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Will of Sarah Allen
Contributed by
Nola Duffy
Source: NC Wills & Inventories - Grimes
Written 1762; Recorded 1763

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. I, Sarah Allen, Widow, relict of the late Eleazer Allen, Esquire, deceased, being weak in Body but of a sound Mind and Memory (thanks be to God.) Do make this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all my former Wills.

First, I Commit my Soul to God, in humble hopes of his Mercy through Jesus Christ, and of a joyfull Resurrection, and my body I commit to the Earth to be decently burried, at the Discretion of my Executors, as near the Remains of my late Husband as may be, so as not to hurt the foundation of his Tomb, which was bestowed on him by my beloved Niece Mrs. Sarah Frankland.

Item. It is my Will that all my Just Debts and Funeral charges be paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently may be after my Decease, hoping that Thomas Frankland, Esquire, my said Niece's husband, (whose Mortgage on the said Eleazer Allen's Estate may perhaps go near to Swallow the whole) will not avail himself of that mortgage so as to cut off the just Demands of my other Creditors. For his and their Benefit, however, and to avoid the tedious process of Law and to express the Regard I have for some other Friends and the Justice I would do them, I think it incumbent on me to make this will. And it is my Will that all the Estate, real and personal, whereof I am possessed, except what is in this will specifically bequeathed, be sold by my Executors hereafter mentioned in the manner I shall direct, that is to say, all the produce of my plantation fit for sale, and all other produce of the Labour of my Negroes, such as tar, Turpentine, Corn, and the like, all my remaining household Furniture {excepting plate, my wearing apparel and other things specifically bequeathed) and all the plantation stock of Cattle, horses and hogs, or such of that Stock as can be spared from Carrying on the Business of the plantation (which I would have continued until advice arrives from Mr. Thomas Frankland with Direction to my Executors [or his Attorney if he appoints one], how they are to proceed in regard to the Mortgage) to be sold by public Sale to the highest bidder, allowing for enhancing the Sale a proper Credit not exceeding twelve months upon bond and Security for Sums exceeding twenty pounds. But as to the Real Estate and Negroes it is my Will that they shall not be sold but at such Time and such place, either here or in South Carolina, and in such manner as shall be directed by the said Thomas Frankland, Esquire, his Executors or Administrators having left a Letter of Advice to him on that Subject, Duplicates of which I desire may be forwarded to him by my Executors immediately after my decease, as also a Copy of my Will. And I do fully impower my Executors to make Sufficient titles for all my real Estate which they shall sell according to the Directions and Intentions of this my Will. And if there be any Surplus of my Estate after paying all my Debts as aforesaid, I do, in that case, bequeath the following Legacies. But in case there be no Surplus of my Estate after paying my Debts the said Legacies will depend upon the permission or approbation of the said Thomas Frankland, his Executors or Adm'ors. The Legacies are 

Imprimis. To my beloved Niece, Mrs. Sarah Frankland, my Wedding Ring (Plain Gold) as a particular Mark of my affection and a memento of my Conjugal happiness, not doubting hers is equal, and may it be as lasting.

Item. To my beloved Niece, Mrs. Mary Jane Dry, I give and bequeath my Gold Watch, not of modern Taste but an excellent piece of Mechanism, the Gold Chain and all the Trinkets belonging thereto to be worn in remembrance of her affectionate Aunt, who living or dying wishes her happiness.

Item. To my beloved Nieces, the Daughters of my Sister Moore, viz., Mrs. Sarah Smith, of Charlestown, Mrs. Mary Harlston, of the same place, and Mrs. Ann Swann, of Cape Fear, I give a mourning ring to each of them to be worn in remembrance of their affectionate Aunt, wishing to them and theirs a Series of many happy years.

Item. To my beloved grand Niece, Miss Mary Frankland, I give and bequeath my Silver chased Tea kettle and cream pot and Lamp, as also my walnut tree fineered Tea chest containing three pieces of plate chased as the Tea kettle, in the form of Urns for Tea & Sugar which I beg she will accept as a small Instance of my affection accompanied with my blessing.

