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Will of Samuel Herring Sr
Transcribed by Fred M Hintze Jr
State of North Carolina County Court
New Hanover County September 1829

The within Will & Testament of Samuel Herring was exhibited to court & duly proved by all the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded at said time Samuel & William Herring qualified as excutors thereto.

Witness: Thomas Davis, Clerk

In the Name of God Amen. I Samuel Herring, Sr. of the State of North Carolina and County of New Hanover Being of sound and perfect mind & memory Blessed be God, do this Twenty second day of April in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty nine made and Declare this to be my Last Will and
Testament in manner following that is to say

Firstly, I give and Bequeath to my well Beloved wife Elizabeth the tract of land whereon I now reside containing three hundred and twenty acres together with all the improvements thereon with all my household and kitchen furniture also all my Stock Horses Cattle and Hogs, also four negroes namely Nanny Libberty Cooper & Nannys Child Ama. During my wifes natural Life it is my Desire that at the Decease of my said wife the negro woman Nanny should have her time & Live with such of my children as she may Desire.

Secondly I Give & Bequeath to my Son John J. Herring three Hundred and twenty acres of Land the Survey on which he now resides also two negroes Namly Libberty & Sandy Liberty to remain with my wife Elizabeth as above mentioned During her Natural Life.

Thirdly I Give and Bequeath to my Son William Herring the three Hundred and twenty acres of Land I have above Bequeathed to my wife Elizabeth at her Decease the Said Land to be the property of my Son William Herring I also Give to my said son William two negroes namely John & William.

Forthly I Give and Bequeath to my son James Herring on negro man namly Cooper at the Decease of my wife Elizabeth It is my request & Desire at the Decease of my said wife my two sons William & Samuel Herring should take the management of said negro man Copper to the best advantage for the support & Comfort of my
said son James.

Fifthly Give and Bequeath to my Daughter Dicey Bourdeaux and the heirs of her Body Lawfully Begotten three negros namely Lucky & her two Children Dolly & George

Sixthly I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Martha Browning two hundred and thirty acres of Land Lying and being on the Blanchrs Branch so Called whereon William Herring formerly resided also two negroes namely Sarah & Betty. The land and negroes is to the sole use of my said Daughter Martha & the Heirs of her Body Lawfully Begotten.

Seventhly I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Ann Rogers and the Heirs of her body Lawfully Begotten one negro Girl Namely Mary one other namely Anne I have made a right to my Said Daughter previous to this time which completes the Legacy I intend for her now it is my will and Desire Should my Said Daughter Ann Decease with out the negro girl Mary to be her Equally Divided among the rest of my Children

Eightly I Give & Bequeath to my Son Samuel Herring ... three negroes namely Allick, Fred & Lotty..

Ninethly I have already give to my Daughter Sarah Bell the Legacy I intended for her near about as I think Equal to the rest of my Children...

And I do hereby made and appoint my two much Beloved Sons William and Samuel Herring my Executors to this my last will & Testament. Signed Sealed and Delivered the year & day above written

Samuel (X) Herring
(his mark)

Signed Sealed & Declared by Samuel Herring & the Testator in presence of us who were present at the time.

David Jones
M. Browning
Samuel J. Browning

©2009 Natasha Miles