Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles
for Hyde Co., NC
(Jan. 1954 - June 1964)


The Bureau of Naval Personnel has announced the advancement in rating for Dwain H. MASON, son of Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel S. MASON of Swan Quarter, N.C., to storekeeper second class, USN, while serving aboard the destroyer USS Zellars. (The Coastland Times - January 1, 1954; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. Dix DAUGHTERY of Chinquapin, N.C. announce the birth of a daughter, Lori Jean, on December 21st at Morehead City Hospital. Due to illness the infant had to remain at the hospital and Mrs. DAUGHTERY has been staying at a nearby home in Morehead City. Her aunt, Mrs. Helena MERRILL, has been with her.

Mr. & Mrs. Tom THORNE and children, Fay and Tommie, of Hawthorne, California, who visited her mother, Mrs. Eleanor BURRUS, and sisters, Mrs. Sybil SIMPSON, Mrs. Monford GARRISH, Mrs. Herman SPENCER, and brother, Oscar BURRUS, leaves for home on Wednesday.

Corp. Sigma WILLIS, who flew home from Germany, has spent a happy holiday with his mother, Mrs. Mosley WILLIS. Enroute back he will visit his brother, Jack WILLIS and family in Washington, D.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 8, 1954; pg. 3)

[first part of story too dim to read]

Willie SPENCER is described as a good citizen and was highly regarded and was employed by R.L. GIBBS & Co. where he had been a truck driver for several years. Burned beyond recognition were SPENCER and wife Mary, their four children, Willie, Jr., Bobbie, Yula, and Shirley. The remains were gathered up the next day and buried in a single box. Dave SPENCER, a Negro storekeeper, was first on the scene at about 3:30 a.m. The house in which they lived belonged to Braxton MARSHALL. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 15, 1954; pg. 1)


A reunion of the SPENCER family of Sladesville on a big scale, is being planned for January 17th. The occasion will honor a founder of his church, William Watson SPENCER, who died in 1884 at the age of 68. His wife was Susan Prucia LEATH who died in 1898 at the age of 70. They were the parents of nine boys and four girls. (The Coastland Times - January 15, 1954; pg. 4)


Mrs. Latham GIBBS of Swan Quarter has announced the marriage of her daughter, Margie Dell, to Elwood Boyce BOWEN, Thursday, December 31, 1953. The ceremony took place at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Hubert BOWEN in Plymouth. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Arthur J. MACKIE of Belhaven. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 15, 1954; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Jack EVERETTE and daughter, Cindy, of Kinston, visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. C.B. JENNETTE.

Mr. & Mrs. Elwood Boyce BOWEN have returned from their honeymoon and are with her mother, Mrs. Latham GIBBS. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 15, 1954; pg. 6)


Mrs. Sarah LEWARK of Kitty Hawk spent several days with her sister, Mrs. Pinta WILLIAMS, coming for the funeral services on January 6th for Pinta D. WILLIAMS. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 15, 1954; pg. 7)


Mrs. Evelyn CARTER of Atlanta, Georgia, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fannie WATSON and relatives in Lake Landing and Fairfield. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 15, 1954; pg. 7)


P.D. MIDGETT, III, son of the Rotary District Governor of this community, and who also is a past president of the Engelhard Club, will be President of the Engelhard Club during the coming year. He was elected at the regular meeting. Orville BALLANCE was re-elected Secretary and George O'NEAL was elected Vice President. The retiring president is Joe SWINDELL. (The Coastland Times -Friday, January 22, 1954; pg. 1)


Earl SPENCER of Plymouth spent Sunday here with his parents.

Rev. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD and two children of Wake Forest, spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. R.C. BURRUS.

Mr. & Mrs. J.R. BRITTAIN spent Thursday in Washington were they met Mrs. Eddie RAMON and daughter, Rosalind, who were returning from overseas.

R.S. COX, Joe HARRIS, Alton BAUM and Cecil SILVERTHORN attended a Masonic meeting in Elizabeth City.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas COX and children of Elizabeth City, were week-end guests of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 22, 1954; pg. 2)


Miss Lelia Tracie WARD of Manteo, whose engagement to Richard Graham BYRUM of Engelhard, has been announced by her mother, Mrs. Alvah Haff WARD of Manteo. The wedding will take place Sunday, February 14 in Mount Olivet Methodist Church. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Henry BYRUM of Edenton. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 22, 1954; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. J.L. TUNNELL (photo) of Swan Quarter, recently observed their golden wedding anniversary with numerous friends and relatives in attendance to wish them well. He is a well-known merchant and the couple is among the most popular in Hyde County. They have 6 children, Mrs. John G. HARRIS of Raleigh, Mrs. A.B. HARRIS of Fairfield, Durwood E., Fred S. and Gilbert B. TUNNELL, all of Swan Quarter, and Joe Lee TUNNELL of Hertford. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 22, 1954; pg. 5)


W. Durant SWINDELL, concert bass baritone, was presented by Mrs. Jacob F. BRYAN, III, chairman of the program department, in the Friday musicale on January 8. He was born in Fairfield, N.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 29, 1954; pg. 1)


Mrs. William MIDGETT and son, Brent Burrus MIDGETT, are visiting Mr. & Mrs. Herman SPENCER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, January 29, 1954; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. Joe M. PUGH of Gulrock are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Sunday, February 7th from 2-5 p.m. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February, 5, 1954; pg. 2)


Mrs. Robena ARMSTRONG has returned from New Bern where she visited her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Charles MIDGETTE.

