Hyde County Messenger
Fairfield Monthly
Fairfield, North Carolina
Published monthly by Rev. Elliot Rufus STEWART
Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard


[All issues loaned for filming by the Baptist Collection, Wake Forest University, except for February, April, July, August and September which were loaned by Miss Rebecca SWINDELL of Swan Quarter. The month of March is missing.]

January, 1934
Vol. 11, #1

On November 13, 1933, just one month ago today, while the twilight shadows were gathering, the death angel visited the home of W.A. BISHOP of Scranton and took from us a loving mother, friend and neighbor, Mrs. Martha BISHOP. She was 78 years, 2 months and 7 days old. She leaves children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
On January 9, 1934, there was a double wedding at the Baptist parsonage in Fairfield when the following two couples presented themselves for marriage: Mr. Dallas Dinton CHAMBERS to Miss Carrie Missouri CUTRELL and Mr. John Edward ADAMS to Miss Mary Alice CUTRELL, all of Pantego. It was a quiet, solemn occasion with only a few friends witnessing.
After a long illness, Mrs. Tom GIBBS of Fairfield died on January 13. She leaves to mourn her departure, a husband; a son, Abram GIBBS; three daughters: Mrs. Leland HUDSON, Mrs. Carrol BERRY and Mrs. O. BRICKHOUSE. Also several grandchildren. She was a member of North Lake Baptist Church. Her body was laid to rest at Bethel cemetery.
Mr. Sill WILLIAMS of Engelhard died January 12. He was the father of Mr. Rufus WILLIAMS. He was buried at Pleasant Grove.
[In Memory Of by Martha Rebecca SWINDELL and R.S. SPENCER, JR. states Sylvester W. WILLIAMS was born August 1956 and died January 12, 1934. He was the son of Jesse WILLIAMS and Nancy HARRIS. His first wife was Susanna S. GIBBS and his second was Nancy Bertha LITCHFIELD. He was buried in the BALLANCE cemetery on Ridge Road opposite Pleasant Grove Church of Christ.]

February, 1934
Vol. 11, #2

Marriage Licenses from December 1, 1933-February 14, 1934:

Chapter of Sorrow:

March, 1934
Vol. 11, #3
[This issue missing]

April, 1934
Vol. 11, #4

Mr. Ernest JEFFERSON is about to complete his new building on the street between T.D. SWINDELL’s Shoe Shop and BISHOP’s Store.
Mr. Fred LATHAM is now liquidating agent for the New Holland Corporation. Some months ago the railroad track was sold and has been removed. Now the farm machinery has been disposed of and the Lake Bottom farm project has been given up. Lake Mattamuskeet is full to overflowing and has been converted into a fowl and fish preserve.
During December 1933, there were 27 marriage licenses issued. From December 30 to February 13 there were none issued. From February 13 to April 2 there were only 6 licenses issued and all of them were to colored couples.
On March 24, 1934 an angel came and took our dear loving mother, Mrs. Elveria BLAKE, from us. She was born in Fairfield on September 13, 1882 and she lived in Fairfield 51 years. She was a faithful church worker. God saw a vacancy in heaven while she was in the Taylor (listed as Tayloe in other places) Hospital and called our mother there Tuesday night, March 13, 1934. She had been married to Mr. James M. BLAKE for 26 years. She leaves her husband, seven children and seven grandchildren. She was buried at the family graveyard at New Lands. [Written by her daughter, Mrs. Hadley WESTON.]
Mr. John M. CREDLE of Currituck was elected to the Board of Education to fill the vacancy made by Mr. Joe MANN of Fairfield.
Mr. O.L. WILLIAMS announces his candidacy for Representative from Hyde County in the 1935 General Assembly.