Item. I give to my Grand Niece, Miss Hariet Frankland, my largest silver waiter as a small Instance of my affectionate remembrance of her, accompanied with my Blessing.

Item. I give to my Dear Grand Niece, Miss Rebecca Dry, as a small Instance of my Affection, a Dozen tea Spoons and Strainer, in a black Shagreen case, almost new, designed to accompany an eight sided silver coffee pot, put into her possession when I went to England in the year 1756 which I also give to her together with a Shagreen writing stand quite new to encourage her in that part of her Education, in which she seems to be making great progress within these late months.

Item. I give to my beloved Mrs. Mary Jane Dry my Silver sauce pan.

Item. I give to my beloved grand Niece Miss Susanah Hasell a Mohogony dressing table and a little gilt smelling

Item. I give to my beloved grand Niece Mary Hasell a little mohogony tea Chest — these I give as small tokens of my love and kind Remembrance of them attended with my Blessing.

Item. I give all the books of Modern taste which I shall die possessed of to my grand Nieces before mentioned — Rebecca Dry and Susanah Hasell, to be divided between them as equally as setts can be. And it is my further Request that the books thus bequeathed may be kept for their use and behoof only, not to be lent out and by that means the Sets may be broke before they can use them.

Item. It is my Will and desire that all my wearing apparel of what kind soever be immoderately put into the hands of my beloved Niece, Mrs. Dry, and my much loved and esteemed Friend, Mrs. DeRossett, Senr., to be disposed
of as in their Judgment shall seem meet.

Item. I give to my generous and constant Friend, William Dry, Esquire, a mourning Ring in Testimony of my Sense of his invarrying goodness to me.

Item. I Give to my loved and long esteemed Friend, Mrs. DeRossett, Senr., my Silver Etice in a black Shagreen Case as a small Instance of my affection.

Item. I ordain that the said Mrs. DeRossett and Mrs. Dry have the care of all my private papers. It is also my Request that all Mrs. Franklands Letters, which they will know by the Indorsement, may be sealed up without opening and be sent to her in England by the first safe hand. As to all my other Letters to and from my several Correspondents abroad and in America as also what Miscellanies I have of the amusing kind I commit them entirely to their Discretion.

Item. It is my Will that my Letters and Mr. Aliens, of which there are several bundles, be kept sacred from the Eyes of any except these my two Friends whose inclination may perhaps lead them to peruse some of them, after this the fire will be the properest Repository for them and all the rest of my private Letters. The other Letters and papers relating to Business must be left with my Ex"ors after named.

Item. It is my Will that One Acre of Land round the Tomb of my said deed husband be reserved sacred for the use of our Cemetery or hurrying Ground by my Executors when the rest of the plantation of Lilliput shall be sold
and I do require my Ex'ors to cause a proper pailing to be made round the said Tombstone.

Lastly I nominate and appoint my Friends, James Murray ,and William Dry, Esquires, and Henry Hyrne, Gent., Executors of this my last Will in this province and in case of the Decease of one or two of them I do nominate and appoint first Frederick Jones of the Oak, Gent., and next Benjamin Hyrne, Gent., to supply the place of such Ex'or or Ex'ors deed and I do further nominate and appoint William Bampfield of South Carolina, Merchant, Executor of this Will as to that part of my Estate which lies in South Carolina. In Testimony whereof I have set my Hand and Seal unto this my last Will consisting of two Pages this 28th. Day of January In the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Sixty one.

Signed, Sealed, published and declared by the Testatrix, Sarah Allen, as and forher last Will and Testament in presence of us who at her Request and in presence of each other have subscribed our names hereto,


WILMINGTON 1 April, 1761. The within written will of Sarah Allen, deed., was duely proved before me by the Oath of George Moore, one of the subscribing Witnesses thereto: At the same time James Murray and William Dry qualified before me as Executors of the within written Will.— Let Letters Testamentary issue thereon to the said James Murray and William Dry accordingly.


These are to Certefy that Henry Hyrne Took the oath of an Executor to the within will before me the 21st February, 1763.

Recorded in Will Book 8, page 193, Office of the Secretary of State.

©2009 Natasha Miles