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New Hanover County Wills and Estates

Eleazar Allen 1742
Sarah Allen 1762
William Armstrong 1848
Butler Ashford 1806
      Image of Butler Ashford's will 

William Birnie 1752
Isaac Black 1754
Robert Bloodworth 1789
Timothy Bloodworth 1757
Mary Bludworth 1847
Anthony Bourdeaux Sr 1767
       Image of Anthony Bourdeaux's will
Anthony Bordeaux 1852
       Image of Anthony Bordeaux's will
Daniel Bourdeaux 1815
       Image of Daniel Bourdeaux's will
Daniel Bourdeaux 1856
James Bourdeaux 1859
        Image of James Bourdeaux's will
Pricilla Bourdeaux 1847
        Image of Pricilla Bourdeaux's will
William T Bourdeaux 1856
        Image of William T Bourdeaux's will
Robert Burleigh Sr 1757
Thomas Clifford 1735
Jean Corbin 1778
Moses John DeRossett 1768
William Dixon 1765
Arthur Dobbs 1765
Alexander Duncan 1767
John Dubois 1768
Elizabeth Edwards 1878
Jonathan Evans 1770
Caleb Grainger 1763
Margaret I Hand 1858
Sarah Hand 1823
Samuel Herring Sr 1829
Susan Hooks 1856
Henry Hyrne 1772
James Innes 1754
Alice Hinton James 1835
Margaret James 1786
Evan Jones 1756
Sarah Jones 1796
William Jones 1802
John Keeley 1788
John Larkins 1776
Mullington Lewis 1850
John McLendon 1847
Thomas Moor 1753
Roger Moore 1751
Stephen Morton 1886
Edward Moseley 1750
John Paine 1767
Edward Pearsall 1762
William Pigford Sr 1801
John Porter 1727
Isaiah Pridgen 1860
Thomas Ramsey 1813
Benjamin Rochelle 1826
Thomas Rogers 1815
John Rotchel 1780
John Rowe 1782
Daniel L Russell 1871
Allan Sloan 1768
William Stafford IV 1765
R W Ward 1917
Lewis Whitfield 1848

New Hanover County Estate Papers List

New Hanover County Will Abstracts 1690 - 1760

New Hanover County Abstracts of Wills Book Index
This file is an index to the book "New Hanover County: Abstracts of Wills" by Mae Blake Graves. If you find a name of interest in the index, you can locate the book at a library, provide the page number, and inquire about their procedures for you to obtain a copy of the page(s) desired. You can see a list of libraries that have this book by checking

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