Mrs. Robena ARMSTRONG and Ben MIDGETTE spent Sunday in Colerain with Rev. and Mrs. Horace THOMPSON and daughter, Mary Emily.

Mrs. Murl GIBBS has returned from Greenville where she visited her son, Sullivan GIBBS and family.

Mr. & Mrs. R.S. SPENCER, R.S. JR, Mary Lee SPENCER, and Mr. & Mrs. R.S. COX, attended an all day meeting at the Rose Bay Baptist Church on Sunday when the Baptist churches in the county met. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 5, 1954; pg. 5)


Mrs. Selma SPENCER returned to her teaching duties at the school last week after about a months absence due to illness.

Calvin O'NEAL, John P. O'NEAL, Horace GASKINS, Zorababel GASKINS, and Ikey D. O'NEAL were here last week from Mappsville, N.J. for a visit with their relatives. Ikey D. will remain here at Ocracoke. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 5, 1954; pg. 7)


Mrs. T.C. GIBBS has moved to Lake Landing and is living with her son, Cecil GIBBS and family.

Mrs. Evelyn CARTER of Atlanta, Georgia, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fannie WATSON.

Mrs. Josh GIBBS and two children spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hubert SELBY.

Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE has returned to Smithfield after spending the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Florence GASKILL. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 12, 1954; pg. 2)


J.N. SWINDELL of Newport News spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Mattie SWINDELL.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth GRAY visited his parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.G. GRAY at Pungo. Also his grandmother, who had the misfortune of breaking her shoulder this past week. (The Coastland Times -Friday, February 12, 1954; pg. 2)


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Ray MIDGETTE of Stumpy Point, a daughter named Alisha Ray, at a Norfolk hospital on January 29th. Mrs. MIDGETTE is the former Marjorie ARMSTRONG of Fairfield. Mr. MIDGETTE is with the Army stationed at Fort Story, Va. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 12, 1954; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Gerald GASKINS announce the birth of a daughter, Lucinda Ann, on February 3rd at the Morehead City Hospital.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert KENNEDAY of Winston-Salem have a son, David Ray, born January 11th. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 12, 1954; pg. 7)


Mrs. Charlotte TOLSON has returned home after a long visit in Norfolk with her children. She was accompanied home by her son, Lester and family. She also had as guests, her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Manning STEEN of Gulrock. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 19, 1954; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Edward NEAL of St. Bride's and Miss Connie BERRY of Portsmouth spent Thursday and Friday with relatives here.

Mr. & Mrs. O'NEAL of Kitty Hawk spent the week-end with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. George O'NEAL.

Ike O'NEAL of Ocracoke, who has been visiting his sister Mrs. Alex ROBERTS in Fairfield, was a visitor here Wednesday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 19, 1954; pg. 4)


Rev. & Mrs. Horace THOMPSON and daughter Mary Emily of Ahoskie, were visitors here on Friday.

Mrs. Florence GASKILL has returned from Smithfield where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE.

Mr. & Mrs. Roy S. COX of Maryland visited relatives here recently leaving Saturday to visit her mother, Mrs. C.F. GIBBS, who is in the Norfolk General Hospital. Mrs. COX will remain in Norfolk with her mother. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 26, 1954; pg. 3)


Cpl. Robert E. (Gene) MIDGETTE of Fort Jackson spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. Franklin MIDGETTE.

Mrs. Oscar AICHEL was honored on her birthday at her home in Engelhard Tuesday night when her daughter, Mrs. Virginia MILLER surprised her with guests to help celebrate the occasion. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 26, 1954; pg. 3)


Rhodes LUPTON, 28 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Rouse LUPTON of Swan Quarter, plans to establish a dentist's office in Swan Quarter July 1st. In 1948 he married the former Norma SPENCER of Elizabeth City and they have a one year old daughter, Susan. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 26, 1954; pg. 6)


Mr. & Mrs. Seth CARTER, JR. announce the birth of a daughter, Donna Gail, February 17th at the Elizabeth City hospital.

Mrs. R.S. WAHAB has returned after an extended visit in Belhaven. Friends here sympathize with Mrs. WAHAB in the recent death of her mother, Mrs. Lydia Wahab EDWARDS of Belhaven. (The Coastland Times - Friday, February 26, 1954; pg. 6)


Army Pvt. William J. SWINDELL, son of Mr. & Mrs. M.A. SWINDELL of Swan Quarter, recently arrived in Leghorn, Italy for duty with the U.S. Forces in Austria. (The Coastland Times -Friday, February 26. 1954; pg. 8)


Mr. & Mrs. B.C. MARSHALL and M.E. MARSHALL were Washington visitors Thursday. They were accompanied home by Mrs. M.E. MARSHALL and son, Martell, who were returning from Wilmington where they visited Mr. & Mrs. Buck HARDEE and daughter.

J.O. GIBBS has returned from Manns Harbor where he visited his son, Herman GIBBS and family.

Mrs. Bessie LITCHFIELD, who has been residing in California for some time, arrived here from New York to visit her daughter, Mrs. Luther BURBANK.

George Thomas GIBBS, who had the misfortune to injure his foot with his gun a few months ago, is a patient in the Veterans Hospital in Fayetteville.

Mr. & Mrs. John BUTLER and family of Wilmington are spending some time with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. C.G. CUTHRELL.

Mr. & Mrs. Roy GIBBS and family of Rocky Mount and his father, Corbin GIBBS, spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. Claud BURRUS and family.

