Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles
for Hyde Co., NC
(Jan. 1953 - June 1953)


Ocracoke Island was shocked to the roots of its so called Elizabethan foundation when the first trial in approximately 30 years was heard before Justice of the Peace Harvey WAHAB. The news of the scheduled hearing swept over this sandy soil like a prairie fire and the natives from all over the island flocked to the courthouse building to hear the testimony, Mackley BRAGG was charged with assault on the person of Stanley WAHAB. He was found guilty of the charge and received a 30 day road sentence suspended upon the payment of $10 and cost and on the good behavior of the defendant for a period of six months. The trial and the events leading up to it has been called the "news of the year." For a period of 30 years Ocracoke has been known as the one place in North Carolina without any form of law. It received much publicity due to the fact that it did not have a jail, any law enforcement officers, and there are no license plates on the cars and no licenses for driving. The fact that the problems of civilization were slowly encroaching this island of legend became evident in 1950 following the construction of Scott's Highway. The citizens were faced with the problems of speeders along the narrow highway which had been called the road which "started from nowhere and ended at the same place." In order to check the speeders and the Saturday night celebrators, Ausley O'NEAL was appointed Deputy Sheriff. Additional problems appeared when it was discovered that following an arrest the defendant and all witnesses were forced to travel through four counties to get to Swan Quarter, the county seat of Hyde County. This trip, due to the boat and bus schedule, requires a period of four days. As the result, the deputy sheriff didn't have too much business. In order to offer a solution to the problem, Harvey WAHAB, a retired Coast Guardsman, was appointed Justice of the Peace. He received his appointment in the spring and today was his first trial. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 2, 1953; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. F.M. HOOPER were guests of honor given by their children: Mrs. E.R. MEEKINS, Mrs. Calvin WATSON and Mrs. Allen OSBORNE, the occasion being their 50th wedding anniversary. The house was beautifully decorated with cut flowers and with arrangements of dried flowers in gold carrying out the golden motif. The dining room table was covered with a linen cloth and decorated with a lovely wedding cake and lighted tapers. Mrs. MEEKINS, Mrs. WATSON, and Mrs. OSBORNE assisted by Mrs. Neal JACKSON and Mrs. Burwell EVANS, served punch, cake, salted nuts and mints to the guests. Out of town guests included: Tom SUTTON, W.O. BARNETTE and C.W. MANN, all of Manns Harbor; Mr. & Mrs. J.S. DAVENPORT, Mrs. L.N. DAVENPORT, Mrs. R.L. MITCHELL, Mr. & Mrs. L.L. GIBBS, all of Columbia; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard PUGH, Elsie PUGH, Faxton SATTERTHWAITE, Emma O'NEAL, Alex MASON, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard PUGH, JR., Mrs. Amanda PUGH, Elizabeth PUGH, Mr. & Mrs. W.B. PAYNE, all of Gulrock; Mrs. Pearl SCHARFF of Charlotte; Mr. & Mrs. C.L. JACKSON, SR., Mr. & Mrs. Carol JACKSON and Miss Mary Lee JACKSON, all of Elizabeth City; Mrs. Rena TILLETT of Wanchese; Mr. & Mrs. Robert WILSON of Grimesville; Mrs. Addie GIBBS of Gulrock; Mr. & Mrs. Rosser NIXON and son Wade, R. Bruce ETHERIDGE, all of Manteo; Lula and Frank DEW and Zinkie CREDLE of Bath; Mr. & Mrs. D.L. BERRY of Swan Quarter; LeRoy PAYNE of Gulrock; Mr. and Mrs. H.E. LANE, Margaret SMITHSON, Mr. & Mrs. C.B. WHITE, Mrs. Bertha Gray WHITE, all of Tyner; Mr. & Mrs. Jack GASKILL, Linda GASKILL, Lonnie HOOPER, all of Norfolk; Mrs. M.J. BOBBITT, Molly and Nancy BOBBITT, all of Littleton; Mr. & Mrs. Dwight HOOPER, Doris TWIFORD, Sybil BOOMER, Kate GOODWIN, Lenwood BERRY, Laura Dean BERRY, Annette BERRY, all of Norfolk; Mr. & Mrs. R.W. WECHTER and Marcia WECHTER, all of Lumberton; Mr. & Mrs. Phillip MEEKINS of Camden; Mr. & Mrs. Russell NIXON of Cherry Point; John, Katie and Vera HARRIS and Eugenia WARREN, all of Ransomville; Mr. & Mrs. Bernard DAVIS and children of Pungo; and Mrs. Patsy McKINNEY of Engelhard, Mrs. Neal JACKSON, Mrs. Burwell EVANS and Gloria OSBORNE, grandchildren of Mr. & Mrs. HOOPER, as well as Martha Lynn, Dawn and Ray EVANS, great-grandchildren. The neighbors in the community also called during the afternoon. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 2, 1953; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Oliver MIDGETT and children, Mrs. Ruth CARROW of Norfolk, spent Christmas with Mr. & Mrs. Marion CARROW and Mr. & Mrs. Z.B. MIDGETTE.

