Hyde County Messenger
Fairfield Monthly
Fairfield, North Carolina
Published monthly by Rev. Elliot Rufus STEWART
Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard


January 1928
Vol. 4; #1

Mr. Zora PEELE, formerly a resident of Fairfield, enlisted in the Coast Guard for three years on July 23, 1927. He visited his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. O’NEAL of Fairfield, during the holidays.


Marriages at Engelhard:

Birth at Engelhard:

Notes from New Holland:


Mrs. Clara MIDYETTE lives on Farrow Road out from Swan Quarter. She will be 95 years old January 16, 1928. She has 4 living children, 20 living grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great-grandchildren.

February 1928
Vol. 4; #2

Recently D.W. CUTHRELL, who has long been crowded in the small building owned by Mr. F.M. YOUNG, has moved into the building formerly owned by E.S. O’NEAL & Sons. Mr. CUTHRELL is a progressive merchant with a good trade.

The epidemic of measles is sweeping through practically every section of Hyde county. Schools are being closed in Hyde, Beaufort, and Washington counties on account of so many cases.

Marriage Licenses Issued:



March 1928
Vol. 4; #3

The school at Fairfield, after stopping for four weeks, is back at her full work again. Over 150 cases of measles in Fairfield Township was the cause of its stopping.

Mr. J.A. MEREDITH of New Holland, N.C. and Mrs. Lena JARVIS of Belhaven, N.C. were married February 5th by Rev. Richard BAGBY of Washington, N.C. They are making their home at New Holland Inn for the present time.

Mr. Ernest WILSON and family, formerly of New Holland, are in Orlando, Florida for a while.

Mr. D.N. GRAVES returned to New Holland on March fourth after an extended trip to Kansas City and Texas to visit friends and relatives.




J.C. RESPASS submits his candidacy for Sheriff of Hyde County.

April 1928
Vol. 4; #4

Cards of thanks from Mrs. C.C. SPENCER and children on the passing of her husband and their father.


Rebecca SWINDELL was a graduate at Sarah Leigh Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia in June 1927. She had been appointed to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. Miss SWINDELL holds the position of floor supervisor. She had to join the Army in order to get this appointment. Miss SWINDELL was licensed by the state of Virginia as a registered nurse and is well qualified to hold the position she now has.


May 1928
Vol. 4; #5


Some of Hyde’s oldest citizens:

Mr. George W. BEHHRINGER died at Baltimore, Maryland on March 28th. He was 75 years old and was the father of Mrs. D.T. ALDREGE, formerly a resident of Fairfield but now of Belhaven. He died suddenly with 51 carbuncles on the back of his head.

June 1928
Vol. 4; #6
[Portions were cut from this monthly]

Marriage Licenses issued in May:

Democratic County Election Returns:

July 1928
Vol. 4; #7


August 1928
Vol. 4; #8

In Memory of W.S. BONNER:

Mr. Jesse CUTHRELL of Fairfield, died at the home of his nephew, Carl CUTHRELL, on July 21st, he was born in November 1852. He was left an orphan in his young manhood and supported his widowed mother until she died about 36 years ago. Since that time he made his home with relatives. He never married because of the death of his boyhood sweetheart. He was a hard working and honest man and had many friends in this community where he was born, lived, and died. His remains were laid to rest Sunday morning in the Bethlehem Baptist churchyard cemetery. (A poem by his niece, Carrie CUTHRELL, follows this obituary.)


Mr. Pelage SPENCER is now dredging the Carter Canal. This channel will be 4 ¼ miles long and will be used for transportation. The dredge is owned by Mr. T.J. MANN of Lake Landing.

Alex BORRUS, colored, had a family of eight children. Some few weeks ago there were born into his family, two boys and a girl. The little girl died a few days after birth and a few weeks ago the last of the triplets died.

One of Hyde county’s noted citizens, Captain J.E. BERRY, passed to his reward. He lived here 84 years, 3 months and 5 days. Captain BERRY was looked up to and respected. He was known by Hyde County people as “Cap’n. Jim” BERRY. Captain BERRY was a Christian, a devoted husband and loving father. Funeral services were conducted at Soule Church with Rev. W.E. TROTMAN of the Methodist Church in Swan Quarter officiating. Mr. BERRY is survived by his wife, four sons: Dan of Swan Quarter, J.E., Jr. of Lake Landing, B.H. and N.G. BERRY of Raleigh; four daughters: Mrs. E.H. PITTMAN of Norfolk, Virginia, Mrs. R.W. SWINDELL, Miss Ella and Miss Grace BERRY, all of Swan Quarter; two brothers: J.H.C. BERRY, who has already reached his eightieth milestone, and W.T. BERRY, both of Swan Quarter.

September 1928
Vol. 5; #9

It was the pleasure of the editor, while in Engelhard during revival meetings, to share in the birthday dinner of Mrs. Kit SPENCER who was 78 years old on September 7th. We wish for her many more happy years.


Married in August:

Mrs. D.L. BERRY of Swan Quarter has been visiting her relatives at Zebulon recently. A floating tea was given in her honor by her sister-in-law, Mrs. E.C. Daniels.

October 1928
Vol. 5; #10

Rev. Josiah ELLIOTT, beloved minister, died Wednesday morning, September 13, at Hertford. Mr. ELLIOTT had been confined to his bed for three weeks and his physician, Dr. G.E. NEWBY was almost in constant attendance. The funeral was held Thursday afternoon and interment took place at the Cedarlawn cemetery. Born on a farm about 2 miles from Hertford nearly 81 years ago, he was reared as a poor farmer lad. He attended school at Bethel for such a short period of time that he didn’t learn to write his name. At the age of 19 he married Miss Martha NIXON. Soon, however, Mrs. ELLIOTT overtaxed her strength and for 14 years was bedridden. Mr. and Mrs. ELLIOTT had no children.

Chapter of Sorrow:

November 1928
Vol. 5; #11


Chapter of Sorrow:

In Memoriam: In sad and loving remembrance of my dear mother, Annie B. TUNNELL, who died 20 years ago on November 12, 1908. [signed] Mrs. Uria B. JONES, Hopewell, Virginia

December 1928
Vol. 5; #12

Mr. Jim BONUS (Dec. 1927 states BURRUS) and Mr. J.G. BAUM were granted pardons on Thanksgiving Day. Their period of imprisonment was cut down to one year each. They are happy to be free again.

Mr. J. H. STEWART of Newton, father of E.R. STEWART, came on a visit to Hyde county December 2 for a few days.


Miss Gladys BAUM was married to Mr. Franklin MIDYETTE on November 28. Mrs. MIDYETTE at present is a teacher in the Swan Quarter High School. Later we understand they will make their home near Fairfield on the Engelhard Road.

Chapter of Sorrow:

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