Mrs. Nina McKINNEY and Byron WILLIAMS, who live near Plymouth, spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Janie SPENCER.

Mrs. C.F. GIBBS returned from the Norfolk General Hospital Friday. Her daughter, Mrs. Roy COX, JR., who had been in Norfolk with her, returned also.

Earl SPENCER of Plymouth, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl CREDLE and Mrs. Clifton CREDLE of Belhaven, visited Mrs. Belle CREDLE and Miss Fannie SPENCER last week.

Mr. & Mrs. J.M. LONG, Dr. & Mrs. Joe LIVERMAN, Miss Elizabeth LONG and Mrs. Noveline BARRETT were in Norfolk recently where they were called due to the death of Mrs. LONG's mother, Mrs. Mollie HOPKINS, who died in the Norfolk General Hospital. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 5, 1954; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. W.C. CAHOON and daughter Lynn, Mrs. Nat CREDLE and Hyatt, visited Mrs. H.E. GRIFFEN at the Fowle Hospital Tuesday.

Roger Allen SPENCER, son of Mr. & Mrs. Gratz SPENCER, has returned home after being a medical patient at Fowle Hospital. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 5, 1954; pg. 4)


On Friday, February 26th, John O. GIBBS passed his 92nd birthday at his home in Engelhard. Mr. GIBBS, beloved by his many friends, known as "Uncle John", is active in church and community life and can be seen almost every day walking on the streets and visiting around the stores. He lives at the home place with his daughter, Mrs. D.L. (Viola) SELBY and family. Although going on 93, he attends his church (Methodist) regularly and helps take the offering as he has been doing for perhaps half a century. Mrs. Alice THOMPSON is the only person in this section older than "Uncle John". She is going on 94 and lives with her daughter, Mrs. Fannie SELBY. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 5, 1954; pg. 5)


Rep. Russell SWINDELL, popular 37 year old Swan Quarter farmer, has announced that he will be a candidate in the coming primary. He is seeking his third term as Representative. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 5, 1954; pg. 5)


Miss Nora EDMONDSON entered Sea Level Hospital on Saturday for medical service. During her absence from school, Mrs. John ROGERS is the substitute teacher.

Miss Dell SCARBOROUGH has returned home from St. Luke's Hospital in New Bern following an eye operation.

Mrs. Maggie O'NEAL was operated on last week at Sea Level Hospital. Her son, Charlie, visits her daily, making the trip down and back on a mail boat to Atlantic. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 12, 1954; pg. 2)


Larry ARMSTRONG, oldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Martin ARMSTRONG, had the misfortune to cut his foot very badly Thursday while cutting wood. At present he is doing nicely.

Mrs. Jim BEST and daughter of Belhaven, are spending time with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. SIMMONS. Mrs. BEST has the mumps and the baby is sick also.

J.C. SADLER who had his hand severely burned by a rocker on Tuesday, is reported doing nicely. (The Coastland Times - March 19, 1954; pg. 4)


Captain Jarvis MIDGETT of the U.S.E.D. Dredge "Gerig", has been visiting his aunt, Mrs. J.M. BURRUS for several days.

Mr. & Mrs. Elvin J. (Bud) STYRON returned home last Saturday with little daughter, Elva, from Sea Level Hospital. The infant has had a good many visitors since she came to Ocracoke.

Mr. & Mrs. Roy COUNCIL of Alexandria, Va. are moving to Ocracoke and will reside with her parents, Capt. & Mrs. Gary BRAGG. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 19, 1954; pg. 4)


Rosa MACKEY, a Lake Landing colored woman and teacher at the Hyde County Training School, wrecked her car early Friday morning in Tyrrell County. She had left Columbia on Highway 94 headed for Hyde County. Highway Patrolman L.M. WALTERS of Columbia, investigated the accident and charged her with reckless and careless driving. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 19, 1954; pg. 5)


Miss Betty Jean MARABLE (photo), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. MARABLE of Hampton, Va., became the bride of Charles S. ROUGHTON, son of Mrs. Beamon G. MARSHALL and the late C.S. ROUGHTON of Wilmington, N.C. The nuptial vows were spoken February 12 in Wythe Presbyterian Church with the Rev. H.E. MALLISON officiating. The bride, who is the granddaughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. James B. VAIDEN of Williamsburg, was given in marriage by her father. Miss Merle WHITE of Newport News was maid of honor. Mr. ROUGHTON, the only grandson of A.D. SWINDELL of Manteo, N.C. and the late Mr. & Mrs. Daniel ROUGHTON of Columbia, N.C., had for his best man, his uncle, Joseph C. SWINDELL of Engelhard, N.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 19, 1954; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. Carl CAHOON of Columbia, were week-end guests of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Will GIBBS and family. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 19, 1954; pg. 6)


In a three o'clock ceremony Saturday, February 13 in the Baptist Church, Miss Laura V. LITCHFIELD and Gerald DAUGHERTY were united in marriage. The Rev. W.H. HAIRE, pastor of the church, officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Cecil L. GIBBS of Engelhard. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus DAUGHERTY of Jacksonville, N.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 26, 1954; pg. 4)


Hugh B. SPENCER of Engelhard is now at Pope Air Force Base, N.C. He enlisted in the USAF as an aviation cadet March 12 at the USA and USAF recruiting main station in Raleigh. After graduating from Engelhard High School in 1952, young SPENCER attended East Carolina College for one year. He was enlisted for pilot training which included such air weapons as the jet single and multi-engine fighters, fighter-bombers, interceptors and light or medium bombers. Young SPENCER is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Sam C. SPENCER of Engelhard. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 26, 1954; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. Horace GIBBS and Mrs. C.F. GIBBS spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. GIBBS who is a patient as the Belhaven hospital.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. SPENCER and son, Tommy, of Washington, spent the week-end with relatives here.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward NEAL of Great Bridge spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER.

