Hyde County Messenger
Fairfield Monthly
Fairfield, North Carolina
Published monthly by Rev. Elliot Rufus STEWART
Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard


[All issues loaned for filming by the Baptist Collection, Wake Forest University except for January, March, April, June and July which were loaned by Miss Rebecca SWINDELL of Swan Quarter, N.C.]

January, 1931
Vol. 8; #1

Marriage Licenses Issued:

A prominent citizen of Hyde County passed out of this world on Christmas morning when he had another stroke of paralysis. For a number of years Ed JARVIS has been in ill health. [In Memory Of by Rebecca SWINDELL and R.S. SPENCER, JR. states Edward B. JARVIS was born June 11, 1857 and died December 25, 1930. His parents were Thomas JARVIS and Ann C. SWINDELL. His first wife was Mary Matilda GIBBS and his second wife was Henrietta WATSON.]

On Mr. J.M. ALCOX’S 81st birthday, December 6, his children, Mrs. J.M. JENNETTE, Mrs. G.W. JENNETTE, Mr. Alton ALCOX and Mr. A.R. ALCOX, surprised him with a birthday dinner. There were 24 grandchildren present and 7 great-grandchildren. He has a total of 36 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. We are hoping to spend many more pleasant birthdays with him. [Written by his granddaughter: Maggie Belle JENNETTE.]

On December 10, 1930, the death angel visited our home and took from our midst a devoted wife, mother and grandmother, Theresa S. RABURN. She was born December 18, 1857 and was 72 years, 11 months and 22 days old. She was a member of the Church of Christ at Swan Quarter. The funeral was conducted at the house by Rev. G. WINTERS of Engelhard and Rev. LANCE, pastor of the Methodist church at Swan Quarter. She was laid to rest in the family graveyard. [Written by a grandchild: Metrah HARRIS.]

February, 1931
Vol. 8; #2

Fairfield Commercial Department Graduates Two Pupils: Miss Ruby JONES and Miss Virginia MIDYETTE left February 3 for Chicago where they will take a position with the LaSalle people. These two fine young ladies have worked hard and mastered the Stenotype and typewriting courses, writing over 150 words per minute on the Stenotype. We congratulate them and wish them well in their new positions.

New Businesses Open:



Mr. B.S. CARTWRIGHT of Fairfield underwent a serious operation at Sarah Leigh Hospital at Norfolk, Virginia in the latter part of January. As we go to press he and his wife, who has been with him, are still there.

Card of Thanks: We wish to thank all the people for the courtesies and kindness shown us during the death of our father, Mr. D.M. GRIFFIN. [signed: Mr. and Mrs. M.L. CUTHRELL, Swan Quarter]

Mr. George SWINDELL and his wife quietly celebrated their 50th anniversary of their marriage at home, February 2, 1931. Mr. SWINDELL is nearly 74 years old and his wife follows him very closely in age in years but only a few months difference in age. They have one son, Mr. P.E. SWINDELL who is 49 years old and only one granddaughter, Camille SWINDELL, who is 14 years old.

March, 1931
Vol. 8; #3

Hotels of Hyde County:



On March 6, 1931 Hugh Cecil McKINNEY was married to Annie Pearl ROPER of Middletown, N.C.

Hyde County has furnished a few students to Wake Forest:

Motor Vehicle Fatalities by Counties for 1930:

April, 1931
Vol. 8; #4


A letter from S.S. MANN to Rev. E.R. STEWART, editor of this monthly, on the passing of his good friend and law partner, Mr. Walter JONES of Tryon, N.C.

The cover of this monthly carries a picture of Rev. E.R. STEWART’S mother commerating Mother’s Day. She died March 6, 1931 and for the last 21 years of her life suffered with asthma.

May, 1931
Vol. 8; #5


Mrs. Rebecca M. SWINDELL announces the marriage of her daughter, Margaret, to Mr. Frank Carydon GILL of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 30, 1931.

Chapter of Sorrow:

June, 1931
Vol. 8; #6

On the night of May 27 a group of friends from Engelhard visited Mrs. Otis COX and gave her a shower of presents in celebration of the 30th birthday. Mrs. COX has been sick with tuberculosis for several months now. She is somewhat improved and lives in hopes of attending the Modern Woodman Sanatorium in Colorado.

A Sad Chapter:

July, 1931
Vol. 8; #7
[Nothing of genealogical interest.]

August, 1931
Vol. 8; #8

Mrs. M.M. HARRIS and son Graham of Elizabeth City, recently visited Dr. and Mrs. A.G. HARRIS. Also John G. HARRIS and his wife of New York have been visiting their parents, Dr. and Mrs. A.G. HARRIS. Mrs. John G. HARRIS had an operation for appendicitis while here on the visit.


September, 1931
Vol. 8; #9


October, 1931
Vol. 8; #10

Card of Thanks:

Licenses Issued and Marriages:

Chapter of Sorrow:

November, 1931
Vol. 8; #11

Chapter of Sorrow:

Marriages since September 12, 1931:

December, 1931
Vol. 8; #12
[Nothing of genealogical interest]

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