Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles
for Hyde Co., NC
(July 1954 - Dec. 1954)


Cadet Sgt. William S. BURRUS, son of Mr. & Mrs. William P. BURRUS of Engelhard, is one of 481 first classmen (Seniors) from the U.S. Military Academy now attending the artillery school at Fort Sill. Cadet BURRUS, a member of the radio club, was appointed to West Point by the Honorable Herbert C. BONNER of N.C's 1st Congressional District. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 2, 1954; pg. 4)


J.A. LUPTON is improving from an illness at the home of his son, Harold LUPTON, at Belhaven.

T.B. GIBBS and Kenneth GRAY attended the funeral of Thomas E. SANDERSON at Lake Landing Sunday afternoon. [I could not find the obituary for Thomas E. SANDERSON in this newspaper.] (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 2, 1954; pg. 5)


Miss Hortense BOOMER is at home with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. BOOMER. She is winter librarian at Elizabeth City schools.

Mr. & Mrs. Leland CARAWAN and Billy Joe CUTRELL left Saturday for Oakland, California to visit Mrs. CARAWAN's sister, Mrs. A.A. JESSE and family. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 2, 1954; pg. 5)


Chief Boatswain, Dewey H. SCARBOROUGH, USCG, has received Chief Boatswain Henry T. PEELE, as commander of the Ocracoke's Coast Guard Group and commanding officer of the Ocracoke Lifeboat Station. The group includes the Hatteras Inlet Lifeboat Station and the Ocracoke Lifeboat Station. PEELE, who has been at Ocracoke since October 1949, a native of Hatteras, has been named commanding officer of the Little Creek, Va. Lifeboat Station. (The Coastland Times -Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 1)


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy W. SPENCER of Engelhard, a son, Patrick Matthews, at the Tayloe Hospital on July 1st. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. D.W. SEARS, Mary, Amanda, and Janet of Fairfield and Marie SEARS of Henderson, spent Tuesday with Mr. & Mrs. T.B. GIBBS. Sarah Elizabeth SEARS, who has been spending the past week with her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. T.B. GIBBS, returned home with her parents on Tuesday. (The Coastland Times -Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 4)


Leading the ranks of men from Hyde who have served and are serving is Alexander B. BERRY. He has chosen to serve through the Methodist Church. He has twice been chosen rural minister of the year in Virginia in 1952 and again in 1953. Born in 1912 in Swan Quarter, he is the son of Mr. & Mrs. A.B. BERRY. He has one sister, Mrs. P.E. HODGES of Norfolk. His mother died in 1941 and his father, now remarried, is living in Norfolk. He married Hazel Lockwood WINDLEY of Pantego. They have 4 children, Elva, Alexander III, Hazel and Tim. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 4)

by Laura Credle
[partial article]

When a little Engelhard boy wants a nickel for a drink for a quarter for a movie or a dime for something else he usually knows where to go and get it. "I like boys," says Rufus WILLIAMS as he sits out in front of his Engelhard shoe shop, "and they seem to like me. At least they will do most anything I ask them to." Their young devotion is the only repayment that Mr. Rufus asks for a lifetime of small change loans and gifts to Engelhard boys. He and his wife, "Miss Stella", have had four boys of their own, Roger, Edison and Chester. Ivey O'NEAL, whom they brought up from babyhood is as near to them as their own sons, they say. They have one daughter, Mrs. Thelma LASSITER, who lives in Hardville, S.C. Four grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 girls, are Mrs. Stella and Mr. Rufus' special pride. Mr. WILLIAMS was born and reared on a farm at Pleasant Grove 6 miles from Fairfield. His parents were Sylvester and Bertha WILLIAMS. He married Stella BERRY in 1917. She was born in Beaufort County but was living near Fairfield when they married. They lost their first home to a fire. "I've been shipwrecked too," he chuckles. "That was when Fred GIBBS and Lonnie GIBBS and I were fishing together." He doesn't laugh when he tells about the auto accident in February 1936 that sent him to the hospital for 18 days and kept him out of work for a year. Two of his friends, Walter HOOKER and Maxwell HARRIS, died in the same accident. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 5)


Jones QUIDLEY, who dropped in to ask if I knew who is the oldest citizen of Belhaven from point of residence. I didn't, but Mr. QUIDLEY thinks he probably is. Now approaching 77, he came to what was then Jack's Neck from Broad Creek at the age of 4 and has lived here continuously since. There were five families in the community then. He said he hunted squirrels up and down what is now Pamlico Street when he was a boy. His father, Richard Jones QUIDLEY, made a living farming, fishing, and doing carpentry work. The senior QUIDLEY helped build the house which is now the George CLARK residence and his twelve year old son helped. When it was recently remodeled, the present Richard Jones QUIDLEY was one of the carpenters. He was married 52 years ago to Janie SERMONS of Hyde County. They had seven children, five of whom are living. Mrs. QUIDLEY is now hospitalized with a broken leg. He is no longer able to work as a carpenter but he gardens a little and is in generally good health. The fact that he can't do the work he used to do surprises him but he has no complaints. The Lord has blessed him and "Miss Janie", he says, for he has never been in actual want and life has been good. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 7)