Mr. & Mrs. Bill HAMITT and son of Mt. Gilead, have returned home after visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. H.L. ROPER.

Mrs. Hugh MOORE and little daughter of Asheville, are visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.B. NEAL.

Mrs. John A. MARSHALL has returned from Fayetteville where she spent time with her sister, Mrs. A.G. PAUL and Mr. PAUL.

A surprise was given to Mrs. S.D. SPENCER on Friday at noon, honoring her birthday. While away from home, her daughters, Mrs. Fred BERRY and Mrs. T.J. ETHERIDGE, planned and made ready to serve dinner on her return home. It was a surprise when she sensed the aroma of fried chicken, pork chops, oysters, and other food, and a table already spread. When the men folk of the family, S.D. SPENCER, Fred BERRY, and T.J. ETHERIDGE, were summoned to the table, they were also pleased that "Miss" Sallie had another birthday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 26, 1954; pg. 5)


Miss Bobbie Jean RUSH of Beaufort has been visiting her aunt and uncle, Mr. & Mrs. Van Henry O'NEAL. While here she has enjoyed visiting the fifth grade at Ocracoke School. Her mother, Mrs. Aldina G. RUSH, was called to Fayetteville Veterans Hospital due to the illness of her husband who had a heart attack.

Mrs. Dix DAUGHERTY and child left for their home in Raleigh after spending a month with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Sid TOLSON.

Mrs. Sue SCARBOROUGH suffered another stroke last week and her son, Edward SCARBOROUGH, and Alton and Mrs. SCARBOROUGH, were called to her home here. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 26, 1954; pg. 6)


Mrs. Bruce SADLER of Engelhard, received painful cuts on her face when the car in which she was riding rammed another car near Rose Bay on Monday afternoon. The accident occurred when a school bus approaching the two cars suddenly threw up a stop sign. The first car came to a sudden stop and the SADLER vehicle plowed into the rear. Bobby SADLER and Fred MARSHALL, the other occupants of the car, were not injured. (The Coastland Times - Friday, March 26, 1954; pg. 8)


Luther BERRY, son of Mr. & Mrs. John BERRY of Engelhard, received a broken arm Saturday in an automobile accident in Engelhard. Lester Boyd CAHOON of Stumpy Point, the driver of the car in which BERRY was riding, was charged with careless and reckless driving by investigating officers. Mr. CAHOON was going west on Highway 264, reportedly at a high rate of speed when he ran off the road and lost control of the car. The vehicle crashed into the corner of J.H. JARVIS' store. Considerable damage was done to the store and the 1948 Nash. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 2, 1954; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. Needham SIMPSON are enjoying a visit with their son, Stacy and family, in Wilmington, Delaware and plan to visit with their daughter, Elsie and family, in Richmond, Va., before returning home.

Miss Katherine RONDTHALER of Duke Graduate School, spent her Spring holidays with Mr. & Mrs. Theodore RONDTHALER.

Mrs. John Thomas O'NEAL and daughter are visiting her parents in Windsor. Her niece, Fay HOGGARD, who has visited, returned to Windsor with Mrs. O'NEAL.

In addition to Ernest SCARBOROUGH of Audobon, New Jersey, and Mr. & Mrs. Alton SCARBOROUGH of Pedricktown, New Jersey, several relatives came to Ocracoke for the funeral services of Mrs. Sue SCARBOROUGH. These included Mrs. Felix FLIEG of Newport News, Mrs. Stacy SIMMONS of Norfolk, Mr. & Mrs. Williams BOUNDS and Mr. & Mrs. Frank PARSONS of Ocean City, Maryland, and Mrs. Vera ROBINSON of Hatteras.

Several relatives and friends from here went to Beaufort on Monday to attend the funeral services of E.A. RUSH. Among them were Mr. & Mrs. Preston GARRISH, Mr. & Mrs. Mace GARRISH, Mr. & Mrs. Van Henry O'NEAL and family, Powers and Jules GARRISH, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey WAHAB, Rev. Robert L. VICKERY, JR. and Mrs. T.W. HOWARD. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 2, 1954; pg. 2)


A 1942 Buick driven by Abner David SPENCER, a Negro man of Engelhard, ran into a canal between Engelhard and Middletown on Monday. One passenger in the car received several cuts. Highway Patrolman, W.E. WILLIAMS of Swan Quarter, investigated and charged SPENCER with careless and reckless driving, driving without an operator's license, and failing to report an accident. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 2, 1954; pg. 4)


A service will be held in the court house in Manteo Sunday, April 4th at 2:30 p.m. by the local Christian Church with Walker B. PERRY of Elizabeth City conducting the service. Immediately after the service, a wedding will take place, the participating parties being Burl S. BRINN, pastor of the local church, and Miss Dora Leona SAUNDERS of Portsmouth, Va. The public is invited to attend both the church and the wedding. Miss SAUNDERS is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Babern SAUNDERS of Deerfield, Va. Mr. BRINN is the son of Mr. & Mrs. J.S. BRINN of Swan Quarter. They will make their home on Roanoke Island near Manteo. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 2, 1954; pg. 8)


Miss Dorinda BERRY, and Mr. & Mrs. Richard GIBBS, JR. of Raleigh, spent the week-end here and attended rites for Mr. GIBBS' grandmother, Mrs. Narcissus GIBBS, held at Amity Church on Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. R.S. COX spent Thursday in Belhaven with her brother, Willis WILLIAMS and family.

