Hyde County Messenger
Fairfield Monthly
Fairfield, North Carolina
Published monthly by Rev. Elliot Rufus STEWART
Abstracted by Kay Midgett Sheppard


[All issues are missing except for the following from the Baptist Collection, Wake Forest University.]

March 1926
Vol. 2; #3

Card of thanks from Mr. I.S. GIBBS & Elizabeth in the death of his beloved wife.

Card of thanks from Mrs. T.C. MANN & Thomas in the death of our dear husband and father.

Birth of Thomas Harrison STEWART on March 2, 1926. His parents are Rev. & Mrs. E.R. STEWART. He joins a sister, Evelyn Bell STEWART, and a brother, Elliott Brown STEWART.

Letter of thanks to the people of Hyde County from O. L. WILLIAMS, whose 8 years as Clerk of Superior Court comes to a close.

Notice of sale of 150 acres of Lyda Carter STUDDART & her husband, George Joseph STUDDERT, said lands conveyed to Lyda C. STUDDERT by H. C. CARTER and his wife on May 28, 1919.

Mrs. Carrie CARTER, sister of Mr. Columbus SIMMONS, died this year.

Mrs. Maggie BALLANCE of Lake Landing, age 62, died early in February.

Mr. John MIDYETTE of Gull Rock died, aged 51 years.

Other Deaths Recently:

Mrs. Isaac GIBBS and Mr. T.C. MANN both died in a Washington hospital, having undergone serious operations. One died at 5 o’clock, the other at 5:25. Mrs. GIBBS was 54 years old and she leaves behind two sisters, two brothers, a husband and many friends to mourn her departure. She was laid to rest in Fairfield Cemetery. Services were conducted by E.R. STEWART, assisted by H.M. JACKSON, pastor of the Methodist Church. Mr. T.C. MANN was 66 years old. He and his brother died only a week apart. Mr. MANN’S death was caused by a little shoe tack setting up infection in his big toe some 2 ½ to 3 years ago. He has had several operations hoping to save the limb. Mr. MANN has been a businessman in this community and will be missed by the inhabitants of Fairfield. He leaves behind a widow and her son, some daughters and some grandchildren. Rev. H.M. JACKSON held services at the home of the deceased on February 16, 1926, assisted by Rev. Mr. DAWSON of Swan Quarter and E.R. STEWART of Fairfield.

Mr. Richard MANN suffered a stroke of paralysis March 4. He died March 9 and was buried near his home in the family cemetery on March 10. Rev. H.M. JACKSON, assisted by Rev. Mr. BROSS, former pastor, conducted the services.

Mrs. George HODGES died at Washington Hospital February 3 from cancer of the stomach. She was buried at Rose Bay.

Mrs. HILL of Sladesville died and was buried February 28. She was the wife of Rev. HILL who was at one time pastor of the Swan Quarter charge.

Mr. & Mrs. Charlie SADDLER lost their infant baby girl on February 15. The baby was one month old.

A. L. CUTHRELL announces his candidacy for nomination for the House of Representatives for Hyde County.

Sarah MANN is made administratrix of the will of T.C. MANN, deceased.

Marriages at Engelhard:

November 1926
Vol. 2; #11

Items of Interest:

Card of thanks from William SNIDER on the death of his wife.

Over 180 homes, farms, and lots are advertised for taxes in Hyde county this year. The drainage tax makes it hard on many of the farmers around the lake.

Leechville - E.W. SPRUILL of New Lake was found not responsible for the death of his mother, Mrs. Lena SPRUILL, on October 19. The only person present when the accident occurred was H.L. SPENCER, husband of the deceased, who testified she had been accidentally shot. The deceased is survived by her husband, one daughter, Laura CAHOON, wife of Nathan CAHOON; two sons, C.H. SPRUILL and E.W. SPRUILL; her father, D.W. DUNBAR, all of New Lake.

Mr. Louis SWINDELL, who was operated on for stone bladder in the Washington hospital, died and was buried at Engelhard.

Pupils enrolled at East Carolina Teacher’s College at Greenville, N.C.

Mrs. William SNIDER died at the home of Mr. Tom JONES Saturday, October 29 and was buried at Fairfield Sunday afternoon. She leaves her parents, two brothers, one sister and a husband. She suffered much but bore it all with patience. She was only 24 years old.

December 1926
Vol 2; #12

A lengthy history of Mattamuskeet Drainage District by S.S. MANN:

Excerpt from Deed Book “A”, page 213, Hyde County Record of Deeds: “This Indenture the twenty-second day of April in the year of our Lord Christ, seventeen hundred and forty-six, between Long TOM and Charles SQUIRES of Hyde County in North Carolina, Indians, and Cason BRINSON of Onslow County, in the same Province, planter, of the other part and the rest of the Indians.” In the description of the land occur the words “Along a line of marked trees made by Charles SQUIRES by the order of his father, John SQUIRES, King of said Indians.”