James Emory MIDYETTE of the U.S. Army, has returned from serving in Korea where he was stationed for over a year and is spending some time in Engelhard before reporting to Fort Jackson, S.C. Mrs. MIDYETTE is the former Dorothy BERRY of Fairfield who has been making her home with her parents who live in Lake Phelps while Mr. MIDYETTE is serving his country. (The Coastland Times -Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 7)

by Mrs. Myra E. Wahab

A lot of old-timers who read this will remember Simy O'NEAL and his entertaining ghost stories. Many sport fishermen will remember Simy as one of the best fishing guides on this coast. But a few may not know Benjamin Lee O'NEAL, Simy's son who has an excellent record with the U.S. Engineering Department, the U.S. Army and is now one of the most dependable men in the USCG. Ben is efficient wherever there is any kind of duty to be done. He is at home on a boat, in the engine room, on deck or in the galley as a good cook. Furthermore, he is doing the work of a yeoman in addition to other duties at the Ocracoke Lifeboat Station. He is active in civic welfare and church work. He is a gentleman whose slogan is "he serves himself best, by serving others first." Benjamin Lee O'NEAL was born September 3, 1919 to Emma Styron O'NEAL and the late Simon (Simy) O'NEAL of Ocracoke. Born following World War I, Ben was brought up and reared a typical bank barefoot boy, roaming the sandy beaches and finding work wherever possible. He entered Ocracoke school at the usual age, graduating with the class of 1937. He remained on the Island until 1938 when he got his first job away from the Island on Virginia Beach Blvd. as a service station attendant, staying only a short time. In November 1939 Ben went North and applied for work with the Engineering Dept., Philadelphia District. He worked as a deck hand and deck mate until joining the U.S. Army in 1941. As his selective service number was 29, Ben was the first to leave Ocracoke and his Island home to oppose Hitler and his superior forces. He was married April 5, 1941 to the former Naomi SIMPSON two days prior to induction. He took Basic Training at Fort Bragg, N.C., in Battery B, First Field Artillery Training and Replacement Center. Upon completion he was assigned to Battery B, 72nd Field Artillery Reg. as a Corporal. Ben was inducted for one year conscript training. He had completed 8 months service when the tragedy of Pearl Harbor occurred. Considered well-trained troops, Ben awoke one morning finding himself and his buddies boarding a troop train for parts unknown. Now a Sgt., leaving N.Y. Harbor and the Statue of Liberty behind with many thoughts of loved ones and of Ocracoke, Ben sailed down the Atlantic Coast, which at this time was infested with German submarines, on to Panama, through the Canal Zone and into the Pacific. Making his first stop in Melbourne, Australia some 40 days later, where he rested two weeks. He left Melbourne and arrived at Noumea, New Caladonia, where Ben was given extensive training. Here his division was formed and named the American Division for America and New Caladonia, the only division in the U.S. Army without a number. Anyone familiar with the Army during WWII will tell you that the division was the backbone of the Pacific fighting. Having served at Melbourne, New Caladonia and New Hebrides, Ben helped reinforce the First Marine Division under the command of Major General Alexander A. VANDERGRIFT, USMC, for which he holds a unit citation for strongly defending positions against the Japanese on Tulogi, Cavutu, TANAMBOGO, Florida and Guadalcanal, British Solomon Islands, completely routing all the enemy forces and seizing a most valuable base and airfield (Henderson), therefore being on the first offensive of WWII. After spending several months on both Guadalcanal and the Fiji Islands, Ben returned to the USA via Samoa, as he was one of the selected few returned for the purpose of training and passing on valuable information to recruits which were flowing into the Army at this time. After being processed at Angel Island, California, he was transferred to the 70th Infantry Division at Camp Adair, Oregon as a platoon Sgt. Here he was stricken with malarial fever contracted in the Southwest Pacific, and was moved to Mitchell Convalescent Hospital at Camp Lockett, California. After spending 13 months as a patient, he was assigned to duty with the 1961st Service Command Unit, and advanced to Staff Sgt. Later he became Acting 1st Sgt. of one Rehabilitation Company until discharge October 15, 1945. He returned to the job previously held before induction with the Engineering Department, making his home in Wilmington, Delaware. On August 17, 1946, a son, Douglas Ray, was born. On November 20, 1946, having a yearning for service life, Ben enlisted in the USCG as a Seaman 1st Class and was assigned to duty at Ocracoke Lifeboat Station. He has been promoted to the rank of BM1 and is now serving as Relief Group Commander, Ocracoke Group. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 9, 1954; pg. 8)


John Small MIDGETTE of Swan Quarter was severely burned from the waist up at his home Wednesday afternoon when a pressure cooker exploded. The cause of the explosion is not known. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 16, 1954; pg. 1)


Miss Margaret SILVERTHORN has returned to Lexington, Kentucky after visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. John SILVERTHORN.

Sunday dinner guests of Mr. & Mrs. Rufus WILLIAMS were Mr. & Mrs. Edison WILLIAMS and sons Larry and Shelton, Molly and Jane DEAL, Dallas BERRY, and Mr. & Mrs. Bennie HARRIS, all of Norfolk; Mr. & Mrs. Paul LASSITER and son David of Hardeeville, S.C.; Mr. & Mrs. Joe HARRIS, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde BERRY, Mr. & Mrs. Chester WILLIAMS and children Phil, Stella, Louise and Janice, and Ivey O'NEAL, all of Engelhard; and Jessie and Peggy WILLIAMS of the IOOF Home at Goldsboro, N.C.

R.S. COX has returned from Durham where he spent the past week with his daughter, Mrs. Kenneth JENNINGS and family.

Mrs. Henry HARDING and little daughter, Emily, are visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. ROPER.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald HUNTER and children Donna and Debra, of McConnellstown, Pa., left after visiting her mother, Mrs. S.S. MARSHALL and family for the past 10 days. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 16, 1954; pg. 5)


A gathering of the JENNETTE family at the home of Mrs. J.A. WAITS in Lake Landing on July 14th celebrated the 104th birthday of the family matriarch, Mrs. William JENNETTE. Guests brought picnic lunches that they spread together on the lawn. Mrs. WAITS is Mrs. JENNETTE's granddaughter and lives in her old home in Lake Landing built in 1808. Mrs. WAITS and her husband are at present remodeling the old house. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 23, 1954; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. BURRUS and daughter Patricia Lynn of Greenboro, visited his parents, Mr. & Mrs. W.P. BURRUS and grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. R.E. CARTER, who live near here.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. COX and children of Kinston, visited his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. W.H. COX.

Mr. & Mrs. Max HODGES visited their son Wiley at the hospital in Belhaven.

