Hyde County Messenger
Fairfield Monthly
Fairfield, North Carolina
Published monthly by Rev. Elliot Rufus STEWART
Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard


[All issues loaned for filming by the Baptist Collection, Wake Forest University except for January, August, October, November and December which were loaned by Miss Rebecca SWINDELL, Swan Quarter.]

January, 1933
Vol. 10; #1

Marriage Licenses Issued:


February, 1933
Vol. 10; #2

Marriage Licenses Issued:


Chapter of Sorrow:

March, 1933
Vol. 10; #3

Miss Mary Susan FULLER, daughter of Mrs. Annie E. FULLER of Louisburg, will be married to Rev. Wilbur Festus WOODALL of Belhaven in the early spring.

Mrs. J.D. SELBY passed away suddenly at her home March 6. She was nearly 61 years of age. She leaves two brothers, Thomas SWINDELL of Washington and Joshua SWINDELL of Engelhard; Mrs. John COHOON of Elizabeth City, Mrs. Buena SWINDELL, Mrs. Bell COHOON and Mrs. Sarah STOWE, all of Engelhard, Mrs. Susana COHOON of Swan Quarter. She also leaves three children and 7 grandchildren. She was a member of the Christian church.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie MANN of Middletown, have charge of the Louise Hotel. They welcome the people of Hyde.

The Mohawk Boat, operated by Captain Charlie SILVERTHORNE, was sunk out from Engelhard, March 10. It had approximately 1200 bushels of beans aboard her. Mr. Tom YOUNG was seriously injured while they were getting her up. Several stitches had to be taken where his face had been cut.

April, 1933
Vol. 10; #4

Mrs. P.E. SWINDELL is home from the hospital, improving.

Mrs. Macon CREDLE has returned from the hospital and is convalescing.

Mrs. Axie Lee FLOWERS, while at the hospital waiting on her sister, Mrs. Macon CREDLE, took sick with appendicitis. She was operated on and is back home again.

Ed SWINDELL is at the hospital and at last report was slowly improving.

Mr. Tom LONG is in Tayloe Hospital. He’s very sick.

After a long illness and confinement, Mrs. Mittie WILLIAMS, after a second stroke of paralysis, passed away. While a young girl she came here from a foreign country. She was about 78 years old and united with Rose Bay Baptist Church only a short while ago. She leaves to mourn her death, a husband, Mr. Rensey WILLIAMS, a son, Mr. Sam WILLIAMS, and a daughter, Mrs. Jennings SPENCER. She was buried at Mt. Olive Christian Church.

Mr. Donald WATSON died at the hospital recently. See May issue for more details.

May, 1933
Vol. 10; #5

The Times Publishing Company is now in new hands. It is being operated by Mr. M.D. JEFFERSON and Mr. and Mrs. A.H. COWEN. They will put the paper out each week on Friday.



Several weeks ago Kelley WHITAKER (colored), while under the influence of liquor, is said to have taken his shotgun and shot his wife through the right shoulder and also her hand which later had to be amputated. She recently died from her wounds. Kelley WHITAKER is in jail for murder.

After some months of illness and confinement in Washington Reed General Hospital in Washington, D.C., Gen. Ben T. SIMMONS ended his career on earth April 18. His body was bought back to Fairfield, his old home town, and buried on April 24. Even though he had walked with Kings, when he returned home each year to Fairfield, he was just known as Ben SIMMONS. A large crowd of colored folks as well as a large crowd of white folks attended his funeral. A very plain service was held at the grave. Rev. W.R. HARDESTY, Rev. Roe L. HARRIS, and Rev. E.R. STEWART conducted the service. He leaves a wife, Mrs. Estelle SIMMONS, Taylor SIMMONS of Washington, D.C.; two sisters, Miss Mary SIMMONS and Mrs. Mattie CARTWRIGHT of Fairfield. August 14, 1933 he would have been 63. He was a graduate from West Point in 1895. He was made General during the World War. He won a silver star for gallantry in action in the battle of Saratoga in Cuba. He commanded the 19th Division.

On May 10, after a long sickness and confinement to bed, Mr. Charlie GIBBS, father of Closs GIBBS of Engelhard, passed away. He had been helpless for nearly five years. He was a member of Amity Church. Services were conducted by Rev. H.A. CHESTER, his pastor. He was buried at Amity cemetery May 11. He leaves a wife and two sons, Closs and Frank GIBBS, both of Engelhard.

Mr. EDWARDS, from the Wenoca section of Washington, while in Hyde County a few weeks ago buying hogs, dropped dead. He was a Methodist preacher, holding his last charge at Bath. The Masons returned his body to Washington.

At age 82, Mrs. Mary CLAYTON, died at her home at the Clayton House in Engelhard, on May 2. She had been sick for several years, yet confined to bed only a few days. Burial services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. H.A. CHESTER, assisted by Rev. W.R. HARDESTY of Fairfield. She was laid to rest at Amity cemetery.