Mrs. Will JENNETTE is recuperating at the home of her mother, Mrs. Joe WILLIAMS. She returned from Pungo District Hospital Wednesday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 2, 1953; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. J.A. OSBORNE and daughter Gloria of Norfolk, Mr. & Mrs. Calvin WATSON of Engelhard, and Rev. & Mrs. Earl R. MEEKINS and daughter Mary of Columbia, visited Mr. & Mrs. E.M. HOOPER during the week-end.

Mrs. Addie GIBBS of Gulrock spent the Christmas holidays here with her daughter, Mrs. Leland WISE and family. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 2, 1953; pg. 7)


Cadet Williams S. BURRUS, student at West Point, Mr. & Mrs. Robert BURRUS of Richmond, and Mr. & Mrs. Charles BURRUS of Greensboro, have returned to their respective homes after visiting their parents Mr. & Mrs. W.P. BURRUS and family and grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. R.E. CARTER who live near here.

Mrs. J.M. SPENCER has returned to her home in Wilmington after a visit with her sister Mrs. B. NEAL and other relatives. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 9, 1953; pg. 6)


Mr. & Mrs. James WILLIAMS announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Della L. WILLIAMS to Owen GASKILL, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ben GASKINS.

Mr. & Mrs. John MIDGETTE announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Joyce MIDGETTE, to Washie SPENCER, JR., son of Mr. & Mrs. Washie SPENCER, SR. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 9, 1953; pg. 6)


Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert B. TUNNELL - a son at Taylor Hospital on January 8th. Mrs. TUNNELL was an agent in Hyde county prior to her marriage. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 16, 1953; pg. 3)


Mrs. Minnie BURRUS was a business visitor in Kinston recently when she took her daughter, Rochell, to the training school there.

Mr. & Mrs. BELL and son of Norfolk, were here last week to attend funeral services for Mrs. BELL's mother, Mrs. Laura LITCHFIELD. Mrs. Gaston SANDERSON, also of Norfolk, Mrs. & Mrs. Talmage BALLANCE and little son of Baltimore, and Rev. E.J. HARRIS of Grantsboro, were among the out-of-town people who attended the rites. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 16, 1953; pg. 7)


A meeting has been called by Chairman E.O. ARNOLD of the Roads Committee of the Southern Albemarle Association. Expected at the meeting will be Mrs. Scott TOPPING and Allen D. SWINDELL of Pantego; Dr. W.T. RALPH of Belhaven; Victor MEEKINS of Manteo; Mr. ARNOLD of Roper; E.A. WILLIAMS and H.L. SADLER of Hyde. Other members from Tyrrell, Washington and Martin are being invited. The meeting will be at Swan Quarter to discuss widening U.S. 264 and U.S. 64. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 23, 1953; pg. 1)


Mrs. Theodore RONDTHALER returned to her teaching duties on Monday following hospitalization and illness of three weeks.

Miss Nora EDMONDSON, hospitalized for the past 10 days in Morehead City, plans to resume her teaching on Friday.

Albert STYRON, JR. substituted for Mrs. RONDTHALER and Miss Lou Elle SPENCER substituted for Miss EDMONDSON.

Mrs. Herman SPENCER is visiting her sister in Portsmouth, Va.

Mr. & Mrs. C.F. BOYETTE left last week for a bus trip to California where they will visit their son. During their absence, Wahab Village Hotel is closed for a period of about 4 or 5 weeks.

Mr. & Mrs. R.S. WAHAB spent 7 days recently in New York City.

Millard WILLIAMS has reported for Army duty at Fort Jackson, S.C.

Mrs. Mary Frances O'NEAL was hostess this month to Circle 2 of WSCS; Mrs. Benjamin SPENCER was hostess to Circle 3. At the February meeting of the Woman's Society, the three groups will organize into two circles.

Rev. & Mrs. W.Y. STEWART left the Island about a week ago. Mr. STEWART is to undergo a major operation at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. During his absence, Theodore RONDTHALER is preaching on Sunday mornings. Calvin O'NEAL is in charge of the evening service.