Mr. & Mrs. Gilvery HARRIS and family of Greensboro are spending this week with his mother, Mrs. Lyda HARRIS (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 23, 1954; pg. 4)


Dr. & Mrs. J.H. LIVERMAN entertained at the Mattamuskeet Country Club last Saturday evening in honor of her sister, bride-elect, Miss Elizabeth LONG. Miss LONG will marry Fred POTTS of Washington on Saturday at 5 p.m. in the Engelhard Christian Church. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 23, 1954; pg. 6)


Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE of Smithfield is spending her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Florence GASKILL.

Mr. & Mrs. George WILLIAMS, Mrs. Lucence PENNINGTON and little daughter Patty of Alabama, have returned home after visiting Mr. & Mrs. Dave SWINDELL, parents of Mrs. WILLIAMS and Mrs. PENNINGTON. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 30, 1954; pg. 4)


Clifton AUSTIN, JR. of Hatteras and Susan SPENCER of Ocracoke were married July 28 in the First Methodist Church of Elizabeth City. Rev. R.L. JEROME officiated. (The Coastland Times - Friday, July 30, 1954; pg. 5)


Richard GIBBS, JR. and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Jabin BERRY, spent Friday in Portsmouth, Virginia. Mr. BERRY, who has been a patient in the hospital there, returned with them.

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie WILLIAMSON and daughter have returned from visiting relative in West Virginia. Mrs. WILLIAMSON and daughter are with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ottawa BERRY while her husband is in service.

Miss Dorinda BERRY spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jabin BERRY.

Mr. & Mrs. Ray EDINGER and daughter Kerry Ann of Norfolk, spent the week-end with Mr. & Mrs. Frank BERRY. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 6, 1954; pg. 5)


Mrs. Ansley O'NEAL was rushed by the Coast Guard boat to a Sea Level Hospital Saturday for an operation. The family has heard the operation was successful and she is recovering.

According to Marvin HOWARD, Scoutmaster, the newly organized Boy Scout Troop 290 of Ocracoke took their first camping trip, hiking 10 miles down the beach and spending the night.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert SWANK and sons of Port Jefferson, N.Y., visited her mother, Mrs. Authur O'NEAL.

Ronald Lee DUDLEY of Washington is visiting his uncle, Hiatious O'NEAL.

Mrs. Charlie W. GARRISH is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Robert HELMS at Goldsboro.

Mrs. Kelly O'NEAL is visiting her son, Stuart O'NEAL, in South Hampton, Pa.

Danny GARRISH, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jessie GARRISH, will enter E.C.C. this fall. He plans to study chemistry and physics, preparing himself for laboratory technician work.

Fred Van KESTERN (Twinkie) returned to Port Jefferson, N.Y. on Saturday. Twinkie has been living with his grandmother, Mrs. Irving FORBES, for a year.

Clyde FARROW, Ocracoke's lighthouse keeper, has been transferred to Washington, N.C. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 6, 1954; pg. 6)


Mr. & Mrs. Bill SPENCER of Ocracoke announce the birth of a son, William Jacob, July 29th in Buxton. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 6, 1954; pg. 8)


Friends honored Mrs. Charles PATRICK on her birthday Monday night with a surprise party at the home of Mrs. Laura FARROW in Engelhard. Mrs. R.S. COX presided over a punch bowl at one end of the table and cake and nuts were served by Mrs. Richard MANN, Mrs. Elsie BERRY and Miss Janice MANN. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 13, 1954; pg. 2)


Mrs. Nancy BERRY of Engelhard was given a picnic by her family in honor of her birthday Sunday at the home of Cecil BERRY in Manteo. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 13, 1954; pg. 2)


A.L. CUTHRELL (photo), octogenarian, has held many offices and seen many changes in his beloved county. In the last half century the people of Hyde County have become better according to Mr. CUTHRELL, formerly of Fairfield who is now living with his son, Malcolm CUTHRELL, in Swan Quarter. He ought to know. He was High Sheriff of Hyde County from 1900 to 1905. "As a whole, people are more law-abiding now than they used to be," he says. "This is as it should be because they have better schools and more advantages. Of course, there will always be bad people and the highways and automobiles have created duties for the sheriff that I didn't have." Nevertheless, he believes that the people of Hyde County give the sheriff less trouble than they used to. During his term of office Mr. CUTHRELL recalls one murder. "It was down at an oyster house in Swan Quarter. Two men, Zion BAKER and Cliff MULLINS, murdered a man named WILLIAMS in a drunken brawl. It looked for a time as if they were going to be sentenced to execution. That really had me worried. At that time criminals in Hyde County were executed by hanging in the county seat, and had they been sentenced to death, I would have had to hang them. Fortunately, they were finally sentenced to a long jail term. When the Mattamuskeet Railroad was being built, Cliff MULLINS came back as part of a convict labor gang helping to build it." Mr. CUTHRELL was born in Fairfield. He ran the store now operated by Murrell SWINDELL for 10 years before buying a farm about a mile south of Fairfield in 1899 where he lived until May 1954. He was married in May 1895 to Carrie SWINDELL who was also of Fairfield. They had five children and of the five only one, Malcolm, is still living. Andrew Brock died in 1906. In 1938 Walter Cedric CUTHRELL died and in 1943 Holden L. died. "After my wife died in 1939, I lived alone for 5 years. Then my daughter, Aletha C. FITES, and her family came from Steelville, Illinois to make a home for me for the rest of my life. Mr. FITES died in August 1953 and I lost my daughter in May 1954. In May, after so many years in Fairfield, I left my home to come live with my son here. He and his wife have been wonderful to me and I am enjoying life in spite of losing my loved ones. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 13, 1954; pg. 9)