W.D. GIBBS has returned from Norfolk after visiting his son, Howard GIBBS and family. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 9, 1954; pg. 3)


Mrs. Seth CARTER, JR. was rushed to Elizabeth City Hospital last Thursday for an appendectomy. Mr. CARTER and infant daughter are staying with his mother in Elizabeth City during Alona's hospitalization.

Mrs. Velma SPENCER suffered a stroke of paralysis on Saturday. She is being cared for at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin SPENCER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 9, 1954; pg. 6)


Roy S. COX, JR., chief gunner's mate, USN, son of R.S. COX, SR., and husband of the former Miss Mary R. GIBBS, all of Engelhard, N.C., is an instructor at the Recruit Training Center in Bainbridge, Md. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 9, 1954; pg. 8)


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald O'NEAL of Ocracoke, announce the birth of a son, Robert Benjamin, on April 7th in Morehead City Hospital.

Mr. & Mrs. David O'NEAL of Ocracoke, announce the birth of a daughter, Sharon Arlene, on April 7th at Morehead City Hospital. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 16, 1954; pg. 3)


Announcement has been made by Mr. & Mrs. Linwood Joe SWINDELL of the approaching marriage of their daughter, Norma Earl, to Hiatt Berry CAHOON on Sunday, April 18 at 2:30 p.m. in Providence Methodist Church in Swan Quarter. The Rev. A.H. STONE will officiate. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 16, 1954; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Jones WILLIAMS were called home from Staten Island, N.Y. because of the death of his father, Jacob WILLIAMS.

Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie BURRUS announce the birth of a daughter, Karen Louise, Wednesday, April 14, at Hatteras.

Mrs. William MIDGETT and son, Burrus Brent, visited in Rodanthe last week while Mr. MIDGETT was home on leave from Coast Guard duty on Long Island.

Mrs. Elsie TOLSON was entertained at a birthday party on Friday night given in her honor by Samuel G. JONES, SR. at Berkley Manor. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 23, 1954; pg. 2)


Pfc. Eugene MIDGETTE of Fort Jackson, S.C. was the week-end guest of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Franklin MIDGETTE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, April 30, 1954; pg. 10)


Kirk BALLANCE has been appointed as Postmaster at Fairfield to fill the vacancy left by the recent resignation of Guy CUTHRELL. Mr. BALLANCE, who is the son of Mr. & Mrs. J. Madison BALLANCE of Fairfield, grew up in Fairfield and graduated from Fairfield schools. For a number of years he was a salesman for Armour & Co. in Columbia, S.C. He returned to Fairfield to live about 10 months ago. Since that time he has been in business with his father and brother. Mr. BALLANCE is married and lives with his wife at the Baptist parsonage in Fairfield. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 28, 1954; pg. 4)


Miss Ethelynde BALLANCE of Lake Landing was commissioned a deaconess of the Methodist Church at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Municipal Auditorium on Wednesday, May 26th. Miss BALLANCE is a graduate of East Carolina College at Greenville and has done graduate work at Scarritt College in Nashville, Tennessee. Since receiving her Master's degree in 1954, she has been serving at Lake Landing as a Methodist rural worker. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 28, 1954; pg. 4)


The pupils of the Engelhard High School were entertained May 17th with a lecture by Miss E. Louise JOLLY of California. Miss JOLLY taught high school in Alameda, California, is now retired, and has been touring the United States. She is a past president of the California Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club and has traveled considerably. While visiting her nephews, Leonard and Gould JOLLY of Gulrock, she accepted the invitation to give the Engelhard School a lecture describing her trip to Japan in 1936 when, as one of 15 other teachers selected from the states, she was a guest of the Japanese government for the project of exchanging educational ideas. Miss Louise JOLLY, sister of R.G. JOLLY of Gulrock, was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Everett WOODLEY of Chicago. They spent the week with the JOLLY family at Gulrock. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 28, 1954; pg. 6)


O.L. WILLIAMS is seeking to represent Hyde County in the next Legislature. He is appealing to the people of his native county to support him. He has been "on his own" since the age of 14. Homeless, other than a house and a little land, but within him a yearning and burning desire for self-improvement. He has succeeded. He is licensed to practice law in all courts of N.C. and Virginia, the Federal courts and before the Veterans Administration. (The Coastland Times - Friday, May 28, 1954; pg. 7)


William I. COCKRAN, JR. of Swan Quarter will receive a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from the University of N.C. on June 7th. "Bill" is the son of Mr. & Mrs. W.I. COCKRAN of Swan Quarter and is a graduate of Swan Quarter High School where he was active in school affairs and especially in Vocational Agriculture. He is a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Bill is going immediately to Wilmington where he will be employed in the branch office of Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 4, 1954; pg. 1)


The graduating class of Engelhard were Wesley CUTHRELL, Billy FARROW, Reginald LEWIS, Wendell MIDYETTE, Dorothy BARBER, Sylvia MIDYETTE, Mary Ann PAYNE and Elsie PUGH. Bernice CAHOON, a patient in a Wilson sanitarium, will be given an examination to qualify her for a diploma. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 4, 1954; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. Jesse MIDGETT of Philadelphia visited Mr. & Mrs. John N. MIDGETT last week-end. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 4, 1954; pg. 2)


Sgt. Hallet W. BRINN, 23, son of Mrs. Bertha BRINN of Engelhard, recently graduated from the 7th Army Non-Commissioned Officer Academy in Munich, Germany. His father is dead. Sgt. BRINN, who entered the Army in 1948, has been in Europe since February 1953. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 4, 1954; pg. 5)


Mr. & Mrs. Rally RHODES and daughter, Betty, of Norfolk, visited his grandmother, Mrs. Charles JENNETT. Mr. & Mrs. Hector WATSON of Swan Quarter also visited her mother, Mrs. JENNETT.