Several new homes are going up at Ocracoke. Mr. & Mrs. Jules GARRISH are building west of the school house. Mr. & Mrs. George JACKSON are building across the road from Mr. & Mrs. Monford GARRISH. Mrs. Elnora HAMILTON of Richmond, Va., is building near her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jones WILLIAMS.

Several people went to Beaufort recently to visit or to shop, among them: Mrs. Laura BRAGG, Kathleen BRAGG, Mrs. Florence GASKINS, Mrs. Charles McWILLIAMS, Kenneth TILLETT, Charlie TOLSON, Calvin O'NEAL, Mr. & Mrs. John MIDGETTE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 23, 1953; pg. 3)


Miss Pearlie SADLER and Mrs. R.G. BAUM were dinner guests of Mr. & Mrs. Dick O'NEAL at New Holland Wednesday evening.

Mrs. L.D. HUNNINGS of New Bern spent last week with her son and daughter-in-law, Mrs. & Mrs. L.D. HUNNINGS.

Mr. & Mrs. Bob GREGORY and children, Bobby & Diana, of Portsmouth, Va., and Mrs. Stacy COX of Engelhard, are visiting with Mr. & Mrs. Clifton GIBBS.

Mr. & Mrs. Bob BURRUS, JR. of Arlington, Va. are spending this week with Mr. & Mrs. R.B. BURRUS.

Mrs. Orpha DAVIS of Lake Landing was the guest of Mr. & Mrs. George DAVIS for the week-end.

Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm COX and daughter, Dale, spent Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. Miller FLOWERS in Belhaven.

Miss Ann CARAWAN of F.C.C. in Greenville, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. M.L. CARAWAN. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 23, 1953; pg. 4)


Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE has returned to Smithfield after spending the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Florence GASKILL.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul CARTER and little daughter, Toni, of Jacksonville, spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. R.S. SPENCER.

Mr. & Mrs. Rufus WILLIAMS, Mr. & Mrs. Chester WILLIAMS and children, have returned from South Carolina where they visited relatives.

Lloyd MEEKINS left recently for Norfolk where he seeks employment.

Mrs. Fannie SELBY spent a day recently in Manns Harbor with her mother, Mrs. Alice THOMPSON and other relatives. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 23, 1953; pg. 5)


Word from the hospital at Wilmington indicates that little Camille Kay HOWARD, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Walter HOWARD, is progressing nicely.

Friends of John Thomas and Steve O'NEAL sympathize with them in the recent death on Friday, January 23rd, of their mother, Mrs. Eliza Ella O'NEAL, age 62, following a long illness. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. POWLESLAND of the Assembly of God Church.

Mr. & Mrs. Jake GARRISH and son of Annapolis, Maryland, are visiting Mr. & Mrs. Charlie GARRISH. Chief GARRISH of the U.S. Navy, is stationed at Annapolis. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 30, 1953; pg. 3)


John & Jessie SWINDELL of Newport News, Va., spent the week-end with their mother, Mrs. Cecil SWINDELL.

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie O'NEAL were week-end guests of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred O'NEAL of Portsmouth and Lt. & Mrs. Dempsey O'NEAL of Newport News.

Mr. & Mrs. W.C. CAHOON spent the past week-end with Mr. & Mrs. Thaxton BENSON of Norfolk, Va. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 30, 1953; pg. 4)


Mrs. T.J. ETHERIDGE visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER in Plymouth this week.

Miss Mitzi WATSON has returned to F.C.C. in Greenville after a week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. I.B. WATSON. She was accompanied by Buck HARDEE of Washington.

R.S. SPENCER and Mrs. W.H. COX are in High Point this week selecting furniture for the R.S. SPENCER store.

Rev. and Mrs. Ralph JONES and little daughter of Wake Forest seminary, spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. R.S. SPENCER and Mr. & Mrs. Reginald BURRUS. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 30, 1953; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Bill PAYNE of Middletown were visitors here Wednesday.

Mrs. Paul O'NEAL and son Roy have returned home after spending some time in Baltimore.

Mrs. Leland CARAWAN, Mrs. B.W. WILLIAMS, Mrs. W.H. LANGSTON, Miss Aleph CASON, and Mrs. E.E. CRABTREE visited Mrs. Mattie BOOMER in Washington Thursday.

Misses Betty Credle MANN, Christine HUDSON, Jane MIDYETTE, Milburn NIXON, Billy CUTHRELL, and Irvin SMITH of Fairfield, attended the recreation dance here Wednesday night.