May, 1934
Vol. 11, #5

Recently it was decided to consolidate the Engelhard and Lake Landing schools. Reports are to the effect that the school at Engelhard will be enlarged to take care of all the children of Lake Landing Township.
Mrs. Jennie M. FISHER died at her old home at Lake Landing on May 6 after an illness of about three months, and was buried at Amity cemetery on May 7. Burial services were conducted by her local pastor, Rev. H.A. CHESTER, in Amity M.E. Church where she had worshipped and labored for many years. She was 79 years old. Those surviving are her husband, M.M. FISHER; two daughters: Mrs. H.B. CREDLE and Mrs. L.J. WESTON; one son, S.M. FISHER. Also several grandchildren.
[In Memory Of by Martha Rebecca SWINDELL and R.S. SPENCER, JR. states date of death as May 5.]
Mrs. W.B. GIBBS succumbs at Gum Neck, a former resident of Hyde County. She died with pellegra. She was buried May 8 at the family graveyard near Mr. Eure GIBBS. She became a member of North Lake Baptist Church in 1904. There survives her, a husband; a son, Odos GIBBS of New York; two sisters: Mrs. Flane JARVIS and Mrs. Laben BALLANCE of Fairfield; two brothers: W.D. GIBBS of Norfolk, Virginia and E.P. GIBBS of Engelhard; to grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Services were conducted by her pastor, E.R. STEWART, assisted by Rev. J.C. GROCE and Rev. Walter P. ARMSTRONG.
[This is probably Nancy GIBBS, wife of William Benjamin “Ben Wilson” GIBBS.]

Political News:

June, 1934
Vol. 11, #6

Graduates from Fairfield High School are: Hazel BALLANCE, Martha O’NEAL, Eva Allen MANN, Ruben BERRY, Carlyle JONES, and Hubert SHAW.
Graduates from Engelhard High School are: Virginia SPENCER, Mary Matilda CAHOON, Thelma SWINDELL, Rachel MOONEY, Miss Geene O’NEAL, Miss Sidney GIBBS, Gretchen FULFORD, Grace PAYNE, Lila CAHOON, and Miss Milford SPENCER.
Graduates from Swan Quarter High School are: Miss Frances BERRY, Julia SPENCER, Rena Grant BONNER, Evelyn HARRIS, Mildred SWINDELL, Webster WHIDBEE, Horace GUTHRIE, Robert HARRIS, Sherwood HARRIS, William HARRIS, Joe Lee TOWNELL (TUNNELL?) Avery WILLIAMS, Herman CARAWAN, Robert BROWN, James Willis HODGES, and Poley Edward HOWARD.

Marriage Licenses Issued:

Political News—Results of the First Primary:

July, 1934
Vol. 11, #7

Mr. R.O. PAYNE of Gulrock defeated Mr. T.A. HARRIS in the second primary and will be out next Register of Deeds.
Mrs. Will WATSON succumbed to cancer of the liver after a long illness. She died Tuesday, July 10, in Taylor Hospital.
[In Memory Of by Martha Rebecca SWINDELL and R.S. SPENCER, JR. states Albina Bessie WATSON was born March 1, 1874 and died July 10, 1934. She was the daughter of Francis Marion BURGESS and Helen Marr SPENCER and was the second wife of William WATSON.]
Mrs. Eugenia SAUNDERSON died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R.E. CARTER, at Middletown on June 24 and was buried at Amity cemetery on June 25. Mrs. SAUNDERSON was 88 years old. Her death was a shock to friends and relatives as she had been in seeming good health. She had eaten breakfast with the family three minutes before her death. Burial services were conducted by her local pastor, Rev. H.A. CHESTER in Amity M.E. Church where she had worshipped for many years. She is survived by two children: Mrs. R.E. CARTER of Middletown and T.E. SAUNDERSON of Lake Landing; one sister, Mrs. Sue WATSON of Lake Landing; four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. She was married in 1872 to Benjamin Blossome SAUNDERSON and was the daughter of Riley MURRAY and Eleanor Bowen FARROW.
Graduates from Sladesville High School in 1934 --