Earl SPENCER of Plymouth spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER.

Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE has returned to Smithfield after spending some time with her mother, Mrs. Florence GASKILL. Mrs. Florence GASKILL will leave on Thursday for Smithfield to visit her daughter, Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE. They will attend graduation exercises at Wolfred College in Spartanburg where Rex GUTHRIE will graduate this week-end.

Mr. & Mrs. Josh GIBBS and children of Washington spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hubert SELBY.

Miss Mildred MIDYETTE of Sladesville spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs. Earl BERRY and family.

William ROPER of the U.S. Army is on furlough with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. H.L. ROPER and family. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 4, 1954; pg. 6)


Ralph GREEN was in Belhaven on Friday due to the illness of his brother-in-law, Metrah SAWYER.

Joe WILLIAMS, who has been ill at his some for some time, was taken to the Marine Hospital in Norfolk on Sunday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 4, 1954; pg. 8)


Mrs. Sudie FARROW has returned from Winston-Salem where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Moir EDWARDS, Rev. EDWARDS, and daughters, Gene and Ann, for several weeks.

Miss Lillian WILLIAMS of Rocky Mount spent the week-end with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. R.S. COX.

Marie GIBBS of Greenville is spending a vacation with her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Murel GIBBS.

Lee Thomas SWINDELL has returned to Ohio after a visit with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Albin SWINDELL. (The Coastland Times - June 11, 1954; pg. 4)


Miss Grace KEENEY of Baltimore is visiting her sister, Mrs. Theodore RONDTHALER and will occupy their home during their vacation absence.

Mike and Ike RIDDICK of Greenville have enjoyed a visit with their grandmother, Mrs. Maudie FULCHER.

J.T. BARNES of Rocky Mount visited his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Gary BRAGG last week-end. Mr. BRAGG has been in ill health for several months.

Mr. J.N. EDWARDS of Belhaven is spending two weeks with his daughter, Mrs. R.S. WAHAB. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 11, 1954; pg. 7)


Miss Kathleen BRAGG has returned from a visit with relatives in Norfolk. While there she attended the wedding of her niece, Diane CULLIPHER, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.N. CULLIFER, SR.  Miss CULLIPHER, who is well known at Ocracoke since she spent many summers with her grandmother, Mrs. Laura BRAGG, was married on Saturday, June 5th at 7:30 p.m. to William Lee KEMP, U.S.N., at the Tabernacle Church with Rev. DUNLAP officiating.

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey WAHAB and son Harold, enjoyed a trip to Washington, D.C. and a visit with his son, O'Neal WAHAB and Mrs. WAHAB.

Miss Susan SPENCER is recovering nicely from an eye injury received last week. She was flown to New Bern and small pieces of glass from a broken tumbler were removed from her eye. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 18, 1954; pg. 2)


Mrs. Rhodes LUPTON and Susan are spending some time with Mrs. LUPTON's grandmother, Mrs. Lillie COX. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 18, 1954; pg. 2)


Dr. J.E. SWINDELL of Raleigh visited his mother, Mrs. Sallie SWINDELL and his sister, Bettie, last week.

G.E. BAUM and children, Walter and Nancy, attended the wedding of Misses Virginia and Carolyn BELL in Williamsburg, Va. on Saturday. The brides are the daughters of Dr. Baxter BELL, formerly of Swan Quarter. (The Coastland Times -June 18, 1954; pg. 3)

by Laura Credle

When one visits Mrs. William JENNETTE at her home in Lake Landing, he feels that this frail, white-haired lady has a treasure of wisdom and memories and Hyde County lore. "Miss Lutie" was born in 1850 in pre-civil Hyde County. When July 14th rolls around this year, she will be 104 years old. Miss Lutie is living presently at her old home in Lake Landing with the family of her granddaughter, Mrs. J.A. WAITS. Mrs. WAITS is one of her 18 grandchildren and her four children are only a few of Miss Lutie's 27 great-grandchildren. She also has two great-great-grandchildren. Only two of Miss Lutie's own five children are living, Jones Mann JENNETTE of Lake Landing and Lawrence JENNETTE of Elizabeth City. Both of her daughters, Mrs. S.D. MANN of Middletown and Mrs. Otis FULFORD of Engelhard, died several years ago. Her third son, W.H. JENNETTE of Elizabeth City, with whom she lived before coming to Hyde County this spring, died early this year. With her soft white hair and dressed in a style reminiscent of the past, wearing old-fashioned black jewelry, Miss Lutie could be taken for a woman 20 years her junior. Despite her great age and failing sight and hearing, she is amazingly well and active. Far from an invalid, she is up and about almost every day. She climbs stairs easily, refusing help and goes to bed at night only under protest. Her great-grandchildren are her greatest source of pleasure. "Children weren't any trouble in my day", she says. "we had nurses for them. But the children don't bother me," she hastens to add. "They seem to love me so much and are always doing little things for me." As she solicitously warns the older children to "take care of the baby", one can see not only her love for these youngsters but a lifetime of love and care for all the children in her family. The old home where she lives with Mrs. WAITS was built in 1808 and according to her statement (borne out by many who have enjoyed her hospitality) has seen many good times. Today Miss Lutie enjoys the visits of friends and folks. She still welcomes visitors for an interesting chat, for Miss Lutie, unlike many older people, has not been left without friends by the passing of contemporaries but has made new friends among younger people. She has lived all her life in Hyde County except for a few girlhood years in Washington and recently when she lived with her granddaughter, Mrs. Reginald BISHOP in Belhaven and her son, W.H. JENNETTE in Elizabeth City. She is the daughter of Samuel BONNER of Lake Landing and recalls a time when Lutie BONNER was "the prettiest girl in Amity Methodist Church." As a young girl during the Civil War, Miss Lutie recalls fleeing to the woods with a young Negro girl when the Yankee soldiers came to their home. During her century and four, Miss Lutie has had a wide and wonderful personal experience. She has also seen many years of history in the making. Having lived through five wars as well as 104 years of the ordinary troubles of humanity, this cheerful old lady has formulated a philosophy of living that is well worth adopting. "I've seen a lot of things happen," she says. "I don't let anything bother me any more. After I have done my best, that is all I can do and there's no sense worrying about it." Which of us can question 104 years of wisdom? (The Coastland Times - June 18, 1954; pg. 4)


