of years spent in toiling on the sea, ships hidden by the chaotic shadows of night, ships that he loved to watch loom over the horizon and later cast anchor, when the voyage was done, in the peaceful waters at home, the restless Pungo that he loved, murmured little songs sweeter than the lullabies of angels, he quietly fell into a dreamless sleep. His passing brings to a close a life that reads much like fiction, there is pathos, tragedy, some humor, and the usual cloud with the silver lining. Mr. PAUL was born March 26, 1840 at Bath, N.C. Here he spent his earlier days, dreamed his youthful dreams, and shaped the career destined to put his name on countless tongues ere his race was run and he laid down to sleep. As he played along the shore of the historic Bath Creek, exploring the haunts of the pirate BLACKBEARD, graceful ships passed and called him to service of the sea. When quiet young, he left his native haunt and sailed away on a sturdy three-master to South America, braving gales and inclement weather that prevail around the Horn. He made the voyage safely and when the Southern Cross had vanished in the heavens, when the coastline of South American faded from sight, he determined to forsake the sea for a the more peaceful sounds and rivers of Eastern North Carolina. He lived through many stirring times in history. He was just a lad when that vast horde of pioneers set out for the West, some leaving their bodies to bleach in a scorching sun, others fording the rushing Platte to reap fortune and renown in the golden West. He was a very young man when the Civil War occurred. He cast his lot with his native southland, enlisting in Company B of Pantego under the command of Col. William RODMAN. He was captured at Fort Monroe, taken to New Bern and later to Wilmington, where he remained until the close of the war. When he obtained his release, he returned to Bath and began life all over again, pursuing the occupation of a farmer. Finding farming, at this particular time, a very poor means of obtaining a livelihood, Captain PAUL heard the call of the sea again and sailed on the "Mary Louisa", a trim two-master commanded by Captain Bob GASKILL. In 1886 he married Melissa EBORN of Bath who died in 1898. Four years later he married Alice EBORN, the younger sister of his first wife. Tiring of being away from his family during long periods at sea, Captain PAUL returned to Bath and moved his family to Washington, N.C. where he resided a number of years. His restless nature again asserted itself and he moved his family to Swan Quarter. While at Swan Quarter, he was engaged in fishing. It's said he always knew where to drop his nets and could be depended upon to bring the choicest denizens of the deep into Swan Quarter. The years tip-toed by ere he knew it and Capt. PAUL suddenly realized he was growing old. So he moved to Belhaven, choosing a home overlooking the blue water he loved so much, residing with his two sons until his death. Much of his life is enshrouded in mystery, and many of the secret he guarded well in life died with him. His younger days were filled with thrilling escapades from which he always emerged victorious, but his latter years were spent in peace and serenity. He will ever be remembered as one who "lived in his house by the side of the road and was a friend to man". In so far as worldly goods is concerned, he possessed very little. He never expressed a desire to possess much gold and he left very little of the yellow metal, if any, as a legacy to others. His was the will to serve wherever he could. And when he could be of service to anyone, despite his advanced age, he readily lent what aid he could. With the passing of Capt. PAUL, the thin gray line grows thinner, widening the ever increasing gap in the ranks of the rebels who once wore the immortal gray. He has answered the last roll call, another of LEE's renowned rebels has entered the last bivouac and gone to meet his Maker. Captain PAUL lived well past the Biblical allotment of three score and ten, dying in his 87th year. Surviving him are two sons, Jake and Will PAUL, with whom Captain PAUL lived until his death. Tuesday morning at 10:00 funeral services for Capt. PAUL were conducted by Rev. E.D. WEATHERS, pastor of the First Methodist Church of this city, and Rev. J.N. BYNUM of the Episcopal Church. Interment was in the Odd Fellows Cemetery. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 27, 1955; pg. 9)


Mrs. D.L. BERRY and Mrs. W.H. LANGSTON visited Mrs. T.H. WELDON in Henderson during the week-end. Mrs. LANGSTSON attended the Alumni Banquet at Louisberg College, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of her class of 1905.

Mrs. H.E. GRIFFEN and Miss Lona BONNER were Washington visitors Tuesday. Mrs. GRIFFEN will go from there to Dunn to visit her sister, Mrs. Greely BRINN, and her niece, Mrs. Thad POPE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 3, 1955; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Ernest LEE and daughter Jeanette, spent Saturday in Edenton.