The finance committee of the Swan Quarter Methodist Church consisting of Mrs. Mildred SPENCER, Miss Aleph CASON, Mrs. Rouse LUPTON, Rev. D.M. LEWIS, W.G. CREDLE, L.D. HUNNINGS, and J.C. WILLIAMS, met in the home of Mrs. W.H. LANGSTON Thursday night to make plans for the yearly budget. (The Coastland Times -Friday, January 30, 1953; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. Hugh McKINNEY spent the week-end at Sykesville, Md. as guests of Mr. & Mrs. Talmadge BALLANCE and Kenny. Colleen McKINNEY accompanied them home.

Mr. & Mrs. W.W. PAYNE visited Mr. & Mrs. Bob LANGSTON Thursday in Vanceboro.

Mr. & Mrs. Osman COX, JR. of New Bern, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.O. COX, SR.

Mrs. Zuma EDWARDS has returned home after spending some time in Norfolk with Mr. & Mrs. Max GIBBS. (The Coastland Times-Friday, January 30, 1953; pg. 8)


The election of a district governor will highlight the annual conference of Rotary International District 278 which convenes at Elizabeth City Feb. 8-10. George COLELOUGH is present governor. The Engelhard Rotary Club has already indicated it will nominate P.D. MIDGETT, JR. and Joe HOLLAND will be supported by the Murfreesboro Club as it candidate for governor. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 1)


A Cherry Point flier experienced a harrowing ordeal eight miles off of Engelhard. A three mile glide in a warplane with a dead engine, a "ditch" landing in water several miles from the mainland, and more than an hour afloat on a life raft in the chilly waters of Pamlico Sound, happened to a Second Marine Air Wing pilot, Major Leo P. FROHE, II. He and his wife Mary, have a 22 month old son. [rest to dim to read]. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER of Engelhard and Plymouth will celebrate their golden wedding Feb. 15 from 2-5 o'clock p.m. at the home of Mr. & Mrs. T.J. ETHERIDGE in Engelhard. Open house honoring their parents is being planned by their children who are Mrs. Isabelle BERRY and Mrs. T.J. ETHERIDGE of Engelhard, Mrs. Mattie NEAL of Hickory, Va., Mrs. Mildred COX of Elizabeth City and Earl SPENCER of Plymouth. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. Max HODGES and son Wiley were recent visitors to Raleigh, where Wiley entered the School for the Blind.

S.S. NEAL and son, Royden NEAL, were in Washington and Plymouth on Friday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 3)


Neil ROBERTS of U.N.C., Chapel Hill, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. G.L. ROBERTS.

Bobby SIMMONS of the U.S. Navy visited his parents, Mr. & Mrs. P.C. SIMMONS, during the week-end.

Miss Jeanne SIMMONS visited her grandmother, Mrs. Martha SIMMONS of Pantego during the week-end. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 4)


D.L. BERRY returned home Friday after being a patient at the Fowle Hospital for several days.

Mr. & Mrs. R.D. WILLIAMS had as their guests during last week-end, Mr. & Mrs. Earl WOOLARD and daughter Margaret Ann, Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd WILLIAMS of Greenville, Mrs. Julia MALLARD of Wilmington, Mrs. Willie WINCHER and Mrs. John McDONALD of Franklin, Va., Mr. & Mrs. Timothy WILLIAMS of Engelhard, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse JENKINS and sons Steve and Donnie, of Durham, and Mr. & Mrs. Cephas HARRIS and daughters, Amelia and Sharon, of Roanoke Rapids.

Mr. & Mrs. W.H. PRUDEN and sons, Tom & John, of Plymouth were visitors here Saturday.

Robert Edward TUNNELL of Greenville, spent last week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. T.C. TUNNELL.

Mrs. Tooley CUTHRELL is at home after spending several days as a patient at Tayloe Hospital in Washington.

Mr. & Mrs. John G. HARRIS of Raleigh were week-end guests of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.L. TUNNELL.

Bill COCHRAN, JR. of Chapel Hill, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.L. COCHRAN.

R.G. BAUM has returned home after being in Bowling Green, Ky. during the tobacco season.

Roy CARAWAN visited his brother, Herman, in Wilson on Sunday.

Dr. Fred SPENCER and son Pat of Salisbury, were guests of Mr. & Mrs. B.W. WILLIAMS on Sunday & Monday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 5)


Mrs. W.W. PAYNE, Mrs. Orpha DAVIS, and Mrs. Kate MAKELEY spent last Wednesday in New Bern as the guests of Mr. & Mrs. Charlie MIDYETTE.