Linwood CUTRELL of Lake Landing, second child and only son of G.C. CUTRELL of Middletown, has received citations for outstanding service in two wars. During WWII he spent 5 years with the Armored Field Artillery in the European Theatre rising to the rank of Captain. Joining the 92nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion in Africa, Mr. CUTRELL fought and led in that group all through the war to Berlin. His group landed in Normandy in the days immediately following D-Day and were in the thick of the fighting across France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Leaving active service in February 1946, he remained in the reserves and was called again to serve 17 months in Korea. He received his permanent discharge in January 1952. He has a successful contracting business in Hyde County. In 1945 he married Edna DILLARD who had been for 3 years a Yeoman 1st Class in the U.S. Waves working in the Navy Intelligence Bureau. They have two little girls, Suzy Jane, 3, and Lynn Adams, 13 months. Their new home in Lake Landing is a tribute to Mr. CUTRELL's building skills. When asked why he returned to Hyde County when so many other young men have chosen to leave, he replied, "One should live where he is happiest. Here is where we want to be." (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 13, 1954; pg. 10)


Miss Susan SPENCER, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.A. SPENCER of Ocracoke, and Clifton E. AUSTIN, son of Mrs. Clifton AUSTIN of Hatteras, were married last week at Elizabeth City. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 13, 1954; pg. 10)


Mrs. J.T. CARAWAN of Oyster Creek has a revolver used by a soldier in the War Between the States. "It ain't the antique I value," says Mrs. CARAWAN, "it's the one who gave it." "Now this revolver," she points to an antique gun hanging over the door, "my father gave that to my son David on his birthday a long time ago. My father got that from a soldier in the Civil War. My father's name was Robert W. HARRIS, they called him Robby and he lived across the road yonder. He wasn't old enough to fight in the war, only 17, but he was a drummer boy. When the war was over he wanted one of the guns that a soldier had used, so he traded a shotgun to Ben WILLIAMSON of Juniper Bay for this revolver." She doesn't know where WILLIAMSON and her father were during the war, only that WILLIAMSON was a foot soldier. The revolver is a heavy .45 caliber that was loaded the old-fashioned way and bears a patent date of 1851. Since the recent death of her husband, James Tillman CARAWAN, Miss Effie has continued to live with her son David on the Oyster Creek farm she inherited from her parents and has been in her family for generations. "My father's farm was across the road yonder," she points out. "This is called the JARVIS Place. Years ago it belonged to the JARVIS family. My great-grandfather, Alfred JARVIS, lived on it in the early 1800's. He left it to his only daughter, Clara, who married a MIDGETT. This house is over 200 years old." A ladder-back rush seat chair she has was made by her grandfather, Ezekiel HARRIS. She shows a small thinly worn gold earring that belonged to her great-grandfather on her mother's side, Alfred JARVIS. "Men folks in those days pierced their ears and wore rings the same as women. He wore those earrings as long as he lived. He and his wife both died of measles when my grandmother was four." Mrs. CARAWAN repeats the story she had been told. "On his deathbed, my great-grandfather took the rings from his ears and put them in the ears of his four-year old daughter, " Mrs. CARAWAN has fond memories of this child who became Clara MIDGETT and her grandmother. The old lady lived to be 98 years old and was the source of Mrs. CARAWAN's many stories of bygone years. A Bible that was published in 1819 came to her from her father's mother, Polly Anna HARRIS. Previously it had belonged to a family named HUDSON. Mrs. HARRIS bought it at an auction before the Civil War. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 13, 1954; pg. 10)


Bill T. SPENCER, chief boilerman, USN, son of Mr. & Mrs. Archie L. SPENCER of Middletown, and husband of the former Miss Marguerite L. PACK of Mermit, West Virginia, is serving aboard the destroyer, USS Harwood. SPENCER entered the Navy in August 1939. He graduated from Engelhard High School. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 13, 1954; pg. 11)


Mr. & Mrs. Sam CAREY and children Syd and Janie of Richmond, Va., were accompanied home by his mother, Mrs. Della CAREY, and his aunt, Mrs. Retta NEAL. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 27, 1954; pg. 2)


Claude D. DAVIS , former Hyde County sheriff, now living in Asheville, has passed the state bar examination after studying law in Asheville for the past 4 years. Mr. DAVIS, a native of Middletown, is presently employed as a special agent with the SBI in Asheville. He is the son of Mrs. Mattie Mann DAVIS and the late Thomas D. DAVIS of Middletown. He is married to the former Mary ROPER of Engelhard and they have one daughter, Elaine, who is two years old. A graduate of Engelhard High School and a veteran of Navy service, he is now 34 years old. (The Coastland Times - Friday, August 27, 1954; pg. 3)


Eugene MIDYETTE returned home Thursday from Fort Jackson, S.C. where he has served with the U.S. Army for the past 2 years. He will leave in a few days for Raleigh where he will teach. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 3, 1954; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. R.A. PRESTON announce the birth of a daughter, Beverly Jean, at Tayloe Hospital in Washington, N.C. They and the baby are now at Ocracoke with grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Travis WILLIAMS. Beverly Jean represents the fifth generation on Ocracoke.

Mrs. Clifton AUSTIN, summer bride, was entertained on Ocracoke with a miscellaneous shower given by her mother, Mrs. Etta SPENCER, and Mrs. Virginia AUSTIN, mother of the groom. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 10, 1954; pg. 7)


Mr. & Mrs. William BALLANCE of Beaumont, Texas announce the birth of a daughter, Sue Ellen, On August 18th. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 17, 1954; pg. 3)


Miss Jean MIDYETTE has returned to E.C.C. in Greenville to resume her studies.

Mr. & Mrs. Alton HUDSON of Norfolk visited his parents, the Jess HUDSON's (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 17, 1954; pg. 3)


Mrs. Francis S. GIBBS, clerk of the Hyde County Draft Board, reports that a Hyde County registrant, Shirley SPENCER of Engelhard, has been declared delinquent by the board after attempts to communicate with him have failed. The last known address is 211 East Church, Edenton, N.C. Since delinquent registrants are subject to immediate induction, it is important that SPENCER communicate with the office to remove his name. If the man's name remains on the list, the FBI will be called to locate him. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 17, 1954; pg. 4)


W.J. LUPTON of Swan Quarter was involved in an accident early Wednesday morning at Douglas Cross Roads near Washington. The 1950 Plymouth station wagon that he was driving collided with another car and turned over several times. Mr. LUPTON was uninjured. The station wagon damage estimated at $800. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 17, 1954; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs., Elwood James GIBBS have returned for a honeymoon at Wrightsville Beach. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 17, 1954; pg. 4)


Miss Dorothy BARBER, who is attending business college in Norfolk, was home for the week-end. Her mother, Mrs. Henry CUTHRELL and Mr. CUTHRELL accompanied her back to Norfolk.