Mr. & Mrs. Roy S. COX of Port de Poset, Maryland, spent the week-end here with relatives.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul CARTER and children of Cherry Point, spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. R.S. SPENCER. Mr. CARTER recently returned from Korea.

Dr. and Mrs. Joe LIVERMAN have moved into the house recently vacated by Mr. & Mrs. Harold JARVIS, JR. Dr. LIVERMAN bought the house from R.L. GIBBS, SR. It is located on the Engelhard-Middletown highway. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 3, 1955; pg. 7)


Mr. & Mrs. James WILLIAMS of Staten Island visited Ocracoke this past week-end, wishing to be here on Memorial Day particularly since his son, Alton, is buried here at Ocracoke. They stayed with Mr. WILLIAMS' mother, Mrs. Jacob WILLIAMS.

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse MIDGETT of Philadelphia visited his parents, Mr. & Mrs. John MIDGETT, last week-end.

Alton SCARBOROUGH of Pedricktown, N.J., visited his father, Charles SCARBOROUGH, who was injured recently in a fall.

Mrs. Dorris GARRISH and Danny GARRISH motored to Norfolk last week-end, visiting her sister, Mrs. OVERTON and family.

Mr. & Mrs. Willie O'NEAL and son, William Jr. of Drexel Hill, Pa.,, visited his brothers, Hiatus and Arthur O'NEAL last week.

Mrs. Preston GARRISH, recently hospitalized at Morehead City Hospital, is now recuperating at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Aldenia RUSH, in Beaufort. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 3, 1955; pg. 7)


Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin O'NEAL left last week for their home in Sarasota, Florida, after spending the month of May in Manteo with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.D. O'NEAL; her sister, Mrs. Carl SWAIN; and her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Emmett SADLER in Hyde County. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 3, 1955; pg. 8)


Mr. & Mrs. Dallas WILLIAMS announce the birth of a son, Dallas, Jr., at Sea level Hospital on May 31st. Mrs. WILLIAMS and the baby have returned here to the home of her mother, Mrs. Wilma WILLIAMS, on Saturday afternoon. Mr. WILLIAMS, on leave from USN duty at Norfolk, is here at this time.

Mrs. Nina WILLIAMS and Mrs. Thurston Fuller GASKILL and child spent several day last week at Duke Hospital, where the child, David Fuller GASKILL, has been under medical care. Friends here are glad to learn that David is better and will not have to make the long trip to Durham hereafter. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 10, 1955; pg. 2)


Pfc. Ira D. WILLIAMS (photo), son of Mr. & Mrs. Whitfield WILLIAMS of Swan Quarter, is now serving with the U.S. Army at Camp Bussas, France. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 10, 1955; pg. 2)


A group of 28 rising seniors in agronomy at State College in Raleigh visited several point in Hyde County Tuesday while on a tour through eastern N.C. Led by Thurston MANN of the college's agronomy department, a Hyde County native, the group first stopped at Scranton to observe damage to crop lands from salt. Mr. MANN then carried the group to Lake Mattamuskeet and explained some of the lake's history. A drainage project at the R.B. STOKESBURY farm at New Holland was explained by Mr. STOKESBURY. At the BALLANCE farm at Lake Landing, the group learned some of the aspects of growing truck crops. After having dinner at the Engelhard Hotel, the students went on to Manteo. Richard MANN of Fairfield was one of the students on tour. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 10, 1955; pg. 4)


Bettie SWINDELL was named as acting Superintendent from July 1st until Tommie GAYLORD reports to work when he completes work to meet State's requirements. The board also gave its approval to contracts for the 1955-56 term for Miss Sally Blane CREDLE at Engelhard High School and Charles E. BOONE at Davis High School. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 10, 1955; pg. 4)


Rev. M.C. McKINNEY, who is spending the summer in Wilmington, visited his parents, Mr. & Mrs. M.C. McKINNEY.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter CLARK have returned to Norfolk after visiting Miss Fannie SPENCER and Mrs. Belle CLARK. They were accompanied home by Miss SPENCER to visit Mr. & Mrs. Joe JENNETTE.