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis SELBY and Sherwood, Mr. & Mrs. Hyler COX and Wayne, visited Mr. & Mrs. Hugh McKINNEY and Colleen on Sunday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 6)


The marriage of Miss Carolyn BURRUS, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Everett BURRUS, to S.B. O'NEAL of Lake Landing, took place at Engelhard January 20. The Methodist preacher, Rev. William O'CONNER, officiated. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 6, 1953; pg. 6)


Rotarians throughout Eastern, N.C. were genuinely elated upon news of the election Monday of P.D. MIDGETT, JR. of Engelhard to the post of Governor of the 189th Rotary District in N.C. Mr. MIDGETT, who is in the electrical power business in Engelhard, is a native of Wanchese, formerly taught school at Hatteras, is a 1922 Duke graduate, generous civil leader, and for 25 or more years has been a moving spirit in Rotary, having been an organizer of the Engelhard club which sponsored his candidacy for the Governorship. His wife is the former Virginia BRITTAIN of Suffolk. He has four children. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 13, 1953; pg. 1)


Hugh SPENCER, student at F.C.C. in Greenville, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. S.C. SPENCER.

Little Mary Jane GIBBS has returned to her home in Swan Quarter after visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Janie SPENCER.

Mr. & Mrs. Dave SWINDELL spent the week-end in Goldsboro with their daughter, Mrs. George WILLIAMS.

Mr. & Mrs. Warren HARRIS, JR. attended funeral services for Charley MANN in Washington on Monday afternoon. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 13, 1953)


Thirty pre-fab houses are to be erected near Tom MARSHALL's home by the U.S. Air Force. Agreements were made by the Air Force with T.B. MARSHALL, R.S. SPENCER and other landowners to take soil and water tests of soils. (The Coastland Times -Friday, February 20, 1953; pg. 1)


A need was stressed for development of small ports and waterways. Among the ones who agree were Rep. Russell SWINDELL of Hyde County; P.D. MIDGETT of Engelhard, O.L. WILLIAMS of Swan Quarter; D.W. WINDLEY of Aurora, David HOLTON of Edenton, and N.C. MAGNUSON of Wilmington. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February, 20, 1953; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. Williams GARRISH visited in Norfolk with Mrs. Caddie OVERTON. Mr. GARRISH is hospitalized at Tanners Creek.

Carlton KELLY is back from a brief visit in Norfolk. Sam JONES returned with him for the week-end.

Friends of Charlie JONES will regret to learn of his continued hospitalization in Philadelphia.

Mrs. Jesse GARRISH was surprised on Saturday night when relatives entertained with a birthday party for her at the home of Mrs. Eph ESHAM. Present were Mr. & Mrs. Wahab HOWARD, Mrs. & Mrs. Wallace SPENCER, Mr. & Mrs. Elmo FULCHER, Mr. & Mrs. Irwin GARRISH and Mr. & Mrs. Taft HOWARD. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 20, 1953; pg. 3)


Those from here attending the funeral of Charlie MANN in Washington Monday were Mrs. Preston GIBBS, Mrs. Lida MILLER, Colleen McKINNEY and Julia COX.

George COX, JR. of Portsmouth and Mr. & Mrs. Thomas COX and family of Elizabeth City, visited Mr. & Mrs. Thad SELBY, Julia COX and other relatives here last week-end.

Mrs. Mattie DAVIS left Sunday to spend time with her daughter, Miss Dorothy DAVIS, in Hampton, Va.

R.B. BURRUS of Swan Quarter visited his sister, Mrs. Osman COX, on Monday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 20, 1953; pg. 3)


At the annual meeting last week of the Belhaven Liars Club, Harold WHITE of Leechville, Ponzer, New Lake and Belhaven, was elevated to the post of President by a 60 to 40 vote over Heber WILKERSON, the former president. Winning the post was predicated on who could tell the biggest lie, and Harold topped all of them. Harold has designated Dick SMITH as his first executive assistant and Romulus SANDERSON as his second assistant. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 20, 1953; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. Ralph GREEN, Kenneth GRAY and daughters Linda and Gloria, went to Washington to see Mrs. Kenneth GRAY and baby daughter in Fowle Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. Bill McKINNEY and daughter of Norfolk, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Dan FISHER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 20, 1953; pg. 6)


Testifying before a committee in Raleigh this week, Atty. George T. DAVIS of Swan Quarter, representing Sam JONES of Norfolk, who is fighting the establishment of the Seashore Park, stated that Mr. JONES' clubhouse on Ocracoke is worth up to $70,000. If that is true, then Hyde County is losing a lot of taxes that Mr. JONES ought to pay, for the total property valuation on Ocracoke Island last year, which included everybody's property, amounted to only $124,371. It might be most interesting to see how Mr. JONES lists his valuation on his Green Island Clubhouse, which is the only building in the park area. Mr. JONES' new home, now being built in the village outside the park boundaries, will cost another $70,000. So his properties are worth more than the whole of Ocracoke Island on the Hyde County tax books. (The Coastland Times - March 13, 1953; pg. 1)


Miss Kathleen BRAGG left Friday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. W.N. CULLIFER, SR. of Norfolk.