Carlyle LUPTON, Scranton Howell MIDYETTE, Scranton
Lloyd WILLIAMS, Scranton Rachel CARAWAN, Scranton
Hazel HARRIS, Scranton Maggie HARRIS, Scranton
Daisey HOLLOWELL, Scranton Marietta JARVIS, Scranton
Carmen MIDYETTE, Scranton Ella Zena NOBLE, Scranton
Leone SEARS, Scranton Grace SPENCER, Scranton
Fay MIDYETTE, Scranton Stafford DAVIS, Leechville
Delphine RADCLIFF, Leechville Edward RADCLIFF, Leechville
Carolyn SQUIRES, Leechville Ina JONES, Ponzer
Mary MORRIS, Ponzer Z. Clinton WATERS, Ponzer
James MANNING, Ponzer Jeff JENNETTE, Swan Quarter
John T. HEATH, New Bern

August, 1934
Vol. 11, #8

Among the Sick Over the County:

Fairfield News:



Mrs. Will WATSON, better known as Mrs. Bessie Borgess (should be BURGESS) WATSON, after weeks of illness and suffering from liver cancer, died at Taylor Hospital on July 10. She was a native of Fairfield, had a home here and was postmistress for years until she married Will WATSON of Swan Quarter and then they made their home there. She leaves one sister, Mrs. Lyda FORTESQUE of Ocean View; a half-brother, Nat BORGESS (BURGESS) of Belhaven, and her husband.

September, 1934
Vol. 11, #9

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.M. RABURN, a girl named Mary Louise. She was born July 7 and weighed eight pounds.
The annual meeting of the Knights of Hyde convened at Swan Quarter on August 8, 1934. The following officers were elected:

The age limit for becoming a member of the Knights of Hyde still remains at 45 years.

Mrs. Lizzie Swindell BONNER of Swan Quarter, and wife of C.L. BONNER, died Thursday morning, September 13. She had been ill for 10 days and had entered the hospital to undergo an operation. Her condition was pronounced critical and the operation was deferred until a later date. She was a member of the Swan Quarter Methodist Church and was the daughter of the late A.B. and Ara (should be Cora) SWINDELL. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon from the home with the final service at the graveside at the Sole (Soule) cemetery at Lake Comfort. Rev. W.G. LOWE, pastor of the Swan Quarter Methodist Church, officiated. Surviving are her husband; two daughters: Misses Lona BONNER and Rena Grant BONNER of near Swan Quarter; two sisters: Mrs. J.E. BONNER and Mrs. S.E. WESTON, both of Swan Quarter; three brothers: A.S. SWINDELL, JR. and J.H. SWINDELL, both of Swan Quarter, and F.D. SWINDELL of Bath.
Mr. M.A. BALLANCE, a prominent merchant, died at his home on September 2 after a long illness. Mr. BALLANCE carried the largest stock of merchandise of any merchant in Hyde County located at Wysockin near Lake Landing. He was a member of Watson’s Chapel Methodist Church. Services were conducted by his pastor, Rev. H.A. CHESTER, and he was buried at Amity cemetery. He is survived by his wife, who was formerly Lydie MANN; two daughters: Etheldyne and Bernice; three brothers: Liston, Octavus and Tom; five sisters: Mrs. David SELBY, Mrs. Joe CUTRELL, Mrs. John WATSON, Mrs. Harry HARRIS and Miss Alma BALLANCE.
Dr. R.B. STATEN was burned out of home, car and household furnishings on Wednesday night, September 19. Late in the midnight hour fire was discovered as it burned the kitchen and soon consumed the house. Dr. STATEN is a veterinarian. He will soon move his practice to Monroe, N.C.
Mr. M.A. MATTHEWS, the man who succeeded W.M. HOOKER as cashier at Engelhard Banking & Trust Company, is making a fine cashier. Mr. MATTHEWS had served the public for 18 years as cashier at the bank in Bayboro. He is now leading the movement in Hyde County to get an electrical power line into this territory. We appreciate having such a public spirited man in our midst who is interested in the welfare of Hyde County.
Engelhard is a progressive town down by the sea inhabited by a group of merchants, farmers, fisherman, school teachers, preachers and other callings. It is now linked with the rest of the world with a Federal highway hard-surfaced road. The state highway is under binding contract to put another coat on the present basis of clay and gravel. Engelhard is a splendid fishing point, supplying fish and oysters all over the state and many up north states enjoy the seafood taken from her waters. She is located 24 miles from Swan Quarter and 27 miles from Stumpy Point. Engelhard has 3 warehouses, the only bank in Hyde County, 2 hotels, a shoe shop, 9 stores, 3 filling stations, 3 churches (Baptist, Methodist & Disciple). It is also headquarters for distribution of Standard and Texaco oil products. Engelhard has a population of around 600. Lake Landing Township has a population of about 2000 which visit and shop at her stores. The people are looking forward to having the town incorporated, charter having been applied for. It is also hoped that a new ice plant will soon be located here. A right of way is being worked on for telephone connections and electric lights. Watch this town take on new life with construction of her new road.