Mr. & Mrs. Maywood LEE and son of Wilmington, spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. M.R. BERRY.

Mr. & Mrs. Royden NEAL and children spent the week-end with her sister, Mr. & Mrs. John SHAFFER in Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Nora BERRY of Dahlgrin, Va., is visiting her sister, Mrs. M.R. BERRY.

Mr. & Mrs. W.P. BURRUS and son, Jimmy, left on Saturday for Richmond where they visited their son, Robert & Mrs. BURRUS. They were accompanied by another son, Charles L. and Mrs. BURRUS of Greensboro. They all left Richmond on Sunday for New York where they will attend the graduation of their son and brother, William Sylvester BURRUS of West Point, on Tuesday of this week. Mr. & Mrs. R.E. CARTER are grandparents of young BURRUS. Before returning home, Mr. & Mrs. BURRUS and Jimmy will visit Mr. & Mrs. George Taylor BURRUS at Cape May.

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie McKINNEY were notified that Nicolas MULYSAN of Camden, N.J., died Friday night with a heart attack at his home. Mrs. MULYSAN was the former Edna Lee McKINNEY of Engelhard. Surviving besides Mrs. MULYSAN is a son, Gregory.

Tolar V. SIMMONS of Swan Quarter, recently spent 5 weeks with the Soil Conservation Service at Athens, Ga. undergoing intensive training in all phases of soil conservation, including drainage and irrigation, farm ponds, woodland management, management agronomy, soil classification, terracing and contour cropping. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 10, 1955; pg. 6)


Cadet William Sylvester BURRUS (photo), son of Mr. & Mrs. W.P. BURRUS of Engelhard, graduated with honors from West Point on June 7th. He graduated from Engelhard High School in June 1948 and enlisted in the Army the following October and was later assigned to the allied communication center in Tokyo where he served under General MacARTHUR. He received a congressional appointment by Herbert C. BONNER and entered West Point in July 1951. The BURRUS family attended the graduation. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 10, 1955; pg. 8)


Mr. & Mrs. E.A. WILLIAMS are visiting their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Avery WILLIAMS, in Clearfield, Pa.

Mrs. Mary SPENCER, who has visited her daughter, Mrs. W.G. HARRIS, for several months, has returned to her home in Wilmington.

Mrs. Jesse PARKS of Willow Springs is visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.E. SPENCER.

Murl CARAWAN, who has been home for a week, will leave for Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas where he will become a member of the medical Corps.

Ralph SWINDELL, who has been visiting his father, E.H. SWINDELL, will leave Thursday for Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. Ralph's new assignment will be with the guided missiles department. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 10, 1955; pg. 9)


Capt. Marvin W. HOWARD (photo), after some 3 years back home at Ocracoke, has yielded to the urge to go to sea again, and Sunday he left for New York to ship out on the seagoing hopper dredge "Chester Holden" bound for a 7 month's stay in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Capt. HOWARD was in charge of this dredge during World War II. He is going to be missed around Ocracoke where he has been very active in community life. He will leave Assistant Scoutmaster, Kermit ROBINSON, in charge of Mounted Boy Scout Troop #290. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 17, 1955; pg. 1)


E. Carlton KELLY has as guests this past week, Capt. & Mrs. Henry PEELE and daughter Henrietta of Elizabeth City. Capt. PEELE was formerly in command of the Ocracoke Life Station and is now stationed at Little Creek Lifeboat Station.

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin SPENCER has as recent guests, her sister and family, Mr. & Mrs. Lee MANNING and 3 children of Grifton.

James GARRISH, JR. came in last week after service in Korea for a visit with Mrs. GARRISH and children, and his mother, Mrs. Ruby GARRISH.

Miss Fannie Pearl FULCHER is home from her teaching position in the Raleigh schools. With her at Mrs. Maude FULCHER's last week were Mrs. Louise GERVEN and son Jimmy. Mike RIDDICK of Greenville is also visiting his grandmother, Mrs. FULCHER.

John H. HOWARD, son of Lafayette HOWARD of Haddon Heights, N.J., spent a few days with his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. T.W. HOWARD. John has been back for several weeks from service in Korea and is now stationed at Camp LeJeune.