Mrs. Maggie WESTON returned after visiting her daughter and family, Mrs. Heber WINDLEY in Washington.

David SELBY, Mrs. Rosa MOONEY, Miss Ella Mae MOONEY and Orville BALLANCE attended a birthday party for Mr. & Mrs. Norfleet CUTHRELL at Manteo on Sunday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 24, 1954; pg. 4)


Robert C. SIMMONS, radioman 3rd class, USN, son of the Pat C. SIMMONS' of Fairfield, is now serving at the U.S. Naval Station here. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 24, 1954; pg. 5)


Through the kindness of 3 summer visitors, the Ocracoke Teenage Club received some interesting games. There were sent to Rev. Robert L. VICKERY, JR. by Harry PENDLETON, Aaron KRAVITZ and Louis SNYDER, all from Boston, Mass., who visited Mr. & Mrs. Jim WILLIAMS this summer. Included in the games were two sets of table tennis, one miniature golf set, one badminton set, chess, checkers, dominoes, puzzles, maps and other games.

Mr. & Mrs. Earl O'NEAL of Philadelphia and daughter, and Horatio O'NEAL of Washington D.C., are here for the funeral services of their father, Isaac W. O'NEAL.

Patsy GASKINS, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John GASKINS, and Larry SIMPSON, son of Mrs. Sybil SIMPSON, were married on September 7th at New Bern.

Mrs. Etta SPENCER and daughter Stella, were guests in Hatteras at a bridal shower given in honor of Mrs. Clifton AUSTIN.

Mr. Rudolph WALLER visited his mother at New Bern at her recent birthday anniversary. His daughter Kay accompanied him. (The Coastland Times - Friday, September 24, 1954; pg. 7)


Miss Norma Jane BOWEN, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.E. BOWEN of Plymouth, Rt. 1, and Balford B. GIBBS, son of Mrs. Latham GIBBS of Swan Quarter and the late Mr. GIBBS, were married September 10th at 10:00 p.m. in the Christian parsonage in Washington. The Rev. Raymond L. ALEXANDER officiated in the double ring ceremony. Friends and relatives of the bride and groom were present. After a short wedding trip, the couple will make their home in Norfolk where Mr. GIBBS is employed. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 1, 1954; pg. 2)


Mr. C.F. GIBBS is a patient in Norfolk General Hospital. Her daughter, Mrs. Roy COX, JR. , is at her bedside.

Mr. & Mrs. S.D. SPENCER spent last week with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Edward NEAL, in St. Bride's, Va.

Mrs. Patsy MARSHALL has returned after spending time in Greenville with Mr. & Mrs. Shaw BONNER and daughter, Sylvia.

Mr. & Mrs. M.E. MARSHALL, C.F. GIBBS and Mrs. J.H. JARVIS were in Norfolk last week to visit Mrs. GIBBS in the hospital.

Mrs. Closs CAHOON is a patient in the Tayloe Hospital in Washington, N.C.

Mrs. Mildred GUTHRIE of Smithfield spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Florence GASKILL.

Rev. & Mrs. J.W. HOWARD and two children spent the week-end with Mrs. S.S. NEAL. The HOWARD's live in Wake Forest where he is a senior at the Southeastern seminary. They were accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. Paul CULBERTON and son, David, of Wake Forest.

Earl SPENCER of Plymouth spent the week-end with his parents, the S.D. SPENCER's. Other week-end guests were Mr. & Mrs. Edward NEAL and son, Landis, of Virginia, Dr. & Mrs. Rhodes LUPTON and daughter, Susan, of Swan Quarter. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 1, 1954; pg. 4)


Dr. Howard E. BLAKE, a native of Fairfield, recently became Curriculum Consultant for Florida's Pinellas County Schools after having received his Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University in New York City in August of this year. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. J.L. BLAKE of Fairfield. Born and raised in the Fairfield community, he graduated from Fairfield High School in 1939. He then entered Atlantic Christian College in Wilson where he received his A.B. Degree in 1943. Shortly after graduation, he entered the Navy. In 1946, after three and one-half years of service, he was discharged as a lieutenant, senior grade. He then became a teacher at Leaksville, N.C. In a short while he took a job with the Western Electric Co. In the spring of 1953 he resigned at Leaksville and entered Columbia University in order to get his doctor's degree. Dr. BLAKE and his wife, the former Betty MILLER of Cumberland, Maryland whom he married in 1943, are now making their home in Clearwater, Florida. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 1, 1954; pg. 7)


The marriage of Miss Connie Lou BERRY, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred BERRY of Engelhard, to James Cecil TERRY, JR. of Portsmouth, Va., son of Mrs. BRADLEY and the late J.C. TERRY, took place Saturday at 3 p.m. in the Engelhard Christian Church. Rev. Raymond ALEXANDER officiated at the double ring ceremony which was held in a setting of fern, white gladioli, white carnations and lighted cathedral candles. Miss Alice Faye ETHERIDGE, cousin of the bride, played the wedding music and accompanied Miss Joanne HOOPER, who sang "Because" and "Through the Years". Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a ballerina length princess line gown of white Italian silk. Miss Nelva BERRY, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. The bridesmaids were Miss Lois SPENCE of Elizabeth City, roommate of the bride, and Miss Judy BRADLEY, sister of the bridegroom. Samuel BEAL was best man for this brother-in-law. Ushers were Tommy ETHERIDGE, cousin of the bride, and Gilbert H. GIBSON of Portsmouth, cousin of the bridegroom. Mrs. TERRY is a graduate of Engelhard High School and King's Daughter Hospital School of Nursing. She is at present on the staff at King's Daughter Hospital. Mr. TERRY is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 8, 1954; pg. 2)