Mr. & Mrs. R.S. WAHAB returned last week from a visit to Baltimore and Norfolk where Mr. WAHAB's son, Wilson, was married recently. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 13, 1953; pg. 4)


Capt. John O. GIBBS (photo) is a familiar figure in Engelhard, where for more than 90 years he has observed life come and go. Hyde County is noted for its great number of people older than 90 years, and Mr. GIBBS is one of the best loved ones. He usually strolls about the community, staying in whichever store keeps open latest at night, and telling tales and listening to others. The picture is by his granddaughter, Mrs. Jennie TILLETT of Manns Harbor, on a recent visit to his son, Herman, in that community. Mr. GIBBS was 91 years old on Feb. 21. Besides Herman of Manns Harbor, his children are: Walter GIBBS of Seven Springs, Israel of Engelhard, Emmett of Norfolk, Mrs. Eure SWINDELL of Bath, and Mrs. Dennis SELBY of Engelhard. A half-brother, Edward GIBBS, lives in Beaufort County. Mrs. THOMPSON (photo) who will be 93 in August, is also a frequent visitor at Manns Harbor at the home of her son, Robbie THOMPSON. She and Mr. GIBBS are great friends. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 20, 1953; pg. 1)


Mr. George CASON of Hyde County, a native of Swan Quarter, who in February was presented with a Meritorious Civilian Service Award at the Naval Supply Center in Norfolk. Mr. CASON, who is a bachelor, is the brother of Miss Aleph CASON, retired teacher of Swan Quarter. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 20, 1953; pg. 4)


Two grand old people of Scranton celebrate birthdays this month. Edgar O'NEAL is 80 on March 20, Mrs. O'NEAL is 75 on March 23. They are looking for their son, Harry, to come home on a visit Easter Sunday. Harry is a school executive in Ohio and one of Hyde County's favorite and famous sons. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 20, 1953; pg. 6)


Roman Lee PATRICK of Engelhard has been elected to Duke University chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. He is a premed junior and son of Mr. & Mrs. R.L. PATRICK of Engelhard. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 20, 1953; pg. 8)


Miss Irma STYRON was married in New Bern on March 14th to Zion FOSTER. She returned to Ocracoke to open up their home here. He works in Philadelphia and will be here during summer months as usual.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry O'NEAL announce the birth of a son, Rex O'NEAL on March 11th at Morehead City Hospital. This is their 10th son. (The Coastland Times - March 20, 1953; pg.8)


Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE returned to Smithfield after visiting with her mother, Mrs. Florence GASKILL.

Born to Mr. & Mrs. George O'NEAL, a son, March 19th at Jarvisburg Clinic. Mr. O'NEAL is agriculture instructor in Engelhard High School. (The Coastland Times -Friday March 27, 1953; pg. 5)


A three-in-one surprise birthday party was given in Ocracoke for Eph ESHAM, Junius AUSTIN and Wahab HOWARD at the home of Mrs. Wahab HOWARD. An evening of Canasta and TV entertained the guests. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 27, 1953; pg. 6)


Mrs. Virginia AUSTIN and son, Michael, are back from Duke Hospital where Michael was a patient briefly.

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde FARROW and daughter, Carol, visited in Beaufort.

Mrs. Taft HOWARD, Mrs. Janice TAYLOR and Mrs. Ivan GARRISH of Ocracoke, entertained honoring their children, Lindsay, Billy and Agnes Marie, at a joint birthday party. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 27, 1953; pg. 6)


George SIMPSON was taken by helicopter to Marine Hospital following the arrival of his son, John Marvin SIMPSON and family of Norfolk, who were called here by his father's serious illness.

Mrs. Hazel BEASLEY, daughter of Mrs. Joe BURRUS, returned home to Portsmouth accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Sybil SIMPSON. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 3, 1953; pg. 4)


Mrs. Lillie COX visited her daughter, Mrs. Jesse RAWLS in Washington.

Mrs. Dorothy DAVIS of Hampton, Va. visited her mother, Mrs. Mattie DAVIS.