Mrs. Lola WILLIAMS has returned from a visit with her daughters in Norfolk and Martinsville. Larry WILLIAMS, teaching at Wilmington, joined his mother at Martinsville and both attended the High School graduation of Miss Patsy WILLIAMS.

Mr. & Mrs. Needham SIMPSON have been off on a visit to their son, Stacy, in Wilmington, Delaware. In Richmond, they visited their daughter, Mrs. Elsie PRONOBIS and family.

Mrs. Allen SCARBOROUGH and son of Cape May, N.J. are visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. C.T. BOYETTE.

Rashe O'NEAL of Washington, D.C is visiting his sister, Mrs. R. Wahab HOWARD, and other relatives here. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 17, 1955; pg. 2)


Mrs. Emma WILLIAMSON and little son of Clarksburg, West Virginia, are spending some time with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ottawa BERRY.

Mrs. Same CAREY and three children of Richmond, spent the week-end with their aunts, Mrs. R.L. ROPER and Mrs. S.S. NEAL. One of the CAREY boys, Neil, did not return with them, but will visit here while his parents take a cruise to Cuba on the "Tradewind". (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 17, 1955; pg. 2)


Miami, Fla. - A first solo flight has been made at the Whiting Field U.S. Naval Auxiliary Air Station here by Naval Aviation Cadet Andrew A. HOOKER (photo), son of Mrs. Lillie B. SWINDELL of Engelhard and the late W.W. HOOKER, Engelhard banker. He attended Engelhard High School and N.C.S.C. before entering the Naval Aviation Cadet program at Norfolk, Va. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 17, 1955; pg. 6)


Mr. & Mrs. Junius AUSTIN of Ocracoke are the parents of a baby boy born June 9th at the Cape Hatteras Health Center, weight was 6 pounds and 4 ounces. [No name mentioned] (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 17, 1955; pg. 6)


This group (photo) of 5 sisters and 1 brother, were the honored guests Sunday at the annual reunion of the PAYNE family at Swan Quarter at the old home of Mrs. T.M. CREDLE, which is now the home of Mr. & Mrs. S.R. WILLIAMS. Mrs. Jim J. (Annie) WHITE, 83, of Belhaven, Mrs. T.M. (Lizzie) CREDLE, 80, of Remsen, N.Y., Warren PAYNE, 78, of Gulrock, Mrs. Molly CASON, 75, of Lenoir, Mrs. Joe (Amanda) PUGH, 73, of Gulrock, and Mrs. Tom (Addie) GIBBS, 70, of Gulrock. More than 100 members of the PAYNE family and guests from all parts of eastern Carolina and Virginia called during the day, and at noon lunch was served on the grounds. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 17, 1955; pg. 10)


Miss Jane MIDYETTE of Fairfield, representing the Methodist Student Movement at East Carolina College, was among nearly 400 college students and adult counselors attending an 8-day leadership training conference at Lake Junaluska, N.C. from June 7-14. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 17, 1955; pg. 10)