Deed Book “A”, page 216—“To all ye people to whom these presents shall come—Greeting: Know ye, that I, George SQUIRES, with the consent of all the Arrowmuskeet Indians in the Province and County aforesaid.
Excerpt from Senate Document No. 677, 63rd Congress, 3rd Session entitled “Indians of North Carolina; page 16—In a note relative to “Coree” tribe this passage occurs: “They engaged in the Tuscarora War of 1711 and in 1715 the remnants of the Coree and Machapungo were assigned a tract on Mattamuskeet Lake, Hyde County, North Carolina, where they lived in one village until they became extinct.
(Note by Mr. MANN: In my opinion this tribe did not become extinct, but lost its identity because some of the chief people of the tribe intermarried with white immigrants and their descendants still live in the County. Others intermarried with the Negroes and some of these also reside in the County and have a very distinctive physique indicated by straight hair, lighter complexion, with different coloring on the cheeks and having bearing and speech that indicates a lineage superior to that of the ordinary African.)

page 51—Some of the tribe (the Croatans) fought under “Bonnul,” as some termed Col. BARNWELL, and we have reliable evidence that they brought home a few Mattamuskeet Indians as prisoners and slaves. The descendants of these Mattamuskeets had their traditions also. The name Dare was not recognized by them in our first investigations, but afterwards discovered that they pronounced the name variously as Darr, Durr, and Dorr. This discovery was made when we related to an old chronicler of the tribe the story of Virginia DARE, the first white child born on American soil. Mattamuskeet Lake, according to tradition preserved by these Indians, was a “burnt lake” or lake caused by water filling a hole burnt in the ground. We are indebted for this tradition to an aged gentleman of Roberson County who was familiar with the traditions of the tribe from about 1820 to 1824. He mentioned several persons who represented that they were descendants from Mattamuskeet Indians, who were taken prisoners in the war between the whites and the Tuscoroas by a tribe on the Lumber River. These Mattamuskeets could locate the dwelling places of their ancestors who live in now what is Hyde County in the vicinity of Mattamuskeet Lake.


Engelhard News:

Mr. & Mrs. D. B. WATSON and family went to Creswell last Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. Watson’s parents, Mr. And Mrs. Tom SPENCER.


[The following issues loaned for filming by Miss Rebecca SWINDELL, Swan Quarter: April, June, September, October, and December. The March issue was loaned for filming by the Baptist Collection, Wake Forest University. All other issues are missing.]

March 1927
Vol. 3; #3


The first child was enrolled at Thomasville Baptist Orphanage in Thomasville, N.C. on November 11, 1885.

April 1927
Vol. 3; #4

This paper is two years old. With the May issue we begin our third year of publication. It is the only paper published in Hyde County and has a circulation this month of 500 and is still growing.

Captain A.B. BURNS will start a new boat line for Fairfield. It runs from Fairfield to Norfolk, Virginia every Tuesday.

As this goes to press April 11th, we have two very sick patients in Fairfield, Mrs. Jep MASON and Mrs. George SWINDELL.

Mr. And Mrs. Neal GRAY have been feeble for some time. We hope for them a recovery of their health as the Spring opens up.

Misses Sallie SPENCER and Florence CLARK are home from Avon, N.C. where they have been teaching school this past winter.

Mr. Oscar GIBBS, son of Mrs. Annie Gibbs WESTON, died in the Washington Hospital on Friday, April 1st. He was buried in St. George’s cemetery Saturday morning.


Will J. SPENCER is appointed as Hyde County Accountant and will be paid $1800.00 per year.

June 1927
Vol. 3; #6
[Portions of this monthly were cut out.]

All who know Brother Josiah ELLIOTT love him. He was born 1 ½ miles from Hertford, N.C. He is now almost 80 years old. He has lived at Hertford 51 years and entered the ministry at the age of 36 years. Brother ELLIOTT started out in life a laboring man. For 6 years after moving to Hertford he was a drayman. Mrs. ELLIOTT was an invalid for nearly 12 years and Brother ELLIOTT contributed his life’s ministry largely to her help.

Mr. W.T. KIRK of Swan Quarter, is a real carpenter mechanic. He, with his force, are now making some beautiful boats.

September 1927
Vol. 3; #9

Mrs. R.W. JONES of Fairfield, who was in Washington Hospital, is back in her home greatly improved.

There was a mad dog in Swan Quarter Saturday, August 27th. It bit Mr. Cahoon TOOLEY of Belhaven, formerly of Swan Quarter. It also bit three colored men, Columbus FRANKLIN, Charlie PETERSON, and Bell FULFORD.


Mr. Murray CARAWAN of Rose Bay, who was working at Pageland, S.C., underwent an operation for appendicitis.

Mr. D.D. Cutrell carried his baby to Washington for a minor operation.

New Houses in Hyde:


A letter written by S.S. NEAL to Rev. E.R. STEWART about the death of his father. (His father’s name was not mentioned in this letter.)

October 1927
Vol. 3; #10

Mr. Charlie MIDYETTE of Engelhard is in Washington Hospital, taking treatment for kidney colic.

Fairfield Baptist Church is begun.

A quiet, but pretty wedding took place at Swan Quarter, Saturday, Oct. 1, when Miss Janie Dell CARAWAN, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Columbus CARAWAN, became the bride of Mr. Robert Eston DUNNING of Aulander, N.C. The wedding took place at the home of the bride’s parents, with the Rev. E.R. STEWART officiating. The ring was born on a white chrysanthemum by Herman CARAWAN, brother of the bride. The matron of honor was Miss Vida DUNNING, sister of the groom and the best man was Malcolm CARAWAN, brother of the bride. The bride was educated at Eastern Carolina Teacher’s College in Greenville. Following her graduation, she taught two years in the Winston-Salem city schools. Mr. DUNNING is a graduate of North Carolina State College, of the class of ’22. At present he is county agent of Washington County, employed in work sponsored by the State Department of Agriculture. The couple will make their home in Plymouth, N.C.


December 1927
Vol. 3; #12
[Many portions of this monthly had been cut out.]



Many friends of Messers. Jim BURRUS and Joe Gray BAUM have been made sad in several ways recently. First, to learn of the serious accident in the killing of Mrs. J.D. BULLOCK of Leechville, N.C. on November 13. Second, to learn that after hitting Mrs. BULLOCK that they did not stop and render help. Third, that they are serving their sentence in the penitentiary for 2 ½ years each. Sympathy goes out to the aged mother and wife and son who are left behind.

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