Mrs. Isabelle DANIELS of Washington visited her mother, Mrs. Preston GIBBS (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 3, 1953; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Paul CARTER and little daughter, Toni, spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. R.S. SPENCER.

Miss Mitzi WATSON and E.C.C. in Greenville, and Buck HARDEE of Washington, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. I.B. WATSON.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald HUNTER and children, Donna & Debora, of McConnellstown, Pa., visited her mother, Mrs. S.S. MARSHALL and family.

Mrs. C.F. GIBBS, a patient in Medical College Hospital in Richmond, returned home accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Roy Starr COX.

Mr. & Mrs. J.M. LONG visited her mother, Mrs. Mollie HOPKINS, in Norfolk. She is suffering a broken hip.

Mr. & Mrs. H.C. HARRIS of Newport News visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Albin SWINDELL. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 3, 1953; pg. 7)


Miss Grace GARRISH of Richmond visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Uriah GARRISH.

Mr. & Mrs. N.W. HAMILTON and children, Marcia and Gale, of Richmond, visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. H.J. WILLIAMS. (The Coastland Times-Friday, April 10, 1953;pg.7)


Rev. J.L. ASHLEY of Piedmont, S.C. will preach in Engelhard Sunday, April 29. Visitors will be the Rev. Wm. O. CONNER, pastor of the Mattamuskeet Methodist Church in Lake Landing; Mrs. W.B. PAYNE of Gulrock; P.D. MIDGETT, III of Engelhard and Leon BALLANCE of Lake Landing. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 17, 1953; pg. 1)


Dr. MANN and his family maintain their residence in Hyde County. He is the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. T.J. MANN of Lake Landing. He also owns a beach cottage at Nags Head. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 17, 1953; pg. 1)


Mrs. J.E. SWINDELL and daughters, Florence and Camille of Raleigh and Miss Camille CLARK of E.C.C., visited with Dr. & Mrs. T.A. MANN. (The Coastland Times-Friday, April 17, 1953; pg. 4)


Mrs. Janice TAYLOR took her son, Billy Wahab TAYLOR, to Morehead City for a tonsillectomy.

Mrs. Victor GRIGAS of Portsmouth, Va., visited her mother, Mrs. Joe BURRUS.

Mrs. Doris GARRISH is visiting her sister, Mrs. June OVERTON in Norfolk.

Mrs. Wilma WILLIAMS recently visited at her daughter's, Mrs. Dallas WILLIAMS, home at Patuxent River, Md.

Malby BRAGG has returned home from Marine Hospital at Tanner's Creek. George SIMPSON, who is hospitalized there now, is recovering nicely. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 17, 1953; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. W.F. TOLAN, who recently returned from living in California, visited his sister, Mrs. Harry JARVIS and family.

Pvt. James Emory MIDYETTE of Fort Belvoir spent the week-end with Mrs. MIDYETTE who returned with him to spend some time in Alexandria, Va. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 24, 1953; pg. 4)


Members of the Junior Class of Ocracoke High School entertained on Friday night honoring the Seniors. A delicious turkey dinner was served by the Juniors' mothers. Danny GARRISH, President of the Junior Class, read a poem of welcome to the Seniors, faculty and to special guests. Miss Maxine GARRISH read the Senior Class will and Alona FARROW read a prophecy of what the Senior Class would be doing in 1973. Those enjoying the occasion were Mr. & Mrs. Theodore RONDTHALER, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin SPENCER, Miss Nora EDMONDSON, Miss Marie HODGES, Miss Maxine WILLIAMS, Miss Alona FARROW, Miss Gaynelle SPENCER, Miss Lou Ellie SPENCER, Miss Edith MIDGETT, Miss Virginia HOWARD, Miss Susan SPENCER, Danny GARRISH, Bill MIDGETT, Clicky AUSTIN, Larry SIMPSON, Albert STYRON, JR., Corky MASON, John P. O'NEAL, and Seth CARTER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 8, 1953; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. W.J. SCHONNMAKER of Dalmore, N.Y. visited Mr. and Mrs. Murray TOLSON for a week recently. Mr. SCHONNMAKER was stationed here during WWII and he and his wife lived in the TOLSON home. They enjoyed revisiting Ocracoke.

Mrs. Calvin O'NEAL visited her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald GASKINS, in Portsmouth, Va. last week and Mrs. GASKINS and her children returned with her mother for a visit here.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal WAHAB of Alexandria, Va. visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey WAHAB, recently.

Mrs. Charles SCARBOROUGH suffered a slight stroke several days ago. Her son, Alton and his wife of Pedrickton, N.J., were called here on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. U.L. WOMAC announced the birth of a daughter, Deborah K. WOMAC, on May 5th at Morehead City Hospital.