After several days of illness, Mrs. Claude MANN of Middletown died on May 6. Burial services were held on Sunday. [In Memory Of by Martha Rebecca SWINDELL & R.S. SPENCER, JR. states Bettie Matilda MANN, wife of Claudius Alexander MANN, was born April 11, 1867 and died May 5, 1933. Her father was Henry Sylvester GIBBS and her mother was Mary Jones SAUNDERSON. The death date differs from the newspaper article.]

Mr. Donald B. WATSON of Engelhard died at the Fowler Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. on March 24, 1933, following a brief illness. Interment was held at Amity Church in Lake Landing with the Masonic Lodge in charge. He is survived by a wife, three children, and four sisters. Brother WATSON was an active Mason of the Mattamuskeet Lodge No. 328.

June 1933
Vol. 10; #6

Marriage Licenses Issued since May 1:

Engelhard school closes May 23. There were 7 to graduate—Francis WATSON, Cleida HARRIS, Edna CREDLE, Agnes SPENCER, Charles PAYNE, and Dora HARRIS.

Fairfield school in closing on May 19. The following 4 will be graduating—Kirk BALLANCE, Grace SIMMONS, Camille SWINDELL, and Alice JONES.

The graduating class of Swan Quarter High School, which closes May 19, 1933, are Charles BERRY, Robert CARAWAN, Metrah HARRIS, Marie MASON, Frances WILLIAMS, Ruby Lee BRIDGMAN, Jessie EMORY, Melva JONES, Lenora BERRY, Mary Page SPENCER, and Woodburn C. WILLIAMS.

Graduates of Sladesville High School are: Lyndall DUNN, Annie Boyd WAHAB, Hattie Mae NOBLE, Russell JARVIS, Edsil BRIDGMAN, and Plum O’NEAL.

Wake Forest College held it’s 99th commencement on June 1. There were 117 graduates and among these was a fine young man from Hyde county. Walter Carr COX, who two years ago finished at Campbell College and now carries the honor of graduating from Wake Forest with an A.B.A. degree. We believe that Mr. COX is the first young man to graduate from this college from Hyde county since 1889.


Card of Thanks:

July, 1933
Vol. 10; #7

On Sunday, July 2, Mr. Romulous Saunderson SPENCER of Engelhard, was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Lee BAUM of Fairfield. The quiet wedding took place at the Baptist parsonage in Fairfield about 6:30 p.m. They will make their home in Engelhard.

Born to Sheriff and Mrs. CREDLE, a daughter, March 14, She is a fine baby and they call her Sally Blane.


In memory of my dear husband, O.G. MASON, who died Tuesday afternoon, May 23. We had lived together 41 years and 2 months. He and I were sitting in the swing about an hour before he died and he was telling me how he wanted everything fixed. He told me his plans and asked me if that suited me and I said it did. He told me to go over to Joshua McKINNEY’S and get a code that might give me some idea as how to write the will. As we were talking he said, “But I might have waited too late.” I told him I wouldn’t stay long but he told me he was alright and as he did not feel like working, he would be in the store. So I went over to Joshua’s and Margaret’s and stayed perhaps an hour. When I came back to the store I found him lying on a bench. I saw something was wrong with him because his face was purple and his lips almost black. I knew he was dead. I heard a car coming so I ran out and it was Mr. Carlos BERRY. Then I called Mr. SPENCER who was plowing in front of the store. We brought him to the house and put him on the bed. Mr. BERRY told me he would rush to Swan Quarter for the doctor. As news spread rapidly, there was a crowd of his friends and mine that came to me in my sad hours. I want to thank each and every one of them for the kindness shown and the flowers that were sent. [signed: His wife, Mrs. O.G. MASON]

August, 1933
Vol. 10; #8
[Many portions cut from this issue]

On Wednesday, August 16, a host of people from all sections of Hyde County gathered at what was formerly known as McGOWAN school house, now West Lake Community Church, to hold a dedication service.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.M. RABURN, a daughter, on June 6. Her name is Harriet Elizabeth.

September, 1933
Vol. 10; #9

Marriage Licenses Issued:


The Atlantic Ice and Sea Food Company of Belhaven recently purchased a lot from Mr. Closs GIBBS on the canal leading out from Engelhard. Plans are to build a large warehouse to store sea food and ice. When the road from Swan Quarter to Engelhard is hard surfaced we look for other structures to go up.

Card of Thanks:

October, 1933
Vol. 10; #10


On September 15 and 16 a storm swept the eastern coast with winds 75-80 miles per hour, laying waste to houses, trees, barns and crops. Fairfield township was hit hardest of any section of Hyde. Hundreds of pecan trees were blown down, houses blown off blocks and school buildings injured. Sixteen lives were lost. Tide water was said to be 10 feet deep in Oriental and 6 feet in New Bern.


November, 1933
Vol. 10; #11
[Nothing of genealogical interest]

December, 1933
Vol. 10; #12

Chapter of Sorrow:


Marriage Licenses Issued: From December 1932-November 27, 1933 there were 98 licenses issued from Hyde County—49 white and 49 colored. Below are licenses issued since the last issue of this paper.

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