Morgan Clifton McKINNEY, son of Mr. & Mrs. M.C. McKINNEY of Middletown, has enrolled at the College of the Bible at Lexington, Kentucky. He will work toward a Bachelor of Divinity degree. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 8, 1954; pg. 5)


Mrs. Sadie GARRISH (photo), age 84, is the proud great-great-grandmother of the fifth generation of her family at Ocracoke. Not only has "Miss Sadie" lived here all her life, but so has her daughter, Mrs. Walter C. O'NEAL, and granddaughter Mrs. Travis WILLIAMS, and great-granddaughter Mrs. Robert PRESTON. And baby Beverly undoubtedly thinking "It was good enough for them and it's good enough for me. I'm going to be an Ocracoker". (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 15, 1954; pg. 1)


Mrs. Frank HELPENSTILL (photo), who was formerly Helen Brittina GARRISH of Ocracoke, is back home at Ocracoke after two years in the Woman's Branch of the U.S. Air Force. She enlisted shortly after her graduation from Ocracoke High School and served in Denver, Colorado and Lackland and Randolph Fields, Texas. Mr. HELPENSTILL, a Texan, was also in the Air Force, but after getting out came east to enlist with the USCG and is now in training at Cape May. The couple hope to make their home in the east. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 15, 1954; pg. 1)


Foy MIDYETTE is spending with week-end with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. R.C. MIDYETTE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 15, 1954; pg. 2)


Friends of Herman SPENCER will regret to hear that he has been hospitalized in Morehead City. As soon as possible he will go to the Marine Hospital at Norfolk for further medical assistance. Mrs. William MIDGETT of Baltimore arrived Monday to visit her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Herman SPENCER.

Alton WILLIAMS of Staten Island visited his grandmother, Mrs. Brittie WILLIAMS, recently.

Mrs. R. Wahab HOWARD was hospitalized at Sea Level last week by injuries received when an automobile struck her. We are glad she is back home and recuperating. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 15, 1954; pg. 2)


Mrs. Preston GIBBS left Sunday for Washington to spend the winter with her granddaughter, Mrs. Isabelle HOMES, while Mr. HOMES is away.

Mrs. Xenia McKINNEY of Salisbury is visiting her father, David SELBY. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 15, 1954; pg. 4)


Miss Dorothy Lee GIBBS of Engelhard, daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Ann GIBBS and the late Thad B. GIBBS of Hyde County, became the bride of Thomas Duran HOLADIA, son of the late J.D. HOLADIA and Mrs. Carrie Holadia PARISHER of Columbia, on October 9th. Rev. W.T. REYNOLDS, Free Will Baptist minister, performed the ceremony. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 15, 1954; pg. 6)


Mr. & Mrs. Billy HARRIS were week-end visitors to their son, Melvin HARRIS and family in Washington.

Mrs. Joe LIVERMAN and brother Jack LONG, visited Dr. Joe LIVERMAN, a patient in Richmond.

Mr. & Mrs. Hudson DUNN spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. M.C. HOLLAND and Mr. HOLLAND.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur McKINNEY of Burlington spent the week-end with his parents, the M.C. McKINNEY's.

Mr. & Mrs. Horace GIBBS, Mrs. J.B. WATSON, and C.F. GIBBS spent Sunday with Mrs. GIBBS at Norfolk General Hospital where she is slowing improving. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 15, 1954; pg. 7)


Mr. & Mrs. Norman STYRON announce the birth of a son, Phil Monroe, Friday, October 15th. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 22, 1954; pg. 3)


Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence BALLANCE announce the birth of a son, Kenneth Harold, on October 19th at Morehead City Hospital.

Friends will regret to learn that Mrs. I.W. O'NEAL continues in serious condition following a stroke of paralysis about a week ago. Her sons, Earl of Philadelphia and Horatio of Washington, D.C., were sent for. Mrs. Earl O'NEAL and daughter are also here. (The Coastland Times - Friday, October 29, 1954; pg. 2)


Sfc. James D. GARRISH and his brother, S/Sgt. Walter Potter GARRISH (photo), are the sons of Mrs. Ruby GARRISH of Ocracoke. James has been in the Army for 8 years. Potter has been in the Air Force for 5 years and is now stationed in Newfoundland. James has a wife, Dora James, and an infant son, James III. (The Coastland Times - Friday, November 5, 1954; pg. 1)


Mrs. Don MILLER and two children arrived on Friday to visit her mother, Mrs. Fannie WATSON, while Lt. MILLER is serving the U.S. Navy overseas.

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil HUGHES and daughter Cecelia of Hastings, Florida, spent Sunday here. Mrs. HUGHES was the former Margaret Lou BOSMAN of Florida, niece of Mrs. R.L. ROPER and Mrs. S.S. NEAL, who spent much of her girlhood in Engelhard. (The Coastland Times - Friday, November 7, 1954; pg. 7)


Mrs. Clarence D. SCARBOROUGH has received word that her son, Jack SCARBOROUGH, has been transferred from the USCG ice patrol cutter, Eastwind, to the district pay office in Boston. Another son, Allen SCARBOROUGH, also in the Coast Guard, is stationed at Cap May, New Jersey.

Friends will regret to learn that Mrs. David Farrow O'NEAL is in the Marine Hospital in Norfolk, Herman SPENCER, also there, has recently had an eye operation. Sullivan GARRISH continues to be hospitalized at the Marine Hospital.