New chancel lights and a new Hammond organ will be dedicated Sunday, June 20th at a homecoming of the Fairfield Methodist Church, it has been announced by the pastor, Rev. A.H. STONE. The new lights have been given to the church by the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the church, and a new electric organ has been given by Sam JONES of Norfolk, formerly of Hyde County, in memory of his mother and father. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 18, 1954; pg. 5)


Florence GASKILL has returned from Smithfield where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE. While there, she accompanied Mrs. GUTHRIE to Spartanburg, S.C. to attend the graduation of Rex GUTHRIE, Mrs. GUTHRIE's son from Wofford College. Rex also received his commission as 2nd Lt. In the U.S. Army. He will be stationed at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas in the personnel division of the Medical Center. Rex was among those who made the dean's list at Wofford last semester. Enroute Mrs. GASKILL and Mrs. GUTHRIE's car was stolen. It was recovered by the Chief of Police of Carthage in time for them to continue. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 18, 1954; pg. 6)


Earl SPENCER and daughter of Plymouth and Mrs. Rouse LUPTON and daughter Susan of Swan Quarter, visited Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred BERRY were visitors in Nags Head on Sunday. They were accompanied by their daughter, Nelva, who will spend the summer with her aunt there.

Mrs. Virginia MILLER has returned from Washington, D.C. after visiting her brother, Oscar AICHEL and his wife.

Mrs. Della CAREY spent Wednesday in Washington with her sister, Mrs. S.S. NEAL, who was a patient in Tayloe Hospital.

Mrs. Mack CARAWAN and children attended the graduation of Gloria Mae GIBBS on June 10th. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 18, 1954; pg. 7)


Charles Henry DANIELS, a Manteo Negro, pleaded guilty of failing to support his illegitimate child. The charge was brought by Mabel GIBBS of Lake Landing, grandmother of the child. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 1)


Ocracoke Island is making plans for staging its second July 4th celebration. When Marvin HOWARD, back home and retired after years in the U.S. Navy and Army, said last year at the Ocracoke Civic Club's spring meeting, "Let's have some fun," the outcome was the 4th of July parade, augmenting the annual pony penning and patriotic noontime service. For over 225 years Ocracoke went without a parade, but last year's was a big success. The celebration will be held this year on Saturday, July 3rd, beginning at early morning when riders will start driving the banker ponies down the sixteen mile of Reef to the corral on Silver Lake for a 10 a.m. pony penning. An added attraction inaugurated last year is the crowning of the "Queen of the Pony Penning", humorously characteristic of any Miss America event. At 11:30 a.m. a patriotic program is held at the schoolhouse. This year the newly organized Boy Scout troop will be responsible for the flag raising ceremony. The annual church dinner will be supplemented by dinners at home, with many visiting relatives expected. The parade will start at 2 p.m., led by Big Lum GASKILL and Marvin HOWARD and others, riding Banker stallions. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 25, 1954; pg. 4)


Mrs. Claude GRANT and Mrs. H.W. GRIFFIN attended the homecoming in Fairfield on Sunday then they went to Nags Head to visit with Mrs. Marietta MANN.

Mr. & Mrs. Sherwood HARRIS and Keith HARRIS of Norfolk visited their father, Staten HARRIS, during the week-end.

Miss Betty Jean SWINDELL, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell SWINDELL of Leaksville (Leechville?), is spending a week with Mr. & Mrs. M.H. SWINDELL.

Mr. & Mrs. R.W. BERRY, JR. and daughter of New Bern, are visiting his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Rube BERRY. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Murray TOLSON, Samuel G. JONES, SR., and Mrs. Ruby GARRISH, organist at Ocracoke Methodist, flew to Fairfield Sunday to attend the "Homecoming Day" celebration and service at Fairfield Methodist Church. Only 18 minutes were required to transport them across Pamlico Sound from Ocracoke to Fairfield and Mrs. TOLSON describes it as a trip long to be remembered. Mr. TOLSON found the return trip so swift that he didn't recognize his hometown of Ocracoke as he approached it from the air. After attending the morning service and enjoying the mid-day meal at the church, at 2 p.m. they attended the dedication services of the new Hammond organ, which Mr. JONES presented to the church some time ago.