October, 1934
Vol. 11, #10


Dr. A.T. ROBERTSON, after a long life of nearly 71 years of useful services, at the close of a regular busy day of class work, died of apoplexy. He was a graduate of Wake Forest College with a M.A. degree and of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. After graduating from seminary he continued as teacher of New Testament interpretation, Greek & English. For 46 years he instructed those called to the ministry. More than 6,000 went through his classroom. He wrote some 40 or more books. His “Greek Grammar” and his word pictures of the New testament are among his outstanding works. Wake Forest College, the Southern Baptist Seminary and I are all proud of Dr. ROBERTSON’S splendid career. [signed: E.R. STEWART, student]
After a couple of weeks of illness, Mr. S.E. BAUM, a native of Hyde County and resident of North Lake section near Fairfield, died on October 5. He was born December 8, 1859. He was said to be the oldest descendant of Tommie BAUM who came to Hyde County about 131 years ago. He leaves to mourn his going, his wife, Mrs. S.E. BAUM; one brother, Mr. W.E. BAUM (should be W.J. BAUM); one sister, Mrs. Anna ROPER; two half-sisters, Mrs. Sam BERRY and Mrs. Oliam GIBBS; six children: Leland BAUM, Mrs. Florence GODWIN, Rupert BAUM, Mrs. Franklin MIDYETTE, A.E. BAUM, and Glenn BAUM. Burial services were held at the home by Rev. E.R. STEWART, assisted by Rev. G.C. WOOD. Interment took place in Fairfield cemetery.
After a few weeks’ illness, Mr. Jep MASON, who had been feeble for quite a while, died on October 14 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Herbert SMITH. Burial services took place at the Fairfield Church where he had always held his membership. He held an official place in the church for over 30 years. For many years he was a merchant in Fairfield and all the merchants closed their stores during burial services. He was a member of the Masonic Order. Burial services were held at the Methodist Church by Rev. G.C. WOOD, assisted by Rev. E.R. STEWART. Had he lived until October 27, he would have been 83 years old. He leaves one sister, Mrs. William BLAKE of Fairfield; two daughters: Mrs. A.B. WILLIAMS of Creswell, and Mrs. Herburt SMITH of Elizabeth City.

November, 1934
Vol. 11, #11


Watch Engelhard grow. First we see a hard-surfaced road extended to her limits. Then we see an enlargement being added to her High School. Several new houses have gone up recently. Now a telephone line has reached the town. Soon an ice plant is to go up and they are talking electricity very strongly.



December, 1934
Vol. 11, #12

Heavy rains fell over the state Thanksgiving day, washing away many bridges and doing untold damage to roads. Hyde County roads are cut up badly.
Many have been grieved over the shooting of our deputy sheriff, W.W. PAYNE. However, we are glad that he is gaining strength and there is hope for his recovery. Checks were found Saturday in an old boat near Fairfield on the Fairfield canal . The guilty parties seem to have been found—at least part of them.

Chapter of Sorrow:

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