Ulysses WOMAC suffered bruises when his car overturned last week near Rodanthe. He was forced off the road by an oncoming car and when he attempted to drive back onto the pavement his car overturned. (The Coastland Times -Friday, November 12, 1954; pg. 3)


A marriage of interest took place Sunday, October 17th at 3:30 p.m. in Wanchese Methodist Church, when Miss Lottie GALLOP, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Elbert GALLOP of Wanchese, became the bride of Daniel Pimp MIDYETTE, son of Mrs. Hill MIDYETTE and the late Mr. MIDYETTE of Gulrock. The vows were spoken to the Rev. C.W. GUTHRIE who used the ring ceremony. Mrs. Dallas TILLETT played the wedding music and accompanied Mrs. Orman L. MANN who sang "The Sweetest Story Ever Told" and "Our Wedding Prayer". Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a waltz length gown of white alencon lave over taffeta. Mrs. Ivey C. EVANS of Norfolk, Va., cousin of the bride, was matron of honor. Early GALLOP of Wanchese, uncle of the bride, was best man. The groomsmen were Jimmy WILLIAMS of Wanchese, D.A. ROGERS of Manteo and Carroll T. FITCHETT of Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Royden TILLETT was mistress of the ceremony. After a short trip, Mr. & Mrs. MIDYETTE will make their home in Norfolk, Va. where he is employed. (The Coastland Times - Friday, November 12, 1954; pg. 8)


Among the many Ocracoke boys who are serving in the Coast Guard are two brothers, Jack and Allen SCARBOROUGH (photo), sons of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence D. SCARBOROUGH. Jack first served in the Navy and during WWII was stationed in the Pacific area. After joining the Coast Guard about 9 years ago, he served in Greenland and has just been transferred from the Cutter, Eastwind, to the district pay office in Boston, Mass. Allen joined the Coast Guard about 8 years ago and has served here at the local station, at a lighthouse in the Potomac, and taken training at Groton, Conn. He has recently been transferred from Port security in Berkley, Va. to Cape May, N.J. where he is instructing in Boot Camp. (The Coastland Times - Friday, November 19, 1954; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. Roy PARSONS announce the birth of a son at Morehead City Hospital. [No name or date mentioned.] (The Coastland Times - Friday, November 26, 1954; pg. 2)


Mr. & Mrs. Leland CARAWAN, Mr. & Mrs. J. Larry SWINDELL, Mrs. Hal McGEE and Buddy, and Mrs. Annie BENSON of Fairfield were dinner guests of Mr. & Mrs. John SWINDELL, Patricia and Lucinda, at their home near Swan Quarter. The occasion was the celebration of Mrs. BENSON's birthday. (The Coastland Times -Friday, November 26, 1954; pg. 4)

(partial of a very lengthy story)

"Miss Lois" TUNNELL (photo) of Swan Quarter, 89 in September, has enjoyed her many years in Hyde County. If you want to see light, happiness, and appreciation light up a face, just carry "Miss Lois" some roses, especially red one. On her last birthday, a friend carried her some pretty red roses. Even though her eyes are dim, she fondled the roses, smiled and said, "Red roses, I just love them". Mrs. Lois HARRIS was the daughter of the late Pearlina and Nat JARVIS. She was born September 27, 1865. All her girlhood days were spent on the Farrow Road near Swan Quarter. Miss Lois married Dan E. HARRIS in August 1887 and went to live on the Credle Road. Mr. HARRIS was a widower with 6 children, Zack, Maggie, Cecil, Jesse, Norwood, and Martha. All have passed away except Martha who is Mrs. J.L. TUNNELL and lives on the Credle Road now. Miss Lois had one daughter, Albertina, who is Mrs. T.C. TUNNELL and lives in Swan Quarter. After her husband's death in 1910, Miss Lois stayed on at the home until 1913 when she moved to Swan Quarter to make her home with her daughter and Mr. TUNNELL. She has been a life-long member of the Methodist Church in Swan Quarter. (The Coastland Times - November 26, 1954; pg. 5)


Major P.W. COLLINS, Supt. Of the Camden Academy in Camden, S.C., has announced that Cadet James Allen GIBBS, son of Mrs. R.L. GIBBS of Engelhard, is listed on the Academic Honor Roll of the Academy for the 3-week period ending November 15th. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 3, 1954; pg. 1)


Friends here regret that Edson MIDGETT and his family are leaving Buxton. Mr. MIDGETT has been transferred from Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke Coast Guard Station. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 3, 1954; pg. 2)


Mrs. Henry HARDING and daughter Emily, Mrs. Jack SIMMONS and daughter Carol, spent time with Mrs. HARDING's parents, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. ROPER. They returned to Pilot Mountain.

Miss Alice Fay ETHERIDGE has returned to E.C.C. of Greenville after being home for the holidays.

Mrs. Bessie LITCHFIELD has returned from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Al BURBANK and family.

Mrs. Hector WATSON of Swan Quarter spent last week with her mother, Mrs. Betty JENNETTE, while Mr. DUKE [?] was in the hospital.

Mr. & Mrs. J.M. LONG visited their daughter, Mrs. Bill IRVIN and family in Jacksonville, Florida. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 3, 1954; pg. 5)


J.N. BRIDGMAN and five friends of Wilmington were down on a hunting trip. He was a guest of his aunt, Miss Maggie BRIDGMAN.

Orman Gray CREDLE of Norfolk spent Thanksgiving with his father, H.G. CREDLE and Mrs. CREDLE. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 3, 1954; pg. 5)


(Photos) They are sons of Mr. & Mrs. John N. MIDGETT of Ocracoke. John N. Jr. "Johnny", has been in the Army two years and is hoping to be home again before very long. Elmer Gray has been in an Army Camp in Texas and is now on his way "somewhere". Of the five boys in the family only one, who is a student in school, has not served in the armed forces. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 10, 1954; pg. 1)


Mr. & Mrs. Fred HILL and son, Miss Kathleen BERRY of Rocky Mount, Mr. and Mrs. Donald ALEXANDER and children, were here Thursday to attend the funeral of their uncle, Reuben BERRY. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 10, 1954; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. J.M. WORRELL and children and Mr. & Mrs. W.G. JOYNER attended the wedding of Miss Clara Louise MASON and William Ealton BOSWELL in Edenton on Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack MASON, Mr. & Mrs. Gratz SPENCER and Roger Allen, and Mrs. Jones MASON attended the MASON-BOSWELL wedding in Edenton on Sunday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 10, 1954; pg. 5)