Mrs. Maude FULCHER visited her daughter, Mrs. Gillis RIDDICK, in Greenville recently.

Mr. & Mrs. Jim WYNN and family , formerly of Portsmouth, Va., are now living in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where Mr. WYNN is now stationed in the U.S. Navy. Mrs. Lane WYNN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. BOYETTE of Ocracoke.

Mrs. Aldina RUSH and daughter, Bonnie Jean, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Preston GARRISH.

Mr. & Mrs. John O'NEAL and daughter of Philadelphia, and Horatio O'NEAL of Washington, D.C., visited recently with their parents, Mr. & Mrs. I.W. O'NEAL.

Mrs. Irvin S. GARRISH entertained a number of children on Monday honoring her daughter, Marsha, on her 8th birthday.

Friends sympathize with Mr. & Mrs. Graham BUSKIRK in the death on Saturday of their infant daughter, Violet Jean BUSKIRK. The baby lived but a few hours. Mr. & Mrs. T.E. BUSKIRK, parents of Graham, and a brother, Gene BUSKIRK of Charleston, S.C., visited here recently.

Tony MORRIS of Atlantic is spending the summer with his grandmother, Mrs. Warren SCARBOROUGH. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 7)


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Russell NEAL of Hickory, Va. and Hyde County, a daughter, Peggie Lee, on June 7th in a Norfolk hospital. (The Coastland Times -Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 8)


Mr. & Mrs. Walter JONES and daughters of Portsmouth were week-end guest of their parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hertford JONES and Mr. & Mrs. Carl CUTRELL.

Mr. & Mrs. F.C. GILL, Bud and Helen of Wilson, are spending the week-end at their home here.

Mr. & Mrs. Edward DAWSON of Wilson visited his sister, Mrs. R.R. GRANT and Flave SPENCER.

Robert C. SIMMONS of the U.S. Navy stationed in Bermuda for the past 6 months, is spending his leave with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. P.C. SIMMONS.

Mr. & Mrs. Lindsey MIDYETTE of Raleigh and Mr. & Mrs. Paul OSGOOD and children of New Bern, spent the week-end with Mrs. A.B. MIDYETTE and Robena. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 9)


Morgan C. McKINNEY, JR. of Engelhard was accepted June 16th as a candidate for missionary service abroad under the United Christian Missionary Society of Disciples of Christ. Approval of 27 young people was given by the Board of Trustees of the Society which met in Indianapolis, Indiana. A graduate of Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, N.C., Mr. McKINNEY is pastor of the Christian Church at LaGrange, N.C. Mrs. McKINNEY, the former June HOLSON of Wilmington, N.C., also has been accepted as a candidate for foreign missionary service. Scholarships will be granted to them for special training for missionary work. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 9)


Last Sunday relatives and friends met at the Engelhard Community Building in honor of John O. GIBBS who is going on his 93rd year. The Father's Day dinner has become an annual occasion when many come from adjoining counties bringing picnic baskets to help make the festive occasion complete. Long tables were set with all the season's tasty food served buffet style. Mr. GIBBS, who is quite active, enjoyed the honor bestowed on him and all of his six children attended as follows: I.W. GIBBS of Engelhard, Herman GIBBS of Manns Harbor, Walter GIBBS of Seven Springs, Emmitt GIBBS of Norfolk, Mrs. Lizzie SWINDELL of Bath and Mrs. Viola SELBY of the home. Others attending were grandchildren and great-grandchildren and Mrs. Herman GIBBS, Mr. & Mrs. Alton GARD and Elroy, Ferrell, Rachel, Myra and Darlene GARD, Mrs. Jennie TILLETT and Miss Inez GIBBS of Manns Harbor; Mrs. Walter GIBBS, Mr. & Mrs. McDonald GIBBS of Seven Springs; E.V. SWINDELL, Mr. & Mrs. Jack SWINDELL and son Eddie of Bath; Dennis SELBY, Sherwood SELBY, Mr. & Mrs. L.M. NEAL, Delia NEAL, Mrs. Florence GASKILL, Mrs. S.S. NEAL, and Patricia NEAL of Engelhard; Mr. & Mrs. Cecil GUTHRIE, Mr. & Mrs. Hubert GUTHRIE, Mr. & Mrs. George CREEF, Elizabeth and Shelia CREEF and Mr. Mary GIBBS of Manteo; Mrs. Addie GIBBS and Mather GIBBS of Gulrock; Mr. & Mrs. Shirlen SPENCER of Swan Quarter; Mr. & Mrs. William GIBBS, C.H. MIDGETT, Sam GIBBS, Don GIBBS, Mr. & Mrs. Henry HUNNING and Darryl HUNNING of Norfolk; Alton BAUM, Walter and Nancy BAUM, Mr. & Mrs. William GIBBS and Robert GIBBS of Lake Landing; Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE of Smithfield; Douglas GUTHRIE of Ft. Jackson, S.C.; Mrs. Della CAREY of Richmond, Va.; and Mr. & Mrs. Bob BURRUS, JR. of Washington, D.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 10)


Mr. & Mrs. Murray TOLSON left Wednesday for Ocean View, Delaware where they will attend the wedding of Mrs. TOLSON's granddaughter, Lois SIMPSON, on Sunday, June 27th to Allen A. POWELL. (The Coastland Times - Friday, June 25, 1954; pg. 10)


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