Mrs. Lorena WILLIAMS of Norfolk spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Tressie HOWARD. With her also from Norfolk, was a cousin, Mrs. Thelma STERLING formerly of Ocracoke. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 5, 1953; pg. 6)


Merlin BERRY, son of J.M. BERRY and the late Mrs. Mamie Brothers BERRY of Swan Quarter, born February 4, 1935 in Swan Quarter, has lived there all his life. He is a member of the 1953 graduating class of Swan Quarter High School, an ardent church worker, president of the M.Y.F. of the Providence Methodist Church, and conducts the youth rally held at the agricultural building every Saturday. He has chosen preaching as his life's work. He was granted license to preach at the district conference held at Swan Quarter Wednesday, April 8, 1953. He intends to enter East Carolina College this fall. After he finishes here he will enter a seminary for further study. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 15, 1953; pg. 7)


Wiley HODGES of Raleigh spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Max HODGES.

Mr. and Mrs. P.D. MIDGETT, JR. spent last week at Lake Placid, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. E.V. SWINDELL of Bath visited his parents during the week-end and took his father, Joshua SWINDELL, to the Belhaven hospital. (The Coastland Times -Friday, May 15, 1953; pg. 10)


P.D. MIDGETT of Engelhard, who will become Rotary District Governor in July, returned last week after several days spent at the National Rotary Assembly for District Governors - Elect at Lake Placid, N.Y. He was accompanied on the trip by Mrs. MIDGETT. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 22, 1953; pg. 1)


Miss Muriel Ann HARRIS of Engelhard and Pat TWIFORD of Norfolk spent the week-end with Wanda MIDGETTE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 22, 1953; pg. 6)


Word has come that Mrs. Annie GARRISH is out of the Norfolk Hospital and with her son, Leslie GARRISH, at Coinjock.

Mr. George SIMPSON is out of the hospital and with his son, Marvin SIMPSON of Norfolk. On the other hand, Mr. Sid TOLSON was flown to Morehead City Hospital Monday following a sudden illness.

Mr. Murray TOLSON went ten days ago to Camp Lejeune Hospital for a medical checkup.

Mr. Jacob WILLIAMS, who suffered a heart attack, was taken to Morehead City Hospital Sunday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 29, 1953; pg. 6)


Mr. and Mrs. Selby GASKINS and child of Rodanthe spent several days last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jethro MIDGETT. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 5, 1953; pg. 6)


Dr. and Mrs. W.H. WILLIS, JR. and daughter, Nancy, were here recently on their yacht with guests, Dr. and Mrs. James and Belle PARKER, also of New Bern. They fished with Capt. J.N. MIDGETT, coming in with fifty trout, and four channel bass. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 5, 1953; pg. 6)


P.D. MIDGETT, JR., President and Manager of the Pamlico Power and Light Company in Engelhard, N.C., was elected Governor of District 278 of Rotary International, world-wide service club organization, at Rotary's 44th annual convention, which concluded its sessions here May 23rd. Mr. MIDGETT is a member and past president of the Rotary Club of Engelhard, a director of the North Carolina Marine Council and a member of the Advisory Council of the North Carolina Institute of Fisheries. He is Vice-Chairman of the Hyde County Chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. As District Governor, he will coordinate the service activities of 38 Rotary Clubs which comprise District 278, one of 4 Rotary Districts in N.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 12, 1953; pg. 5)


Mrs. Mary MIDGETTE and son of Ocracoke, N.C., are visiting her sister and brother-in-law and family, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. MILLER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 12, 1953; pg. 6)


Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie DAVIS of Wanchese attended church here Sunday morning to hear Mrs. DAVIS' nephew, P.D. MIDGETT, III, who conducted the service in the absence of the pastor. Mr. MIDGETT gave an inspiring message. He is a young layman of Engelhard Methodist Church. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 12, 1953; pg. 6)


Mr. and Mrs. John MIDGETT had a short but happy reunion last week-end when their son. John Jr., came home from Fort Jackson, S.C. and sons, Ellis, Jesse and Elmer from Philadelphia. This meant that the whole family was together here for a short time. Mrs. Ellis MIDGETT and daughter, Janet, and Mrs. Jesse MIDGETT came with their husbands and plan to spend the summer.

Mr. & Mrs. Eph ESHAM and children spent several days with his father, King ESHAM of Bishop, Maryland.

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hill GASKINS announce the birth of a daughter (not named) June 6th at Morehead City Hospital. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 12, 1953; pg. 9)


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