On a curve at Barber Shanty about 51/2 miles west of Engelhard, a 1951 Chevrolet belonging to Glenn JARVIS of Engelhard and driven by Odessa WILLIAMS of Swan Quarter, skidded on the ice completely around and its rear end went into a guard rail causing $150 in damages to the car. There were no injuries. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 10, 1954; pg. 7)


Mr. & Mrs. R.S. WAHAB left for Norfolk on Saturday, having received word of the death of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Clifton WAHAB. (The Coastland Times -Friday, December 17, 1954; pg. 2)


The marriage of Miss Odessa WILLIAMS of Swan Quarter, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Whitfield WILLIAMS, to Harry Glenn JARVIS of Engelhard, son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. JARVIS, will take place on Saturday, December 25th at 3:30 p.m. in the Providence Methodist Church in Swan Quarter. Friends are invited. No invitation have been mailed in Hyde County. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 17, 1954; pg. 3)


Mrs. Claude GRANT attended the funeral of Mrs. Kelly GRANT in Rich Square on Tuesday. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 17, 1954; pg. 4)


Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. BALLANCE have returned from Florida. They were accompanied back by Hugh PUGH who has been a patient in a Florida sanitarium for some time. Mr. PUGH has regained his health we are glad to report.

Mr. & Mrs. James ENGLISH have returned from Boston, Mass, where they attended last rites for Mr. ENGLISH's father, who passed away at his home near there. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 17, 1954; pg. 5)


Claude D. DAVIS (photo), formerly of Middletown, now residing in Asheville, has been sworn in as an attorney before Judge Dan K. MOORE of Sylvia, N.C. and admitted to practice in the courts of N.C. He recently completed his four year law course and passed the state board examination. He has been employed for several years by the State Bureau of Investigation. Previously he was Sheriff of Hyde County. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 17, 1954; pg. 5)


Walter JENNETTE, son of Mr. & Mrs. B.C. JENNETTE of Sladesville, is the Chief Engineer aboard the missing freighter, Southern Districts. The 3,337-ton freighter, a converted LST, left Port Sulphur, La. On December 3 with a load of sulphur. It was due at Rockport, Maine on December 11 but it never arrived. The last contact with the ship was on December 5th, two days after it left port. The JENNETTE's were notified last week that a search was underway for the ship. JENNETTE, 29, is the oldest of the JENNETTE's children. He is unmarried and a graduate of Sladesville High School. He had also completed Merchant Marine training. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 24, 1954; pg. 1)


Sammy HARRIS of Swan Quarter was in Pungo District Hospital recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Mr. HARRIS was overcome by fumes Tuesday afternoon while operating a boat out in Deep Bay near Rose Bay. Johnnie HODGES, another oysterman, sighted HARRIS' boat, the Colerain, aground near the shore. He could not reach the Colerain because of shallow water. Ernie SAWYER, in a smaller boat, went to the distressed vessel. He found the motor of the Colerain still running and still in gear, and Mr. HARRIS on the cabin floor unconscious. He was taken aboard SAWYER's boat and carried to C.B. JENNETTE's Oyster House at Rose Bay, then on to the hospital in Belhaven. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 24, 1954; pg. 1)


Mrs. Geraldine TOLSON is home from Morehead City Hospital and we hope that Mrs. Norma STYRON will be here for Christmas, or at least for New Year's.

Mr. & Mrs. Albert ANDERSON of Frankfort, Indiana are visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Albert STYRON, SR.

Mrs. Bessie HOWARD left briefly for a few days in Winona, N.C. to be there for the 50th wedding anniversary of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. WILLIAMS. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 24, 1954; pg. 2)


Mrs. A.L. COCHRAN and children of Fort Bragg and Mrs. Nell KATZEN of Miami, Florida, are spending holidays with their parents, Capt. & Mrs. R.B. BURRUS.

Mrs. R.E. GRIFFEN is in Elizabeth City to spend several months with her sister, Mrs. Corinne STILEY.

Mr. & Mrs. Percy HARRIS and children Jenny Leigh and Thomas Blair of Norfolk, are visiting with parents, Mr. & Mrs. M.H. SWINDELL and Mr. & Mrs. Harvey HARRIS.

Miss Rosetta SPENCER of U.N.C. Chapel Hill, is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Branch SPENCER. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 24, 1954; pg. 9)


Mr. & Mrs. Russell SWINDELL of swan Quarter announce the marriage of their niece, Miss Sally EASTERLING, to T.J. MANN, son of Mr. & Mrs. Norfleet MANN of Lake Landing. The wedding will be in Soule Methodist Church near Swan Quarter on Sunday, December 26 at 3 p.m. No invitation have been mailed. The public is invited to attend. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 24, 1954; pg. 9)


W.H. (Bill Harvey) COX and his wife of Engelhard, left this week for a 10-day trip to California with all expenses paid by the manufacturers of Massey-Harris Implements. Mr. COX, one of the operators of the Hyde Implement Co. in Engelhard, was awarded the free trip for excellence in the sales of tractors. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 31, 1954; pg. 1)


For the past 22 years, the generosity of a Swan Quarter man has made it possible for Santa Claus to make a visit to Hyde County each Christmas Eve. And Santa always tries to give at least an orange or apple to each child who comes out to see him. D.E. TUNNELL, better known as Durwood, began sponsoring Santa's trips to Hyde County in 1933, when he decorated his billy goat and cart and lent it to Saint Nick so that the old fellow could come to see the boys and girls in Swan Quarter. Youngsters and old folk alike enjoyed the occasion so much that Mr. TUNNELL and Santa repeated the visit in 1934...and so he continued through the years, covering all communities in Hyde County. (The Coastland Times -Friday, December 31, 1954; pg. 1)


A-1C Billy R. HARDISON of Big Springs, Texas, and Clair Bernice MUNDELL of Big Springs, Texas, were married December 11th in Lovington, New Mexico by Rev. G.W. WATTS, Baptist minister. They will make their home in Big Springs for the time being. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Terry HARDISON of Engelhard. (The Coastland Times - Friday, December 31, 1954; pg. 4)


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