by Woodrow Price of the News & Observer

If people find Robert Stanley WAHAB (large photo) of the Island of Ocracoke to be an unusual character, it would not be altogether surprising. In his veins runs the blood of pirates and the blood of Arabs, and the mixture could scarcely be expected to produce the commonplace. He was born at Ocracoke on February 3, 1888, the son of Hatton WAHAB of the Life Saving Station, since become the U.S. Coast Guard, and of Martha Howard WAHAB. Hatton WAHAB, according to family tradition, descended from an Arabian sailor who was cast ashore on Ocracoke from a shipwreck in the early 1700's. Martha Ann HOWARD can down the line from the HOWARD who served as quartermaster aboard the ship of Edward TEACH, better known as BLACKBEARD, the pirate. Now 67 and in the autumn of his career, Stanley WAHAB can look back upon a full life, some of which was spent at sea in the manner of his forebears, except that no pirating was involved. He has been an oysterman, a sailor, an accountant, a public school teach, a leader in the business world and the entrepreneur of an air service. He has been, and still is, a real estate man, a promoter and hotel owner. For decades he has been prominent in the political and economic life of the coastal region. He looks out upon the world now from behind exceedingly thick lenses and a big cigar. His voice looms across the waters of Silver Lake from the rail of the Community Store as he tells visitor of Ocracoke's past, and predicts of its future. He stands a bit over six feet and weighs a bit over 200 pounds and, except on those occasions when he is off attending some of his enterprises farther up the Banks, he usually is around the lake front when the "Dolphin" comes in each afternoon with its load of mail and passengers from the mainland. His books, a reader and a geography, came to him from his uncle, Thomas W. HOWARD, who found them along with other books floating in the ocean surf after the wooden ship "Pioneer" went aground and broke up just off Ocracoke in 1889. He used the two shipwrecked books for private lessons from the Rev. W.E. HOCUTT, a Methodist minister, and while attending public school in the village. From 1899 to 1903 he lived at the north end of the Island while his father was assigned to the Cedar Hammock Life Saving Station there, a station which is now more than 100 yards out in the ocean as a result of beach erosion. His island schooling done, Stanley spent the winter of 1903-04 catching fish, clams and oysters. In June 1904 he went to sea aboard the menhaden schooner "Fanny Sprague" which fished the Atlantic coast from Delaware to Massachusetts. The next year found him serving as a seaman on Dredge #3 of the Norfolk Dredging Co., and January 1906 found him back on his beloved island. He married Lucille GRANDY of Norfolk and they had three children, Robert S. WAHAB, JR., now a lawyer at Virginia Beach, Wilson H. WAHAB, now a lawyer at Norfolk, and Lillian E. WAHAB, who is now teaching school in Norfolk. His second wife died in 1924 [nothing about what happened to his first wife nor who the second wife was] and he has since married again, this time to Myra EDWARDS of Belhaven. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 24, 1955; pg. 1)


On Thursday morning, June 23, Miss Alice Katherine RONDTHALER was married to George Masters WOODWELL at the Ocracoke Methodist Church by Rev. Walser ALLEN of the Moravian Church of Raleigh. Mrs. WOODWELL is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theodore RONDTHALER of Ocraocke and the granddaughter of Bishop Howard E. RONDTHALER of Winston-Salem. Mr. WOODWELL is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Phillip M. WOODWELL of York, Maine, formerly of West Roxbury, Mass., and the grandson of the late Rev. and Mrs. George WOODWELL of Lynn, New Hampshire, and the late Mr. & Mrs. Charles EDDY of Franklin, New Hampshire. Attendants were Miss Virginia WOODWELL of York, Maine, sister of the groom, and John A. GUSTAFSON of Brockport, N.Y. Ushers were Howard M. RONDTHALER of Portland, Oregon, brother of the bride, and E. Carlton KELLY of Ocracoke. Mrs. WOODWELL is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon and he is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Both are graduate students at Duke University in Durham. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 24, 1955; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth JENNINGS and children of Durham, visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. R.S. COX.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. SPENCER and son, Tommy, of Washington, spent a few days with relatives here and attended the FORBES-ROPER wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil GUTHRIE of Manteo, Mrs. Ina CUDWORTH of Wanchese, Mrs. WEBB of Greenville, Mrs. GASKILL, and Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE attended the wedding of Mrs. GUTHRIE's son, Douglas, and Miss Cora MYERS at Pantego on Saturday.

Lt. Norman ELAHUTA of Texas spent several days with Lt. William S. BURRUS at the home of Mr. & Mrs. W.P. BURRUS. Lt. BURRUS and guest attended the wedding of their former roommate at West Point, Lt. Alton COLEMAN at Atlanta, Ga.

William ROPER has been released from the U.S. Army and is at home with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. H.L. ROPER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 24, 1955; pg. 4)


Mrs. Annie GARRISH suffered a fall recently and was taken by helicopter to the Marine Hospital in Norfolk, Her son, Monford GARRISH, accompanied her.

Mr. & Mrs. David STYRON and daughter Belinda, of Wilmington, Delaware, are visiting Mr. & Mrs. Calvin O'NEAL.

Mr. & Mrs. J.T. DRAKE of Rocky Mount spent several days with his grandmother, Mrs. Gary BRAGG. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 24, 1955; pg. 7)


A reunion of members of the Irvin and Robert WILLIAMS family will be held Sunday, June 26, at the home of Whitfield WILLIAMS near Swan Quarter. Anyone related in any way to either of the above are invited to bring a picnic basket and attend. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 24, 1955; pg. 7)


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